A BRIEF REPLY To Two Papers given into the House of Lords, since my Book was given in: The one call'd The Christian Faith, &c. Signed by G. Whitehead and 17 more, the other stil'd The Ancient Testimony, &c. not Signed at all
In the First to the Lords the QUAKERS declare. That they believe in and confess to Jesus Christ, both as he is true God and perfect Man. 2ly. That they own the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be given by Divine Inspiration, &c. Next followeth their contempt of Christ and the Scriptures, which shews the fallaciousness of their now pretending to own them.

A Quest. to Professors, &c. p. 33. Now the Scriptures do expresly distinguish between CHRIST and the GARMENT which he wore between HIM, that came, and the BODY in which HE came; between the SUBSTANCE which was VAILED, and the Vail which vailed it: There was plainly HE (say the Quakers) and the BODY in which HE came; there was the OUTWARD VESSEL and the INWARD LIFE, this WE CERTAINLY know, and can never call the BODILY Garment Christ: But that which ap­peared and dwelt IN the Body, p. 27. is not the Substance the Life, the Anointing called Christ where-ever it is found: And doth not the Name (Christ) belong to the whole Body; and every Member in the Body; as well as to the Head, &c. The Sword of the Lord drawn, &c. pag. 5. Your imagined God beyond the Stars; and your carnal Christ is utterly denied, and testified against by the light; To say that Christ is God and Man in one Person, it is a Lye; for more of this, see The Quak. set, &c. p. 43. to the end: News coming up, &c. p. 14. Your word is carnal the Letter; so dust is the Serpents meat; their Original is but dust, which is but the Letter, which is Death; so the Serpent feeds upon dust: And their Gospel is dust, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which is but the Letter, &c. as more at large in the Quak. set. &c. p. 46. If any object on their behalf, and say; possibly these Passages might be wrot in their mistaken Zeal; but if they'll now retract and condemn the same; and steadfastly own their New Confession; might not their former errors be buried in Oblivion. Answ. That's granted, for who is it that hath not erred: But if they shall prove pertenacious, and stand to maintain & defend those errors, as wrot by the Eternal Spirit and Infallible dictates thereof; then 'tis the duty of every Christian to reject their counterfeit confessions; which they make use of to serve a turn only.

As to the second Paper not signed, it seems fallacious from top to bottom; for what cre­dit can be given to a Paper not signed, only said to be given out at a Meeting in London. The King's Proclamations are said to be given out at his Court at Whitehall, but not without his Name W. Rex. But it seems the Quakers conceive themselves of that Credit, that they need not Sign their Papers; that's below them: Or else it must be to leave room for an ex­cuse, when time serve: I grant they say they pray for the King, but what King they do not tell; No? that's a secret; they also say, they cannot Sign the Association, and thereby declare the King their Rightful and Lawful King for Conscience sake: And yet they tell you that their not Signing, is not in opposition to his being declared the Rightful and Lawful King; who says so? no body; for there is no Name to it, nor from what Meeting it was given out; whether Yearly, or Quarterly, the Six Week Meeting, Monthly, or second day Meeting; or whether from 2 or 3 Quakers under the Hedge.

Again, You cannot Sign the Association, in regard you cannot take revenge for your selves nor others: That's strange, was there not lately a Quaker murthered on the Road, between Kingstand and Shoreditch; and did you not proffer 50 l. Reward for the Discovery of the Person, which did it; was he not found and tryed at the Old Bayly, and hang'd in Chains near Stone-Bridge; and all this Prosecution by Quakers: And can you revenge your selves of the Blood of a private Person; and can you not Sign the Association to avenge the Blood of your Prince, for Conscience sake: Are your Consciences so nice that you can neither say nor do; any thing for the Publick Good, what can you receive benefit and pro­tection from the Government; and can you not defend it for Conscience sake: You may remember how frequent it was with you to Address the Late King James: And also you know, you never made an Address to His Present Majesty, see New Rome Unmask'd, &c. p. 27. No, your Conscience will not allow you, neither to Address, Sign the Sociation, nor Sign your Paper, wherein you pretend to pay some kind of Respect for the Liberty you enjoy: You could tell Richard Cromwell, that if he chose the Lord to be his Counsellor, he should prosper; and that you would be a strength to him, and stand by him in the day of trouble, and DEFEND him in his just Government, &c. for more of this, see Burrough's Works p. 252. 273. 274. But you cannot Sign the Association, and thereby stand by and De­fend King William, for Conscience sake; what Conscience is yours, that thus differ from the Lords and Commons, and all other Dutiful Subjects of our Sovereign Lord the King 5 or has no Body any Conscience but you, Signed in Concurrence with the Loyal Association by me

FRA. BUGG. Senior.

IN answer to the Quakers Printed Case concerning Swearing, &c. And to shew that the Heads and Chief Ring-leaders of them can Swear for their own Interest, I shall give one Instance, amongst many others, which may be produced in the Courts of Equity. George Whitehead the great promoter of this Act, had a Bill exhibited against him in the Lord Majors Court of Equity, by Tho. Daniel and Eliz. his Wise the 9th. day of April 1695. to which he gave his Answer upon Oath, as Followeth,


You do Swear that so much of this your Answer as you set forth, to be of your own knowledge, is certain and true. And so much there­of as you set forth to be by relation of others you do believe to be true. So help you God.

This Oath, in open Court, was read to him, the Book being put to his Mouth, he submitted to it without gain-say­ing, and it was accepted and remains upon Record. By which it appears that they have no cause of complaint.

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