A Letter writ to Sir John Robinson Lieutenant of the Tovver,


THough I believe you have no Remorse, yet I suppose you cannot but be conscious, how unworthily you have used me; and be­cause, whenever you do any thing which is injuri­ous & oppressive, you are apt to excuse your self by your Orders, in the observance of which, especially when they are harsh and severe, you pretend to a great deal of care and strictness; I desire therefore to know what Warrant you had to commit me un­to the Dungeon, and to detain me there four dayes, under such Rigorous and Unchristian Circumstan­ces, that none could have been guilty of doing, but one, who, together with his Religion, had put off all sence of common Humanity. You have told me indeed, and it is a Position, not only false and damnable in Divinity, but utterly destructive of our English Liberty, that The King hath a Prerogative above the Law, by which he may punish Whom and How he pleaseth: But were I willing so far to unman my self, and to deny both my Religion and Reason, as to admit of that, yet I am sure, His Jaylor hath no Prerogative, but stands[?] upon the [...] Level with the rest of his Brethren: And therefore it is my purpose to call you to an Account for that barbarous, and, in a Christian State, never sufficiently to be abhorred Action, unless you have the King's, or his Secretaries Hand to authoririze you for the doing of it.

But, Sir, that saying, how unjustifiable soever, is but part of your Crime, for when I advised You not to do any thing but what you could justifie by Law: You replied, that You had nothing to do either with the Law or Parliaments; and You do daily ma­nifest by your Lawless carriage, both to my self and the rest of the Prisoners here, that you spake as you thought. But, Sir, such an Assertion, in persons who are entrusted with the Lives of others, is so Black and Horrid; and the condition of those who are under your Power, is by it, made so Unsafe, that I dare no longer conceal my knowledge, but intend forth with to signify unto some Members of the House of Commons, what a Monstrous and Unnatural kind of Offender you are; of which I thought fit to give you this private Notice, that you might not be sur­prized, but prepare your self, either to defend, or, which I rather wish, to expiate your Fault by Re­pentance.

Sir, It is possible you may think, that a just and due sense of my own Unmerited and Illegal Suffer­ings, hath excited me to seek for Justice upon [...] Inflicter of them; but I can assure you, that, in t [...] Action, I am as free from Malice, as You, in yo [...] late one, was from Piety and Honour: It is a se [...] ­vice which I owe, first to God, and next to my O [...] ­pressed Country-men, who are in Bondage unde [...] You, to discover unto the Parliament, what a wret­ched and unworthy Task-master is set over them, who, though he is crept in to be one of their Num­ber, by whom Laws are made, and Grievances should be redressed, yet is not afraid to profess, that he hath nothing to do either with the Law or Them.

Sir, As a Friend, and one that is ready to forgive you all my Personal Injuries, let me entreat you to bethink your self in time, and by a solemn Retract­ing of what you then said, prevent your being brought upon the Stage: Or if, in confidence of your present Power, you resolve to persist in the owning of such Tyrannical Principles, and in Pra­ctices correspondent to them, hereafter, you can ac­cuse none but your self, if your sins [...]ut and hunt you unto punish [...] [...]

Ready to serve you in all Christian Offices, EDW. BAGSHAVVE.



THe fore-going Letter had been delivered into your own hand, in the same private and concealed manner which there is mentioned: But your Uncivil, as well as Il­legal, denying me the Use of my Pen and Ink, hath forced me to send it you from the Presse, so that now it is no longer in my power to keep your Counsel: But hereafter, if this occasions your being questioned for so Insolent an Expres­sion, I hope you will be satisfied that Guilt is a very Ill Coun­sellor, since the very means you designed unduly to silence my Complaint, hath made me find out another, which you will be less able to resist the effects of. And now, Sir, that the World will take notice of your Absurd and Ungodly De­meanour, never imagine that any thing but speedy Repen­tance can secure you: And because I fear, that you have sinned even in your own thoughts, so much unto Death, that you despair of any Recovery, I leave you to the Anguish of your Conscience, till the Hand of Justice brings your Fears upon You.


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