To the Supreme Authority of this Nation, the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England.
The humble Petition of Thomas Bosevile, Son of Sir Thomas Bosevile ofEynsford in the County of Kent,Knight.


THat your Petitioners Father being a servant to the late King, was unhappi­ly engaged with him, in the first war against the Parliament.

That the Parliament were pleased to invite all those who were engaged with the said King to leave him, promising thereupon to passe by and remit the offence by them committed, so that by a day certain they would return to the Parliament.

That your Petitioners Father having not been engaged above halfe a year dyed about Michaelmas 1643. which was before the day of Grace and Favour appointed for com­ming in, your Petitioner being then under the Age of 3. years.

That immediately after the death of his Father, your Petitioners Mother being in the County of Kent, where your Petitioners land lies, was by severall processe issuing out of the Court of Wards sent unto, and by them threatned, that unlesse he would find an Office and compound for the Wardship of your Petitioner, that the Wardship of your Petitioners body and Estate should be granted away, which was usuall in such Cases, as Councell did then informe.

That in obedience to the said Court, he did find an Office, and Compound with the said Court, paid and secured a fine of 200 l. took a Lease of the Lands of your Petitioner during his Minority under the Great Seal, which Office and the charges thereupon de­pending, the fine, the passing of the Lease, and the rent which hath been payed, hath a­mounted unto more then a Composition would have come unto, had he Compounded according to the rules then set.

That Councell did advise that your Petitiones Father dying before the day of coming in, that the offence was excused, and my Lord Say being then Master of the Wards, did promise that upon payment of this fine, the Sequestration should be taken off, and di­rected an Order to the Committee of Kent, to free the same from Sequestration.

The Committee of the County of Kent informed, that they could not free the Estate from Sequestration, but directed, that application should be made to the Committee of Lords and Commons for Sequestrations, where having attended 2. years, that Com­mittee was dissolved.

That since he hath applied to the Barons of the Exchequor, where after a years atten­dance he was referred to Goldsmiths Hall, where the cause lately coming to hearing, he was directed for relief to this Honourable House.

The attendance hereupon hath bin for this 6. years, in which your Petitioner hath ex­pended above 400 l. and the Estate in possession is not worth above 50 l. and in rever­sion not above [...]00 l.

The premises considered, he humbly prayes, That you will be pleased to free his Estate from Sequestration, he having payed in his fine and rent, as much to the use of the Common­wealth, as the Composition would have come unto, and besides hath spent double the sum for relief herein, for which favour, he and his poor Sister, who hath nothing left her, but the love of your Petitioner.

shall ever pray &c.

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