An ADVERTISEMENT to All Learned Gentlemen, JƲNE21. 1690. There is Newly Published a BOOK, Intituled, CENSURA CELEBRIORUM AUTHORUM: SIVE TRACTATUS in quo Varia Virorum Doctorum de Clarissimis cujusque Seculi Scriptoribus judicia traduntur. Ʋnde facillimo negotio Lector dignoscere queat quid in singulis quibusque Istorum Authorum maximè memorabile sit, & quo­nam in pretio apud Eruditos semper habiti fuerint. OMNIA in Studio-sorum gratiam collegit, & in ordinem digessit secundum seriem Temporis quo Ipsi Authores floruerunt THOMAS-POPE BLOUNT, Anglo-Britannus Barronettus. Cum Indice Locupletissimo. Containing near Two hundred Sheets in Folio, of a fair Character and Paper (the same as Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum, lately Published.) Printed for RICHARD CHISWELL at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard. BY WHOM, for the Benefit and Incouragement of GENTLEMEN, it is propounded as followeth: viz.

I. That whereas the Book is now sold for Eighteen Shillings in Sheets; who­ever will come in as a Subscriber, and pay to the said Richard Chiswell Sixteen Shillings and Four Pence, shall receive One perfect Book in Sheets.

II. Whoever shall subscribe, or procure Subscriptions, for Six, shall have a Seventh Book Gratis: So that he that takes this Advantage, will have every Book for Fourteen Shillings in Sheets.

III. That this Subscription-price shall continue to the first day of Michaelmas-Term next, and no longer: And after that, what remain of the Impression shall not be sold under Eighteen Shillings in Sheets.

  • 1. The Impression is but small; no more than Five hundred Printed.
  • 2. The Book is now compleatly finished, and ready to be delivered, in Sheets or Bound. Binding, Two Shillings Plain.
  • 3. Booksellers shall have the same Allowance for their Collecting Sub­scriptions, as was made in the FASCICULUS RERUM EX­PETENDARUM.

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