The Oppressed Prisoners COMPLAINT Of their great OPPRESSION: With a loud Call to Englands Magistrates for the exercise of Impartial Justice, before the Wrath of the Lamb break forth. With a brief Relation of the unparallel'd Proceedings of the Court, at the Old Baily, the fifth day of the fifth Month, 1662.

Mat. 3.2.
REpent, O England, for what thou hast done
To God's dear Lambs, and to the holy One;
Oh hearken to the doleful hideous Cry
Of God's dear ones, that in your Prisons ly.
Exod. 22.22 23. Isa. 59.14, 15.
The Fatherless in thee, Oh England, cry
And groan, because of Bonds and Cruelty;
For great Oppression, it doth much abound,
As touching Justice, it cannot be found.
The Widows now, indeed, are made a prey,
Their bitter Cryes are heard, still, day by day;
And in the ears of God their Cryes do come,
They shall be heard by Christ, the holy One.
Wo unto England then, when God shall plead
The righteous Cause, of Innocents; indeed
If England now should plead, it is not guilty
Of any crime that now is counted filthy,
What mean you then, by halling every day
God's Worshippers to Prison; Yea, I say,
What Law of God have we indeed offended?
That by your Souldiers we are apprehended,
And in your filthy Goals are fast secur'd,
And yet no Crime against us is procur'd;
What sin is done? or Law have we offended,
That Justice stops, and surely is suspended?
If that Offenders we, indeed, must be,
Wherefore in Court, our Charge, could we not see?
What is the Crime that we committed have?
Let's hear we pary, for Justice we do crave:
For we indeed, as free-born English men,
For Justice cry, which is our Right: agen
What Charge is laid against us, in this day,
Dan. 6.5.
Save in the matters of our God, I pray?
Is Liberty of Conscience now a Sin,
Tho promised by the WORD of a King.
Beware, O Rulers, then, how you oppress
Acts 5.28, 29.
God's Heritage indeed, who do no less
Than his most Royal Law strive to obay
By meeting in his fear, yea day by day:
Take heed, oh Rulers all, how you oppose
Mat. 18.6.
The marked one of Christ, whom he hath chose.
Oh tender, as the Apple of his Eye,
Deut. 32.10
Are they to him: Harm them not least you dye.
The day will come that you will howl and cry
Because of Torment and of Misery.
Repent oh then, for what you have now done,
Ye Magistrates, and hearken to the Son.
In London streets you needs must here a cry
Of Cruelty, and sore Captivity;
Offenders scape, and just men apprehended,
Surely for this our God is much offended.
Nine score Prisoners, in Newgate now doth ly
For Justice, Justice, there aloud do cry;
Besides many Goals, in England round about,
God's Heritage are Prisoners without doubt.
Most Poor, and from our Wives and Children rended,
And here abus'd, when we should be defended.
And when unto the Bar we there did come,
Looking for Justice, but yet finding none,
We call'd to see accusers, face to face,
But met with Violence, to your disgrace:
When no accuser in your Court was found,
A Snare, immediately, you did propound.
And when in soberness we made our mone,
That no such thing, in Conscience, we could owne,
But Justice did there come for to behold:
Your Officers and Halberteers were bold
To pull and hale poor Prisoners at the Bar,
While we aloud for Justice crying were.
Instead of shewing Justice in that day,
Back to the Goal they haled us away.
Where patiently, through grace, we do abide
Till God the Controversie shall decide.
Take heed oh Rulers all, and now give ear,
Jam. 5.9.
The coming of our Lord is very near:
Fulfil the righteous Law of God,
Mich. 6.8.
oh then
In doing justice to the sons of men:
And learn to walk in humbleness of mind,
Then to God's chosen ones you will be kind.
And do them Justice, while it's call'd to day,
Before grim Death doth snatch you quite away:
For after Death to Judgement you must come
And give account to God, what you have done.
2 Cor. 5.10.
At his Tribunal Seat, oh you must stand
To answer to your Charge; it is at hand.
Where Christ and Conscience will be your accuser,
Right, Evidence will be without refuser.
Oh with the Adversary then agree,
Mat. 5.25.
Yea while you find him here now in the way,
Else dreadful will the day of Judgement be
To Rulers, and all Goalers, they shall see.
Repent therefore before it be to late,
Luke 13.3.
And labour to escape the cruel baite,
That Satan layes to catch your Souls therein,
And harm no more the Children of the King.
The Judgement day will prove most dreadful sure,
1 Chron. 16.21, 22. 2 Thes. 1.8, 9.
Repent O England, better fruits procure:
For dreadful will the Lamb of God be then,
To all such Rulers, that do rule for men.
Come let the Captives of the Lamb go free,
Isa. 58.6.
To serve there God and King with Loyalty.
'Tis not your Prisons, Bars, or Boults will scare
God's Children dear, or make them for to feare.
Luk. 12.4, 5. Heb. 10.34.
The spoiling of their Goods, or Banishments also
Will not make such decline the truth I know,
That do engage to meet now in God's fear,
Isa. 55.6.
According to his will, they must appear;
His righteous Laws, they must and will obey,
And to their Meetings go, yea day by day.
Therefore take heed oh Rulers what you do,
Harm not Christs pretious flock, though they are few;
Psal. 2.10, 11, 12.
For God himself it is that takes their part,
But rather to Gamaliel's Counsel hark,
Refrain from these men, and let them alone,
Acts 5.34.
For if their counsel be of God, he'l own
What they shall do, and with them he will go,
'Gainst Rulers all, who seek their overthrow.
Acts 5.39.
This Remnant of the Lord, whom he hath chose,
Fear then, thus day by day still to oppose,
And careful be you fight not against him,
Least he in pieces tear you for this sin.
Therefore repent, and hearken to his voice,
And set the Captives free, that have made choice
To follow Christ, the Lamb of God, indeed
For follow him they must, and will with speed.
His day of Vengeance is now drawing nigh,
Jer. 51.6.
Repent, oh England, and at Christ's foot lye.
The day is nigh that Vengeance it must come,
Decree'd by God, the Father and the Son:
When the sixth Angel with's Vial doth appear,
Rev. 16.12, —15. Ezek. 24.6, 7, 8, 9. Jer. 51.35, 36, 37. Isa. 3.10, 11, 12. Rev. 1.6.
We may conclude, that Jesus Christ is near.
Then wo to those that persecuters be,
Christs dreadful Wrath and Vengeance they shall see.
The Vials of God's Wrath on such will come
For all the violence to Zion done.
Break off your sins by righteousness, I pray,
Then happy shall you be, as Christ doth say,
And reign as Kings with Christ, upon his Throne,
If ye repent, surely he will you owne.
For all the Violence to Sion done,
Repent O England, and now kiss the Son.
Psal. 2. last.

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