THE NAMES, DIGNITIES AND PLACES OF ALL THE COLLONELLS, Lieutenant-Collonels, Serjant Majors, Captaines, Quarter-Masters, Lieutenants and Ensignes of the City of LONDON: VVith the Captaines Names according to their Seniority and places.
The Major Generall is the Right Worshipll. PHILIP SKIPPON Esquire, Serjant Major Generall of all the Forces of LONDON: One of the Committe for the Militia, and Captain of that ancient and worthy Society exercising Armes in the Artillery garden of the same City.

The First Regiment Gules, The Distinction Argent, being Piles Wavey.Quarter-Ma­sters.The Lieutenants of the First Regiment.The Ensignes of the First Regiment.
  • THOMAS ATKINS Collonell,
  • Marmaduke Rawden Lieutenant Collo.
  • Randolph Manwaring Serjant Major,
  • James Bunce Senior Captaine.
  • William Tucker Second Captaine.
  • William Tomson Third Captaine.
  • Edward Hooker Fourth Captaine.
  • Jonathan Gauthorn the Collo. Captaine.
MArtin Pinder
Quarter-Master of
the City, and
Quarter-Master to
Collonell Atkins.
  • WIlliam Chapman Lieutenant.
  • George Payne Lieutenant.
  • William Manby Lieutenant.
  • Peter Cushin Lieutenant.
  • Thomas Clarke Lieutenant.
  • John Mould Lieutenant.
  • John Sweeting, The bringer up to the Collo­nells Company.
  • ARthur Hollingworth Ensigne
  • John Ashley Ensigne
  • Francis Finch Ensigne
  • Thomas Corbett Ensigne
  • Edward Wallis Ensigne
  • Thomas Archer Ensigne
  • George Mosse, The Collonells En­signe.
The Second Regiment Argent, The Distinction Gules, being Lozinges.Quarter-Ma­sters.The Lieutenants of the Second Regiment.The Ensignes of the Second Regiment.
  • George Langham Lieutenant Collonell,
  • Robert Davis Serjant Major,
  • Thomas Chamberlaine Senior Captaine.
  • Thomas Player Second Captaine.
  • Edmund Harvey Third Captaine.
  • Christopher Whichcot Fourth Captaine.
  • Forth Gooday the Collonells Captaine.
IOhn Melton
to Collonell Pen­
  • TImothy Crusoe Lieutenant.
  • John Smart Junior Lieutenant.
  • Richard Hardmeat Lieutenant.
  • Josuah Watmough Lieutenant.
  • George Langham Lieutenant.
  • Nathaniell Cocke, Lieutenant.
  • William Sheward, The bringer up to the Collonells Company.
  • IOhn Juxon Ensigne.
  • Nathaniell Simons Ensigne.
  • John Smart Senior Ensigne.
  • Thomas Player Ensigne.
  • Simon Hacket Ensigne.
  • William Corey Ensigne.
  • Robert Tomson, The Collonells Ensigne.
The Third Regiment Or, The Distinction Sables, being Mulletts.Quarter-Ma­sters.The Lieutenants of the Third Regiment.The Ensignes of the Third Regiment.
  • Sr. JOHN WOLLASTON Collonell,
  • John Ven Lieutenant Collonell,
  • William Geere Serjant Major,
  • Richard Turner Senior Captaine.
  • Ralph Harrison Second Captaine.
  • Richard Cutbert Third Captaine.
  • Robert Tichburn Fourth Captaine.
  • William Barriff the Collo. Captaine.
HEnry Lee
ster to Collonell
  • IOhn Fenton Lieutenant.
  • William Burles Lieutenant.
  • Samuell Turner Lieutenant.
  • Charles Jennings Lieutenant.
  • William Hitchcot Lieutenant.
  • Matthew Andrewes Lieutenant.
  • Robert Farrington, The bringer up to the Collonells Company.
  • PArtrick Bamford Ensigne.
  • Robert Ashton Ensigne.
  • John Alford Ensigne.
  • Ralph Woodcock Ensigne.
  • Edward Brandwood Ensigne.
  • Hamon Ward Ensigne.
  • Samuell Maning, The Collonells Ensigne.
The Fourth Regiment Azure, The Distinction Plates.Quarter-Ma­sters.The Lieutenants of the Fourth Regiment.The Ensignes of the Fourth Regiment.
  • THOMAS ADAMS Collonell,
  • Edmund Foster Lieutenant Collonell,
  • Samuel Carleton Serjant Major,
  • Francis West Senior Captaine.
  • John Blackwell Second Captaine.
  • Richard Hacket Third Captaine.
  • William Ʋnderwood Fourth Captaine.
  • Edward Bellamie the Collo. Captaine.
THomas Cox
ster to Collonell
  • RAlph Cotsforth Lieutenant.
  • Daniell Clarke Lieutenant.
  • John Stoneing Lieutenant.
  • Henry Hi [...]kman Lieutenant.
  • Andrew Bidgood Lieutenant.
  • Edward Rogers Lieutenant.
  • George Hurlock, The bringer up to the Collonells Company.
  • IOhn Cossens Ensigne.
  • Josias Ente Ensigne.
  • Thomas Drinkwater Ensigne.
  • Iohn Blackwell Ensigne.
  • Humphry Gould Junior Ensigne.
  • Richard Wilson Ensigne.
  • Humphry GouldSenior, The Col­lonells Ensigne.
The Fift Regiment Vert, The distinct on Argent, being Galthropes.Quarter-Ma­sters.The Lieutenants of the Fift Regiment.The Ensignes of the Fift Regiment.
  • IOHN WARNER Collonell,
  • Mathew Forster Lieutenant Collonell,
  • Owin Rowe Serjant Major,
  • Matthew Shepard Senior Captaine.
  • Francis Rowe Second Captaine.
  • Robert Manwaring Third Captaine.
  • Nathaniell Hawes the Collo. Captaine.
THomas Danser
ster to Collonell
  • THomas Whitley Lieutenant.
  • William Stackhouse Lieutenant.
  • Walter White Lieutenant.
  • Roger Clay Lieutenant.
  • James Wancourt Lieutenant.
  • Thomas Jackson, The bringer up to the Collonells Company.
  • THomas Simcots Ensigne.
  • Samuell Clerrige Ensigne.
  • William Cam Ensigne.
  • Thomas Iohnson Ensigne.
  • Ralph Tasker Ensigne.
  • Thomas Iuxon, The Collonells Ensigne.
The Sixt Regiment Orange, The destinction Argent being Trefoiles.Quarter-Ma­sters.The Lieutenants of the Sixt Regiment.The Ensignes of the Sixt Regiment.
  • IOHN TOVVSE Collonell,
  • Rowland Wilson Lieutenant Collonell,
  • Thomas Buxton Serjant Major,
  • Richard Brown Senior Captaine.
  • Nathaniell Camfield Second Captaine.
  • Thomas Gower Third Captaine.
  • Richard Wolleston the Collo. Captaine.
THomas Harper
ster to Col. Towse.
  • IOhn Brett Lieutenant.
  • Richard Parker Lieutenant.
  • Nath Whetham Lieutenant.
  • Richard Lacy Lieutenant.
  • Thomas Wardley Lieutenant.
  • John Alsop, The bringer up to the Collo­nells Company.
  • WIlliam Iulian Ensigne.
  • Walter Bosuile Ensigne.
  • Robert Russell Ensigne.
  • Thomas Pride Ensigne.
  • Iohn Randoll Ensigne.
  • Besney Mason, The Collonells Ensigne.
  • The Captains names according to their Seniority.
    • MArmaduke Rawdon,
    • George Langham,
    • Iohn Venn,
    • Edmond Foster,
    • William Geere,
    • Samuell Carlton,
    • Randolph Manwaring,
    • Robert Davis,
    • Matthew Forster,
    • Rowland Wilson,
    • Iames Bunce,
    • Thomas Chamberlaine,
    • Thomas Buxton,
    • Francis West,
    • Owin Rowe,
    • William Tucker,
    • William Thomson,
    • Matthew Sheppard,
    • Edward Hooker,
    • Richard Brown,
    • Thomas Player,
    • Richard Turner,
    • Iohn Blackwell,
    • Francis Rowe,
    • Ralph Harrison,
    • Richard Cutbert,
    • Richard Hacket,
    • Edmund Harvie,
    • William Ʋnderwood,
    • Christopher Whichcot,
    • Robert Tichburne,
    • Nathaniell Camfield,
    • Robert Manwaring,
    • Thomas Gower,
  • The Collonells Captaines.
    • Ionathan Gauthorne,
    • Foorth Gooday,
    • William Barriff,
    • Edward Belamy,
    • Nathaniell Hawes,
    • Richard Wolleston,
[depiction of a flower]

London Printed for Richard Thrale. 1642.

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