IT is with all Lowliness imaginable, hereby most humbly hinted to the Right Reve­rend, Right Honorable, much Honored, Reverend and Worshipful Persons, all which we have presumed to nominate in the other side of this Paper, as Referrees of the Ladies intended Hospital, That on the 3 and 4th of this Instant, a Messenger was sent with great Care to the several houses of the four Gentlemen herein mention'd, Sr. F. Pemberton, and the other three, in manner and form of this Letter following.

Right Worshipful Sir,

‘YOu know I have too much Matter and Backwardness publickly to complain of tho' in part I yet do in these two printed sheets; which is the same that I am this 3 and 4 of April sending to the Right Honorable, Right Reverend, Reverend and Wor­shipful Persons, many whose great Prudence may be equal, and most of them better able to judg of true Charity and Christian Duties than you Sr. Francis, who was plea­sed to promise August 27. 1683. in the presence of five Gentlemen, You would incou­rage any thing towards upholding the Hospital, The Lord Berkly, the Lord of London, the Dean of Canterbury, the Dean of Norwich, Dr Haiscard, Dr Horneck, with others should think worthy; and did then further say, If you should do any thing to hinder true Charity, you hoped God would never prosper you in it, as may be attested—yet, I say, You all have—And leave you, with the other three Gentlemen to give your Rea­sons above board, or in print, as I have done, who intend nothing but good to all and am your humble Servant’


The Copy of this Letter to Sr. Fr. Pemberton, was sent to Fr. Blake, Esq Henry Cornish, Esq late Alderman, and to Mr. Ashurst, with two sheets to each, of the Ladies Referees papers.

And now, not certainly knowing whether this short modest and humble Complaint in Behalf of the Nobility's and Gentry's Hospital, all which the Word Ladies do's include, might safely come to the hands of all those honorable, reverend and worshipful persons to whom they were really intended and directed, for a great and publick good. It is presumed to offer over again the same papers and number with this little Addition, whereby it may easily be perceived in the persons complain'd of, That they are too con­scious to themselves of some guilt at least, which they much rather desire may be past over, hush'd up and buried in Silence, then in the least brought into debate: Wherefore this cause being the virtuous Ladies, the way cheap, green, plain & pleasant for carrying it on, it is hoped and confidently presumed, the right Reverend, noble Lords, Bishops, Knights Barronets, Reverend Clergy and other worthy Persons will consider what more is in their great prudence yet further to be done; it being no waies fitting so inferiour person should presume to stir one hairs breadth in any way whatever, without leave.

But he does yet presume or beg leave to think this one time only, that if the Noble Lords, Right Reverend Bishops, or the Right worshipful Knights Barronets, with the Reverend Deans, Doctors and Worshipful Esquires would by their Gentlemen, Stewards or Servants, as they shall think fit, commend one two or three of these papers on the Ladies behalf, they might mightily oblige them; and immediately gain an hundred times more than he who with sincerity and long Labour hath still fish'd, caught nothing but good Approbation, Promises and Subscriptions; (as is mentioned in the Close) in comparison of what one quarter of a word of the above mentioned eminent worthy and prudent may easily prevail and do: Wherefore it is humbly and most earnestly pray­ed, by the chearful yet much unworthy sufferer, who has had a hard Winter, needless politick Imprisonment, He not being bound for, or owing to any in the World one groat, but what the Marquesses house would more than pay (would he sell it from this Design, but will dy a hundred Deaths rather than betray this publick Good,) That you would not for your own and the Noble Ladies sake, let this present Spring be lost, which pre­sents them with all their bosom flowers, you their Lords and Masters, and every Ey, a a hundred green and fresh delights.

W. B.

The LADIES Milk-House: OR, The Oppressed Man's COMPLAINT,
WITH an humble Offer of a REFERENCE in the behalf of their Hospi­tal Charity-School or Milk-house now at HIGH-GATE, for the good of Numberless poor Children, nigh and in the Suburbs of Westminster, and County of Middlesex, especially these six Parishes, St. Martin's in the Fields, St. Giles's in the Fields, St. Clement's Danes, St. Paul's Covent Garden, St. Mary Savoy, and part of St. Andrews Holborn.

Whereas an Opposition hath been made, and a great Endeavour still is to Martyr and share this Eminently good DESIGN, by these four (otherwise worthy) Persons, viz. Sir Francis Pemberton, late Lord Chief Justice of England; Francis Blake of High-gate Esq Henry Cornish Esq late Alderman of London; William Ashurst of London Draper: To which Persons it is hereby Offered, by him who hath been all-along too much discou­raged, wronged, and oppressed, to be discoursed in this single sheet, by the aforesaid Gentlemen, to whom he makes this large Offer for a friendly Reference, viz.

THat if they can get it under the Hands and Seals of any three Persons out of the Thirty one, here under-nominated, as they stand mentioned, Then the said concerned Person so much injured will sit down satisfied under the great Damages and Losses he hath hitherto patiently sustained during this great Undertaking for the good of ma­ny yet unborn.

The Referrees.

The Honorable, and Right Reverend, the Lord Bishop of London: the right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Lincoln: the right Reverend, the Lord Bishop of Rochester. The re­verend Dean of Canterbury; the Dean of St. Paul's London; the Dean of Norwich; the reve­rend Doctor Tennison, Minister of St. Martins; Doctor Haiscard, minister of St. Clement's Danes. Doctor Horneck, Minister of St. Mary Savoy; Doctor More, Doctor Wiggons, Do­ctor Turner, at the Lord of London's; Doctor Meriton, Lecturer of St. Martin's; Mr. Leech, Lecturer of St. Giles's; Mr. Hopkins, Lecturer of St. Paul's Covent-Garden.

And if to none of all these Reverend Divines, Then to any Three of these Four most Honorable Lords, or right worshipful, & Worshipful Knights Baronets, and Esquires. The Right Honorable the Earl of Kent, the Right Honorable the Earl of Bedford, the Right Honorable the Earl of Berkly, the Right Honorable the Lord Falconbridge.

Or the right Woshipful Sir Walter St. Johns, Sir James Langham, Serjeant Maynard, Sir Charles Cottrel, Sir Richard Mason, Sir Christopher Wren; Sir William Turner, Sir Robert Clayton, Sir John Shorter. The Worshipful Alderman Arnold, Robert Bartlet Esq John Nichols Esquire, Counsellor of the Temple.

So that if any three of these right Honorable, Reverend or Worshipful Persons, as they stand, shall give it under their hands and Seals, That they Believe or think this DESIGN is not Good, Much, or at all Wanted in these Parts, well Fixt and placed for which it is endeavoured, petitioned and intended; and that the late Lord Marquess of Dorchester's House is not a Noble, Graceful, Cheap and Convenient Building for this DESIGN, where the Children may be more Healthfully kept, and less diverted from their Learning than else where, it being much in the View of the Gentry.

Or else, that the right Worshipful Sir Francis, and the three other Gentlemen have done kindly or neighbourly according to Law, or as they should or ought to have done by the Petitioner: yea, if they have not done unkindly and unneighbourly in what they have done against him, he will be bound in a great measure to sit down satisfied in what they have already done against him, with the Loss of all his Expenses although they have been very great and considerable, and purely occasioned by them, besides his Pains, Abuses and Sufferings even to this day, which hath been almost unspeakable also.

But if Sir Francis P. and the three Gentlemen or Esquires, cannot procure thtee of [Page] the four Noble mens hands, nor the three right Reverend Bishops, nor the three reve­rend Deans, nor three of the six Doctors, nor the three Lecturers, nor any three of the nine right worshipful Knights and Baronets, or the three Esquires, to give it under their hands and Seals, as above mentioned, within the space of one Fortnights time, or else to knock under board—and for ever cease their Opposition against the LADIES HO­SPITAL; and think on that great Wrong, with some part of Amends, for what they have done to their harmless Friend and Neighbour, his VVife and good Children, (Son and Daughters, which he loves next GOD and his Soul) by inciting and stirring them up against this Publick GOOD, tending to the Advantage of the Poor, the Nobilities, Gentries, Clergy's, yea, RELIGION's Praise, to the VVorlds End. All which this DESIGN VVas, Is, and Ever will be for.

And Three or Four Hundred Pounds will set it immediately going, against all Op­position, towards which it is hoped and verily believed several pious and charitable minded Persons will forthwith send their Kindness: (Many having formerly promised and subscribed) to some one of these Reverend Divines, making them as so many Trea­surers in their own Parishes, till they shall think on some other, that their High Cal­ling and great Studies may not be too much interrupted, by this truly Good and Charitable VVork, who will doubtless see it well managed to their perpetual Honour: and the present pleasure of the Ey, by seeing many Children in their Habit, before next Quarter, or this Summer come about, or else their Money to be all restored.

And he who has been labouring at it, will Refer every thing into their own, or others hands, as they shall think best, without any thing of his own Name, to the World's End: And give, in his Accounts, if desired, very considerably towards it, besides all his Labour and Pains: And settle every thing by a Surrender, Leaving such VVorthy Persons as shall assist or manage it as Governours, by his most Gracious Majesty's Favour and Pa­tent to re-imburse him, in such manner and time as they themselves shall think fit.

And now, can it be imagined, but that some, nay, many will do as the wise in heart did, in another Case, about the Rearing of the Tabernacle, this being, in a little mea­sure, towards such a VVork: VVisely considering they do but lay up for themselves, 1 Tim. 6. 17. And how the Night comes, when no man can work: the Silver Cord and Golden Bowl will soon be broken, like the Pitcher at the Fountain head; and then VANITY of VANITIES ALL IS VANITY, Except CHRIST and Good VVorks, Exodus 35. 22, 29. John 9. 4. Eccles. 12. 6, 7, 8. Dan. 12. 13. So that without Re­pentance, the great Opposers of Charity, will be in danger to go where it shall ne­ver avail to weep, Matt. 8. 12. & 25. 46 when they come to step upon the dark Moun­tains of Eternity, Jer. 13. 16. which they would do well to Consider. And this particular Prayer and Epistle, as well as our daily ones for poor and Fatherless Chil­dren, ordered and appointed for all Churches, the first week in Lent.

O Lord, who hath taught us, that all our doings without Charity are nothing worth, send thy Holy Ghost, and pour into our Hearts that most excellent Gift of Charity, the very Bond of Peace and of all Virtues, without which whosoever liveth is accounted dead be­fore Thee; Grant this for thy only Son Jesus Christ his sake, Amen.
The Epistle 1 Cor. 13. 1.

Though I speak with the Tongues of Men and Angels, and have not Charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling Cim­ball: Though I have the gift of Prophecy, and understand all My­steries, and knowledge; and have all Faith to remove mountains, and have no Charity, it profiteth me nothing. And now abid­eth Faith, Hope, and Charity, but the greatest of these is Charity.

It is rationally guessed, that the Promises already given and made will amount to 4 or 500 l. per annum, which may appear by their own Subsciptions and Promises.

W. B.

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