The Muses congratulatory Address to his Excel­lency the Lord General MONCK.

AWake ye sacred Quire the night is past,
Auroras Mantl's spread, hast, hast
Your early ioys to this Triumphant fate,
Of the great Rescuer our Albian Advocate
At heavens iust bar, whence he receiv'd command,
T' advance to th' stiffned Pharo'hs of the land.
The peoples suffrages in's hands he brought,
'Tis Moses they cry'd by whom we'r taught
The way from Egypts task's, thus heav'nly arm'd,
H' approacht their Courts, 'tis Monck, who soon alarm'd
Their fatted souls, th' Locusts and Flyes saith he.
The giddy factions that spread th' Isle may be
Good tests of heavens dislike, your troops of oaths,
Are muster'd all against you, yet here's those,
Would feign raise more, such Saints in armour they
Would beat God with's own weapons, and would pray
Him from his throne. Having now corrected
These hard Task-masters, he soon directed
To th' weary'd People, his Message was ease,
In th' room of civil war to bring them peace,
Th'unlimited bounds of ioy at this great change,
Had soon arriv'd th' Senate, th' events were strange,
And dreadful there, hard hearts would not relent,
But streight two forc'rers with their Tackle were sent,
To countermiss this truth, t' possess the world,
These were but knacks in State, we must be whirld,
With various streams, but streight were their charms,
By all reiected, ne'r the Churches arms
More cheerfully embrac'd her fathers, then th' people him,
Who brought their news of freedome which had been
So long an exile, nor did this prophet faile,
In his Embasage, for soon the black veil
Of horrid Tyrarany's withdrawn, th' chains gone,
The prison doors stand open; th' Iesuits run
To Rome again, and shiftless here have left
Their new rais'd force, Infant Schisms bereft
Of Parents, whose errors be confuted,
Enough with silence, ne'r points were thus disputed,
Yet reason tis, no argument needs the Sun,
T' disperse contracted vapours, appear, tis done,
The Pulpits and the Press of late have been
Fild with learn'd arguments against their sin,
But all in vain, Divine and savory reason
That taught obedience, was soon made treason,
By th' law of armes; The Counsells and Synodds all
Of former Churches gave rules to call,
Such heritiques to answer but we broke,
Our Fathers rules, we gave the fatal stroke,
To pious order, our zeal was sacriledg,
In State, our tenures all turned villanage,
These Tories of the Church he quickly tames,
Swarm'd legions of furies he soon reclaim's
His holy soul abhorr'd to hearken to,
Phanatique dreams, he chast the dreamers too,
Nor is this heart without attendants fit.
His valiant hand, and prudent head may sit,
In th' chair of presidents, records must be
Great George bigbelly'd with thy history,
How innocently subtle hast thou wrought.
Thy iust atcheivments, wisely hast thou caught
Our Israels foes, insnares and chaind them fast,
From preying on their brethren, thou dost cast,
Their darts in their own breasts, thus by thy hand
Our twenty years red sea, is now dry Land.
The Royal and the Noble blood was spilt,
A sacrifice for sin, yet O their Guilt.
Restless it was until inferiour veins.
Had giv'n attendance in their Masters trains,
Our hands besmear'd with blood our hearts all filld;
With mortal Feud; our word, Kill or be killd.
Thus foundst thou us; readier to devour
Then spare, Alas wee'd lost all legal power,
Lo Moses in the Gap here timely stood,
Three Nations conquered, vvithout stain of blood,
This great Physitian stopped our bloody stream,
And no vein prickt, hath subtly cull'd the Gem,
And not defac'd the shell, his valiant hand
Still vvas of th' Lifeguard to his hearts command,
The Danish and the Norman conquests were
Founded in blood, great Princes to their Chair
Have stept on slaughtered Subjects, but records
Yeeld not thy equall, yet no bloody swords
Were ere ta'ne from such valiant cruel hands
But rivers of blood fell: Th' world amazed stands
At thy great acts which yet receive this Crown,
Tis in the Kingdoms right not in thy own:
Go on great Statesman get eternal praise,
Thy hand, the sword; thy head shall wear the Bayes.
Could thy just soul dispence with others right,
All Nations sure would covet thee, how light
Thy Scepter would be thought; Here's bound in thee
Volum's of Government, in Epitomee
Treasured all earthly thrones, what more's in art
Thy head's the Senate-house, thou Senate art
Now in thy journey by the Angel led
We leave thee with thy Israelites; they're fled
By divine hand in this great streight of time;
And if they murmure, think, tis the old crime
Bright Moses saw, to Canaan must they go
Their Fathers rights and freedoms must enjoy.
Great Deliverer speed on thy numerous fame
Vast Pyramids support the Ensigns of thy name,
Hast through the Desart and yet timely stay
At Sina's Mount, and there thy tribute pay
To Heavens great seat; All finish'd, thou wilt find
Heroick soul, thou hast pleas'd thy Makers mind,
And pregnant fame in all age shall shall be proud
To aggravate thy Name, no sullen cloud
Dare to eclipse it, unless't suspected be
Apostate England near kept such Loyalty.
T. B.

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