⟨The Bedlam Schoolman.⟩

To a Delectable new Tune.
IN a Melancholly Fancy out of my self,
Through the Welkin dance I:
All the world surveying,
No where staying,
like the Fairy Elfe:
Over the tops
of highest Mountains Skipping
Through the Fields
the Woods and Vallies tripping;
Over the Ocean Seas
without an Oar or Shipping,
Hallow my fancy, whither wilt thou go?
Feel ye art led by thy Fancy, out of thy wits,
For any thing I can see,
Thou in thy fegary,
Still doth vary,
ever in frantick fits:
What didst thou see
when thou the Mountains skipped?
What didst thou find
when thou the Valleys tripped?
Didst thou ere passe the Seas,
and yet was never Shipped?
Hallow my mad brains whither wilt thou go?
Amid the clowdy Vapors fain would I see,
what be those burning tapors:
That so much affrights us,
And benight us,
and what those Meteors be:
Fain would I know
what is the roaring thunder?
And what those lightnings be
which cleave the clouds in sunder,
And what those Comets are,
whereat men gaze and wonder,
Hallow my fancy, whither wilt thou go?
What hast thou learn'd of the Vapours,
cold, moist, and dry:
Or of those glorious tapors,
That did ne'r fright us, but delight us,
and so adorn the sky:
What canst thou tell
of Meteors or of thunder,
Have not their legend
rend thy wits in sunder?
If Comets do appear,
thou art a fool to wonder,
Hallow my mad brains, whither wilt thou go?
Then did I look down below me,
where I was on high,
VVhither any one did know me,
The world was then a madding,
Running and gadding.
so I do passe them by:
He that's above, he that's above despiseth,
He that's below
doth envy him that riseth,
So every one his Plot,
and Counter-plot deviseth,
Hallow my fancy &c.
WAs not thy fancy be falted;
when in the ayr
Thou wer't exalted when thou lookst below thee
VVho 'tis that knows thee,
Or who dost thou know there,
what did the world there,
Like thy fancy wander,
running at random,
Void of a Commander,
I think with thy disease,
some other thou dost slander,
Hallow my mad brains whither wilt thou go?
See, see, what a buffling
now I do behold,
How they are justling,
Evermore turmoy [...]ing,
One another foyling,
none do their stations hold:
One sits musing,
in a dumpish passion:
Another is for Musick,
mirth, and recreation:
Another hangs his head
because he's out of fashion;
Hallow my fancy whither wilt thou go.
VVas not thy fancy amazed
the world to see?
VVhen thereon thou gazed:
Thy wits they fell a running,
Ever shunning
the steps of certainty:
There will be musick
if thou use thy brains man,
And thou mayst have
thy labour for their pains man?
Of all thy fancies travels,
shew me now thy gains man:
Hallow my mad brains, &c.
Ships, ships, ships, I descry now
passing the Main;
Ile go and try now,
How they are protecting
And projecting:
when they'l return again?
Some go to keep
their Country from invading;
Some go to Sea
for Merchandize and trading:
And some to take the ayr,
(like Summer Cattel shading)
Hallow my fancy, &c.
VVhen thou surveyed the Ocean,
didst thou perceive
The reason of its motion:
How it ebbs and floweth,
And still moveth,
didst thou the cause conceive?
Know'st thou the mind
of every ships director:
Then thou art fit
to be some great Projector;
I think that of thy wits
thou scarcely are protector:
Hallow thou mad brains, &c.
Hollow my fancy, hallow
again to me:
I can no longer follow
Long time thou dost flye me,
Still to try me,
will it no better be?
Come, come away,
leave off by lofty soaring,
Stay till at home
and on thy Books be poaring:
For they that god abroad
have still the lesse in storing,
Welcome my fancy home again to me.
Dost for thy fancy rove now?
is she so wild:
That she'l not endure now,
For to keep her standing,
At thy commanding,
but hath thy hopes beguil'd?
Take my advice,
and if thou canst forsake her,
Never in thy whimsies,
thus thy Goddesse make her:
But if she do return,
for recreation take her:
And welcome thy mad brains home, &c.

Printed for F Coles T V [...]re and [...] Wr [...]ht.

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