A True and Faithful WARNING Sounded forth through a true Prophet of the Lord unto all the Inhabitants of the EARTH, But more particularly to ENGLAND, and most espe­cially to her Cities London, Bristol, and Winchester, whose visitations are almost over as hath been made known to him whose bowels yerns for the re­stauration of all backsliders known.


London, Printed in the year, 1663.

These words are unto all the inhabitants of the earth, high and low, rich and poor, bond and free, the word of the Lord God unto you all.

OH the day the mighty, the terrible, the notable day of the Lord God of all power might and vengeance is come and coming upon and over you all, in which all ye workers of iniquity, weeping, howling and bitter lamentation will be heard amongst you except ye turn frō your naughtiness with speed by amendment of life, or else sad and deplorable will everlastingly be your state and condition, if once the Lamb become a Lion amongst ye.

Therefore this warning from the Lord God, of love and life is sent unto you with a cry for you to arise and repent, and kiss the Son (his light in you) which long hath stroven with you to turn you from the evil of your wayes, but if you still persist and go on in the evil of your wayes in hardheartedness, and pride, cruelty, and oppression, then God even the everlasting God will consume and destroy you from off the earth.

For thus hath the Lord God spoken, and thus shall it shortly come to pass, all ye wicked workers of iniquity shall be turned into the bottomless pit, there to be tormented with the Devil and his Angels world without end. And an evil doer shall not dwell nor remain in the Land; wherefore be ye awakened and stirred up out of your fleshly security both Priest and people, Ru­lers and Judges, Kings and Potentates. God even the mighty God will plead with you all as with one man in the valley of Je­hosaphat, which will be a valley or vale of woful misery unto you all who are found playing and sporting your selves in the day time, even in this the day of God which hath already overtaken you as a thief in the night and deep slumber of security, God will thunder amongst you, God will roar, God will rent, God will [Page 2] tear and divide you in pieces, and not a shread of you shall be found or left upon the earth unconsumed and undestroyed.

Therefore amend, amend, repent with hast and speed, the day will be sudden, fierce and very furious and terrible unto the wick­ed, hard-hearted, and rebellious in the Land, oh weeping and howling will be heard in the Land, and deep sorrow shall encompass and surround you as a woman in travel, and none shall be able to deliver you from the hand of the dreadful God of vengeance, and though your Priests, Sorcerers and wicked wise men, have limi­ted him above the skies, yet ye shall assuredly find and know that he hath long been beneath you all, bearing and forbearing all your evil, sins and iniquities; therefore will he arise ascend and descend upon you, and his dreadful fury and fire shall encom­pass you round, so that you shall not in any wise be able to fly or escape the dreadful stroake of irresistable vengeance and stroake of Justice which is already streatched forth over your heads.

Yet the Scepter and Banner of his love shall come before him, and if ye bow thereto happy and blessed will ye for ever be, not­withstanding all your sins and rebellion against him, but if ye refuse and reject the loving kindness and mercies of the most high, and will not that the Son of his love rule and reign over you, the rod of his anger shall bring you down without any to help or pity you, and this is the word of the Lord God to you all.

O ye foolish and ungodly ones, how long, how long shall it be ere you come to learn and understand wisdom, and to let under­standing and prudence be your Mother, seeing that folly hath conceived you, and the womb of iniquity hath brought you forth, even you whose Father hath been a cruel Tyrant in the earth, and hath oppressed the true one, and Son of God, for whom and by whom all things were made to the end that he alone might judge, rule and reign over them as the only Prince, King and Lawgiver.

But oh look look about you and seriously read see and consider who it is that ruleth over and amongst you, is not the Govern­ment [Page 3] upon the shoulder of the beast and not upon the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world, for are you not all in sin and uncleanness, by which means the Lambs Rule, King­dom and reign is not known amongst you for Satans bondslaves ye are, and he is your King and Lawgiver; by which means the poor is not eased but grievously bowed down and oppressed by you.

The Lamb shall break his yoake and bring down all oppressors from their seats, he it is must have the sole Rule and Dominion in and over all Nations, fence your selves as wisely as you can, your Kingdom of deceit and falshood is near an end, and truth, peace and righteousness shall over People and Nations be spread, and he that will not bow unto it, shall be bowed down and brought under with the Devil the power of the oppossor and the man of sin, who hath long sate in the seat of God, therefore shall he be disthroned and all that seek to uphold him, therefore it lieth upon you to consider in time what you are joyned to, and what ye uphold, for if it be the power of the divelish Beast, then must ye perish with him, but if ye joyn unto the power of the holy Lamb, then blessed and happy for ever: And this from God is sent amongst you all.

Charles Bayley.

O The whirlewind of the Lord God is coming over the Nation and Nations! Famine, Plagues, Pestilence, and the sword of Gods unresistible vengeance, is near at the door, to break in furi­ously upon all the workers of iniquity: vengeance, woe, and bit­ter calamity, is entring swiftly into England, which will light upon all thy unrepenting Inhabitants: wherefore awake, awake; O all ye proud lustful ones, to meet the Lord God: arise and come un­der his Banner speedily, or else his unquenchable anger shall sure­ly and suddenly bring you down.

O Sodom, Sodom! look to thy dwelling place, and see if it be not upon the mountains of sin and polution; and ye Inhabitants of Gomorah! though thy cituation be as it were upon the Rocks of security, yet the Lord God of a truth will certainly bring thee down.

Wo, wo unto thee! thou Land of Kder, and inhabitants of the Desarts; the wild beasts of the Forrest shall suddenly be let loose upon you, to pray upon and devour you. Therefore thus saith the Lord God unto all the Inhabitants of the earth; fly, fly for your lives, and he that is on the house top, let him not descend to save the goods, neither let him that is in the field seek to hide and save that which he hath at home: for the coming of the Son of man is at hand, to reward every one according as his works shall be.

Wherefore look about thee, O thou inhabitants and City of London, and consider your works, according to which your reward shall be; O is not pride and hypocrisie abounding and super-abounding in and amongst you (cheating, lying, co­vetousness and deceit; drunkenness, whoredom, swearing and forswearing;) O consider this! least wrath, woe and mi­sery (without intermission) everlastingly rest upon you.

[Page 5]O thou Egypt! and ye Egyptian doggs, Sorcerers, Inchan­ters, and Magicians, what can ye expect in this the great, ter­rable day of the Lord God which is a coming over your heads; even upon you who have by your stubbornness and heard-heartedness sought every way to keep the seed of God in bondage, and would not let it go for your corrupted ends sake.

O thus saith the Lord God unto you; your ends shall shortly end, but your woe, misery and torment, shall never end. Ye are of the cursed seed of Ham, the mocker, scorner, and derider (of the righteous and just one;) and will not that he shall raign over ye: Therefore servants to the least of servants shall ye be for ever unto ye. And this is the word of the Lord God all.

O weep and howle! ye whores and whore-mongers, ye Idol Priests, and Idolaters; ye wicked, light, wanton, and prophane ones, who are patching and painting your selves Jezable-like, cloath, cloath ye with sackcloath, and cover ye with ashes, and let the repentings of Ninive be seen and heard amongst you, or else as Kner, as the Lord God lives (whose Throne and Dominion is an everlasting Dominion) his wrathful vengeance will suddenly come upon you and over-take you unawares, oh ye that are a sleepe in the flesh! and dust of fleshly security, Gods contro­versie is against you, in as much as ye have sought your selves, your ease, pleasure, and profit, and not the Lord God, therefore shall nothing availe and profit ye, which ye have gathered upon heaps unto your selvs, Gods wrath, Gods unresistable venge­ance will suddenly scatter all from you and you from it, and there shall be none found to help you, because you have put your trust and confidence in the arm of flesh.

O the disolation which is coming upon you! neither tongue nor pen can write or demonstrate it unto you; oh ye Babylonish Merchants! weeping and woful lamentation is a comming upon you, and all the inhabitants of the earth shall hate, utterly loath, and abominate your Merchandise: and they shall surely curse your dwelling places, when they shall see and behold with open face [Page 6] the sad and deplorable condition ye have halled and lead them in­to. O what will you be able to say and do (ye blind guides!) that have thus deceived the nations, when that into the ditch and pit of everlasting destruction ye all come to be cast; surely your Logick and your Rethorick, will not be able to hide and save you in the day, when ye shall be called to an account for what ye have done: oh ye Babilonish builders! who have thus built up people in sin lust, envy, and uncleanness, see, see and look about you, what the fruits of your pretended ministry hath been, this many ages and generations past, was ever the inhabitants of the earth fuller of cruelty then now? surely nay, nay, therefore God will recompence you the flatterers and daubers of them, accord­ing to the fruits and effect of your doings.

And now you the daubed, what can ye also expect from the hand of the righteous Judge? Even you who have taken delight for to be cried peace, peace unto, while the wicked one hath had the cheif rule and raign in you: O you foolish and unwise ones, did not God in all ages and generations past, cause all Nations and people for to reape according to their ploughing? reaping that which they have sowed; and it being so, what can or may ye ex­pect to reap, but the fruit of your doings, ye have sowed to the flesh, therefore of the flesh and produce thereof ye may expect to reap nothing but corruption, and not onely so, but your wages for it: And who may say, how that the Lord is not, or will not be very righteous in all these his ways, which are equal alto­gether

And o thou seed of the most high God, lift up, lift up, lift up thy head, for it is for thy sake, thou beautiful and beloved one, that these overturnings are to be, to the end that thou, even thou the meek and lowly one, may be raised and lifted up over all the mountains of sin and uncleanness, under which thou hast laine and wert hid from the eyes of all living, though no eye hath pit­tied thee, yet behold thy God hath pitied thee, and his bowels yearneth for thee: oh what shall I say of thee! Who is like unto thee? thou speckled one, thou fair one, O come away, come a­way, and take to thy self thy Dominion, and be thou exalted in [Page 7] thy father Davids Throne; thou hast already inamored the hearts and souls of many through the beauty, power and spendor of thy rising: And having tasted of thy love, therefore they say, and cry, uncessantly, unto thy father; that rest the nations might never have nor injoy more, (until thou in the beauty of holiness over all the world and whole earth art exalted;) ah thou shalt assuredly leaven all nations, that love thee unfaignedly, with thy love, and with thy beauty.

Therefore saith the souls of the upright, arise and be thou a­wakened thou hand and arm of the mighty high God, stretch forth, strecth forth thy self, in the might of thy strength, and in it do thou travel, travel on, to the wasting and making bare all the glory and fashions of men, that thy seed, thy opressed one, (as it hath been bowed down and pressed and opressed, under all, as the alone sufferer, in the earth,) may rule and raign as the only King, Judge, and Priest, and Law-giver (in and over all Nations of the earth) Amen, Amen.

O thou beloved one! who art the onely beloved of thy fa­ther, the Isles shall rejoyce in thee, and all Nations shall rejoyce in thy glory and prosperity; for this, even this is the Answer, the righteous receive dayly and continually concerning thee; thou shalt rule, thou shalt raign, thou shalt have the sole rule and do­minion of all Kingdoms, kindreds, tongues, and Nations; for thou hast purchased it with thy dearest blood and life; therefore there is none found worthy besides thee; and all rule and Raign, and Principalities, and Authority, shall be subdued and brought under and subjected unto thee for ever and ever: and this is the oath and decree of God concerning thee, which can never be altered.

Wherefore blessed, blessed and happy without end shall be those who submit and bend unto thee. Glory, glory and honor, shall possess their dwelling places, and with joy and delight shall they run their race, for out of thee a blessing shall not be found, and of thy glory the whole earth shall abound.

Thou tender Lambe, thou shalt be the onely King, the whole Earth shall thy praises sing, what shall I say, thou art [Page 8] the onely joys which the whole Earth hath annoyed; but in thy God thou shalt saved be, and of all Nations some shall glori­fie thee.

This is a Warning of Repentance to the Inhabitants of VVenchister.

O All flesh, earth, and selfeshness, be awakened! for God of a truth hath bowed the heavens, and is come down, and hath already drawn and furbished his sword, which is keenly whet, over your heads, and is and shall never be sheathed, until it hath hewed and brought your glory down, and your honour into the dust, into shame and confusion: O the misery and anguish, which is coming upon your Inhabitants and resting place, none is able to declare it unto ye, though warned ye may be by many to flye by true and unfaigned repentance, the sore, grevious, and uneresistable stroak of Judgement, which from the righteous God and Judge of all is a coming upon ye,

Whirle-winde, Earthquakes, shakings, and overturnings, is at hand, even such that hath not been since the beginning of the crea­tion and works of God (which are much polluted and defiled in and by the lust and inordinate affections of you who are the sons and daughters of the earthly fallen Adam.

Oh all ye Inhabitants of the Earth! seriously consider your state and standing and what fruits ye are bringing forth, now the Lord of the Harvest is coming amongst you, to look for fruit; what is he like to finde and to reap amongst ye? but pride, hipocrisie, and de­ceit, malice and envie, glutony, drunkenness, and fulness of bread, cruelty, fraud, cheating and opressing one another: And these and such like is the evident, and manifest fruit of your doings.

[Page 9]Therefore Priest, Ruler, and people, look, look about you, least the rod of Gods vengeance smite you at once, in the dreadful fury, for the God of heaven is highly displeased and provoked unto an­ger by you, insomuch that if you do not speedily take timely warning, ye will overpass the time by tempting and provoking the holy righteous God of love, untill there will be no remedy, and repentance will come to be hid from your eyes.

For consider this, O all ye people! high and low, rich and poor, do ye think it shall be alwayes so as it is now, that the op­pressor shall allwayes have rule in the Land? nay surely, nay as sure as the God of heaven lives, it shall not be so, for the oppres­sor shall shortly be brought under, and the oppressed shall be set at liberty, the poor and the meek of the earth shall be exalted, and the high and lofty shall be brought down, and his grievous yoake shall be taken off the neck of the innocent, and he shall be ever­lastingly beyoaked himself therewith, this hath the Lord spoken, and this will he shortly work and bring to pass, for his own glo­rious name sake, which shall over all Nations be beautified and honoured, and every knee shall be made to bow thereto, and every tongue shall confess to its righteousness for ever and ever, and this is the infallible Word and Truth of God unto you all who dwell upon the earth:

Therefore I say hast, hast to meet the Lord, who is coming in his Saints, to judge all that dwell upon the earth, with equity; mercy and judgement shall be layed to the Line, and righteousness to the Plummet, then what will ye do and answer for your selves (ye howling Idol Priests, who make the innocent to groan with hea­ving, and under the grievous wight of your oppressions which ye through covetousness, and for filthy lucre sake lay upon them all, which ye will not in no wise touch with one of your little fin­gers, except it be to devour the gain, the oppression of your un­godly lusts;) and accordingly shall ye have recompence from God, and be rewarded at the hand of his righteousness, whom ye altogether are ignorant of, and never shall know him but in dreadful judgement, except ye cease and amend with speed.

And alas! ye high minded proud lofty ones; what can ye also [Page 01] expect? but tribulation and anguish to come forth and to be re­vealed from heaven against you God hath of old spoken it, & now the time is even at hand for the fulfilling of it; and such as ye have and do still sow, such shall your reward be, and this in the truth of God will be sealed upon your heads for ever, if ye are found in an unrepenting state, slighting and rejecting Gods holy Law and light in you, through which your souls should be con­verted unto God, without which eternal condemnation will assu­redly be the sentence of God the Judge of all against you.

Therefore, woe, woe will be unto you tithe-mongers; woe, woe will be unto you you proud prophane ones, Gods wrath and con­troversie is with you: and all you swearers, drunkards, and lyers, and whoremongers; the controversie of God is against ye all, and the Kingdom of God ye shall never inherit nor possess; but amongst the Dogs, and Sorserers and unclean beasts, shall ye be cast for ever and ever.

O weeping and howling shall fill your habitation, and instead of safety, rest, and peace, everlasting calamity shall be the reward of your work.

O ye generation of Serpents and Vipers! how can ye escape the fire and torments of Hell, seeing that ye take pleasure in unrighteousness and hate reproof, and to be reformed in your hearts, the Besome of the Almighty shall sweep and rid you out of the Land, and the seed of the righteous shall inherit the same for ever.

The whirlewind of the Lord is coming upon you, and it shall shake and root up every evil corrupted tree, and the fire of God shall burn and consume them, so that their standing and growing place shall no more be found in the earth, and the plant of Gods renown shall over all Nations be spread, and there shall not be any room for another.


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