Prince CHARLES Sailing from Callice, towards the North OF ENGLAND In a great ship of 35 peece of Ordnance with five ships more, with Prince Rupert, Generall Ruthen, the Earl of Branford, the Lord Hopton, the Lord Wilmot, and di­vers other Lords and Gentlemen.

ALSO The Princes VVarrants, taken by Sir MILES LIVESLEY.

AND A further Victory against the Duke of Buckingham, by Col: Scroop, who hath slain Sir Lionell Digbey his Son, 2 Collonels, and ta­ken Sir Gilbert Gerrard, and 5 Collonels and Majors, and Col: Coventry taken with a Coach and 6 horses, and the Duke of Buckingham fled with 60 Horse.

With a List of the Collonels & Officers names kild & taken.

Also the Earl of Holland his Speech to the Souldiers when they took him in his Chamber.

LONDON, Printed for the generall satisfaction of moderate men.


[Page 1] A Letter from Henly, imparting much good News, Dated July 11 1648.


OUr active Collonell, Sir Miles Levesey goes on with much gallantry and reso­lution, for the reducing of the Cavaliers in these southerne parts, and hath made a faire progresse to the businesse, I suppose you had the particulars already at Kingston, long since; I have here sent you inclosed the Copy of a List of what was done by Collonell Scroope at St. Needs on Munday the 10 Instant.

Sir Miles Livesey hath taken Collonell Coventry an eminent man imployed con­cerning Commissions, from Prince Charles [Page 2] And in his Pocket was found two Blanke Commissions, nothing at all written, but all blanke, and at the bottome of each


Subscribed, CHARLES P.
Sended with Prince Charles his Seale

Colonel Coventry was taken with his Coach and six Horses, Sir Miles Livesey hath sent up the blanke Warrants, in which might be written what they pleased that had them. Prince Charls, we are advertised from France, sailed from Callis on Thursday last, and went towards the North of England, as some gues­sed.

But those of better judgements, suppose that he is rather gone towards Holland.

And it is the more likely because divers English Officers are gone by land towards Holland expecting to meet him there.

The Prince went in a great Dutch vessell with 35 peece of Ordnance.

There went also off from Callis at that time five other small shipps.

There were that waited on Prince Charles [Page 3] and are gone with him, severall persons of note viz.

Prince Rupert the Polsgraves brother.

The Earle of Branford, that was the Kings Generall; Forth:

The Lord Hopton (alias Sir Richard Hop­ton) that surrendered the Horse.

The Lord Wilmot, that was condemned to dye in the West, with divers others.

The Earl of Yarmouth (alias Harry Jerman) returned backe to Paris or St. Jermans.

The three Castles Waymor, Deal, and Sand­wich, are still resolute for the King, and I see little hopes of reducing them at present. But if it please God that they were reduced, and our Neighbours at Colchester in Essex, I doubt not but these Southerne parts would be in a good condition.

But in the Castles they at present (as wee are informed) doe raile against the Parlia­ment and Committees.

As for Collonell Scroope he is still in pur­suit of the Duke of Buckingham.

When the Earle of Holland saw himselfe neere taken in St. Needes he betooke himself [Page 4] to an Inne, and shut the gates, and they shot some three or foure pistolls at our men, but the gates were soone broken open.

The Earle of Holland then fled into a chamber, and when hee was taken in the chamber, he made a speech to the Souldiers very short, but the effect of it I have sent you here inclosed, with the List of the particu­lars.

and am Your most humble Servant, Henry Bate.

The Earl of Hollands speech when he was ta­ken prisoner at St. Needs.

Gentlemen Souldiers,

I Am a Gentleman, and desire you that I may be used as a Gentleman, I pray you let me have quarter for my life, I am your prisoner, and desire that I may be civilly used, And that you will shew your selves souldiers and Gentlemen towards me, I offer you no opposition, but freely surrender my self your prisoner.

The Souldiers gave him quarter, used him civilly, and delivered him to Colonell Scroope [Page 5] who gave Orders to send him away by a Coach, which was done accordingly.

A List of the Particulars of the great victory obtained by Coll. Scroope against the Duke of Buckingham at St. Needs on July 11. 1648.
  • Slain of the Duke of Buckinghams party.
    • Sir Lionel Digby his son
    • Collonell D [...]lbier,
    • Another person of quality
    • 14 killed, whereof 7 in the Town.
    • Many drowned in flying away.
    • Col. Lee mortally wound­ed and prisoner
  • Taken Prisoners.
    • The Earle of Holland.
    • Sir Gilbert Gerrard,
    • Coll: Lee
    • Coll: Shrimson
    • Lieutenant Coll: Goodwin,
    • Major Holland,
    • 2 Captains
    • Lieutenant Wheeler
    • Severall other Officers.
    • Most of the Duke of Buck­inghams servants
    • Most of the Earle of Hol­lands servants,
    • 100 common Souldiers.
  • Taken besides.
    • 200 Horse.
    • The D. of Buck. Sumptor.
    • The E. of Hol. Sumptor.
    • Rich cloaths of the Lords
    • 600 li. in Gold from the Earl of Holland.
    • The Earl of Hollands rich saddle of 20 li. Much gold and silver besides.
    • The E. of Hollands white charging Horse,
    • Other good booty.
    • 150 fire Armes.
    • 100 Horse scattered seve­rall wayes.
    • The Duke of Buckingham fled with 60 Horse.
    • The Earl of Peterborough fled away privately.
    • Of Col. Scroops party 2 were slain.
    • And his Cap. Lieutenant.
    • 3 more wounded.


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