A CENTURY OF SELECT HYMNS. Collected out of Scripture. All to be sung in five or six Tunes commonly known and practized. By W. B. Minister of the Gospel at Martins in Leicester.

Col. 3. 16.
Teaching and admonishing one another in Psalms, and Hymns, and spiritual Songs.
[...], &c.
V. fol. 2.

LONDON, Printed by T. R. for Francis Eglesfield, and Thomas Underhill, in S. Pauls Church-yard, and Francis Tyton at the three daggers neer the Temple in Fleetstreet 1659.

Justin Martyr of the use and Excellency of spiritual Songs in the Church. In his 107. Answer to the Orthodox.

IT moves the minde, and makes affection strong
To that which is so taking in the SONG.
The fleshly motions are by it supprest,
And vicious thoughts which foes unseen suggest.
The minde it moystens (as a fruitful field)
Abundance of Divine good things to yeeld.
It makes Religious men (such power it brings)
Champions for patience in all adverse things.
It cures the godly man of worldly cares,
It is the spirits sword, as PAUL declares,
Which acts and arms a Christian souldier so
That he may grapple with his Ghostly foe;
For 'tis the Word of God, which while revolv'd
And sung aloud: The Devils are dissolv'd,
And driven away: yea, it hath power so great
The minde to perfect, and to make compleat
With Christian virtues, while (in sacred throngs)
The Saints set on with these spiritual songs.

Interprete Camerario.

To the Right Honour­able the Parliament of the Common-Wealth of England, &c.

May it please your Honours,

IT appeares plainly by Justin Martyr, Ter­tullian, & many others, That the ancient Chur­ches used not onely Davids Psalmes, but other portions of Scri­pture, chosen ad libitum, to be put in Song for their Edification.

Yet it doth not appear so plainly, that they used Psalms Apocryphal or Unscriptural in Primitive times; but rather that such by corruption crept in. Eu ebius reporting of Paulu [...] San oseta­nus (the gr [...]nd Heretick) that he coun­tenanced such Songs in the Church, as [Page] would make a mans haire stand staring on his head to hear, and we find among the Papists sundry Hymns savouring of horrid blasphemy, and shameful super­stition; Neither are our own altoge­ther allowable, for that which is called the complaint of a sinner (next before the Psalmes) is very non-sensical, and in that after veni Creator, the Author sayes, that in the glorifi'd body of our Saviour in heaven, the wounds are yet to be seen. Now such inconvenien­ces as these would not so easily occur, if we kept our selves to Scripture ex­pressions: And what other doth the A­postle admit, when he saith, Col. 3. 16. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, &c. Surely Apocryphal Hymns are not the Word of Christ. We see Justin Martyr (if that work be his) speaking of this, saith, [...]. It is the Word of God, Omitting, ther­fore all unscriptural hymns (which ma­ny great Councels did forbid and con­demne) I have here composed an hun­dred Hymns out of express Scriptures, not injured I hope in their conjuncti­on, but may say with Divine Her­bert.

This verse marks that, and both do make a motion
Unto a third, that ten leaves of doth lie,
Then, as dispersed herbs do watch a potion
These three make up a Christians destiny.
Herberts Church. of H. Scriptures.

These Hymns are plainer then Psalms and more sutable to our condition, and more pertinent to Cospel occa­sions: such as wherein Christians may truly say, that they do teach and ad­monish one another. Such as incul­cate our duties, and reprove our vices out of the most piercing pas [...]ages of holy Scriptures; such as may answer all Sermons, and accommodate all oc­currences, and may competently serve instead of Psalms, till a better translati­on then the old comes in. Finally, they are such as do excellently instruct a Christian unto prayer, and Minister both hints and helps abundantly.

To Dedicate these to your Honours is as necessary, as well-beseeming, both to give you account, and crave your countenance in so great a business, which is no innovation or induction, but a reduction to primitive use and [Page] order; And humbly prays for this en­couragement to be recommended or allowed to be sung in publick and pri­vate Congregations. Now the God of mercy that hath withdrawn the cloud of interruption, Give you the spirit of reformation, that your authority may be universally owned, honoured, and obeyed, pray'd for to God by us, and God praised for it as a singular blessing to this Nation, under which we may lead peaceable and quiet lives in all godlinesse and honesty, in perswasion whereof I rest,

Your Honours most devoted servant for Jesus sake. William Barton.

To the Reverend and Religious Ministers of En­gland, especially in and about the City of London.

Reverend Brethren,

TO you also do I cheerfully ren­der an account of my labours, since at the request, and with the good liking of some of you, I composed some Hymns, (published heretofore) and sundry others now. Wherefore I intend no further Apology then what is tendred in the preceding Epistle to the Parliament, and if more be necessary, I hope I may reasonably expect it from you in behalf of the Work.

I have not much medled with the Lamentations (though a book Poeti­cal) in regard the like subject is so fre­ [...]uent in the Psalmes, neither with the Canticles (not onely because they are done, [...]oth in plaine way and paraphrase, by o­ther [Page] hands, but because of the difficul­ty of the sense; I think best to glosse upon that Text of Cant. 5. 10. By the ex­pression of 2 Cor. 5. ult. And of that fruit spoken of, Cant. 2. 3. I add this glosse.

The Word and Sacrament.

Not that I want occasion to steak of His Odors sweet of scent, or some such out of the letter of the Text, but for the occasion for which I chose it, as being virtually imply'd, and ap­ply'd fittingly.

Indeed I would gladly annex to these Hymns some select places, and whole Psalmes touching the most spiritual and concernable matters of praise and pub­lick worship, Exhortation, and Consola­tion, that thereby I might again bring in those frequent Metres which some of you say I have left out (to your losse and mine own) in the last Edition, and which you do prefer (and I think justly) to those that are put in.

To what end therefore should I comply any further with the old, which, being alter'd no more then needs must, would be like an old garment with a new pi [...]ce, and would put the people to as much cost [Page] as a new Translation, much neerer to the Text, much easier to be sung, and got without book. The best way, as I con­ceive, is to collect a Semicentury of choice Hymns (which out of my store I can easily afford) and make no other addition to the last translation then you shall think necessary. So shall you finde (among the Psalms or Hymns) all the frequent Metres that are not harsh, the 119. Psalm all of a piece, the short Psalms (and here and there a longer) ren­dred in duplicates. The whole might be reduc'd to six s [...]eets Nump [...]il; whereof the Hymns would (with the Psalme-Hymns added) make up two.

Te Deum is an exquisite Hymn, harp­ing all along upon Scripture, and in my Translation exemplified with Scripture­proofs, done at the request of one of you, but there is no room for printing either it or any Psalm-Hymns, till the next im­pression. And that with your concurrence and the Company of Stationers, lest any should suspect the prejudicing of their in­terest. Thus desiring to answer your de­sires in all things to edification. I rest

Your ready servant for Jesus sake William Barton.


In the second line of the last staff of the book, for greater read Gentiles. The rest of the faults are but li­teral, and some of them in some Copies only, p. 42, 52. and 59. are mi [...]figured. And Hymn XCIV. transposed.


Rev. 14. 8. 16. 5,
NOw Babylon is fallen and sunk,
that City great in state:
Because she made the Nations drunk
with wine adulterate.
And thou, O Lord, a [...]t righteous,
who art, and alwaies wast,
And art to come most glorious,
for judging as thou hast.
6, 7.
For thy Saints blood hangs on their seore,
thy Prophets blood they shed:
And blood to drink thou gavest them store,
as they have merited.
Even so Lord God omnipotent,
we gladly do confesse,
Thy judgments are most emin [...]nt
[...]or truth and righteousnesse.
19. 3, 1, 7.
Now Allelujah sing aloud,
salvation, glory, fame
Be given to the Lord our God,
and honour to his Name.
Be glad in God (for this just doom)
rejoyce and honour him:
The Marriage of the Lamb is come,
[...]is Wife hath made her trim.

H. 2. ALLELƲJAH for the same. Give laud, &c.

Rev. 19. 5, 6,
PRaise to our God proclaim,
O ye his Servants all:
And ye that fear his Name,
together, great and small.
For God supream with power doth reign,
and bears the sway.
9, 1,
O they be ever blest
that shall be cal'd unto
The Lambs great Marriage Feast,
these are Gods words most true:
Strength, glory, power and fame to our
Lord God alway.
For thou hast poured forth
thy wrath on that great whore,
That did corrupt the earth
with all her acts impure:
And hast, this day,
Aveng'd the flood of thy Saints blood,
11. 15.
The Kingdoms of this world
are every one become
The Kingdoms of our Lord,
and of his Christ (his Son)
And he, alway,
Shall reign on high, with Majesty,


Isa. 32. 8. Psal. 112. 9.
THe Just deviseth liberall things,
and by such things shall stand:
He hath disperst his Charity,
and with a liberall hand.
With honour and with dignity
his horn shall sure be rais'd:
And these his Deeds of piety
for ever shall be prais'd.
2 Cor. 9. 6. Ecc. 11. 1.
For he that soweth liberally
shall gather many a heap:
And he that soweth sparingly
but sparingly shall reap.
Then, on the waters cast thy bread,
it shall not be in vain:
For, when long time's accomplished,
it shall be found again.
Prov. 19. 17.
For he that giveth to the poor
doth lend unto the Lord,
And, trusting him, he shall be sure
to have it all restor'd.

H. 4. The Blessed DEATH.

Rev. 14. 13.
BLessed, O blessed are the dead
that in the Lord do die:
Thus hath the Spirit witnessed,
and most assuredly.
[Page 4] For from their royles that were extream,
they are in quiet rest:
Their works likewise do follow them,
to be their true attest.
Isa. 57. 2.
Thus shall they enter into Peace,
and quiet rest possesse,
In blessed beds, each one of these
that walk in uprightnesse.


Prov. 3. 1, 2, 3,
MY Sonne keep my Commandements,
forget not my decree,
For length of daies, long life, and peace
shall these things adde to thee.
Then let not truth and mercy kind
forsake thee and depart:
About thy neck my Precepts bind,
and write them in thy heart.
4. ch. 2. 5, 6,
So shalt thou find a good respect
and understanding, then,
Approved in the sight of God,
and in the sight of men.
Then shalt thou understand and know
his wisdome and his fear:
For from his mouth doth wisdom slow,
and he gives knowledge cleer.
10, 11, 9
When wisdom enters in thy heart,
and is thy souls delight,
Discretion shall preserve thee then,
and knowledge keep thee right.
[Page 5] Then righteousnesse shall readily
by thee be understood:
Judgment like wise and equity,
and every path that's good.
Mat. 25. 29. Prov. 4. 18.
For unto every one that hath,
there shall be given more:
And he shall have abundant grace
still to encrease his store.
For like unto the shining light,
is every good mans way,
Which more and more shines cleer and bright,
unto the perfect day.


Deut. 28. 1, 2, 3, 4.
If thou shalt hearken diligently
to all that God commands
The Lord thy God shall set thee high
above all other Lands.
And all these blessings shall come on,
and overtake thee soon:
The blessings of the Town, and Field,
and blessings of the Womb.
5, 6, 27.
The Lord shall bless thee mightily,
with fruits upon thy ground:
Thy Flocks of sheep shall multiply,
thy Cattell shall abound.
The Lord shall take away from thee
all sicknesse and disease,
And lay upon thee no such Plague
as did on Aegypt seize.
7, 12,
The Lord shall smite thine enemies
that rise up, in thy sight,
One way against thee shall they rise,
and seven waies take their flight.
The Lord shall make the Heavens give rain
in season on thy Land:
And prosper thee in all the works
which thou shalt take in hand.
9, 1 Sam. 15. 22.
The Lord shall then establish thee
a people of his praise:
If thou shalt keep to his decree,
and walk in all his wayes.
For better is Obedience
then Bullocks Goats and Lambs,
And hearkening to the will of God,
then all the fat o [...] Rammes.


Mat. 5. 3, to the 10.
BBlessed, O blessed are the poor,
the poor, I say, in spirit:
For they shall have the Kingdom, sure,
of Heaven, to inherit.
And blessed they that mourn, and weep,
for they shall meet with mirth:
And blessed also are the meek,
for theirs is all the earth.
Blessed are they that hunger much,
and thirst for righteousnesse,
For God shall satisfie all such,
with comforts that refresh.
[Page 7] And blessed are the mercifull,
for God will shew them grace:
And blessed are the pure in soul,
for they shall see his face.
Blessed are they that strive for peace,
to make men to accord:
For we must call all such as these
the Children of the Lord.
And blessed are the sufferers
for love of righteousnesse:
Because a Kingdom shall be theirs
in heaven to possesse.

H. 7. CALL out of Babylon. Have mercy, &c.

Rev. 18. 4, to the 8.
COme out of Babylon,
my people, at my Call:
Lest, for her sake, ye should partake
her sins and plagues withall.
Because her sins have reach't
unto the Heavens high:
And God doth find, and call to mind
all her iniquity.
Reward her to the [...]ull,
as she rewarded you:
And fill her cup twice double up,
as she was wont to do.
Look how much she hath been
a proud Luxurious Liver,
So much inflict her torments strict,
and so much sorrow give her.
For thus within her heart,
I sit a Queen, saith she:
No desolate poor widdowes state,
nor sorrow shall I see.
And therefore shall her plagues
come on her in one day:
Famine, and death, and mournfull breath
to make her pine away.
And she shall utterly
be burnt with fire at length,
For God the Lord, that doth reward,
and judge her hath such strength.


1 Cor. 13. 4, 5.
LOng-suffering is charity,
and most exceeding kind:
It envies not, nor vaunts it self,
nor is pust up in mind.
Doth not unseemly bear it self,
it seeketh not her own:
Is not provoked easily,
and evil it thinks none.
6, 7, 8.
It joyes not in iniquity,
but in the truth takes joy:
Beheves, and bears, indures, and hopes.
in all things patiently.
And charity fails not at all,
but Prophesies shall fail:
And tongues shall cease, and knowledge sade,
but love shall still prevail.
And now do Faith and Hope abide,
and Charity, these three:
But that which is most magnifi'd.
is Love and Charity.


Heb. 12. 5, 6.
THe castigation of thy God,
my Son, do not despise:
And when rebuked by his rod,
faint not in any wise.
For whom he loves he never leaves
without chastisement fit:
And every Son whom he receives
must to his scourge submit.
7, 8.
By his chastisement if ye bleed,
Sonne-like you have your lot:
For what Son is there whom, indeed,
the Father chastneth not.
But if yee no chastisement bear,
which all partake of here:
Then Bastards verily ye are,
and not his children dear.
And now, indeed, no chastening
doth, for the present, seem
A joyous, but a grievous thing,
as usually we deem.
But afterward it, nere' [...]helesse,
doth yeild us eviden [...]ly,
The peacefull fruits of righteousnesse,
when exercis'd thereby.


Eph. 1. 3. 1 Cor. 1. 30.
BLessed be God, that, of his grace,
hath us so richly stor'd,
With spiritual gifts in heavenly place,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
Made to us wisdom, righteousnesse,
and sanctifying grace,
Redemption, also, to possesse
the purchas'd heavenly place.
2 Co. 5. 21. Ioh. 14 6. Eph. 2. 18.
Made also to be sin for us,
who from all sin was free:
Tha [...] we the perfect righteousnesse
of God, in Christ, might be.
The way, the truth, and life he is,
and thorough him alone
We, by one Spirit, have accesse
unto the holy One.
Col. 3. 11.
Where there is neither Greek nor Jew
nor sex of great or small,
Barbarian, Scythian, bond or free,
but Christ is all in all.


Rom. 8. 1, 2,
There is no condemnation now
to them that are in Christ:
Who by the Spirit walk with God,
not as by flesh intic'd.
[Page 11] Because the Law of Spirit and life,
which is in Christ our Lord,
Hath made us free from force of sinne,
and us from death restor'd.
3. Gal. 4. 4. 1 Pet. 1. 8.
For when the Law was weak through flesh,
and had not strength to save,
God sent his Son of Virgin-seed,
and him to us he gave:
Whom having never seen we love,
and through beleef (no lesse)
Rejoyce with joy unspeakable,
and full of gloriousnesse.
Jude 25. Rev. 4. 13.
God only wise our Saviour,
that on the throne doth sit,
Have honour, glory, praise, and power,
for ever, so be it.


Mat. 10. 1, 8.
VVHenas our Lord had call'd his twelve,
he gave them power at large
Against all Devils, and disease;
and thus he gave them charge:
Go heal the sick, the Leapers cleanse,
the dead men cause to live:
Cast Devils out, your grant is free,
and therefore freely give.
14, 15, 16,
Whoso receives or hears you not,
it shall be farrmore ease
For Sodom, and Gomorha's land,
at judgment, then for these.
[Page 12] Behold, as sheep in midst of Wolves,
I send you forth, saith he:
The Serpents wisdome therefore use,
and Doves simplicity.


Mat. 28. 18, 19,
Behold, all power is given me
in heaven, and in earth:
Go therefore into all the world,
and set my Doctrine forth.
Baptize them in the Fathers Name,
in every land and coast,
And in the Name of God the Son,
and of the Holy Ghost.
20. Rev. 19. 16. Gal. 1. 5.
And teach them to observe and do
what ever I Command:
And I, behold, am now with you,
and while the world doth stand.
To Christ the King of Kings, therefore,
and Lord of Lords most high,
Be praise, and glory evermore
to all eternity.


Heb: 12. 22, 23,
NOw are we come to Sion Mount,
the City of abode,
The heavenly Jerusalem,
where dwels the living God.
To Hosts of Angels numberlesse,
and to the Assembly met.
[Page 13] The general Church of Gods first born,
whose Names in Heaven are set.
24. Mat. 25. 32.
And unto God the judge of all
(on whom the world must wait)
And to the spirits of all just men,
made perfect in that state.
To Jesus Christ our Advocate
in Gods new Covenant Court:
Whose sprinkled blood speaks better things
then Abel's did report.
Rev. 5. 13.
Blessing, and glory, and renown,
then give we, altogether,
To him that on the Throne sits down,
and to the Lamb for ever.


Mat. 10. 32. Rom. 10. 10.
HIm that confesseth me to men,
will I, saith Christ, record▪
And will acknowledge him agen:
before my heavenly Lord.
For man believes to righteousnesse,
with humble heart alone:
And with the tongue doth man confesse
unto salvation.
1 Tim. 3. 16.
This Mystery of Godlinesse
is very great and high:
God manifested in the flesh,
the spirit did justifie.
The blessed Angels saw his face,
the Gentiles heard his story:
[Page 14] Believ'd on in the world he was,
and taken up to glory.

H. 14. CONFESSION of SIN. All people, &c.

Hab. 1. 13. Dan. 9. 6.
O Lord that art of purer eye
then to behold iniquity:
We all have sinned, we confesse,
we have committed wickednesse.
Isa. 59. 12. Ezr. 9. 6.
Our trespasses against us show,
our sinnes we cannot choose but know:
For they are swolln above our head,
and are unto the heavens spread.
Luk. 15. 18.
O Father we have grievously,
offended thee that dwellest on high:
Unworthy, to be own'd therefore,
as thy dear children any more.
Ezra 9. 13. Ezek. 18. 32.
Yet hast thou never punisht sin
So much as our deserts have been:
Nor is the death of him that dies
a matter pleasing in thine eyes.
Neh. 9. 27. Ezek. 13. 32.
For thou art unto anger slow,
and dost with grace and mercy flow,
Thou art most ready to forgive,
therefore let us return and live.

H. 15. CONFIDENCE in GOD O Lord consider, &c.

Haba. 3. 17, 18.
ALthough the figtree shall not spring,
although the Vine no grape shall yeild,
The Olive fail her fruit to bring,
nor any meat be in the field.
The Flock be cut off from the fold,
no beast can in the stalles be had:
Yet in the Lord my Joyes shall hold,
in God my Saviour il'e be glad.

H. 16. The CONQUEST. All people, &c.

Deut. 33. 26, to the end.
THere is not one ('tis truly said)
like Jeshuruns, great God on high:
Who rides on heaven for thy aid,
with excellency on the sky.
The eternal God thy refuge is,
his everlasting arms thy stay:
He will thrust out thine enemies
before thee, saying, Kill, and slay.
Then Israel shall dwell safe, unmixt,
And on a Land of Corn and Wine;
There Jacob's fountain shall be sixt,
the heavens dropping on his Vine.
O happy Israel, we record,
whom like to thee doth God advance,
[Page 16] O people saved by the Lord,
the shield of thy deliverance?
Thy excellency's Sword is he,
and all these enemies of ours
Shall be found lyers unto thee,
and thou shalt tread on their high towers.


2 Tim. 1. 5. Prov. 4 23. Act. 24. 16.
THe end of all the Law is Love,
out of an heart unstain'd:
A conscience that we can approve,
and out of Faith unfeign'd.
Keep, then, your heart with diligence
with all the care you can:
A conscience void of all offence
both towards God and man.
Heb. 10. 22. 2 Co. 1. 12. 1 Joh. 3. 21.
And so draw near with upright heart,
with Faith both full and sure,
Our conscience cleans'd, our bodies wash't,
with Baptism-water pure.
And our rejoycing shall be this,
our consciences attest:
For if our hearts condemn us not,
on God we boldly rest.


Prov. 30. 8, 9.
LOrd give me neither poverty,
nor too abundant store:
[Page 17] Give me to live conveniently,
and I desire no more.
Not riches Lord, nor too much weal,
lest pride should be my bane,
Not poverty, lest I should steal,
and take Gods Name in vain.
Phil. 4. 11, 12. Heb. 13. 5.
And teach me if my state be s [...]ant;
or if I fulnesse find,
To know how to abound, or want,
with a contented mind.
And let my conversation still
be void of Covetousnesse:
For God hath said, I never will
forsake thee, in distresse.

H. 19. COVENANT-GRACE. Give la [...]d, &c.

Isa. 55. 1, 2, 3.
HO, all that thirst and pine,
Come to the waters here:
And, ye that have no coyn,
Come buy, and eat good cheer:
O Come, I say,
Buy milk and wine, yet without coyn,
and without pay.
Why do ye money spend
for that which is not bread?
And labour without end,
and are not fill'd or fed:
Hark diligently,
[Page 18] And eat ye food both fat and good,
to your souls joy.
Incline your ear, and come,
hear, and your soul shall live,
And I will make you room,
and I to you willl give
My Covenant grace:
The mercies sure, which shall endure
to David's race.

2 PART. Give laud, &c.

Ezek. 36. 25,
Besprinkle you will I,
with water that shall cleanse:
And I will purifie
your conscience, by this means;
from Idols, then,
And all excesse of filthinesse
I'le make you clean.
I will in you create
a heart with grace refin'd:
I will regenerate
the spirit of your mind:
your heart of stone
I will remove, and make it prove
a tender one.
My Spirit I will place
within you, and will cause
That you shall (by my grace)
walk in my Statute-Laws,
[Page 19] So that ye shall
Observe, with trust, my judgments just,
and do them all.

3 PART. Give laud, &c.

Heb. 10. 11,
And this shall be (in summe)
the Covenant of my word,
Made good, in daies to come,
to Israel, saith the Lord:
My Laws will I
Put in their hearts, and inward parts,
And they shall all know me,
together great and small:
And gracious I will be
to their offences all.
Their sinnes, therefore,
And doings ill, I never will
remember more.
Jer. 32. 40.
My people then shall they
be stil'd, and I their God,
Nor will I turn away
from doing of them good:
My fear shall be
In them so put, that they shall not
depart from me:


Jer. 50. 5.
They shall enquire the way
with faces Sion-ward:
Come, joyn ye, shall they say,
in Covenant with the Lord,
[Page 20] Such as shall bind
Perpetually, and never be
put out of minde.
32. 39.
And I will give them all
one heart, and way, saith God,
And fear me, then, they shall
for ever, for their good:
Their good alwaies,
And of their Sonnes and little ones
in after-daies.
Ezek. 34. 23. Zech. 14. 9.
One Shepherd I will place
over my pasture stock:
(A King of Davids race)
and he shall feed my Flock:
Then shall there be
One Lord alone, and his Name One,
in midst of thee.


Rev. 3. 18,
I Counsell thee to buy of me,
Gold tryed in the fire:
And white array to make thee rich,
and trim in thy attire.
That, in this dresse, thy nakednesse,
and shame may not appear:
With eye-salve then annoint thine eyes,
to make thy eye-sight clear.
19, 20,
All whom I love I do reprove
with wholsom chastisement:
[Page 21] Be zealous therefore in my way,
and of thy sloth repent.
Behold how I, most graciously,
stand at the door, and knock,
If any man attend to me,
and will the door unlock,
21, 22.
I will come in and sup with him,
and he with me, alone,
And he that overcomes with me,
shall sit upon my Throne.
Who hath an ear now let him hear
what things the Spirit saith
Unto the Churches every where,
to build them in their Faith.

H. 21. The CREED. All people, &c. Or, O Lord consider.

Gal. 18. 1 Cor. 3. 11. Eph. 2. 20.
SHould we another Gospel preach,
or if a glorious Angel durst
Contrary to our Doctrine teach,
let him be holden as accurst.
Other foundation none can lay,
then what is laid to build upon,
Namely what holy Scriptures say,
Christ being made chief corner stone.
Eph. 4 4, 5. 1 Co. 8. 7. Eph. 1. 7. Ro. 4. ult. 25.
One body, and one Spirit free,
one hope, whereto we have our Call:
One Lord, one Faith, one Baptisme,
one God and Father of us all.
[Page 22] One Jesus Christ, in whom we have
Redemption, through his precious blood,
Who di'd for us, from sin to save,
and rose again to make it good.
Ro. 8. 34. Jo. 2. 3. Luk. 24. 47. Act. 26. 18. Heb. 1. 3.
Who by the word of his command,
made and uphold's whatever is:
Who sits enthron'd at Gods right hand,
and intercedeth there for his.
Repentance preached in his Name,
and free remission of our sin:
And an inheritance to claim,
among the Saints, by faith in him.
Heb. 6. 1. Act. 3. 19. Mat. 24. 35. Luk. 1. 45.
The Resurrection of the flesh.
and the eternal judgment day:
When Christ his presence shall refresh,
and heaven and earth shall passe away.
Blessed are they that have beleev'd,
for every thing, and every word
Shall be accomplisht, and atchiev'd,
that hath been spoken by the Lord.


Judg. 5. 2, 3.
SIng praise, O Israel, to the Lord,
that hath avenged thee:
When as the people went to fight,
offering thmselves so free.
Ye Kings give ear, ye Princes hear,
I, even I will sing,
And sweetly raise my voice in praise,
to Israels mighty King.
8. 6, 7, 10,
My heart is towards the Governours,
that did their help afford:
[Page 23] Offering themselves so willingly,
wherefore blesse ye the Lord,
'Ye travellers, and passengers,
and ye that ride in state,
And ye that yet in judgment sit,
now speak it in the gate.
11, 6, 7,
All they that are delivered
[...]rom th' Archers frightfull noise:
The righteous acts of God the Lord
shall oft rehearse with joyes.
The Passengers were wanderers,
in by-paths up and down:
And none could dwell in Israel,
but in a walled town.


12, 19,
Awake, awake, O Deborah,
Pise, Barak, sing a Song:
Abinoams Son, thy captives lead;
thy captives lead along.
There fought the Kings, hard by the Springs
of great Megiddoes plain:
But brought away no prize, nor pay,
to glory of their gain.
30, 20,
Curse Meroz (said Gods Angel then)
curse Meroz bitterly:
That would not help the Lord against
a potent enemy.
But there were those against our foes
that fought from heaven that day:
The Stars in course, did fight with force
against keen Sisera.
27, 31.
At Jaels feet he bow'd, he fell,
he bow'd, he fell down dead:
She smo [...]e and pierc't his Temples through,
and then cut off his head.
So perish those that are thy foes,
but, Lord, let all thy Lovers
Be like the Sunne, when he (at noon)
his brightest beams discovers.


Phil. 2. 12. 2 Pet. 1. 8, 10,
WOrk out your own salvation,
with trembling and with fear,
That barren ye may neither be,
nor fruitlesse Plants appear.
But use all Circumspection,
that ye may so finde out
Your Calling and Election,
to make it out of doubt.
5, 6,
Adde to your Faith the Virtuous Path,
to Vertue Knowledge knit:
With this advance sweet Temperance,
and Patience joyn to it.
To Patience adde true Piety,
to Piety expresse
The Kindnesse that is Brotherly,
and Charitablenesse.
5, 10, 11.
Besides all this ye may not misse
of Diligence in all:
For if ye do these things pursue,
then can ye never fall.
[Page 25] Opening a door of large extent
(by this devout behaviour)
Into the Kindom permanent
of Christ our Lord and Saviour.

H. 24. The DRAGONS DOWNEALL. Ye children, &c.

Rev. 12. 10, 11.
NOw is salvation come abroad,
The strength, and Kingdom of our God
now hath his Christ extol'd his might,
For the accuser's made to fall,
He that accus'd our Brethren all,
before our God both day and night.
And him they quell'd and overcame
By the pure blood of Christ the Lamb,!
and by their testimony true:
For by that double-edged-sword
(The witnesse of their faithfull Word)
this enemy they overthrew.
Nor did they spare their utmost breath,
Nor love their lives unto the death,
but boldly laid down all at stake:
Therefore, ye heavens, lift up your voice,
And ye that dwell in them Rejoyce,
in this salvation to partake.
But wo to you, to you, O sirs,
The earth and seas inhabiters,
guilty of thy accusers crime:
For Satan is come down to you,
Having great wrath, because he knew
he, now, must have but little time.
11. 17. 7. 10, 12.
We give thee thanks with one consent,
O Lord our God omnipotent,
which art, and wast, and art to come:
For thou hast taken unto thee
Thy great power, and Authority,
and reigned in despite of Rome.
Salvation to our God therefore,
Wisdome, and blessing evermore
to him that on the Throne doth sit:
And to the Lamb be glory bright,
Thans giving, honour, power and might,
Amen, say we, and so be it.

H. 25. The EASIE YO [...]E. Have mercy, &c.

Mat. 11. 28.
COme to me, saith the Lord,
All ye that are opprest,
And griev'd within, by weight of sinne,
and I will give you rest.
Take on you my sweet yoke,
and learn of me the Art,
For meek am I exceedingly,
and of a humble heart.
So shall your souls find rest,
not to be had elsewhere:
My yoke alone's an easie one,
my burden light to bear.

H. 26. Against ERRORS and HERESIES.

Gal 5. 1. Eph. 4. 14,
STand stedfastly in liberty,
where with ye are made free:
And in the yoke which Christ hath broke
no more entangled be:
Nor childishly transported by
loose Doctrines various winde:
Through their deceit that lie in wait,
beguiled souls to blinde.
15. 1 Th 5. 21, 24.
But speaking truth in love thereof,
(and not by error led)
Grow up and spring in every thing,
in him which is the Head.
Prove all things, and to good things stand,
Shun all that seemeth ill:
Faithfull is he that calleth thee,
who also will fulfill.


Col. 2. 8. 2 Cor. 11. 19.
Beware lest by Phylosophy,
and vain deceit in [...]ic't,
Ye follow mens traditions,
which are not after Christ.
For Heresies must needs arise,
and sects with you be sound,
That such as be from error free
may be approved sound.
2 Pe [...]. 3. 17, 18.
Be carefull then lest wicked men
should draw you to digresse
[Page 28] And therewithall you strangely fall
from your own stedfastnesse.
But grow apace in heavenly grace
and knowledge of our Lord:
To whom alwaies be given praise
of all with one accord.

H. 27. ESAIES SONG of THANKSGIVING O L. Consi. Or, All People, &c.

Isa. ch. 12
LOrd, I will praise thee now this day,
though thou wast angry with me sore,
Thine anger now is turn'd away,
and thou my comforts dost restore.
Behold, God is my Saviour strong,
I will confide as not afraid:
For great Jehovah is my song,
also my strength and saving aid.
Therefore by means of this supply,
possest with joy and great delight,
Ye shall draw water plenteously,
out of the Wells of saving might.
Then shall ye say, Oh praise the Lord,
call on his Name, declare his deeds
Among the people, and record
how far his noble fame exceeds.
Sing to the Lord the sweetest Hymns
of solemn praise with joy and mirth:
For he hath done transcendent things,
and this is known in all the earth.
Oh thou that doest in Sion dwell,
cry out and shout, for thou doest see,
The holy One of Israel
is mighty in the midst of thee.

H. 28. ESAIES TRIƲM'PHANT SONG. Ye children, &c.

Isa. 26. 1, 2, 4, 5,
WE have a City very strong,
God sets salvation all along,
for walls and Bulworks every where:
Now open ye the gates for them
Of righteous Jerusalem,
which keep the truth, to enter there.
And since the Lord Jehovah is
The Eternal rock of strength to his,
in his great Name for ever trust:
He gives the proud the overthrow,
He layes the lofty City low,
flat to the ground, and to the dust.
8, 10, 11.
Yea, Lord, in thine own judgments way,
We waited for thee every day,
our souls desire is to thy name:
But let thy favour be declar'd
To wicked men, they'l not regard,
nor learn Religion by the same:
But most unjustly will transgresse,
Here in the Land of uprightnesse,
and will not see Gods Majesty:
But they shall see, and see with shame,
And feel, as foes, thy fiery flame,
for envying our felicity.


Isa. 16. 18, 12,
Lord we have been with child in vain,
And we have been in grievous pain,
[Page 30] and as it were brought forth the wind:
For by our power we have not wrought,
The least deliverance can be thought,
in all the earth in any kind.
Nor have the dwellers on the earth
Fal'n by the power that we put forth,
but by thy strength are undertrod.
For Lord, thou wilt ordain, at last,
True Peace for us, because thou hast
wrought all our work in us, O God.
20, 21.
O come, my people, enter thou▪
Into thy secret chambers, now,
and shut thy doors about thee fast:
And hide thy self now as it were
But for a little moment there,
unti [...] the wrath be overpast.
For lo the Lord comes from his place,
To punish this ma [...]ignant race
for wickednesse that they maintain:
The earth shall also now disclose
The blood shed of our barbarous foes,
and shall no more conceal her slain.


Eph. 5 1, 2. Heb. 6. 12.
BRethren, be followers of the Lord,
as Children dear and true:
And walk in love with one accord,
as Christ hath loved you.
And be not slack through negl [...]gence,
but followers of their spirit,
That thorow Faith and Patience
the Promises inherit.
13. 7. Mat. 5. 16.
Whose Faith likewise do ye pursue,
considering the end,
And blessed issue whereunto
their conversations tend.
And let your light so shine to men,
that your good works discri'd,
May cause your heavenly Father, then,
to be much glorified.

H 30. EZEKIELS IN FANT. Ye Children, &c.

Ezek. 16. 3, 5, 6,
THus saith the Lord to Israel,
Thy birth, and birth-place konw I well,
of Canaans cursed land to be:
And in the day when thou wast born,
Thou wast cast out to open scorn,
there was no eye to pity thee.
And when I saw thee (passing by)
Polluted in thy blood to lye,
Behold it was the time of love,
When in thy blood thou didstremain,
I said to thee, and said again,
Live, Infant, now born from above.
8, 11, 14.
Then over thee my skirt I spread,
Thy nakednesse I covered,
I sware to thee, and made thee mine:
With ornaments I did thee deck,
I put a chain upon thy neck,
And Bracelets on those hands of thine:
And thy renown for beauty, then,
Went forth among the heathen men,
[Page 32] that praised it with one accord:
For (true) it was a perfect dresse,
Through my exceeding comelinesse,
which I put on thee saith the Lord.


Heb. 11. 1, 2, 13,
FAith is the substance of those things
which once we hope to get:
And the assured evidence
of things not seen as yet.
By it the Elders have obtain'd
a good report and fame:
And died boldly in this Faith,
before the Promise came.
6. Rom. 4. 3.
But without Faith and confidence
(for which the Scriptures call)
It is a thing impossible
to please the Lord at all.
For he that comes to God must trust
that God is God most high:
And the rewarder of them all
that seek him diligently.
Gal. 3. 7, 9.
Know then that they that are of Faith,
are all of Abrahams seed:
And blest with faithfull Abraham,
that are of faith indeed.


Jam. 2. 14, 20,
VVHat profit's it, my Brethren dear,
if any person saith,
That he hath faith, and hath not works,
is that a saving Faith?
But wilt thou know, O thou vain man,
that faith by works unknown,
Is not a living faith, but dead,
it being all alone.
26. Gal. 5. 6.
For as the body is but dead,
the which no breath supplies:
So Faith, that is not perfected
by works, is dead likewise.
And neither circumcision
availes with God above:
Nor yet uncircumcision,
but Faith that works by love.

H. 33. GODS Glittering SWORD.

Deut. 32. 39, to 43.
I Kill, saith God, and make alive,
I wound, and heal, alone,
And there is none with me can strive
to rescue any one.
For I lift up my hand on high,
to heaven above, and say,
Behold I live eternally,
and am without decay,
If once my hand with judgment close,
[Page 34] and whets my glittering Sword,
With vengeance on my hatefull foes,
I'le execute my Word:
I'le make mine arrows drunk with blood,
my Sword shall flesh devour,
The slain and captives shall be food
from the first on-set hour.
Rejoyce ye Nations with his land
to whom he will be good:
And (while his foes shall feel his hand)
avenge his servants blood.


2 Sam. 23. 1. Deut. 16. 20. 2 Co. 4. 4. [...] ▪ 2 Chr. 19. 6. Ps. 82. 1.
THe Prince that ruleth over men
must be exceeding just:
And Gove [...]n in the fear of God
that putteth him in trust.
Because the judgment is not mans,
but Gods (the King of Kings)
Who sits among these earthly Gods,
to judge of all these things.
Rom. 13. 1. 5. 1 Tim. 2. 2.
And every soul must needs submit
unto the powers supream:
And, not for wr [...]th, but conscience sake,
be subject unto them.
And pray for Kings and Rulers all,
that we, through their defence,
[...]ay▪ live in Peace, and Godlinesse,
with all good conscience, [...].
2 Cor. 5. 10.
For we must every one appear,
and personally [...]ome
Before the judgment [...]eat of Christ,
there to receive our doom.
Accordingly as every man
hath in the body done:
And as the work is good or bad,
So shall his sentence run.


1 Th. 5. 12. 13. 1. P [...]. 4. 10.
Obey those Rulers over you
that warn you in the Lord:
And, for their work sake, prize them much
that preach to you the word.
As each man hath receiv'd the gift
let him discharge his place:
As good and faithfull Ministers
of Gods abundant grace.
1 Th. 5. [...]4. 2 Th. 3. 6, 14. 1 Tim. 5. 22.
Warn the [...]ruly, help the weak,
Support them lest they fall:
C [...]mfort the feeble minded ones,
be patient towards all.
Withdraw from the inordinate
to shame them for their sin:
And no way be partakers of
the sins that such live in.
Heb. 12. 15, 16. 1 Cor. 14. 26, 33.
And let no root of bitternesse,
no person vain and vilde,
[Page 36] Spring up among you troubling you,
and many be defil'd.
Let all be done to edifie,
for God's the God of Peace
In all the Churches of the Saints,
to make disorders cease.
2 Cor. 13. 11. Rom. 13. 8.
And live in Peace and Holinesse,
whereto ye have your call:
And then the God of Love and Peace
shall still be with you all.
And owe to no man any thing,
but one to love another,
For 'tis the Laws accomplishing
to be a perfect Lover.


Eph 6. 1, 2, 4.
Obey your Parents in the Lord,
ye children, as 'tis fit:
This is the first Commandement,
with promise made to it.
Parents, provoke not unto wrath
your children, in their youth:
But bring them up in fear of God,
and nurture of his truth.
5, 6, 9.
Servants obey your Masters will,
with reverentiall fear:
Not with eye-service, pleasing men,
but as Christs Servants dear,
And, Masters, do your Servants right,
knowing you have on high
A Master, who hath no respect
of persons partially.
Rev. 1. 7. 22. 12.
Behold, he cometh in the clouds,
whom every eye shall see:
And every man shall have reward
so as his works shall be.


Jam. 1. 36. Mat. 12. 36.
IF he that seems Religious,
doth not his Tongue refrain,
That mans Religion, verily,
is exercis'd in vain.
For, su [...]e, of every idle word
that any man shall say,
He is to give account thereof
at Gods great Judgment Day.
5. 22. Jam. 3. 2.
Rash anger shall be judg'd a sin,
contemptuous speech goes higher:
And he that saith, Thou fool, shall be
in danger of hell-fire.
But not to sinne in word nor tongue
doth restifie and tell
A perfect man, and one that can
rule all the body well.

H. 36. The HARVEST. Have mercy, &c.

Mat. 9. 37, 38.
THe Harvest, truly, sirs,
is very great to view▪
But lo, the saithfull Labourer [...]
are but a very few:
[Page 38] Pray ye the Lord therefore
whose own the Harvest is,
To send out labourers good store
into this field of his.
Joh 4. 35, 36. Phil. 4. 17.
That he that doth engage
to sow and [...]eap, or [...]ither,
May have eternal life for wage,
and both reioyce together.
And that our fruit amount
(as we desire and pray)
Abundantly to our account,
in that great Harvest day.

H. 37. The High and Lofty ONE, O Lord consider.

Isa. 57. 15▪
THus saith the high and lofty One,
Inhabiting Eternity,
Whose Name is Holy, be it known,
I dwell in holy place on high.
Also with him that is contrite,
whose humble Spi [...]t sighs and groans:
To cheer the humble in my sight,
and cheer the heart of contrite ones.
16. 66. 2.
For, still contending with the [...]ail,
and keeping anger unallay'd,
The spirits would before me fail,
and those poor souls which I have made.
But unto him will I besure
To look with favour, saith the Lord,
That is in spirit meek, and poor,
[...]nd trembles at my holy word.


Hos. 6. 1,
Come now, and let us search and try
the waies that we have trod:
And turn again unfeignedly
unto the Lord our God:
For he hath torn and put to pain,
and he hath made the wound:
And he will bind it up again,
and make us whole and sound.
3. Jam. 4. 9,
After two daies he will revive,
and raise us up the third:
And make us in his sight alive,
that felt so sharp a sword.
Be then afflicted, weep and mourn,
(repentance to expresse)
Your laughter into mourning turn,
your joy to heavinesse.
10. Mic. 6. 9. Joel. 2. 13.
Hear him that smiteth and the rod,
humble your selves and stoop,
Cast down your selves in sight of God,
and he shall raise you up.
For he is gracious, mercifull,
and unto anger slack:
Of kindnesse great, and one that will
his judgments soon call back.

H. 39. Against IDOLATRT.

1 Cor. 10. 14, 22. 2 Cor. 6. 1 [...],
FLee fast from all Idolatry,
from Idols keep you free▪
[Page 40] Provoke we God to Jealousie?
are we more strong then he?
With Belial can Christ accord?
or can these things unite
The house of Idols and our Lord,
the darknesse and the light?
15, 16, 17, 18.
Unrighteousnesse, can that combine
with righteousnesse to dwell?
Or can the true Believer joyn
with any Infidell?
Be therefore separate and cleer,
and all uncleannesse [...]ee:
And ye my Sons and Daughters dear,
and I your God will be.
Rev. 3. 4.
For but a few are exquisite,
and keep their Garments fair:
And these shall walk with me in white,
for worthy Saints they are.

H. 40. The Jew and Gentiles [...]ALL,

Rom. 11. 26. 15.
THere cometh a Deliverer
from Sion hill on high,
To turn away ungodlinesse
from Jacobs Family.
For if the world be reconcil'd
by casting them away,
Much more shall their return be stild
life from the dead, that day.
26, 27, 16.
And then all Israel shall be sav'd,
(as Scripture doth declare)
[Page 41] Because the Gifts and Calls of God
without repentance are.
For if the first-sruits holy be,
the lump is holy too:
And if the root yeild sancti [...]ee,
So shall the branches do.


Rom. 11. 32, 33.
Yet now hath God adjudg'd the Jews,
by unbelief to fall,
That he might this occasion choose,
to shew his grace to all.
O depth of riches infinite!
and wisdome of our God!
His judgments O how past our sight!
his Tracts O how untrod!
34, 35, 36.
For who hath known the mind of God,
or lent his counsels aid?
Or who hath given unto him,
and it shall be repaid?
For of and thorough him are all,
and passe to him agen:
To whom be praise of great and small,
for evermore, A men.

H. 41. Jew and Gentiles FƲLLNESSE held [...]ut in many PROMISES. Ye children, &c.

Isa. 66. 8.
OH who hath heard of such a thing,
As now Gods power to passe doth bring?
[Page 24] or who hath seen such things as these!
For shall a land (can any say)
Be made to bring forth in a day?
Are Nations born at once with ease?
Before that Sion travelled,
She presently was brought to bed,
and brought forth Sonnes by heavenly aid,
Before she travelled she brought forth,
Before her pain she brought the birth,
and of a sweet man-child was laid.
54. 1. 66. 9.
Break out, O barren Church, and sing,
Thou that didst (once) no children bring,
let joyfull Songs take up thy life:
Thus saith the Lord of thine estate,
The children of the desolate
are more then of the married wife.
For shall I bring it to the birth,
And then not bring the children forth,
saith the Almighty Sovereign Lord?
Or shall I cause to bring forth some,
And then untimely shut the womb,
thy God, O Sion, spake this word.

2. PART.

Isa. 66. 10, 11, 12.
Rejoyce ye with Jerusalem,
And let her Lovers (all of them)
in her spiritual joyes partake:
Rejoyce, I say, lift up your voice,
Be glad with her, and much rejoyce,
all ye that mou [...]ned for her sake.
That ye may suck, and take your fill
Of Consolatious, which distill
in plenty, from your Mothers breasts:
[Page 43] Then shall ye suck (dan [...]'t on her knees)
Milk out, and much delighted be
with her abundant gloriousnesse.
54. 7, 8. 62. 4. 60. 4, 8.
Though for a very little space
Angry I was, and hid my face,
and thou wast termed desolate:
Yet will I gather thee again,
With kindnesses that shall remain,
and bear an everlasting date.
Destruction shall no more be heard
Within thy land, nor wasting [...]eard,
nor violence be in thy waies:
But thorowout thy borders all
Thy walls salvation they shall call,
and give thy gates the Name of praise.

3. PART.

Isa. 55. 4, 5. 54. 2, 3, 4.
Hearken, O people, and give ear,
My righteousnesse is drawing n [...]er,
my saving health I will disclose:
My arm shall judge the heathen men,
The Isles shall wait upon me then,
and on my power shall they repose.
Enlarge and spread thy tents in space,
(And curtains of thy dwelling place)
lengthen thy cords, and stretch them far:
And men shall break their Swords and Spears.
To pruning hooks and plowing-shares,
nor shall they any more learn War.
11. 6. 49. 23. 60. 20, 22, 20.
The Wolf and Lamb shall joyntly feed,
The Leopard with the Calf and Kid,
the Lyon and the youngling fat:
[Page 44] Thy Nursing-Fathers Kings shall be,
Queens Nursing-Mothers unto thee,
they shall bow down before thee flat.
Thy Sun shall never more decline,
Nor yet thy Moon desist to shine,
for Gods thy everlasting light:
A little one shall thousands bring,
Strong Nations from a small one spring,
and all thy people shall be right.


Isa. 66. 12. 60. 4. 66. 17,
Behold (saith God) I will extend
The Peace of Israel far-an-end,
that like a River it shall seem:
Then shall the glorious Dignitee
Of the converted Gentiles bee
like to an over-flowing stream.
Thy Sonnes shall come from far and wide,
And (to be nursed at thy side)
thy Daughters from the earths far ends.
Then will I sweetly comfort them
That dwell in my Jerusalem,
as one whom his dear Mother tends.
14, 24. Psal. 149. 5. Isa. 35. 10.
Which when ye see your hearts shall joy,
Your bones shall flourish wondrously,
like a sweet herb that freshly grows.
Then shall the hand of God be known
Towards his Servants every one,
and his displeasure towards his foes:
For lo, their worm shall never die,
Their fire shall burn perpetually,
and not be quenehed night nor day:
[Page 45] But Saints shall shout upon their beds,
Eternal joy shall crown their heads,
sorrow and sighes shall [...]ice a way.


Eccl. 7. 20 Iam. 3. 2. 1 Cor. 10. 12.
THere is not any in the earth,
(through all the Coasts of it)
A righteous man, that still doth good,
and doth no sinne commit.
For, verily, in many things
we sinne, and trespasse, all:
Let him therefore, that thinks he stands,
be carefull, lest he fall.
Gal. 6. 1. Eph. 4. 32.
And if, by imperfection,
ye see a man transgresse,
Restore him, ye spiritual ones,
with love, and gentlenesse.
And kind and tender-hearted be,
forgiving mutually,
As God for Christ his sake forgave
all your iniquity.


Gal. 5. 17. Rom. 7. 23.
The flesh against the spiritual lusts,
and this with that doth fight:
So that ye cannot do such things
as ye would do aright.
We, in our Members, find a law
averse to that within:
And bringing in captivity
unto the law of sinne.
Jam. 5. 16, 20.
Confesse your faults, then, mutually,
and pray for one another:
That so ye may be healed thereby,
and grace afresh recover.
Who turns a sinner from the path
wherein he went aside,
Shall thereby save a soul from wrath,
and numerous sinnes shall hide.

H. 43. The JOYES of HEAVEN.

Rev. 22. 14, 3,
BLessed are they whose only strife
is Gods good Laws to do:
That they may tast the tree of life,
and have a right thereto.
And that they may have entrance in,
into the City-gate,
There, where the curse that came from sin
can bear no longer date.
But there the throne of God shall be,
and Christ the Lambs high throne:
And there his servants shall be free
to serve the holy One.
And they shall see his blessed face,
and his most glorious Name
Upon their sore heads shall have place.
his Image to proclaim.
And there there shall ensue no night,
(as if their day were done:)
Nor have they need of candle-light,
or shining of the Sun.
[Page 47] For God the Lord (from whom it springs▪)
shall give them light on high:
And they shall reign, as crowned Kings,
to all Eternity.


Joh. 5. 28, 29.
THe day and hour is drawing nigh,
when all the dead must hear
The voice of him that is most high,
and shall forthwith appear.
All they to sure salvation
whose works are good and right:
And they to condemnation
in evil that delight.
Prov. 12. 28. Rom. 6. 23. Gal. 6. 8.
For life is found in righteous waies,
no death can be therein.
But death the certain wages payes
of all unpardon d sin.
All they that sow to sinfull flesh
corruption shall inherit:
But endlesse life shall them refresh
that sow unto the Spirit.
1 Cor. 15. 58.
Be stedfast, Brethren, now therefore,
and alwaies be unmov'd:
Abounding now and evermore,
in works of God approv'd.
Because ye know his holy word
doth make the Promise plain,
So that your labour in the Lord
can never be in vain.


Luk. 21. 34.
Be carefull lest, at any time,
you should, by your excesse,
Surcharge your souls with surfeiting,
or shamefull drukennesse.
And lest your heart be overcome
with weight of worldly cares:
And so, that day, the day of Doom,
'oretake you unawares.
1 Thes. 5. 2, 3. Luk. 12. 47.
Because the day of Christ will come
like as a thief by night:
And when they say, Peace, Peace will be,
shall suddain vengeance lite.
He that did know his Masters will,
and not himself prepare
To do according to his skill,
full many a stripe shall bear.
37, 38, 44.
But blessed are those Servants all
that watch with wakefull mind:
Whom Christ shall at his coming call,
and in this posture find.
He shall come forth assuredly,
and set them at his board:
And make them Partners in the Joy
of their advanced Lord.


Rom. 8. 33, 34.
IT is the Lord that justifies,
who therefore shall condemn?
[Page 49] It is our Saviour Christ that dy'd,
or rather rose agen.
Who also is at Gods right hand
ascended up on high:
And maketh intercession there
for us continually.
Heb. 4. 16. Col 3. 17.
Now therefore let us boldly come
(in certaine hope to speed)
Unto the throne of grace, for grace
to help in time of need.
And let all things we speak or do
be in the name of one:
To God the Father giving thanks
through Christ our Lord alone.


Rev. 15. 3, 4.
THy works are great and marvelous,
Lord God th' Almighty one:
Thy wayes are true and righteous,
thou King of Saints alone.
Who shall not fear thee, O most high,
and glorifie thy Name?
For thou alone for sanctity
deservest laud and fame.
For all the Nations of the earth
shall come and worship thee:
Because thy judgements are set forth
so plain for us to see.

HYMN XLVII. LONGING after CHRIST, Ye children, &c.

Joh. 6. 32, 35. c. 7. 38.
THe bread of God (so truly calld)
That giveth l [...]fe unto the world
is he that down from heaven came:
And with this sweet coelestial bread,
Lord, let us be replenished,
and give us ever of the same.
For he that (as the Scripture saith)
Lays hold on Christ by lively faith
shall never thirst or hunger more:
For by that saith, and feeding so,
out of his belly there shall flow
of living waters plent [...]ous store.
Rev. 22. 17, 20. Cant. 8. 14. Jam. 5. 8.
The Spirit and the Bride say, Come,
And let not him that hears be dumb,
but call to come with eager strife:
Come all that thirst, and take your fill,
Take freely whosoever will
the water of eternal life.
Make hast, my love, and be not slow
Be like the nimble Hart or Roe
tracing upon the mountains spic'd:
And I, behold, come speedily,
The coming of the Lord draws night,
Amen, so come, Lord Jesus Christ.


Jo [...]. 3. 16. 1 Joh. 4. 9. Joh. 3. 17.
SO greatly God did love the world
that freely he did give
His onely and begotten Son
that we through him might live.
God sent him not into the world,
the world for to condemn,
But that he might be manifest
a Saviour unto men.
Rev. 1. 5. J [...]h. 3. 16. Rev. 21. 24.
Who loved us and gave himself
for our eternal good,
And washt away our scarlet sins
in his own precious blood.
And whosoever trusts in him
shall never perish quite,
But he shall have eternal life,
and live in endless light.
Luke 2. 24.
To God therefore that dwells on high
be praise and glory still,
On earth be true tranquility,
and unto men good will.


1 Joh. 2. 3. c. 5. 3.
Hereby we know undoubtedly
that we do love the Lord,
By keeping with fidelity
the precepts of his Word.
And this is, sure, the love of God,
if we his Laws fulfill;
Nor do we count his Laws a load,
but do them with good will.
4. 19. Eph. 1. 4. 1 Joh. 4. 10, 19.
We love him for he first lov'd us,
and chose us in his Son,
That we should be adopted thus
before the world beg [...]n:
Herein is love, not ours it is
but his (whence our's begins)
In sending that sweet Son of his
a ransome for our sins.
Rev. 5. 13.
To him that sits upon the throne,
and to the Lamb therefore
Be glory, strength, dominion
and honour evermore.

HYMN XLIX. Against LOVE of the WORLD.

Mat. 16. 26. Col. 3. 2.
WHat shall it profit any man
The world to purchase whole,
And thereby misse the certain blisse
of his immortal soul?
Oh set your strong affections then
on things that are above:
And let no worth of things on earth
be motives of your love.
1 John 2. 16, 15.
All in the world is pride of life,
and lusts of flesh and eyes:
Which do not from the Father come,
but from the world they rise.
Love not the world nor things thereof,
if any love so low,
The perfect love of God above
in him can never flow.
These worldly things all pass away
and perish altogether:
But to fulfil Gods holy will
makes to abide for ever.


Heb. 13. 4.
THe due estate of Marriage
(as Scripture doth assure)
Is honourable every where
the bed preserved pure)
But harlots and adulterers
that v [...]olate this thing,
By practice of unchastity,
will God to judgement bring.
1 Thes. 4. 4. Col. 3. 19, 20.
Then let us every one know how
his vessel to possesse,
In honourable dignity,
and spotlesse holinesse.
And, husbands, dearly love your wives,
giving no bitter word:
And, wives, submit obediently
to them, as to the Lord.
1 Pet. 3. 3, 4.
And your adorning let not be
in an external way,
Of plaited hair, and wearing gold,
or putting on aray.
But of the heart, and hidden man,
where incorruption lies:
And of a meek and quiet soul,
which God doth highly prize.
1 Cor. 7. 39. 1 Pet. 3. 7.
And be not yoakt unequally,
[Page 45] but onely in the Lord;
Honouring the wife (the weaker Sex)
according to the Word.
And live together lovingly,
as heirs of grace of life:
That disagreements hinder not
the prayers of man and wife.
Mat. 22. 30.
And in the resurrection, where
none are in marriage given,
Ye shall be like the Angels there,
triumphant Saints in heaven.

HYMN LI. The MEDIATOR. All people, &c.

1 Tim. 2. 5.
ONe God there is, and one alone,
and Mediator none but one;
The man whom we Christ Jesus call,
who gave himself full price for all.
1 Joh [...] 2. 1, 3.
If any sin, we have, on high,
an Advocate to quali [...]ie,
Jesus the just, whose blood was spilt
to exp [...]ate our ha [...]o [...]s guilt.
Rev. 5. 13.
Blessing, and glo [...]y, and renown
to him that on the Throne sits down:
And to the Lamb of God therefore
be praise and honour evermore.

HYMN LII. MERCIES. All people, &c.

Micah 6. 18. to the end.
WHo is a God like unto thee,
that pardons all iniquity:
And from their sins doth disengage
the remnant of his heritage?
He doth not still retain his wrath,
for mercy is his pleasing path:
He will return again, he will,
and have compassion on us still.
Isa. 43. 25.
He will subdue our trespasses,
as drowned in the deepest seas:
And, for his own name sake on high,
he blots them out of memory.
Thou wilt perform thy truth and grace,
To Abraham and Jacobs race:
As thou hast to our Fathers told,
and sworn it from the dayes of old.

HYMN LIII. MERCY and TERROR mixt. All people, &c.

Nah. 1. 2,
JEalous is God and doth revenge,
he doth revenge with fury strange:
He will take vengeance on his foes,
and he reserveth wrath for those.
Yet is the Lord to anger slow,
but of great power to overthrow:
[Page 56] And he will not at all acquit
the wicked that repent no whit.
6. Hab. 3. 5.
Before his fury who can stand,
who can abide his angry hand?
The Pestilence before him rolls,
beneath his feet go burning coals.
Nab. 1. 5.
The mountains quake, the hills do melt
when-as his presence is but felt:
The earth is burnt at sight of him
the world and all that dwell therein.
Isa. 14. 27. Neh. 9. 17.
His judgements none can disanull;
but yet our God is merciful:
Thine anger, Lord is, slow of pace,
thy kindnesse great, and rich thy grace.

2. PART. All people, &c.

Nah. 1. 7, 8.
The Lord is good, a Tower to his
when-as the day of trouble is:
And them that trust in him he knows,
but darknesse shall pursue his foes.
And with an over-running flood
he will consume the place that stood:
Like fire his fury poureth down,
The rocks by him are overthrown.
Against him what do you intend?
the Lord will make an utter end:
Affliction (for so great a crime)
shall not rise up the second time.
Folden as thorns although they be,
and drunken with prosperitie,
They shall be very suddenly
devour'd as stubble fully dry.
O Judah keep thy solemn feasts,
thy mountains bring good news of peace:
No more shall sinners pass through thee,
but utterly cut off shall be.


Luke 17. 10. Phil. 2. 13.
VVHen you have done the best you can,
say thus with humble thought,
Unprofitable are we all,
and do but what we ought.
For it is God that works in you,
he works both will and deed:
And of his meer good pleasure, too,
doth all your power proceed.
Eph 2. 8, 9. c. 3. 21.
And ye are sav'd by grace, through faith,
wrought by the holy Ghost:
Not of your selves, nor of your works,
lest any man should boast.
To him let all the Church therefore
ascribe, with one accord,
All praise and honour evermore,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

HYMN LV. MORAL PRECEPTS. Prest with Arguments.

Mic. 6. 8. Psal. 37. 28. Col. 3. 25.
THe Lord hath shewed thee, O man,
what God requires as good:
Do justly, love compassion,
walk hum [...]ly with thy God.
Because the Lord loves equ [...]ty,
his Sa [...]nts he will not leave:
And he that deals injuriously
shall sutably receive.
Mat. 5. 7. Jam. 2. 13. Luk. 14. 11.
And mercy to the merciful,
the Lord will still expresse:
But judgement shall with rigour [...]all
upon the mercilesse.
And God doth still resist the proud,
but gives the humble grace:
Self-humbling then, shall honour men,
self-honouring shall abase.

2. PART.

Jam. 5. 12. Eph. 4. 25. Rev. 21. 8.
Swear not by heaven, nor by earth,
nor any oath at all:
Lest into condemnation,
by such offence, ye fall.
Put lies away and speak the truth,
for every wilful liar
Must sure partake of that broad lake
which burns with brimstone-fire.
Rom. 13. 13. Heb. 12. 14.
Shun [...]urfeiting and drunkennesse,
[Page 55] and do not lead your l [...]fe
In chambering and wantonness,
in envy or in strife:
And ever follow peace with all,
and holiness together:
Without which grace there's no man shall▪
behold Gods face for ever.

3. PART.

Eph. 4. 31, 29. Rom. 12. 21.
All malice, wrath, and bitterness,
and clamor put away:
And be not overcome with ill,
but let the good bear sway.
And let no talk come from your mouths
corrupt in any case:
But such as serves to edifie,
and teach the hearers g [...]ace.
Eph. 5. 3, 4.
But fornication, avarice,
and what pollutes or taints:
Amongst you let not once be nam'd,
as it becometh Saints.
Nor filthiness, nor foolish talk,
no [...] unbeseeming jests
(Which things are not convenient)
but rather thankfulnesse.

4. PART.

Rom 12. 10, 15. Eph. 2. 4. Gal. 6. 2.
By kinde affection mutually,
the love of brethren keep:
Rejoyce with them that do rejoyce,
and weep with them that weep.
[Page 60] And heed not your own things alone,
but each for other care:
And, to fulfill the Law of Christ,
each others burden bear.
Rom. 12. 16. Mat. 7. 1, 2.
Mind not high things but condescend
to men of low estate:
And be not wise in your own eyes
pufft up with self-conceit.
And judge not, that you be not judg'd,
for, as you mete to men,
Accordingly shall God reply,
and deal to you agen.

5. PART.

M. 7. 12. R. 13. 7. ch. 12. 17. T. 3. 2. 1 Th. 4. 7.
Do as you would be done unto,
and give to all their right:
Of no man ever speak amisse,
nor ill with ill requite.
Let none defraud or go beyond
his brother any way:
For God avengeth all such things,
and will the wrong repay.
Jam. 5. 9. Joh. 7. 24. Phil. 4. 5. Rom. 14. 4.
And, brethren, let no one of you
against another grudge:
Nor judge ye by appearances,
but righteous judgement judge.
And let your moderation
be manifest to all:
The Lord our Master is at hand,
to whom we stand or fall,

6. PART.

Ecc es. 5. 4, 5 Heb. 13. 16.
When thou hast vowed a vow to God,
defer not, then, to pay,
For God hath no delight in fools,
that mock him with delay.
And to do good and distribute
forget ye in no wise:
For God is pleas'd exceedingly
with such like sacrifice.
Phil. 4. 8. 1 Cor. 4. 5.
And all things honest, just, and true,
and such as sweetly please:
For vertue, praise, and good report,
think on such things as these,
Until the secrets of all hearts,
be publisht all abroad:
And then shall every one of us
have his due praise of God.

HYMN LVI. More spiritual PRECEPTS.

Prov. 3. 5, 6. Mat. 22. 37. 1 Thes. 5. 15, 16.
TRust in the Lord with all thy heart,
love him with all thy might:
In all thy ways acknowledge him,
and make him thy delight.
Pursue good things, rejoycing still,
and pray continually:
Quench not the Spirit any way,
despise not prophecy.
Rom. 12. 11. Heb. 12. 28. Joh. 6. 27.
With fervent spirit serve the Lord,
and (having grace) draw neer
[Page 62] To worship God with reverence,
and godly filial fear.
And for the food that perisheth
be not at any strife:
But for the food that doth endure
to everlasting life.
Mat 6. 33.
And seek Gods Kingdom first of all,
his righteo [...]snesse pursue:
And then shall all the other things
be added unto you.


Isa 40. 6, 7,
All flesh is grass, and soon must yeeld,
for all the goodly shew,
Which is but as a flower in field
that some short time doth grow.
The gras doth wither and is gone
the flower doth fade and passe;
Because Gods Spirit blows thereon;
the people sure is grass.
8. 1 Cor. 15. 53,
The grasse doth change, the flower doth fade
at one rebuking blast;
But lo! the word our Lord hath said
for ever standeth fast.
The corruptible must put on
a state that cannot die;
The mortal must be cloath'd upon
with immortality.
54. 56, 57.
The saying then fulfill'd shall be
[Page 63] recorded of this thing,
O grave where is thy victory!
O death where is thy sting!
The sting of death sin needs must be,
the Law the strength of sin,
But thanks to God for vic [...]o y
through Christ our Lord herein.


Col 3. 5. Rom. 6. 12. c. 8. 13.
YOur earthly members mortifie,
and let no sin bear sway,
Or in your mortal body reign
wh [...]le ye the lusts obey.
For if ye serve the flesh ye die,
but if that, by the Spirit,
The bod [...]es lasts ye mortisie,
then shall ye life inherit.
c. 6. 16. c. 13. 14.
For his ye are, whom ye obey,
whether of sin to death;
Or else of righteousnesse to life,
after this mortal breath.
Put on, then, [...]esus Christ the Lord,
and for the fleshes ease
Make no provision, nor regard
the lusts thereof to please.

2. PART.

Rom. 8. 7. c. 12. 2.
The carnal minde is enmity
against the living Lord:
Not subject, neither can it be,
to his revealed word.
[Page 64] Be chang'd therefore by minds renew'd,
that ye may understand
What pleasing good and perfect things
the Lord doth here command.
ch. 8. 6. ch. 6. 11, 8.
Because to be of carnal minde
is death without release:
But if spiritually inclin'd,
it savours life and peace.
Then count your selves as dead to sin,
to God (in Christ) alive:
Because if we be dead with him▪
we trust we shall revive.

HYMN LIX. MOSES Song. All people, &c.

Exod. 15. 1.
NOw sing unto the Lord will I,
for he hath triumpht gloriously:
The horse and rider (both of these)
his hand hath cast into the Seas.
5, 6,
The depths devour'd them every one,
They sank to th' bottom as a stone:
Lord thy right hand with power shines bright
thy right hand crusht the enemy quite.
In thy great excellence, O God,
thou hast those rebels under-trod.
Thou sentest forth thy wrath whereby
they were consum'd as stubble dry.
The enemy thus proudly spake,
I will pursue and overtake,
The spoile saith he, I will divide,
my lust shall so be satisfied.
Then didst thou blow with blustring force,
The sea returned to its course;
And (covering them) became their graves,
They sank as lead in mighty waves.
Among the gods, who's like to thee,
Who like thee shines in sanctity▪
Fearfull in praises, as exceeds,
And doing rare and wondrous deeds.


Prov. 4. 14, 15, 16.
Go not with wicked men, my son,
Go not with them, I say,
Their crooked paths avoid and shun,
And come not near their way.
For if they do no wicked deed,
They take no rest at all:
Their sleep departs, unless they speed
Of making some to fall.
Mic. 22. Prov. 4. 17. 2. 13.
They covet fields, and violently
They take them for a prey;
Oppressing Town and Family,
Because they bear the sway.
They eat the bread of wickedness,
And drink the wine of strife;
They leave the paths of Righteousness
To lead a brutish life.
Isa. 59. 7, 8.
Destruction and unhappiness
Are ever in their wayes;
And do not know the way of peace;
For still their Judgement strayes.
They make them crooked paths of sin,
[Page 66] from which they cannot cease:
And whosoever walks therein
shall never know true peace.

2. PART.

Prov. 1. 10, 1 [...], 13,
My son let sinners ticing thee
be constantly withstood;
If they say, come, let us agree,
let us lay wait for blood:
All precious substance we shall finde,
to make us rich and great;
And with the spoil of every kinde
shall fill our house compleat.
14, 15, 16, 18,
Cast in thy lot among us now,
let us have all one purse;
Refrain my son, and go not thou
with them in this lewd course.
For unto rapine they run fast,
but lo, their laying wait
Shall be for their own lives at last,
and their own blood the bait.
19, 31.
The projects which they prosecute
shall pay them home one day:
And they shall eat the bitter fruit
of their own cursed way.
Such wayes are his, whoever strives
his hands with blood to stain,
To take away the owners lives
for greedinesse of gain.

HYMN LXI. The Passion and Compassion of Christ.

1 Pet. 3. 18. c. 2. 24.
LO Christ hath suffered for us all,
the just for wicked men;
[Page 67] That he might bring us unto God
now reconcil'd agen:
Who bare our sinnes in his own flesh,
upon that cursed tree,
That we should live to righteousnesse
and dead to sin should be.
Isa. 53. 6, 3.
All we like sheep have gone astray,
each took his course to fall:
And God hath laid the load on him
to answer for us all.
A man of sorrows sure he was,
and he hath born our grief:
Meane while we hid our face from him,
and gave him no relief.
Joh. 10. 11.
Lo this is that sweet Shepherd, then,
so infinitely good,
That for his sheep laid down his life,
and spilt his precious blood.

2. PART.

Joh. 15. 13. Rom. 5. 7,
A greater love then this hath none,
nor none can comprehend,
Then that a man should stake his life
and lose it for his friend:
For scarce will any die for him
that lives most righteously,
Yet haply for a special friend
some one might dare to die.
18. ch. 14. 9.
But God commends his tender love
towards us in this wise:
In that Christ Jesus dy'd for us
[Page 68] when we were enemies.
And therefore did our Saviour die,
recover and revive,
To be the Lord both of the dead,
and those that are alive.
Heb. 13. 15.
By him therefore give we to God
the sacrifice of praise;
(The gratefull fruit of thankfull lips)
blessing his name alwayes.


Jam. 1. 4. Heb. 10. 36.
LET Patience have her perfect work,
that ye may be entire,
And nothing wanting in your grace
which God doth here require.
For ye have need of patience,
that, having done his Will,
Ye may receive the Promises
which God shall then fulfill.
c. 6. 19. Rom 5. 4. 5. 2. Co. 4. 17.
For Patience works experience,
Experience worketh hope,
And hope shall never make asham'd,
but set the gate wide ope;
And lo! our light affliction
which is but transitory,
Works for us a more excellent
eternal weight of glory.
2 Tim. 2. 12. Jam. 5. 12.
For they that suffer with the Lord
shall reign with him full sure:
Therefore, behold, we count them blest
whoever do endure.
[Page 69] The Peace of God and PRAYER.
All people, &c. or O Lord consider.


Phil. 4. 6, 7.
IN nothing be perplext with care,
but call on God for every thing:
And with thanksgiving in your prayer
to him your s [...]pplications bring.
And, lo! the peace which God imparts,
past understanding to record,
Shall safely keep your mindes and hearts,
through Jesus Christ our only Lord.


Heb. 3. 12, 13.
TAke heed my brethren, lest there be
in any of you all
An heart of infidelitie,
whereby from God to fall.
But still exhort with mutual heed,
while it is call'd to day,
Lest any one be hardened
by sins deceitful way.
14. ch. 10. 23. 1 Thes. 5. 24.
For we partake of Christ (no doubt)
if we by faith sit fast,
So that our confidence hold out
unshaken to the last.
Let's hold profession fast therefore,
not wavering in our faith,
For faithful is the promiser,
and will do what he saith.
Rev. 2. 10.
Be faithful to the death (saith he)
[Page 70] persisting in my way,
And I will surely give to thee
a Crown of life that day.

HYMNE LXV. The PORTION of the little FLOCK.

Luke 12. 32. 1 Cor. 2. 9.
FEare not O little flock and few,
for 'tis your fathers pleasure,
To give the Kingdome unto you,
that hath eternal treasure.
Eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard,
what things God hath above,
Beyond the thoughts of man, prepar'd,
For them that do him love.
1 Tim. 4. 8.
For godlinesse availes to all,
having the promise sure
Of this life which is temporal,
and that which doth endure.
To God the Father, and the Son,
and holy Ghost therefore,
Eternal honour let be done,
henceforth for evermore.


Jam. 1. 5. Mat. 7. 11,
IF any of you wisdome wants,
ask of the Lord alone,
Who liberally to all men grants,
and yet upbraideth none.
For if that ye which evil are
can give good things to yours,
Much more your heavenly Fathers care,
his suppliants assures.
7. Jam 1. 6. John 16. 24.
Ask therefore and be sure to have,
and seek and ye shall finde:
But ask in faith what-ere ye crave,
and not with wavering minde.
But if ye ask, and shall believe,
God will thereto agree:
Ask therefore that ye may receive,
that sull your joy may be.

HYMN LXVII. Reasonable Service.

Rom. 12. 1. 1 Cor. 6. 19,
PResent your bodies to the Lord
a living sacrifice:
A holy offering unto him,
and pleasing in his eyes.
This is a service which ye owe,
and reasonably due:
For ye are not your own, ye know,
but Christ hath purchas'd you.
20. ch. 10. 31.
Now therefore glorifie the Lord
(Dear brethren every one)
Both in your bodies and your souls,
for they are Gods alone.
And whither eat or drink ye do,
or ought else, all your dayes,
Let all be done, by each of you,
to Gods renown and praise.

HYMN LXVIII. Recovery of the Church. Have mercy, &c.

Mic [...] 7. 8, 9.
REjoyce not over me,
O thou mine enemy:
[Page 72] For, when I fall, the boast is small,
so soon arise shall I.
And when I sit me down
in darknesse desolate:
The [...]ord will be a light to me,
in that distrest estate.
And I will therefore bear
the Lords most just displeasure:
Since I have been entic'd to sin
against him in such measure.
Until the Lord be pleas'd
my cause to undertake:
And, at my suit, shall execute
his judgement for my sake.
For verily the Lord
will bring me forth to light:
And will express his righteousness
apparent in my sight.


Eccles 12. 1, 7.
REmember thy Creator now,
in these thy younger dayes:
Before the year and day draw near
when pleasure quite decayes,
Then shall the dust return to earth,
to earth from [...]hence it came:
The spirit then goes back agen
to God that gave the same.
13, 14.
Now let us hea [...] the end of all,
that Scripture doth declare,
[Page 73] Oh fear the Lord, and keep his word,
which should be all our care.
For every work, both good and bad,
with every secret thing,
That here have past, from first to last,
will God to judgement bring.
Eph. 5. 15, 16.
See that you walk exactly then,
and not as fools but wise;
And still redeem your precious time
because bad dayes arise.

HYMN LXX. REDEMPTION. Out of the Songs of the bles­sed Virgin Mary, of Zacharias, and [...]ld Simeon.

Luke 1. 46, 47,—50,
MY soul doth highly magnifie
the Lord of Soveraign power:
My spirit joys exceedingly
in God my Saviour.
For holy is that Name of his,
and lets great grace to fall
On them that fear him, every where,
through generations all.
51, 52,
The thi [...]gs that his right arm hath wrought
have shew'd his strength full well:
Scattering the proud in that high thought
wherewith their hearts did swell.
Yea, he dethrones the mighty ones,
and plucks them from their seat:
And them that be of low degree
he hath made high and great.
53, 54, 55.
He fills the hungry with good things,
the rich sends empty away:
[Page 74] And to his servant Israel brings
soul-saving help this day,
Calling to minde his mercies kind,
to our fore-fathers told,
With Abraham, and his seed to stand
for ever, as of old.

2. PART. Out of the Song of Zacharie.

Luke 1. 1. 68, 69.
The Lord the God of Israel
we praise with one accord:
For visiting and redeeming us
the people of the Lord.
For he hath thus rais'd up for us
salvations surest horn:
Which, in his servant Davids house,
is, of a Virgin, born.
70, 71, 72,
As holy Prophets all foretold
should come to passe for man:
And by their mouth he spake of old,
since first the world began.
From hands of those our hateful foes
that he would set us clear:
And so perform the mercy sworn
unto our fathers dear.
73, 74, 75.
His holy Covenant (still the same)
to be remembred thus:
His oath to father Abraham,
that he would grant to us,
That safely we (from foes set free)
might walk in fearlesse wayes
Of holiness and righteousnesse,
before him, all our dayes.

3. PART. Out of the Songs of Simeon and Zacharie.

Luke 2. 30, 31, 32.
And now, O Lord, our eyes have seen
thy saving health and grace,
By power divine prepar'd to shine
before all peoples face.
And as a light to shine full bright
where blindfold Gentiles dwell:
And to be made the glory of
thy people Israel.
c. 1. 77, 78.
The knowledge of salvation,
that God might thus give in:
Unto his people making known
the pardon of their sin.
All through the love of God above,
so tenderly let fall:
Whereby the day-spring from on high
hath visited us all.
79. ch, 2. 14.
From darknesse and the shade of death
to grant us glad release:
And give us light to guide our feet
into the paths of peace.
To God be glory now therefore,
in heavens highest place:
Let peace on earth be poured forth,
to men good will and grace.


Hag 2. 6.
THus saith the Lord of Hoasts,
but yet a little while,
And I will shake all coasts,
yea, every land and Isle,
yet once again,
I shake all these, heav'n, earth, and seas,
and all the main.
All Nations I will shake
the long desired day
Which doth all Nations take,
lo, that shall come, I say,
And (for all Coasts)
This house I will with glory fill,
saith God of Hoasts.
The glory of this last
far greater [...]all it grow,
Then of the Temple past,
the Lord of Hoasts saith so,
And, in this place
(It is the Lord of Hoasts his Word)
I will give peace.
Zach. 4. 6, 7. Ha. 2. 22.
Yet not by might nor power,
but by my spirit alone:
Saith God of Hoasts our Tower,
the strength of all in one:
for who art thou
O mountain great (the Empires seat)
to hinder now?
Zach. 4. 7.
Before Zerubbabel
thou shalt become a plain:
The stone that doth excel
(the head-stone of the same)
His hand shall fit,
And bring it out with general shout,
grace, grace to it.
Heg. 2. 22
The hand that first began
to lay the ground-work low:
The hand of that same man
shall finish it also,
In spight of Kings:
For who are they that slight the day
of smaller things.

HYMN LXXII. Regeneration.

J [...]h 3. 5. Gal. [...]. [...]5.
EXcept a man be born again,
of water and the spirit:
He cannot any way attain
salvation to inherit.
For circumcision serveth none
(the priviledge is small)
Nor serves uncircumcision,
but a new creature's all.
2 Cor. 5. 17. Jam. 1. 18.
Behold a man in Christ, therefore,
and a new creature view:
Old things are past, and come no more,
and all things are made new.
By his own will and word hath he
wrought our regeneration:
A kinde of first-ripe-fruit to be
of all his whole Creation.


Isa. 59. 1, 2,
GOds arme is never shortened,
but it can reach to save:
His ear not dull, or wearied
to hear us what we crave.
But from you, do your sins divide
your God that was so near,
And cause the Lord his face to hide,
so that he will not hear.
Ezck. 18. 13. 2 Chron. 30. 9.
Lay therefore your transgressions by,
Repent and turn, saith he,
And so your great iniquitie
your ruine shall not be.
Because the Lord is full of grace,
ready to pardon sin:
And will not hide away his face,
if ye return to him.
Luke 15. 7, 10.
One sinner that returns agen
makes Angels joy exceed,
More then do ninety-nine just men
that no repentance need.

2. PART.

Jer. 3. 13. 1 Job. 1. 9.
Acknowledg how ye have transgrest
against the Lord your God:
And only let it be confest
what by-paths you have trod.
For if we do our sinnes confesse,
faithful and just is he
From sin and all unrighteousnesse
to cleanse and set us free.
Prov. 28. 13. Joel 2. 13. Neh. 9. 17. Ez. 18. 32.
For he that hides his sins shall fall,
they prosper but a space:
But to confesse and leave them all
shall with the Lord finde grace.
For he is unto anger slow,
and ready to forgive:
And doth abundant kindnesse shew,
wherefore return, and live.
Exod. 34. 7.
For he reserves compassion
for thousands that come in:
Remitting all transgression,
iniquity, and sinne.

3. PART.

Isa. 55. 6, 7,
Seek ye the Lord unfainedly,
now while he may be found;
Oh call on him while he is nigh
with mercies that abound▪
Oh let the wicked leave his lusts
(the way that sinners take)
And let the man unrighteous
his sinful thoughts forsake.
—ch. 1. 18.
And turn again unto the Lord,
while mercy now takes place,
And to our God so richly stor'd
with gifts of pardoning grace.
For though your sins were crimson-like,
as red as scarlet (full)
I (saith the Lord) will make them white,
as white as snow or wool.
Rev. 1. 5, 6.
To him that thus hath loved us,
and cancell'd all our score,
In that pure flood of his own blood,
be praise for evermore,


1 Pet. 4. 14, 16.
IF that ye be reproacht for Christ,
happy are ye, and blest:
The Spirit of God and glory great
upon your souls shall rest.
On their parts he's ill spoken off,
but glorifi'd on yours:
Therefore let no man be asham'd
that Christianly endures.
Mat 5. 11, [...]2.
Blessed are you when men revile
and speak each evil word
Against you falsely for the sake
of Christ your Soveraign Lord.
Rejoyce and be exceeding glad,
considering the reward,
How great it is in heaven above,
for suffering Saints prepar'd.

2. PART. Phil. 2. 5, 7.

Let that good minde be in you all
that was in Christ our Lord:
Who being in the form of God,
the true eternal Word,
Yet made himself of no repute,
to death did condescend,
And came not to be tended on,
but to observe and tend.
Phil. 2. 9, 10. Heb. 9. 28.
Therefore God gave to him a Name
above all names most high:
That every knee should bow to him,
and every tongue comply.
Who came to take our sins away,
once, by his own oblation:
And shall appear, the second time,
without sin, to salvation.

HYMN LXXV. RESURRECTION. All people, or O Lord Consider, &c.

1 Cor. 15. 20, 21, 22.
NOw Christ is risen from the dead,
as whom no bands of death could keep:
And is to be acknowledged
as the first fruits of those that sleep.
For as by man came death to raign,
so by a man to rise again:
And as by Adam all men die,
by Christ came immortality.
Col. 3. 1, 2, 3, 4.
If ye be risen then with Christ
set all your heart on things above:
And be not any way intic'd
on earthly things to set your love.
For ye are dead to things abroad,
and your life hid with Christ in God:
When Christ who is our life appears
ye must shine with him in the spheres.


Rom. 12. 19. Luke 6. 27. Mat. 5. 44,
DEare Saints, avenge not your own selves,
nor let sierce wrath incense:
For vengeance, saith the Lord, is mine,
and I will recompence.
Love ye your very enemies,
and them that curse you, bless,
Do good to them that use you ill,
with hate and spitefulnesse.
And people persecuting you
curse not, but blesse them rather:
That ye may be children true
of your celestial father.
For he doth cause his rain to [...]all,
and lets his Sun to rise
On good and bad in general,
just and unjust likewise.


Isa. 58. 13,
IF from my holy Sabbath-day
thou turn away thy foot:
And do not by thy pleasures stray,
my Sabbath to pollute.
But call the Sabbath a delight,
the holy of the Lord:
And thine own carnal pleasure slight,
in thought, in deed, in word.
Then shalt thou joy in God alone,
with sweet and sacred mirth:
And he shall make thee ride upon
high places of the earth.
With father Jacobs heritage
the Lord shall feed thee fat:
For thus doth Gods own mouth engage,
and thou mayst trust to that.


Cant. 1. 1, 2. c. 2. 5.
LEt those life-breathing lips of thine
be joyn'd, O Christ, to me:
Because thy love excelleth wine,
and all the Saints love thee.
With flagons of refreshing joy,
and comforts from above,
Stay me, O stay me powerfully,
for I am sick of love.
2. 4, 3.
Into the house of Banqueting,
he brought me to be fed:
Love was his banner flourishing
with honour ore my head.
Beneath his shadow I was plac'd
with very great content:
His fruit was sweet unto my taste
(his Word and Sacrament.)
5. 1.
O friends, said he, (preferr'd on high)
eat well of my good chear:
And drink, yea, drink abundantly,
my guests to me most dear.

2. PART.

Cant. 5. 16. 2 Cor. 5. 20.
My Saviour, my beloved one
is mine, and I am his:
Chief of ten thousand he alone,
pure red and white he is.
Made sin for us that knew no sin,
that so we might be made
The righteousnesse of God in him,
by whom the price was paid.
Cant. 8. 7. ch. 1. 4,
Stronger then death his love is found,
not to be bought with goods:
Nor quench'd with waters, nor be drown'd
with whatsoever floods.
O draw me, my dear Saviour,
with those strong cords of love,
And then will we go after thee
as fast as we can move.
We will record thy love, O Lord,
above the joy of wine:
The Virgins fair that spotlesse are
do love thy name Divine.

3. PART.

1 Cor. 5. 7, 11.
Lo Christ is sacrific'd for us,
(our Passeover from heaven)
Now therefore let us keep the feast,
not with old lumps of leaven:
Not with the leav'n of wickednesse,
or leaven of malice led:
[Page 85] But keep it with sincerity;
and truths unleavened bread.
ch. 11. 29, 28.
Who eat and drink unworthily
their own damnation earn:
Because they want a spiritual eye
his body to discern▪
Our hearts (with care) examined,
let us be st [...]rred up
To eat of this coelestial bread,
and drink this sacred cup.
To eat this bread and drink this cup
holds forth a Saviour slain,
So often as we celebrate,
until he come again.

4. PART.

1 Cor. 10. 16.
The cup of blessing which we blesse
is it not understood
The sweet communion to expresse,
of Christ our Saviours blood:
The bread we break (the holy loas)
do we not all accord
To call it the communion of
the body of our Lord?
For we though many are one bread,
and in one body joyne:
For all of us are joyntly fed
with that one bread divine.
The living bread is he on high
[Page 86] that down from heaven came;
And he shall live and never die
that eateth of the same.
Mat. 26. 28.
The blood of the new Testament
we sweetly taste herein,
Which was for [...]s and many spent,
for pardon of our sin.

5. PART.

1 Job. 4. 10. ch. 5. 6.
Herein is love, not ours to God,
but his to us most large:
In sending down his onely Son
our great debts to discharge.
Lo! this is he that came to us
by water and by blood,
And not by one of them alone,
but both wayes to our good.
Jo [...]. 17. 17. Acts 13. 39.
Therefore he sanctified himself,
to lead us into truth;
That he thereby might sanctifie
us also, as he doth.
By whom we may be justifi'd
from sins both great and small,
From which set free we could not be
by Moses Laws at all.
1 Thes▪ 1. 10.
He sav'd us from the wrath to come,
at that most dreadful day:
And was so good to shed his blood
to wash our sins away.

6. PART.

Mat. 21. 9. Rev. 5. 9.
Hosanna to King Davids sonne,
Hosanna to the Christ,
That in th' Almighties Name doth come,
Hosanna in the high'st.
For thou wast slain, and art alive,
redeeming us to God,
From every Nation, Kingdom, Tongue,
by thy most precious blood.
1▪ Pet. 1. 18. 1 Thes. 1. 10. Rev. 1. 5.
Corruptive things, as silver is,
and gold redeem'd us not:
But the dear blood of Christ our Lord,
a Lamb without a spot.
Even Jesus Christ, who saved us
from storms of future wrath:
Whose love to wash our sins away
made his own blood the bath.
5. 13.
To him that on the Throne sits down
and Christ the Lamb, therefore,
Be blessing, glory, and renown,
and power for evermore.


Eph. 5. 14. ch. 4. 17, 18,
A Waken thou that sleep'st in sin,
and stand up from the dead:
And Christ shall let his light break in
whereby thou shalt be led.
[Page 88] Then walk not as some Gentiles walk,
in vanity of minde:
Estranged from the life of God;
because their hearts are blinde.
19, 20, 21.
Who being past the sense of sin,
let loose to all excesse
Of [...]nton and unclean desires,
and that with greediness.
But ye have not so learned Christ,
if ye by him were taught:
And as the truth in Jesus is
have learnt him as ye ought.
22. ch. 5. 11.
The old man that ye do put off,
which is corrupt and vile,
In sinful lusts of former life,
which did your souls beguile.
And have no fellowship at all
with works that shun the light:
But rather such unfruitful works
reprove in open sight.

2. PART.

Eph. 4. 24, 23. ch. 5. 8, 11.
Cast off the old man with his deeds,
and put ye on the new,
Made after God in righteousnesse,
and holinesse most true.
And be renew'd in heart and soul,
and walk as sons of light:
And prove what things the Lord allows
as pleasing in his sight.
2 Tim. 2. 19, 22, 21. R [...]m.
And as 'tis meet, let every one
[Page 89] that names the Name of Christ
Depart from all iniquity,
and by no lust be tic'd.
The purging of our selves from these
will evidently produce
Vessels to honour sanctifi'd,
meet for the Masters use.
Rom. 6. 22. 1 Tim. 1. 17.
And being thus from sin made free,
Gods service to attend,
The fruit to holinesse shall be
Eternal life the end.
Now to the true eternal King
not seen with humane eye:
Th' immortal onely wise true God
be praise perpetually.


Tit. 2. 11, 12,
GOds grace that brings salvation
hath shone to every eye:
Teaching us worldly lusts to shun,
and all impiety.
And that we should live soberly,
and in a godly way:
With rigteousnesse, and equity,
while in this world we stay.
13, 14.
That blessed hope still looking for,
and glorious drawing neer,
When that great God our Saviour
[Page 90] Christ Jesus shall appear.
Who freely gave himself for us,
for our dear sakes to die:
That we might be redeemed thus
from all iniquitie.
—1 T. 6. 17. Rev. 5. 13.
To purifie to his own Name
(from whom this grace proceeds)
A people of peculiar claim
and zealous of good deeds.
Unto the King of kings therefore
that on the throne doth sit:
Be honour, glory, praise and power
for ever, so be it.


Job. 5. 39.
SEarch Scriptures, for ye hope thereby
eternal life to have:
And those are they that testifie
of him that came to save.
Rom. 15. 4.
For what of old is registred,
was for our learning penn'd,
That we, by Scriptures comforted,
might hope unto the end.
2 Pet. 1. 21.
The prophecie came not of old
by mans own private will;
But holy men of God foretold
by heaven-inspired skill.
Isa. 8. 20.
Then to the Law and Testament,
[Page 91] for they that speak not right,
And as this word doth represent,
in them there is no light.
2 Tim. 3. 16, 17.
For Scripture's sacred verities
came all by inspiration;
Able to perfect, and make wise
in all things, to salvation.


1▪ Cor. 2. 7, 8, 14.
GOds wisdome in a mystery
we speak to perfect men:
But not the wisdom of this world,
nor what is known to them.
For man while meerly natural
receives not what we press,
The things of God spiritual
he counteth foolishnesse.
—Prov. 24. 7. Mar. 4. 11.
Too hard for him to know or learn
(for naturals too high)
And such as nothing can discern
but a spiritual eye.
But unto yo [...] (dear Saints) it is,
touching the things of heaven,
To know that kingdoms mysteries,
to them it is not given.
Jude 25.
To God our Saviour only wise
be all the praise therefore,
Dominions, Thrones, and Dignities,
Amen, for evermore.


Rom. 12. 3. Deut. 29. 29.
BE wise unto sobriety,
as God hath given faith,
And dealt to each man diversly
the measure that he hath.
The secret things that are decreed
belong to God alone:
But to our selves and to our seed
the things that are made known.
1 Tim. 6. 17.
Now to the blessed Prince of might,
the chief of Kings and Lords,
Who onely dwells in endless light,
which [...] affords,
Whom no man can behold and see,
nor ever did see yet:
To him all praise and glory be
for ever; so be it.

HYMN LXXXIV. SOULS under the ALTAR. Give laud, &c.

Rev. 6. 10.
HOw long, O Lord, how long,
thou holy one, and true,
Ere thou avenge our wrong,
and judge, with judgement due,
Them that ha [...]e spilt
Our blood on earth, and pour'd it forth,
with haino [...]s guilt.
Luke 18. 7, 8.
And shall not the most high
avenge his own Elect,
Which night and day do cry,
and pray to that effect?
Though he bear long,
I tell you, he will speedily
avenge their wrong.
Rom. 8. 36. Psal. 44. 23, 24.
But we are killed thus,
all day for thy dear sake,
As sheep they count of us
which they for slaughter take.
O God arise,
Why dost thou, yet, our griefs forget,
and our sad cries?
2 Thes. 1. 6, 7,
But with the Lord, ye know,
the thing is just, and due,
To render wrath and woe
to them that trouble you.
But you, that thus
Afflicted are, shall surely share
sweet peace with us.
When Christ shall come abroad,
in flaming fire from heaven:
And they that know not God
shall have their portion given
Of vengeance meet:
Because that they would not obey
his Gospel sweet.


Acts 20. 28. 1 Pet. 5. 4.
TAke heed ye Shepherds to your charge,
to feed, with wholesome food,
The flo [...]k which God hath purchased
with his own precious blood.
And the chief Shepherd coming down
from heaven at his great day
Shall crown you with a glorious Crown
that never fades away.
Zach. 11. 17.
But to the Idol shepherd wo,
a sword will God assign
To cleave his arme and his right eye
that leaves the flock to pine.
His Arm, to nothing withered,
clean dried up shall be:
And his right eye so darkened
as not at all to see.


Mat. 7. 13, 14.
O enter at the narrow gate,
[...]or wide is that of sin:
And broad the way that leads astray,
and many go therein.
Because the gate to life is strait,
and all the way thereto:
Is (as I say) a narrow way,
and they that finde it few.
Luke 13. 24, 30.
Strive then to hit the narrow gate,
the right way to attain:
For not a few (I say to you)
shall strive, and strive in vain.
And there are fi [...]st that prove the worst
and last [...] fi [...]st pr [...]pare:
For in [...] are many call'd,
but few [...] are.

HYMN LXXXVII. Suffering and Self-denial.

Mat▪ 10. 34▪ 21,
THink not, saith Christ, that I am come
to send all peace on earth:
But (through malicious minds of some)
a sword must I send forth.
The Father shall the son [...]etray,
the daughter her own mother:
Brethren shall brethren seek to slay,
set one against another.
26, 30, 28.
Yet fear not men in these affairs,
nor have them in such dread:
For God hath numbred all the haires
that grow upon your head.
Who kill the body, fear not them,
that then no more can do:
But him that can to hell condemn
both soul and body too.

2. PART.

Mat. 10. 39, 38. Luk. 14. 27, 33.
He that doth finde his life, shall be
[Page 96] at losse of it thereby:
And he that loseth it for me,
shall finde it gainfully.
And he that leaves not all to losse,
to follow after me,
Nor for my sake takes up his Crosse,
my follower cannot be.
Mark 10. 29, 30.
But whoso lays down all at stake,
forsaking friends and lands,
For me, and for my Gospel sake,
to follow my commands.
An hundred fold shall he regain,
although with persecution
And afterwards a life obtain
that fears no dissolution.

HYMN LXXXVIII. Temptations succoured.

Heb. 4. 15.
SUch an high Priest we have nor, now,
as is not toucht at all
With sense of such infirmities
as on his Saints do fall.
But suffered such temptations
as we our selves fall in:
And was in all points like to us,
but yet excepting sin.
c. 2. 18. 1 Cor. 10. 13. Isa. 40. 31.
In suffering such temptations
the tempted he can aid:
And no temptation taketh you,
but what on Saints is laid.
But God is faithful verily,
[Page 97] who will not suffer you
To be assayl'd above the strength
which ye shall still renew.
But will, in all temptations,
provide and order so,
That ye may have a way to scape,
and strength to undergo.


Prov. 21. 27. Mat. 7. 16, 18.
THe sacrifice of wicked men
is hateful to the Lord:
And offred with a wicked minde
is then much more abhor'd.
For [...]igs of thistles cannot grow,
nor grapes of thornes be had:
A bad tree cannot bear good fruit,
no [...] yet a good tree bad.
ch. 12. 35, 33.
From the good treasure of the heart
good men bring forth good things:
And from the evil treasury
bad fruit the bad man brings.
Now therefore let the tree be good
the [...]ruit will then be so,
And make the tree an evil one
the fruit the same will shew.
3. 10.
And now's the Axe laid to the root,
and therefore every tree
That brings not forth good wholsome fruit
cut down, for fire, shall be.


1 Joh. 1. 7. Joh. 6. 57. Luke 11. 13.
THree witnesses there are above,
and all these three are one:
The father, Son, and sacred dove,
one Deity alone.
The living father sent the son,
who by the Fathers lives:
And unto them that ask of him
the holy Ghost he gives.
1 Cor. 12. 4, 5,
Diversities of gifts indeed
there are that he bestows:
But from one spirit all proceed,
who doth them so dispose.
And his administrations
great difference afford:
And divers operations,
but one Almighty Lord.
6, 2 Cor. 13. 14.
All these in great variety
from his good hand do fall:
But one adored Deity
that worketh all in all.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and love of God, therefore,
And comforts of the holy Ghost
be with you ever more.


Isa. 5. 1, 2, 3,
A Vine-yard my beloved had,
plac'd in a fruitful hill:
[Page 99] He fenc'd it, and plackt out the stones,
and planted it with skill.
Choice Vines he set and built therein
as wine-press and a Tower:
Expecting it should bring sweet grapes,
and lo, it brought forth sower.
5, 6,
And now I'le tell you what I'le do
to this my Vine-yard-soil:
I will break down the hedge thereof,
and leave it to the spoil.
I'le lay it waste, unprun'd, undig'd,
for briars and tho [...]ns alone:
I also will command the clouds
to rain no rain thereon.
The Vine-yard of the Lord of Hoasts
the house of Israel is:
The men of Judah are the plant,
that pleasant plant of his.
And when he lookt for judgement done
behold great cruelty.
And when he lookt for righteousnesse,
behold a doleful cry.

HYMN XCII. Unity and love of BRETHREN.

Col. 3. 12, 13.
PUt on, Belov'd, as Gods Elect,
bowels of mercies kinde:
Long-suffering, meeknesse, sweet respect,
and humblenesse of minde.
Forbearing one another long,
forgiving one another:
If any have received wrong
[Page 100] done by his Christian brother.
14. Ph. 2. 2. Eph. 4. 3.
As Christ forgave you so do ye
your brethren that transgresse:
And chiefly put on charitie,
the bond of perfectnesse.
Of one minde, and one judgement be,
and let all discord cease:
Keeping the Spirits unitie
in sacred bonds of peace.

2. PART.

1 Pet. 1. 22. Heb. 12. 1. 1 Joh. 1. 16.
See that ye love with fervency
and with an heart most pure,
And let this love so brotherly
perpetually endure.
For God (we know) is perfect love,
and whoso dwells herein,
He surely dwells in God above,
and God most high in him.
3. 14. Rom. 13. 8.
And hence our change is understood
from death to life above,
Because we love the brother-hood
with true and perfect love.
Owe nothing then to any man
but one to love another:
For he's a perfect Christian
that is a perfect lover.


1 Cor. 12. 2. Tit. 3. 3.
YE know that we were Gentiles once,
and carried away
[Page 101] To Idols, and dumb vanities,
as we were led astray:
And sometimes disobediently,
and foolithly we swerv'd,
By divers lusts and vain delights,
which we our selves have serv'd.
1 Pet. 2. 9.
But a peculiar people now,
a chosen generation,
A royal Priest-hood are we made,
and call'd an holy Nation.
That we should shew the praises forth
of him that called us
From darknesse great to greater light,
that is most marvelous.
1. 16.
As he therefore that called us
is holy, so must they
That are to his profession call'd,
be holy every way.

2. PART.

Eph. 2. 11, 12, 19,
Remember you were al [...]ens
from Israels Common-wealth:
And strangers from the Covenants
which promise saving health.
But now are yee that were far off
made nigh by Christ his blood:
And fellow Citizens with Saints,
and of the house of God.
20, 21, 22.
Built on the sure foundation
laid down in holy writ:
And Christ himself head corner-stone,
[Page 102] who makes the building knit,
In whom, together built, ye grow
into an holy place,
An habitation of the Lord
by his sweet spirit of grace.
Rom. 8. 16.
Which spirit witnesseth with ours,
and testimony beares,
That we are made the sons of God,
and if his sons, then heirs.

3. PART.

Jam. 2. 5. 1 Cor. 1. 26,
Hearken, beloved brethren dear,
your call ye plainly see,
How God hath chose the poor on earth
full rich in faith to be.
Not many mighty men are call'd,
not many wise and learn'd,
Nor yet in many noble men
this calling is discern'd.
27. Mat. 11. 26.
But God hath chose weak foolish things,
and such as men despise,
To bring to naught, and to confound
the noble, great, and wise.
We thank thee, Father, Lord of all,
that hast these things conceal'd
From many wi [...]e and prudent men,
and them to babes reveal'd,
1 Cor 1▪ 29, 31.
Even so, O father, since it was
thy [...]leasure and drecree:
That, [...]n thy sight, no flesh on earth
might glory, but in thee.

HYMN XCIV. Wisdoms EXHORTATION. Have mercy.

Prov. 1. 20, 21.
LO, wisdome crieth out,
she crieth in the streets,
She uttereth her zealous breath
where all the concourse meets.
In opening of the gates
of Cities populo [...]s,
She calls, and cries, with words most wise,
exhorting sinners thus.
22, 23.
How long, ye simple ones,
will ye delight in folly;
And scorners in so vile a sin
and fools hate knowledge wholly.
Turn you at my reproof
behold I will poure forth
My Spirit to take hold on you,
I'le shew you words of worth.

2. PART. Have mercy▪ &c.

Prov. 4. 5, 7, 8. ch. 3. 15, 17.
Get wisdome, O my Son,
with all the care thou canst:
She is of all things principal,
and most to be advanc'd.
Of greater price then pearls,
and all desired treasure:
Her paths and wayes have all the praise
of perfect peace, and pleasure.
18, 14, 16, 18.
A tree of [...]ife to them
upon her that lay hold:
Her Merchandise of greater price
[Page 104] then silver or then gold.
Her right hand length of dayes,
her left bears wealth and honour:
And happy he (where ere he be)
that lays fast hold upon her.

HYMN XCV. The whole ARMO [...]R.

Eph. 6. 10, 13, 14,
BE strong, my brethren, in the Lord,
and in his powerful might:
Put on your soul his armour whole,
to make you stand in fight.
Stand therefore, having girt your loyns
with truth, which ye profess:
And having done the brest-plate on
of perfect righteousnesse.
15, 16,
And with the preparation of
the Gospel of our God,
(The Gospel of his peace and love,)
let both your feet be shod.
And chiefly take the shield of faith,
that so your valiant hearts
May quench thereby, most powerfully,
the wickeds fiery darts.
17, 18.
The helmet of salvation take,
and that two-edged sword:
(The sword of his good spirit it is,)
to wit Gods holy Word.
And alwayes in the spirit pray,
with all requests and prayer:
And watch thereto (what ere ye do)
with constancy and care.


2 Cor. 8. 12. Mat. 10. 42.
IF there be first a willing heart,
the Lord the same accepts:
And what one hath takes in good part,
and pardons our defects.
Cold water onely, one small cup
to a Disciple spar'd
For that names sake, is sure summ'd up,
and shall not miss reward.
20. Rom. 8. 26. Eph. 3. 20,
Nor will he quench the smoking stax,
nor break the bruised reed:
Till judgement have a sure dispatch
with victory to speed.
And though we know not how or what
to pray for as we ought,
His spirit helps our wants in that,
beyond our speech or thought.
To him in all the Church therefore
be glory yet agen,
Through ages all for evermore,
by Jesus Christ, Amen.

HYMN XCVII. The WORD Preached. All people. &c.

1 Cor. 10. 4. Heb. 4. 12.
THe weapons of our warfare here
have nothing carnal plac'd therein:
But mighty thorough God they are,
to pull down all strong holds of sin.
Gods word is such a powerful one,
[Page 106] sharper then any two edged sword:
It parts the marrow from the bone,
and is an heart-discerning word.
1 Pet. 2. 2. Jam. 1. 20.
Then, shunning guile, and malice lewd,
destraction, and hypocrisie,
As babes new born desire the food
of Gods pure word to grow thereby.
And let us set all sins apart,
with meekness to receive and have
Gods Word ingrafted in our heart,
which is of power our souls to save.


2 Cor. 3. 5. Phil. 2. 12.
WE have not the susficiency,
and power of our own,
To think so much as one good thought,
as of our selves alone.
But all our whole susficiency
doth of the Lord proceed:
Who works in us most graciously
both the desire and deed.
Jam. 1. 17. Rom. 9. 16.
For every good and perfect gift
proceeds from God above:
With whom there is no varying,
nor shadow of remove.
It is not then of him that wills,
nor him that runs the race,
But all our good on us distils
from God that sheweth grace.
[...]ude 24, 25.
To God therefore the only wise,
[Page 107] our Saviour, strength, and stay,
Be Thrones, Dominions, Dignities,
for evermore, we pray.

HYMN XCIX. The World and the Church.

1 Joh. 5. 19,
WE know we are of God most high,
for we are born of him,
And this whole world most generally,
lies soaking in their sin.
And, lo, the Son of God is come,
and we the same have known:
And he hath thus instructed us
to know the faithful one.
20. Rev. 5. 13.
And we are in him that is true,
in [...]esus Christ his Son:
This is the true God (known to you)
and endlesse life begun.
Blessing, and power, and praise, therefore,
to him be altogether,
That sits upon the sacred Throne,
and to the Lamb for ever.

HYMN C. Worldly CARES forbidden.

Mat. 6. 31, 25, 32.
O Take no thought solicitons
what you should eat or drink:
And wherewithal you should be cloath'd
be never toyl'd to think.
Is not the life much more then meat,
the body then the cloaths?
[Page 108] And that your need of these is great
your heavenly father knows.
26, 28, 29.
The sowles that neither sow nor reap,
nor into barnes do gather,
Consider how they are supply'd
by your celestial father.
Think how, in fields, the Lilies grow,
that neither toyle nor spin:
Yet made that glory no such shew
that Solomon liv'd in.
3 [...], 25.
And, su [...]e, if God so cloath the grass
(cut down when at the heighth)
Shall he no [...] then much more cloath you,
O ye of little faith?
Take ye therefore no thoughtful care
for present life, I say,
What ye should eat, or drink, or wear,
for bodily aray.
32. 1 Pet. 5. 7. Jude 25.
For after all these things abroad
the greater do pursue:
But cast ye all your care on God,
for he takes care for you.
God onely wise our Saviour
have all the glory (then)
Dominion, Majesty, and Power,
for evermore, Amen.

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