JOHN Bateson of the Parish of St. Andrews Holbourn Oylman, and Josiah Parker of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Beadle to the Farriers Company of the City of London, make Oath, That they on the 19th, 20th and 22d Days of January last, made Diligent Search in all places in London, and Westminster, and within the Weakly-Bills of Mortality, and to our certain knowledge, there was not more at that time than 833 Hackney-Coaches, mentioned in the Shedules hereunto an­nexed, in Testimony whereof we have hereunto put our Hands,

John Bateson. Josiah Parker.
January 23. 1693.
Sir Lacon. Will. Child one of the Masters of Chancery.

Since this enquiry was made, several Coachmen have fail'd and been forc'd to leave off, by reason of the Dearness of Horsemeat, &c. The Hackney-Coachmen are very well satis­fied, that there is not now above 700 Hackney-Coaches, that daily Work within the places above mentioned.

If this Honourable House will be Pleased to order an Inspe­cton into the truth of this matter, the Hackney-Coachmen will send two men with those they Please to Appoint, and pay the Charge.

For these Projectors hath misinformed this Honouaable House, which will Ruin a 1000 Families: Intending Advantage to them­selves, not the Government.

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