PROSPEROVS PROCEEDINGS IN IRELAND: Being a Remonstrance, or exact Relation of the most distressed estate of the Inhabitants of Galloway, Arrowmoore, and Baltimoore, when that worthy Captaine Captaine THOMAS ASHLEY, Captaine of the Imployment of London first arrived there; shew­ing the most inhumane, unparaleld crueltie of the Rebells to the Protestants, murthe­ring them in the open Streets. As also, shewing the happie successe God hath given him, in defeating the Rebells, by taking of Castles from them, with many hundred head of Cattell, for the reliefe of the poore distressed PROTESTANTS. As was certified to the Honorable Houses of Parliament (the 15. of October 1642.) by three Certificates, under the hands of divers of the Gentry and Clergie, inhabiting with­in the said places (whose names are within mentioned) Pre­sented as a meanes of his continuance for the further defence of the aforesaid places, with all his suc­cessefull proceedings since his first ar­rivall to this present.

All which good Services were thankfully accepted of both Houses of Parliament, and desired to be Printed.

LONDON: Printed for John Hancocke, in Burchen-lane at the signe of the Bible. October 19. 1642.

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