ARTICLES OF Instruction for Enquiry, Exhibited to the Church-Wardens and Side-Men Within the peculiar Jurisdiction of the King's Free Chappel OF S. MARIES in SALOP.

LONDON: Printed in the YEAR 1690.

Canon CXIX. Convenient time to be assigned for framing Presentments.

FOR the avoiding of such Inconveniences as heretofore have happened by the hasty making of Bills of Pre­sentments, upon the Days of the Visitation and Synods, it is ordered, That always hereafter, every Chancellour, Arch-Deacon, Commissary, and Official, and every other Person having Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, at the ordinary time when the Church-Wardens are sworn, and the Arch-Bishop and Bishops, when he or they do summon their Vi­sitation, shall deliver, or cause to be delivered to the Church-Wardens, Quest-Men, and Side-Men of every Parish, or to some of them, such Books of Articles, as they or any of them shall require for the Year following, the said Church-Wardens, Quest-Men, and Side-Men, to ground their Pre­sentments upon, at such times as they are to exhibit them, in which Book shall be contained the Form of the Oath, which must be taken immediately before every such Pre­sentment, to the intent, that having beforehand time suffi­cient not only to peruse and consider what their said Oath shall be, but the Articles also whereupon they are to ground their Presentments, they may frame them at home both advis­edly and truly, to the Discharge of their own Consciences, after they are sworn, as becometh honest and godly Men.

The Tenour of the OATH to be administred to the Church-Wardens and Side-men of every Parish.

YOU shall swear truly and faithfully to Execute the Office of a Church-Warden within your Parish, and according to the best of your Skill and Knowledge, present such things and Persons, as you know to be presentable by the Laws Ecclesiastical of this Realm. So help you God, and the Contents of this Book.



Concerning Churches and Chappels, with the Or­naments and Furniture thereunto belonging.

I. IS your Church or Chappel, with the Chancel, in good Repair, and decently kept, as becomes the House of God?

II. Is the Furniture of your Church or Chappel, as Bells, Communion-Plate and Cloths, Minister's Sur­plice, Pulpit-Cloth, Hearse-Cloth, with other usual Ornaments duly provided and looked after.

III. Have you a fair Bible, Book of Common-Prayer, Books of Homilies, and Canons, Register of Births, Burials, and Marriages, and is the said Register duly kept, and the Transcript returned every Year into the Official's Registry? Have you also a Registry of such Strangers as are admitted to Preach, and a Book for the Entry of the Church-Wardens Accounts? And are the said Books carefully looked to, and made use of?

IV. Is the Church-Yard sufficiently fenced and preserved from Anoyance, Encroachments, and Waste?


Concerning Ministers and Parishioners.

I. DOes your Parson or Curate, constantly, reve­rently and regularly officiate on the Lord's-day Holy-dayes and the Eves of them, as also read the Li­tany upon all Wednesdays and Fridays weekly; and ob­serve Rogation and Ember days according to the Order of the Church; and so perform all Offices, without Addition or Diminution?

II. Are there in the Parish any Persons known or re­puted to be Jews, Hereticks, Papists or Schismaticks, and are they studious to pervert the Orthodox, or insolent towards them for doing there Duty?

III. If there be any Assemblies for Religious Wor­ship in your Parish, besides the Parish-Church or Chappel; Have the Places of such Meetings been certified according to the Statute? Do any upon that pretence, and who, wholly abstain on Sundays from coming to any publick Place where there are Prayers or Sermons, but spend their time in Ale-Houses or Houshold-Affairs

IV. Are any of your Parish known or suspected to be guilty of Incest, Adultery, Fornication, or any other enormous Crimes? Do any profane the Lord's Day, or other great Holy-Days, or the Name of God, or are irreverent in the Church, or neglect the respective Duties incumbent on them in reference to the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper, and other Rites as of Catechizing, Confirmation, Mar­riage, Thanksgiving after Child-Birth, Burial of the Dead, or the Censures of the Church?

V. Are the Wills and Testaments of the Dead in your Parish, or the Administration of their Goods duly taken out and executed? Have any Lands, Lega­cies, or charitable Gifts bestowed on your Parish, or any other good uses, been embezled, or unduly be­stowed? Has any Mony belonging to the Fabrick of [Page 6] your Church, or other charitable purposes, been employed to other uses?


Concerning Parish-Clerks and Sextons, Schools, Schoolmasters, Physicians, Chyrurgions and Midwives.

I. HAVE you belonging to your Church or Chappelry a sufficient Clerk, or Sexton, and doth he faithfully and diligently execute his Office?

II. Does any one within your Parish or Chap­pelry keep School without Licence from the Offi­cial; or if Licensed, neglect to teach the Youth committed to him the Catechism of the Church, and to bring them to the Service of the Church?

III. Doth any within your Parish or Chappelry practise Physick or Chyrurgery, or do the Office of a Midwife, without Approbation and License from the Official?


THE Curate of every Church or Chappel may joyn in Presentment with the Church-Wardens and Side-Men, and if they fail to present, the Mi­nisters themselves (who have the highest Obligation to endeavour the suppressing of Impiety and Dis­order) may and ought to do it.


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