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To His Maiesties Speech, by the Gentry of the County of Yorke, attending His Maiestie at the City of Yorke on Thursday the 12 of May, 1642.

May it please Your Most Excellent Majestie.

YOur Propositions delivered to Vs yesterday from your Majestie, are of so high concernment to the Weale and peace of the whole Kingdome, and doe so nerely touch upon the affection and fidelity of all your Subjects in Generall, and we being but a part of one County only, doe not conceive it safe for Vs to advise therein, but rather humbly to beseech Your Majestie to im­part the grounds of Your Majesties feares and jealousies, to Your high Court of Parliament, (of Whose most loyall care and affection to your Majesties honour and safety, and the prosperity of Your Sub­jects and dominions, we are most confident) and whatsoever shall bee advised by Your Great Councell, therein wee shall most willingly embrace, and give our concurrence and assistance to it as shall be come us; In whose fidelititie Your Maje stie: Hath often declared especiall trust, and al­beit wee doe not presume to advise Your Majestie to that particular, it being of transcendent conse­quence.

Neverthelesse, in the behalfe of those Members of Parliament, lately imployed to attend Your Majestie, from both Houses being all of them Gentlemen of quality and estate in this County and trusted to serve in that Most Honourable Assembly, wee humbly crave Your Majesties leave to expresse our confidence in their unstained loyalty and affection to Your Majestie to be such as Your Majestie may securely admitt their attendance to negotiat their imployments untill they be recalled by the Parliament, and for their fidelity wee doe all ingage our selves to Your Majestie, and wee are most assured that Your Royall Person shall be secured in the reall fidelity of Your subjects of this County without any extraordinary guard.

London Printed for Richard Lowndes, at his shop next without Ludgate, 1642.

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