THE DISCOVERY Of a Swarme of Seperatists, OR, A Leathersellers SERMON.

Being a most true and exact Relation of the tumultuous combustion in Fleet-street last Sabboth day being the 29. of Decem. truly describing how Burboon a Letherseller had a Conventicle of Brownists met at his house that day about the number of an hundred and fifty, who preached there himselfe about five houres in the afternoone.

Shewing likewise how they were discove­red, and what meanes, as also how the Constable scattered their Nest, and of the great tumult in the Street.

With another Relation of a Sermon, that Prophet Hunt prea­ched in St. Pulchers Church the same day aforesaid, making another combustion in the said Parish, with a description of that Sermon, which he preached in Westminster-hall not long since, with a Relation also of that, which he would have preached in the Old Exchange.

LONDON, Printed for John Greensmith, 16 [...]1.

A Relation of Prophet Hunts Sermon, Preached at St. Pulchers Church the 19. of Decem.

THe Sermon being ended at St. Pulchers Church, this Hunt a Prophet, who have been very trou­blesome in this City heretofore, and once be­fore committed to the Counter for a Sermon, which he preached at Christs-Church before, have beene dehor­ted divers times: Yet notwithstanding his sick-brain'd obstinacy would not be retracted, but rather extended farther; For (as it appeareth) he raised a combustion at this Parish, and standing up cryed with a full voice, Mon and Brethren J pray give eare unto my text, which is taken out of the 7 chap. of the Revel. v. 3. then he began to bawle so loud, concerning fire and water with such peremptory confidence, that there did arise a great tumultuous murmur among the Parishioners, and without much prolixity of words he was pulled downe by the Constables and others: Yet he was very confi­dent of himselfe, for hee said, that hee was sent a messenger from God, and therefore without their con­tradiction [Page]he would deliver his Message: but immedi­ately they haled him before the Lord Maior, a great multitude of People following him: who yet was very peremptorie before his Honnour, wher-upon the Lord Maior perceiving his arrogant protervitie, propounded many interrogations unto him, asking him whether he had the Spirit or no, or how he dare presume to preach having no warrant for the Ministeriall function, his re­plie was that he had sufficient warrant from God, for he knew that he was his Messenger, and as for the Spirit he was confident that he had that, which he sayd they ap­parently might conceive by the fruites thereof But for my part I doe verilye beleive, that if he has any Spirit it is the Spirit of error, rather then the Spirit of truth.

Yet it would be to tedious for us to describe each cir­cumstance, that the Lord Maior had with him, whe [...] ­fore he at length perspicuosly perceiving his erroneous & Schismaticall obstinacie, he committed him to the Counter, where I will leave him, and all his consederates.

This Prophet Hunt preached a Sermon once in Westminster Hall, but his Auditors then seing the weake madnesse of his giddy-braine, derided and abus'd him there extreamely. Another time he preached in the old Exchange, but he was there almost pull'd in peices, hee have likewise divers times put himselfe forward in ma­ny Churches, for which he had great rebuke. Yet with­standing he proceeded daily in his former errors, so long as he was at liberty, and I fuppose he expected better successe in this Church, then he have had heretofore in other, but I wish, that his whole Sect may find no bet­ter, then he had in his last enterprize.


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