AN ORDINANCE Declaring that the proceedings in Case of MURTHER IN IRELAND, Shall bee as formerly.

[blazon of the Commonwealth]

ORdered by His Highness the Lord PROTECTOR and the Coun­cil, that this Ordinance bee forthwith Printed and Published.

HEN. SCOBEL, Clerk of the Council.

LONDON, Printed, by William du-Gard, and Henry Hills, Printers to His Highness the Lord Protector. 1653.

[blazon of the Commonwealth]

AN ORDINANCE Declaring that the proceedings in Case of MURTHER in IRELAND, shall bee as formerly.

WHereas by the Laws of Ireland, the proceedings in Case of Mur­ther, and against Murtherers, hath been used to bee as in Case of Treason and against Trai­tors; whereupon a doubt hath arisen, whether by the Ordinance, Entituled, An Ordinance, declaring that the offences therein men­tioned, and none other, shall bee adjudged high Trea­son, within the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Dominions thereunto belonging, the same bee not taken away and repealed; For clearing whereof, bee it Declared, Ordein­ed, and established by His Highness the Lord PROTECTOR, by and with the advice and con­sent of his Council, that the offence, proceed­ings, [Page 150] and punishment in case of Murther, and of Murtherers in Ireland, and all Commanders, aiders, or abettors, in or unto any such fact, or person, shall remain, continue and bee the same to all intents and purposes, as the same was or were before the making of the said Ordinance, and as if the said Ordinance had not been made, any thing therein conteined, or any Law, or Statute to the contrary thereof in any wise not­withstanding.

Ordered by his Highness the Lord PROTECTOR and the COUNCIL, that this Ordinance bee forthwith printed and published.

Hen. Scobell, Clerk of the Council.

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