¶ By the Quene.

WHere of late tyme there hath ben a certayne staye and inter­mission of the auncient free entercourse for marchaundise, betwixt this Realme and the lowe Countreys belongyng to the Kyng of Spayne the Quenes Maiesties good brother, and for that also certayne differences haue arysen concernyng some ordinaunces pretended to be nowe of late yeres made on eyther part, preiudiciall to the auncient vsages of the saide entercourse: Her Maiestie wylleth all persons to vnderstande, that by reason of the sincere and effectuall amitie that is betwixte her Maiestie and the sayde Kyng her good brother and confederat, both theyr Maie­sties are accorded, that the entercourse of marchaundise betwixt this Realme and the sayde lowe Coun­treys, shall vppon the firste daye of Ianuary, otherwyse called Newyeres daye, and from thence, be and continue free, open, and as mutuall, as it was immediatly before the late interchangeable stayes and prohibitions therof. And lykewyse that such newe ordinaunces as haue ben made on eyther part sence the first of Ianuary in the first yere of the Quenes Maiesties raigne, by the whiche the former vsage of the entercourse haue ben or may be impeched or interrupted, shal remaine on both sides suspen­ded from execution, vntyll theyr Maiesties shall by order of certayne theyr faythfull and trusty counsel­lours, take further order therin by way of a colloquy, to be shortly had by theyr directions. And there­fore the Quenes most excellent Maiestie, by this Proclamation, chargeth and commaundeth all maner her officers, ministers, and other her subiectes, hauyng charge vpon the Sea, or in any Port, Hauen, or Creke, of her dominions, to suffer all maner of persons, from the begynnyng of the first of Ianuary, to carry out of this her Maiesties Realme into any partes of the sayde lowe Countreys, or to bryng into any part of this Realme from the sayde lowe Countreys, any maner of goodes, wares, marchaundises, handycraftes workes, or victuels, in like maner and sort, as the same myght haue ben done the sayd first day of Ianuary, in the sayde first yere of the raigne of her Maiestie. And that no person, directly or in­directly, do attempt to molest by arrest or otherwyse, any other for the carrying out or bryngyng in, as aboue is sayde, of any maner of thyng, by colour of any such ordinaunce as hath ben made sence the said first day of Ianuary, in the sayde first yere of the raigne of her Maiestie, nor put in execution any of the sayde ordinaunces beyng nowe for the causes abouesayde suspended, vpon payne of punyshment due to such as shall contemne her Maiesties expresse commaundement geuen in causes concernyng the amitie betwixt her Maiestie & other Princes, her confederates and allies.

God saue the Quene.

¶ Imprinted at London in Powles Churchyarde, by Rycharde Iugge and Iohn Cawood: Printers to the Quenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.


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