Tis not otherwise: OR: The praise of a married life.

To the tune of, I'le neuer loue thee more.
A Young man lately did complaine
because that he was wed:
And counsel'd others to abstaine
from Hymeneal bed:
Had years but giuen him man-like thoughts,
he'ed not bin so vnwise,
For wiues increase mans happines,
then T'is not otherwise.
What ioy is there vpon the earth
but Mariage makes it more,
It is to man a second birth.
and openeth the doore
To happines, and such delight▪
that none but they comprize:
They pleasures haue both day and night,
then t'is not otherwise.
When I was single I did stray
in heart, in words, and life,
But I haue found a better way
I thanke my louing wife:
I now liue frée from all suspect,
and many wicked lyes,
The good I wisht, hath tooke effect,
then t'is not otherwise.
Much company I vs'd to keepe,
before I had a wife,
The memory doth make me wéepe,
for t'was a wicked life:
Such comfort now at home I finde,
from Mariage to arise,
I wish all men were in my minde,
then t'is not otherwise.
Vnthrifty games I now haue left
as Tables, Cards and Dice,
That oft hath me of wealth bereft,
I curse no Ace, nor Sice:
I do not now the Cards bid burne,
that made my anger rise,
A wife hath caused me to turne
then t'is not otherwise
So ciuill I am growne of late
since that I made my choice,
I hate each swearing swaggering mate,
which makes me to reioyce:
The company I now do keepe,
are honest men and wise,
That not with drinke, but sence do sléepe,
then t'is not otherwise.
No Constable nor watch frare I,
that cryeth Who goes there?
I doe not reele, but soberly
can passe them daid of care:
I vse no candels in the morne,
I drinke not out mine eyes,
My wife hath made me these to scorne,
then t'is not otherwise.
This diet makes me to forget
the head-ach that some haue,
Which makes them for all things vnfit,
(to drinke I am no slaue.)
Those men their vertue hath out-worne,
that drinke doth so disguise,
My wife hath made me this to scorne,
then t'is not otherwise.

The second part.

To the same tune.
AGainst I from my labour come,
my wife prouides me meat:
When I was single none at home,
found I, or what to eate.
At sight of me she layes the cloath,
and then for me at she hies,
Which makes me to forget all floath,
then t'is not otherwise.
If I seeme discontent with ought,
she kindly prayes me tell,
If that it may be beg'd or bought,
(or where it is to sell:)
That would me please, & merry make:
the teares stand in her eyes
Till I my discontent forsake:
then t'is not otherwise.
It is a comfort for to sée,
good women meeke and mild,
That to her come in charity,
when that she is with child:
They comfort her if she do sound,
one for strong water hies,
And so their husbands healths drinke round,
then t'is not otherwise.
When that she doth in child-bed lye.
the neighbours in their loue,
Will with her fit, and pleasantly
to mirth they doe hee moue:
By christning of my little lad
I did in credit rise:
All this by my good wife I had,
then t'is not otherwise.
For gossiping they send in meat,
would well serue forty men.
As good as any man can eate,
for mutton, pig, or hen;
They eate not halfe but leaue it me,
there profit doth arise:
This cometh by a wife you sée,
then t'is not otherwise.
One giues a peece, and one a spoon [...]
vnto my pretty childe,
And wish that ere to morrow noone,
their cradles to be fil'd
With such a pretty child as this:
ioy there to me doth rise,
Had I no wife all this I misse,
then t'is not otherwise.
The babe doth grow, and quickly speak [...],
this doth increase my ioy,
To heare it tattle, laugh, and squeak [...],
I smile and hug the boy:
I with it play with great delight,
and hush it when it cryes,
And euer wish it in my sight,
then t'is not otherwise.
All Batchelors I wish you wed,
if merry you would liue,
A single man is oft mis [...]ed,
and seldome doth he thriue:
I liu'd before, but better now,
my ioy and wealth arise,
To liue well I haue showne you how,
the t'is not otherwise.

Printed at London by G. E.

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