A brave warlike Song.
Containing a briefe rehearsall of the deeds of Chivalry, perfor­med by the Nine VVorthies of the world, the seaven Champions of Christendome, with many other remarkable Warriours.

To the tune of List lusty Gallants.
OF noble Warriors
my warlike muse will treat,
Who by their strength and valors,
performed wonders great:
And made their names for euer
to liue by worthy fame,
Ile doe my best indeauour,
some of the chiefe to name,
Saint George for England,
Saint Denis for France,
Saint Patricke for Ireland,
whom Irishmen aduance,
Saint Anthonie for Italie,
Saint Iames was borne in Calos,
Saint Andrew is for Scotland;
and Saint Dauid is for Wales.
And first the bold Duke Ioshua,
chiefe Generall of the Iewes,
The enemies of Israel
by Prowesse he subdues,
Fiue Kings one day he hang'd,
and to effect his will,
The Sun within the Firmament,
did at his prayer stand still,
Saint George for England, &c.
Dauid by election
a Prophet and a King,
He slew the great Goliah
with a stone out of a sling.
A Beare and a Lyon,
in fight he also slew,
His enemies the Philistines,
he brauely did subdue.
Saint George, &c.
Iudas Machabeus,
the sonne of Matathyas.
Opposd King Antiochus,
and mighty Demetrius,
Lysias and Tymotheus,
Gorgeas and Nicanor,
Were by him slaine or vanquished:
thus Israel got honour
Saint George for England, &c.
Arthur King of Brittaine,
with his Round-table Knights
In honour of our Nation,
sought many famous fights,
The valiant Sir Tristram,
and Sir Lancelot Du lake,
Did make the foes ef Brittaine,
in those dayes sore to quake,
Saint George for England,
Godfrey Duke of Boloigne
and Baldwin Earle of Fanders
Ouer the Christian armies
were principall Commanders,
The Citie of Ierusalem,
they from the Pagans tooke,
He might haue raignde in Palestine,
but he that style forsooke
Saint George for England, &c.
Charlemaine the Emperour,
and mighty King of France,
The honour of his Sauiour
did wondrously aduance,
The Heathen Gothes and Vandals
from Christendome he chast,
And for Gods true Religion
he many dangers past,
Saint George for England
Saint Denis for France,
Saint Anthonie for Italie, &c.
Great Alexander,
the king of Macedon,
In lesse then thirtéene yeares space
most of the world he won.
And Caesar from Dictator
Romes Emperour became,
He conquered France and Britany
to get himselfe a name.
Saint George, &c.
Hector the son of Priam,
the Prince and pride of Troy,
He all his life preserued
the Citie from anoy,
But when by bold Achilles,
he traiterously was slaine,
Braue Troy did goe to ruine,
and at the last was tane
Saint George for England,
Saint Denis for France,
Saint Patricke for Ireland,
whom Irishmen aduance,
Saint Anthonie for Italie,
Saint Iames was borne in Cales
Saint Andrew is for Scotland,
and Saint Dauid is for Wales.

The second Part. Containing other brave VVarriours not ranckt among the VVorthies, though as worthy.

To the same tune.
THe worthy Scythian Warrior,
who from a Shepheard Swaine,
Did come to be in styled
the mighty Tamberlane,
He kept the Turkish Emperour
still in an Iron Cage,
Sir Kings did draw his Chariot
his like liu'd in no age.
Saint George, &c.
Likewise Richard the first
sometime King of this Land,
He slew a mighty Lyon,
euen with his naked hand,
With manly force and valour, he
the Lyons heart did teare,
And kill'd the Duke of Austria,
with a box vpon the eare.
Saint George for England, &c.
Also braue Edward King,
(since Williams raigne) the third
The Realme of France he vanquished,
and won by dint of Sword,
And likewise the fift Henry,
at Agencourt did foyle,
The French King and his Chiualry,
and brought away the spoyle.
Saint George, &c.
The noble Earle of Warwicke,
that called was Sir Guy,
Against the wicked Infidells,
his valour he did try:
He sought with Giant Colbrand,
and wounded him to death
Also he kill'd the Dun-cow,
the Deuill of Dunsmore-heath:
Saint George for England, &c.
Beuis conquered Ascapart,
and slew two mighty Bores,
And then he passed ore the seas,
to combate with the Mores:
For loue of beauteous Iosian,
which was an heathen Dame,
He sought in many a battle
to winne a lasting name.
Saint George, &c.
Walworth Mayor of London
in second Richards dayes,
By killing of Wat Tyler
did win eternall praise,
In middest of his army
the Rebell bold he tam'de,
For which all his Successors be
Lord Mayors of London nam'de.
Saint George, &c.
Cumberland and Essex,
Norris and braue Drake,
I'th raigne of Quéene Elizabeth
did many battels make.
Aduentrous Martin Frobisher,
with Hawkins and some more,
From sea did bring great riches
vnto our English shore.
Saint George, &c.
Bold Richard Pike of Tauistoke,
a towne in Deuonshire,
Did combat with thrée Spaniards,
and came off faire and cleare,
Theres many other warriours,
whose names I will not tell.
Lest too prolix my Song should be,
and so, kinde Friends, Farewell.
Saint George, &c.

Printed at London for Fr Coules.

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