Rocke the Babie Joane:

Iohn his Petition to his louing Wife Ioane,

To suckle the Babe that was none of her owne.
To the Tune of, Ʋnder and ouer.

O Ione

A Young man in our Parish,
His wife was somewhat currish.
For she refus'd to nourish
a child which he brought home:
He got it on an other,
And death had tane the mother,
The truth he could not smother,
all out at last did come:
Suckle the Baby,
huggle the Baby,
Rocke the Baby Ione.
I scorne to suckle the Baby,
Vnlesse it were mine owne.
His wife cry'd out on one day,
I thinke it was on Sunday,
The next day being Munday,
his Wench in sunder fell:
The Dad on't shée descryed,
Which hauing done, shée dyed,
This could not be denyed,
alas he knew't too well.
Suckle the Baby, &c.
The Parish him inforced
To see the Infant nursed,
He being but lightly pursed,
desir'd to saue that charge:
He brought it to his owne wife,
Whom he lou'd as his owne life:
To her the case was knowne rife,
he told her all at large.
Suckle the Baby, &c.
Quoth he my Ione my déerest,
Thy loue to mee is néerest,
Thy vertue will shine clearest,
in doing this good deed:
This Infant young is left heere,
Vnable to make shift heere,
Twill be of life bereft heere,
vnlesse thou doe it feed.
Suckle the Baby, &c.
Away thou false Deceiuer,
Quoth shee farewell for euer,
I am resolued neuer
To loue thee as I did:
Alas quoth hee my honny,
I would not for any money,
By thee my sweetest conny,
to be so shrewdly chid.
Suckle the Baby, &c.
Although I lou'd his mother,
Ile vow to loue none other,
What needst thou keepe this pother,
since shee (poore wretch) is dead:
No more she can thee trouble,
And 'twould be charges double,
If euery moneth a Noble
I pay for milke and bread.
Suckle the Baby,
Huggle the Baby,
Rocke the Babie Ione.
I scorne to suckle the Baby,
Vnlesse it were mine owne.

The second part.

To the same tune.
To thee I make my mone,
O rocke the cradle Ione.
So I may haue my will,
Ile loue thy Baby still.
T [...] sould be to my discredit,
Should I both board and bed it,
For neuer woman did it
to a Bastard in this kind.
O [...] leaue off this fashion,
Twill be thy commendation
To take commiseration,
let not the child be pind.
Suckle the Baby, &c.
What if the brat be starued?
Experience hath obserued
It should not bee preserued
by her that is thy wife.
Thy patience will appeare more,
O take it Iuggie therefore.
Beare with my fault, for wherefore
should we continue strife?
Suckle the Baby, &c.
I doubt I shall be forced,
From thee to bee diuorced,
Thy brood shall nere be nursed,
by me nor by my cost.
O wife be not so cruell,
Thou knowst thou art my Iewell,
Be certaine if thou doe well,
thy labour is not lost.
Suckle the Baby, &c.
My neighbours will deride me,
And none that dwell beside me
Will euermore abide me
for such a President.
No Ione thou art mistaken,
Twill other wiues awaken,
Then let some course be taken
for the childs nourishment.
Suckle the Baby, &c.
Let patient Grissels storie,
Be still in thy memorie,
Who wonne a lasting glory,
through patience in like sort:
Although it touch thee neerely,
This Barne that lookes so cheerely,
Shall binde me still more deerely,
to loue thee better for't.
Suckle the Baby, &c.
Well Iohn thy intercession
Hath chang'd my disposition,
And now vpon condition
thou'lt goe no more astray:
Ile entertaine thy Baby,
And loue it as well as may be.
Doe so (sweet Iugge) I pray thee,
then this is a ioyfull day.
Suckle the Baby,
Huggle the Baby,
Rocke the Baby Ione:
I prethee Iugge loue my Baby,
And count it to be thine owne.
I haue a Girle, I bore it
But iust a day before it,
Although we be but poore yet,
these two we will maintaine:
Ile suckle it, and dandle it,
And very choycely handle it,
And thou shalt sope and candle get:
and thus betweene vs twaine,
Weele suckle the Baby,
And huggle the Baby.
Gramercy honest Ione.
O Iohn Ile rocke thy Baby,
As well as 'twere mine owne.

Printed at London for H. G.

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