A Quip for a scornfull Lasse. Or, Three slips for a Tester.

To the tune of Two slips for a Tester.
ALl you who haue heard
How I did regard
a peeuish disdainfull Lasse,
Who proud of her beauty,
Forgetting her duty,
did séeke to make me an asse:
Heare likewise my part,
Who haue in my heart
resolu'd euermore to detest he,
Sith she was i'th fault,
I well may reuolt,
and giue her three slips for a tester.
There once a time was,
When I lou'd that lasse,
more deare then I did mine owne life
And firmely was bent,
If she would consent,
with speed to haue made her my wife:
The foolish nice creature,
Lookt I should intreat her,
such madnesse and folly possest her:
No more Ile be vext,
My humour is fixt,
Ile giue her three slips for a tester.
As she was to me,
To her will I be:
for so all my friends doe aduise,
If I should her meet,
I would not her greet,
nor afford her a glance from my eies:
As I on the way
Was walking one day,
to meet me straight way she addrest her:
Which I to preuent,
A contrary way went,
and gaue her three slips for a tester.
She came t'other day
To the house where I lay,
to speake with me was her desire,
She said that she would
See me if she could,
but I said I scorn'd to come nie her:
Yet thorow the glasse
I peept on my Lasse,
good Lord how braue she had drest her
In hope to allure,
But let her be sure,
Ile giue her three slips for a tester.
She staid at the doore,
An houre and more,
to wait for my comming in sight:
At last I came to her,
But not like a wooer,
though once she was all my delight,
But that I was loath
To infringe mine oath,
I had gone very near to haue kist her
She seemed so faire,
I could hardly forbeare,
yet I gaue her three slips for a ttester
What lacke you faire maid,
Vnto her I said,
or what is your errand with me
She prayd me so come
To her father at home,
to which I deny'd to agree:
And made a reply,
That neuer more I
intended my mind to pester,
With any small thought
That concerned me ought,
but to giue her three slips for a tester.

The second part.

To the same tune.
AT last I went with her,
And so both together
did come where her father did dwell.
I wonder, quoth he,
That we cannot you sée,
what haue you forsaken my Nel [...]?
Your daughters too fine,
Quoth I to be mine,
therefore tis in vaine to molest her:
Yet take this from me,
Ime as scornfull as she,
and Ile giue her three slips for a tester.
Then she standing by,
Put finger t'th eye,
and sorely began to wéepe:
Sir quoth the old man,
Doe all what we can,
where loue cannot goe it will créep.
All this would not serue,
I still did reserue
my vow, & Ime glad that I mist her,
Thus I tooke my leaue,
And they all did perceiue,
I would giue her three slips for a tester.
Yet since at a Wedding,
Where she came a gadding,
among other maids of the towne,
She came to the boord,
Of her owne accord,
and close by me she sate downe,
Thought I this is strange,
To sée such a change,
I wisht that my tongue had a blister.
When I made that vow,
But I must kéep't now,
and giue her three slips for a tester.
It makes me to muse,
That she who did vse
so much to reiect me before,
Should follow me so,
Where ere I doe goe,
yet she hath incens'd me so sore,
My heart is so hard,
I cannot regard
her beauty which brightly doth glister.
I would haue had faine
What now I disdaine,
I must giue her three slips for a tester.
If I had not sworne
To hold her in scorne,
I would not so hardly deale with her.
Oh had she béene true,
As to louers is due,
ere this we had maried together,
For me she shall stay,
Yet néeds must I say,
that loue is a sore that will fester:
I pity her state,
But helpe is too late,
I must giue her three slips for a tester.
Let euery mayd
Marke what I haue said,
and leaue off all scornfull disdaine,
Take leue while tis profferd,
And time while tis offerd,
or else you may wish for't in vaine:
My loue when time was
Did make me an asse,
and plaid vpon me like a Iester:
But the worst is her share,
I scorne to take care,
but Ile giue her three slips for a tester.

Printed at London for F. Groue.

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