AN AMBASSAGE OF TVVO Indian Kings sent vnto the High and Migh­tie Prince Maurice Prince of Orange, who by the same desire that their Sonnes, whom they also haue sent vnto him, m [...]ght be brought vp in Christian Religion.

Printed s'Grauen-Haghe. 1621.

The Suꝑscription.

The High and mighty Prince Maurice by the grace of God Prince of Orange, Earle of Nassau, Catzenelleboghen, Vian­den, Dietz, Moers, &c. Gouernor and Captaine generall of the Netherland vnited Prouinces, Admirall of the Zea, &c. Resident in Grauen-Haghen.

The names of two Kings children, and three Princes children, East Indians brought hether into the Countrie.
  • Don Andreas de Castano, sonne of the King of Soyen.
  • Don Marcus, sonne of the King of Rieland.
  • Laurens Wello [...] Princes children.
  • Laurens de Fretis Princes children.
  • Iohn Tack. Princes children.


MOst High and Mighty Prince, &c. Wee hope by Gods grace of your Princely excellencies, good health, and prosperitie, and by these presents offer you our willing seruice, recommending our selues vnto you. The cause that hath mooued vs to be so bould to write these fewes lines vnto you, was first propounded vnto vs by the earnest perswation and re­quest of the worthy Gentleman Heram van Sp [...]l, (gouernor re­presenting heere your Princely person in the gouernement of these Countries; and to whom we therefore shew all obedi­ence) made vnto vs, to send our young sonnes to be brought vp in the Netherlands: to the end that there they may be taught the grounds of Christian Religion, and brought vp in the study­ing of holy Diuinitie. Whereunto in this place we haue small meanes and occasions offered: We could not by any meanes denie it, but willingly granted thereunto, and accordingly both our young sonnes are sent thether, who are the bearers heereof. And as they by reason of the great distance of places, are now wholy out of our sights; and consequently out of our fatherly care and educations, and must remaine vnder the protection of other faithfull Princes. By these, trusting and confidently re­posing our selues vpon your Princely courtesie (whose immor­tall fame to vs, that in respect of your Princely dignitie, dwell in woods and wildernesses, is not hidden:) Most earnestly be­seech your grace, to be pleased in our absence, to cast your wise and respectiue eies vpon our children, and to receiue them into [Page 2]your Princely protection: To the end, that being educated and well brought vp in learning, and knowledge of Diuinitie, they may in time increase and further the honor of Gods name, (namely vnder the blind people of these Countries) and withall spread the fame of your Princely great and triumphant actions, abroad in forraine Countries: and we will alwaies be ready to requite the same vnto your grace by all the seruice that we may in any wise doe for you; beseeching the almighty God, most Noble Prince, to send your grace long life and happy prosperi­tie in all your Princely gouernement and valiant actions.

Vnderneath your Princely most friendly subiects & faithfull friends, Manuel King of Kielang, and Laurenso de Sylua, King of Soyen.

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