To the Honourable House of Commons, com­monly called, The Lower House of Parliament.
The humble Petition of the Masters or Gouernors of the Mysterie and Comminaltie of Barbers and Chirurgions of LONDON.

MOST humbly shewing, That the Petitioners being an Ancient Corpo­ration, and confirmed, and their Science and Profession consisting not onely in outward practise and experience, but also in the Theorie know­ledge of the causes of all manner of outward Soares, Blanes, Swellings, Impostu­mations, and the wounds and causes of the same, and the Symptomes that doe follow and accompanie them, and of the natures and qualities of all manner of Salues, Plaisters, Balmes, Oyntments, Baths, Poultesses, Waters, Herbs, and all other things fitting the cure of such diseases, and fit to be ministred or applied for the curing thereof. And the Petitioners haue not onely serued many yeeres, and beene trained and brought vp in the said Arte and Science, but haue by their studie, practise and experience, attained such knowledge and perfection therein as tendeth not onely to the maintenance of themselues, their wiues, children and fa­milies, but to the great good of the Kings people both by Sea and Land in their liues and limbes.

Yet so it is, That the Physitions of London (being graue learned men, worthy of all lawfull fauour in their owne Professions) haue of late obtained a Grant or Pa­tent from his Maiestie, whereby they doe not onely seeke to haue a superintendencie ouer the Petitioners in their owne Profession, But also seeke to abridge the Petitio­ners, and to restraine them from vsing part of their Arte, which they haue studied and serued for, and haue done and doe lawfully vse, and without which many times they cannot performe their Cures, nor giue such ease and remedie to their Patients as is fit they should doe; In which respect the said Grant will be very preiudiciall to the Petitioners, and all his Maiesties Subiests, who shall haue occasion to vse their helpe, if the same should be confirmed by Act of Parliament, as the said Physitions desire.

The humble sute of the Petitioners is, That either no Act may passe for confir­mation of his said Maiesties Grant vnto the Physitions; Or if any shall passe, that the Petitioners may be heard. And if vpon hearing, it shall seeme good to this Honorable House a Proviso or sauing may be therein contained, that the Petitioners may not be any way restrained thereby, but may in all things vse their said Profession, as they haue heretofore lawfully done, and may lawfully vse the same, And the Petitioners as by dutie bound, shall daily pray, &c.

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