The Oath of euery Free-man of the City of London.

[blazon of the Corporation of the City of London]

YEe shall sweare, that ye shall bee good and true to our Soueraign Lord King Iames, and to the heires of our said Soueraigne Lord the King. Obeysant and obe­dient shall yée be to the Maior and Ministers of this City. The Franchises and Customes thereof ye shall maintaine, and this City kéepe harmlesse in that that in you is. Ye shall be Contributory to all manner of charges within this City, as Summons, Watches, Contributions, Taskes, Talla­ges. Lot and Scot, and to all other charges, bearing your part as a Free-man ought to do. Ye shall colour no Forraignes goods, vnder or in your name, whereby the King or this City might or may lose theyr customes or aduantages. Yee shall know no Forraigne to buy or sell any Merchandize, with any other Forraigne within this City or fran­chise thereof, but ye shall warne the Chamberlaine thereof, or some Minister of the Chamber. Ye shall implead or sue no Freeman out of this City, whiles ye may haue right and law within the same Cittie. Ye shall take none Apprentise, but if he be Frée-borne (that is to say) no Bond-mans Son, nor the childe of any Alien, & for no lesse terme then for seuen yeares without fraud or deceit: and within the first yéere ye shal cause him to be enrolled, or else pay such fine as shall be reasona­bly imposed vppon you for omitting the same. And after his tearmes end, within conuenient time (being required) ye shall make him frée of this City, if he haue wel and truly serued you. Yee shall also kéepe the Kings peace in your owne person. Ye shall know no gatherings, con­uenticles, nor conspiracies made against the Kings Peace, but ye shall warne the Maior thereof, or let it to your power. [...]ll these points and articles ye shal well and truly kéepe, according to the lawes & customes of this City, to your power. So God you helpe.

God saue the King.

Printed by W. Iaggard, Printer to the Honorable City of London.

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