[blazon of the City of London]

Commune Concilium tentum in Camera Guild-hall, Civitatis London, tricesimo primo die Augusti, anno Regni Domini nostri, JACOBI nunc Regis, Angliae, Franciae, & Hibern. Fidei Defensor. &c. decimo nono. Coram Francisco Jones milite, Majore Civitat. London, Heanagio Finch Armigero, Recordatore ejusdem Civitat Thoma Bennet milite, Thoma Low milite Johanne Leman [...] Alexandro, Prescot, Martino Lumley, Willielmo Gore, Willielmo Holliday, Hugone Hamarsly, Jacobo Cambel, & Nicholas Aldermannis, ac Edwardo Allen, & Roberto Ducy Aldermannis, & Vicecomit [...] [...] Civitatis [...] majori parte Com­mun [...] [...] Civitatis existent. assemblant. &c.

FOrasmuch as the due execution of the place and Office of Con­stable hath of late beene more neglected then heretofore, aswell for that by reason that men of ability and the better sort, are for small fines dis­charged of that seruice: as also for that such as are Constables are not ready to be found, and many times turn the seruices which themselues ought to performe, to inferiour ministers.

For reformation whereof, and for the better direction and ordering of the election of Constables within this Citie and Liberties, and Sub­urbs thereof, It is ordained and enacted by the right Honourable the Lord Maior, and the right Worshipfull the Aldermen his Brethren, and the Commons in this common Councell assembled, and by the au­thority of the same, That no person shall be from henceforth freed or ex­empted from bearing the Office of Constable within any the precincts of this City, or the Liberties therof, if he be thereunto duly elected (ex­cept Strangers born, and such as by the Lawes of this Land ought to be exempted bu [...] shall vndergo and serue the same Office in his own person, and shall be sworne for the due execution thereof. Neuerthelesse, if any person hereafter to be chosen Constable, shall after such Oath taken, make known to the Alderman of the Ward, within which precinct he shall be chosen Constable for the time being, or to the Deputie or Deputies, and common Councell of the same Ward, That he is not able to execute the same, in regard of age, or weaknesse of body, or by reason of some necessary affaires beyond the Seas, or other occasion: and that they, or the greater number of them, shall allow of such cause: If then such person so elected shall procure a fit person, such as shall be allowed and approued of by such Alderman, Deputy or Deputies, and common Councell of such Ward, or the grea­ter number of them, to serue him, and as his deputie in the Office of Constable, then such person so to be pro­cured, shall be admitted and sworne to serue the same place and Office.

And it is further enacted by the Authoritie aforesaid, That euery Constable or his deputie to be allow­ed and sworne as aforesaid, shall watch in his owne person as his turne or watch night commeth about, and shall not put in his place the Beadle of the Ward, or some one of the watch-men, as hath too commonly been accustomed, except such Constable or deputie shall be then sick, or hindered or letted by any reasonable or lawfull cause.

And for that the Ward of Faringdon without is very spacious, and many dangerous & suspected persons inhabite, lodge, and resort thither, It is therefore ordained and enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the sixteen Constables of the said Ward, shall by two in a night (within their precincts) watch in seuerall places of the said ward, viz: One on S. Sepulchres side, and the other on Fleetstreet side. And that the seuerall Deputies of the seuerall wards may haue, from the Chamber of London, printed Pasports to be delivered to the seue­rall Constables or their deputies, as cause shall require, to passe and send away such rogues and vagrants as appeare not to be incorrigible, from Constable to Constable, to the proper place of their abode, according to the Statute in that behalfe made.

And forasmuch as the City generally is more full of able and sufficient men to beare the Office of Consta­ble, then hath beene heretofore, It is therefore enacted by the authoritie aforesaid, That if any Constable hereafter be chosen and sworne, and shall haue serued one yeere in precincts where they haue formerly been chosen two yeers before, and that there bee sufficient choice of men in the precincts, Then the Inhabitants within the seuerall precincts may haue libertie at their pleasure, to excuse and dispense with that Constable for his second yeers seruice: prouided, That he pay towards the necessary charges and seruice of the ward, in any extraordinary accidents or occasions, such summe of money, and not exceeding fiue pounds, as by the Alderman, his Deputy, and common Councell men or the greater part of them shall be appointed, the same to be paid to to the Church-wardens of the Parish wherein the said precinct is, to the vse of the ward, and to be called for by the Alderman, or his Deputie or Deputies, when occasion shall require.

And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That such persons as now serue, or hereafter shall be chosen to the place of common Councell men, in the seuerall wards of this City and Liberties thereof, if they shall alter their habitations from the ward wherein they were so chosen to another ward, that then they shall not be chosen in that second Ward, to inferiour place of Scauenger or Constable, nor be returned by the Wardmote Inquest, to be of the grand or petty Iuries, if there shall be other able and sufficient men to serue and supply those places and seruices; any thing heretofore vsed to the contrary notwithstanding.

G [...] [...]a [...] the King

Printed by Robert Young, Printer to the Honou­rable Citie of LONDON, Anno Dom. 1640.


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