To the Alder­men of the Ward.By the Mayor.

WEe charge and command you,Wardmote. that vpon S. Thomas day the Apostle next comming, you doe hold your Wardmote, and that you haue afore vs at our generall Court of Aldermen to bee holden in the Guildhal, the Munday next after the Feast of the Epiphany next comming, all the defaults that shall be presented afore you by Inquest in the said wardmote,Inquest for a yeare. and the said Inquest shall haue full power and authoritie by one whole yeare to inquire and present all such defaults as shall bee found within your said Ward, as oftentimes as shall bee though to you expedient and needfull, which we will shall be once euery moneth at the least.

2 And if it happen any of your said Inquest to die, or depart our of your said Ward within the said yeare, that then in place of him or them so dying or departing out of your said ward,Inquest dying. you cause to be chosen one able person to in­quire and present with the other in manner and forme abouesaid.

3 And that at the said generall Court,Non-appea­rance. you giue afore vs the names and surnames of all them of your said Ward, that come not to your said wardmote i [...] they be duely warned, so that due redresse and punishment of them may be had as the case shall require, according to the Law.

4 And that you doe prouide, that at all times conuenient, couenable watch be kept: And that Lanthorns with light by nightertaile in old manner accustomed,Watch, Light, Visard. be hanged forth: and that no man goe by nightertaile without light, nor with visard, on the perill that belongeth thereto.

5 And also that you doe cause to be chosen [...] men of the most sufficient,Common Councell. honest, and discreet men of your said ward, to be for your said ward of the common Councel of this Citie for the yeare ensuing, according to the custome in that behalfe yearely vsed. And also that you do cause the said men, so to be chosen to be of the common Councel, to be sworne before you, and in your presence, according to the Oath for them vsed, and of old time accustomed: the tenor of which Oath hereafter ensueth.

‘Ye shall sweare, that ye shall be true to our Soueraigne Lord the King that now is, and to his heires and suc­cessors, Kings of England, and readily ye shall come when ye be summoned to the common Councel of this Citie, but if ye be reasonably excused: and good and true counsell ye shall giue in all things touching the Commonwealth of this Citie, after your wit and cunning: and that for fauour of any person ye shall maintaine no singular profite against the common profite of this Citie, and after that you be come to the common Councell, you shall not from thence depart till the common Councell be ended without reasonable cause, or else by the Lord Maiors license: And also any secret things that be spoken or said in the common Councell which ought to be kept secret, in no wise you shall disclose, as God helpe you.’

Constables, Scauenger, Bedle, Raker. 6 And that also in the said wardmote, you cause to be chosen certaine other honest persons to be Constables, and Scauengers, and a common Bedle, and a Raker to make cleane the streets and lanes of all your said Ward, accor­ding to the custome yearely vsed in that behalfe; which Constables haue and shall haue full power and authoritie to distraine for the sallary and quarterage of the said Bedle and Raker, as oftentimes as it shall be behinde vnpaid.

7 Also that you keep a Roll of the names, surnames, dwelling places, professions and trades of all persons dwel­ling within your ward,Roll of names. and within what Constables precinct they dwell, wherein the place is to be specially noted by street, lane, alley or signe.

8 Also that you cause euery Constable from time to time,Constable. to certifie vnto you the name, surname, dwelling place, profession and trade of euery person, who shall newly come to dwell within this precinct, whereby you may make and keepe your roll perfect.Roll. And that you cause euery Constable for his precinct to that purpose, to make and keepe a perfect roll in like manner.

Inholder. Lodger. Soiourner. 9 Also that you giue special charge that euery Inholder and other person within your ward, who shall receiue any person to lodge or soiourne in his house aboue two dayes, shall before the third day after his comming thither, giue knowledge to the Constable of the precinct where he shall be to receiued, of the name, surname, dwelling place, profession and trade of life, or place of seruice of such person, and for what cause he shall come to recide there. And that the said Constable giue present notice thereof to you:Suspect per­sons. and that the said Inholder lodge no suspected person, or men or women of euill name.

10 Also that you cause euery Constable within his precinct,Search. once euery moueth at the farthest, and oftner if need require, to make diligent search and inquiry, what persons be newly come into his precinct to dwell, soiourne, or lodge.New commers. And that you giue speciall charge, that no Inholder or person shall resist or deny any Constable, in making such search or inquirie, but shall doe his best endeauour to ayde and assist him therein.

11 And for that of late there is more resort to the Citie of persons euill affected in religion, and otherwise than in former times hath bin:Franke pledge. you shall diligently inquire if any man be receiued to dwell or abide within your ward, that is not put vnder franke pledge as hee ought to be by the custome of the Citie, and whether any person hath continued in the said ward by the space of one yeare, being aboue the age of xii. yeares, and not sworne to be faithfull and loyall to the Kings Maiesly, in such sort as by the law and custome of this Citie he ought to be.

12 To all these purposes the Bedle of euery ward shall imploy his diligence,Bedle. and giue his best furtherance.

13 Also that you haue speciall regard that from time to time,Fire. there be conuenient prouision for Hookes, Lad­ders and Buckets, in meet places within the seuerall Parisbes of your ward, for auoyding the perill of fire.

14 Also that the streets and lanes of this Citie be from time to time kept cleane before euery Church,Street [...], house, shop, warehouse, doore, dead wall, and in all other common passages and streets of the said ward.

Hucksters of Ale & Beere. 15 And where by diuers Acts of common Councell, afore time made and established for the common weale of this Citie, among other things it is ordained and enacted, as hereafter ensueth.

Also it is ordained and enacted, That from henceforth, no huckster of Ale or Beere be within any ward of the Citie of London but honest persons, and of good name and fame, and so taken and admitted by the Aldermen of the ward for the time being, and that the same hucksters do finde sufficient suretie afore the Mayor and Aldermen for the time being, to be of good guiding and rule. And that the same huckers shall keepe no bawdry nor suffer no letchery, dice-playing, carding, or any other vnlawfull games to be done, exercised, or vsed within their houses, and to shut in their doores at nine of the clocke in the night, from Michaelmas to Easter, and from Easter to Michaelmas at ten of the clocke in the night, and after that houre sell none Ale or Beere. And if any huckster of Beere or Ale, after this Act published and proclaimed, sell any Ale or Beere within any ward of the Citie of London, and be not admitted by the Alderman of the same ward so to doe, or finde not sufficient surety, as it is aboue rehearsed, the same huckster to haue imprisonment, and make fine and ransome for his contempt, after the discretion of the Mayor and Aldermen. And also that the said hucksters suffer no manner of common eating and drinking within their cellars or vaults, con­trary to the ordinance thereof ordained and prouided, as in the said Act more plainly appeareth at large. We charge you that you put the same in due execution accordingly.

16 And also that ye see all Tiplers and other sellers of Ale or Beere,Measures sealed. as well of priuie Osteries, as Brewers and Inholders within your ward, not selling by lawfull measures sealed and marked with the letter C. crowned, accor­ding as in that behalfe it is ordained and purueyed, be presented, and their names in your said Indentures be expres­sed, with their defaults, so that the Chamberlaine may be lawfully answered of their amercements.

17 And also that you suffer no stranger borne out of the Realme to be of the common Councell,Stranger born. nor to exercise or vse any other office within this Citie, nor receiue or accept any person into your watch, priuie, or open, but English­men borne. And if any stranger borne out of this Realme, made denizen by the Kings Letters Patents, or any o­ther after his course and lot be appointed to any watch, that then ye command and compell him or them to finde in his stead and place, one Englishman to supply the same.

18 And also that you cause an abstract of the Assise appointed by Act of Parliament for billets and other fire­wood to be faire written in Parchment, and to be fixed or hanged vp in a Table in some fit and conuenient place in euery parish within your ward, where the common people may best see the same.

19 And furthermore,Streets. we charge and command you, That you cause such prouision to be had in your said ward, that all the streets and lanes within the same ward,Paine. 40.2. be from time to time cleansed and cleerely voyded of ordure, dung, myre, rubbish, and other filthy things whatsoeuer be to the annoyance of the Kings Maiesties subiects.

20 And also that at all times as you shall thinke necessary, you do cause search to be made within your said ward, for all vagrant beggers,Vagrants. suspicious and idle people, and such as cannot shew how to liue, and such as shall be found within your said ward, that you cause to be punished and dealt with according to the law and the statute in such case ordained and prouided.

21 And also we will and charge you the said Alderman,Iury men. that your selfe certifie and present before vs at the said generall Court to be holden the foresaid Munday next after the Feast of the Epiphany all the names and surnames truly written of such persons within your said ward, as be able to passe in a Grand-Iury by themselues: And also all the names and surnames truly written of such persons, being and dwelling within your said ward, as be able to passe in a Petty-Iurie, and not able to passe in a Grand-Iury, by themselues: that is to say, euery Grand-Iury man to bee worth in Goods an hundred Markes, and euery petty Iury man fortie Markes, according to an Act in that case ordained and prouided; And the same you shall indorse on the backside of your Indenture.

22 Item,Harlots. for diuers reasonable and vrgent considerations vs especially mouing, we straitly charge and com­mand you on the King our Soueraigne Lords behalfe, that you diligently prouide and foresee, that no manner of person or persons within your said ward, of what condition or degree soeuer he or they be of, keeping any Tauerne or Alehouse, Ale-cellar, or any other victualling house or place of common resort to eat and drinke in, within the same ward, permit or suffer at any time hereafter any common woman of their bodies, or harlots to resort and come into their said house or other the places aforesaid, to eate or drinke, or otherwise to be conuersant or abide, or thither to haunt or frequent vpon paine of imprisonment, as well of the occupier and keeper of euery such house or houses, and all other the places afore remembred, as of the common woman or harlots.

23 Also that you doe giue in charge to the wardmote enquest of your ward,Articles. all the articles deliuered to you here­with.

An Act for the Reformation of diuers abuses, vsed in the Wardmote Enquests.

Commons, Dinners, Ban­quetting. ITem, where the Wargmote Enquests within the seuerall Wards of this Citie, for the maintenance of honesty, vertue, and good liuing, and for the abolishment, exiling and suppressing of all kinde of vice, euill rule, and iniquity, according to the ancient landable Lawes and Customes of the said Citie, are yearely seuerally charged and sworne, vpon the day of Saint Thomas the Apostle, before the Aldermen of the said wards, chiefely and principally to the end and intend, that they with all diligence should truly and duely inquire and present all such enormities, nusances, misorder; and offences, as are, or at any time within the space of one whole yeare then next ensuing, shall be seuerally vsed, committed or done within the said Wards, and haue day yearely to make their said presentments, vntill the Munday next after the Feast of the Epiphany. The said En­quests [Page]heretofore, little or nothing at all regarding (as it is very manifest, and not vnknowne, the more is the pitie) their said Oathes or yet the great commodities, vtility, quietnesse, honour, and worship that might or should grow and ensue to the said City and inhabitants of the same, through their good, industrious, and indifferent proceedings, for the aduancement of vertue, and repressing of vices, haue drawne it in a manner into a very ordinary course and common custome, to consume and spend a great part of their said time, that they haue yearly giuen vnto them when they receiue their said charge: partly in setting vp among themselues a certaine commons, and making & keeping many costly and sumptuous dinners, suppers, and banquets, inuiting and calling to the same at sundry times in a manner, all the inhabitants of the sayd seuerall wards, to the no little charges of the same inhabitants: and partly in passing & occupying much part of the same time, in playing at dice, tables, cards, and such other vnlawfull games both to the great costs, chargrs, and expences of the said Enquests (whereof the greater part are most commonly but poore men) and also to the very lewd, pernicious, and euil example of all such as haue any accesse or recourse vn­to the same Enquests. And where also the said Enquests haue of late vsurped to dispence with such persons, as they by their search and otherwise haue founden to offend and transgresse the Lawes, in vsing and occupying of vnlaw­full Weights and Measures, taking of the said Offendors certaine Fines, which Fines (as it is said) the said En­quests haue commonly vsed to imploy towards the maintenance of their said Feasting & Banquetting, directly a­gainst the due order of our Soueraigne Lord the Kings Lawes, & the publike wealth of all his Highnesse Sub­iects within the said Citie, and much to the reproach and dishonour of the same Citie.

For remedy and reformation thereof, be it ordained, enacted, and established by the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons in this present common Councell assembled, and by authority of the same: That all & euery the ward­mote Enquests of the said Citie, from henceforth to be yearly charged and sworne within the said seuerall Wards, at the time afore rehearsed, shall at all times and places meet & conuenient for the due execution of their said charge, meet and assemble themselues together, and that they and euery of them after their said meetings, inquisition, and treating of their said necessary matters, shall goe home to their owne seuerall houses to Breakfast, Dinner, & Sup­per, during all the said accustomed time of their Charge and Session abouesaid: And that none of the said Enquests shall from henceforth forward, set vp any manner of Commons, or keep or maintaine any manner of dinners, sup­pers, or banquets among themselues or vse at their said Assemblies and Sessions, any of the games aboue menti­oned, or any other whatsoeuer vnlawful games or playes at any time, before the giuing vp of the said presentments, at the time aboue remembred:Fines. or shall take or receiue any manner of Fine or Fines, for the concealement and dis­charging of any of the offences afore recited: but truely present the same offences, and euery of them, according to their Oathes, vpon paine of imprisonment by the discretion of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the said Citie for the time being.

Prouided alway,Fire and Can­dle, &c. and be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That it shalbe lawfull for all and euery of the said Enquests, to take and receiue towards the charges of their fire and candles, and other necessaries during the time of their said Session, all and euery such summes of money, as any honest person or persons of their free will & bene­uolent mind, will giue or offer vnto them. And when they haue made their said presentments, to goe and assemble themselues together for their recreation and solace,Recreation. where they shall think it good and there not only to bestow and spend the twenty shillings, which euery Alderman within his Ward, according to a certain odrer lately taken, shall yearely giue vnto them at the time of the deliuery of the said presentments, towards their said charges in this be­halfe: but also the residue of the said mony receiued & gathered, as it is aforesaid, of the beneuolence of their said lo­uing friends, if any such residue shall fortune to remaine: Any clause or Article in this peesent Act contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

Not failing hereof, as ye tender the common-weale of this City, and aduancement of good iustice, and as ye will answer for the contrary at your vttermost perill.

God saue the King.

London printed by Robert Young, Printer to the Honourable Citie of London.

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