[...] lect goeth to my Lord Chancellor if he bee at home, at his place, or neere vnto it, with v. or vi. of the Aldermen, and Master Recorder with him, in their violet Gownes, either by foote, or by water, as the dwelling place of the Chancellor requireth. The common Hunt, with the extraordinary Officers, and those that be at liberty atend on him.

The morrow after Michaelmas day for the Sheriffes going to Westminster. All the Aldermen must be at the two Sheriffs houses in the mor­ning at viii. of the clocke, in theyr Violet Gownes furred, and their Horses, without cloakes: but my Lord, M. Recorder, and the two Sheriffes must be in their scarlet gownes furred, and their cloakes borne to Westminster with them, and so ride to the Guild-hall, and from thence to the Vintree, there [Page 14] taking Barge, landing at West­minster bridge, and in the Hal put on their clokes, and so go vp to the Exchequer: & there the two new Sheriffes bee presented, and the old sworne to their account.

Then they put off their clokes, and take barge, landing againe at the Vintry, and there take horse, and my Lord rideth to the eldest Sheriffe to dinner, M. Recorder and the Sheriffes riding next my Lord, the two Sheriffes carrying two white rods in their hands, & their henchmen going after them.

The order for Simon and Iudes day. The olde Maior shall haue so manie of the Aldermen as Dine with him, come to his place at viii of the Clocke in the morning in their Violet gownes furred, with their violet Clokes furred, & hor­ses: and the Sheriffs to fetch him to [Page 15] the Hall, and there tarrie in the councell Chamber, vntill the new Maior cometh, and the rest of the aldermen come, with the compa­nie of either of the Lordes before them: and after they haue bin to­gether a certain space, come forth into the Orphans Court, and put on their furred clokes, & go to the Husting Court, & there being set in order, the common Crier maketh proclamation, commanding euery man to keepe silence.

Then M. towne-Clearke gi­ueth him his Oath, and when hee hath taken his oath, the old Lord ariseth, and giueth the new Lord his place, the old Lord taking the new Lordes place: and then Ma. Chamberlaine deliuereth first to him the scepter, next the keyes of the common seale: lastly, the seale of the office of the Maioraltie, af­ter [Page 16] M. Swordbearer giueth him the Sword. Then they arise and put off their clokes, and the old L. rideth home with the new Lord to his place, and there leaueth him, & as many of the aldermen as Dine with him. And the old Lord with the rest of the aldermen ride to his place, the sword borne before him, and so after dinner, the aldermen depart home at their pleasure.

On the morrow after Simon & Iudes day, for my Lord going to take his Oath at Westminster. A Veluet Whood.All the aldermen and the She­riffs come to my new Lord at viii of the clock, in their scarlet gowns Furred, and their cloakes borne with them, and their horses, and so ride to the Guildhal, & the Ba­chelors & the Liuery of my Lords company before him.

[Page 17] But the old Lord rideth from his owne place to the Hall alone,Whood. hauing no Officers to wait vpon him, but the common Hunt, as a Gentleman Vsher going, and the common Huntsman,Veluet Whoodes for both Maiors. and those of­ficers that be at libertie, with his owne men following him, and so tarrieth at the hall.

And after they be come al toge­ther, they take their horse and ride to the Vintree, & there take barge to westminster bridge.

And after they be landed, the Lord Maior and the aldermen, put on their Cloakes within the Palace, and goe round about the Hall, making curtesie in the Hall, and so vp the Exchequer, to bee sworn. Then after the oath taken in the Exchequer, come downe a­gaine, and goe first to the Kinges [Page 18] bench, then to the common place, and so put off their clokes, & go a­bout the Kings Tombe in West­minster Abbey, & then take barge againe: and being Landed, rideth to the Guildhall to dinner, and all the Companies of this City with him: and at their coming into the hall, the new Lord Maior with ii. of the ancient Aldermen, M. Re­corder, and the Sheriffes, go vp to my Lords table to bid them wel­com, & likewise al the other guests there, and from thence to the La­dy Maioresse table, and so come out to the Gentlewomens table, and to the Iudges, and so from thence my saide new Lord Maior goeth into the Chamberlaines of­fice, where he dineth, and the olde Lord Maior at their first coming into the hall, goeth vp to the high table in the Hustings, & there kee­peth the state for that feast. And [Page 19] after the hall is almost serued of the second, then the new L. Mai­or goeth with Master Recorder, & those aldermen that dine with him, to bid the old Lord and all the guests in the hall welcome. Then after dinner goeth to Pauls with all the Companies wayting be­fore my Lord.

For going to Paules on all Saints day, Christmas day, Twelfth day, and Candlemas day. All the Aldermen and the She­riffes come to my Lordes place in their scarlet Gownes Furred,A Veluet Whood. All Saints day is the last day that the olde L. [...]ideth with [...]or the new. and their cloakes and horses, & from thence ride to the Guild-Hall, my Lords Companie, and the Bat­chelers before him, and there hea­reth Euening Prayer: and when praier is done they ride to Pauls, and there both the new L. Maior and the olde put on theyr Clokes, [Page 20] and go vp to the Quire, and there heare the Sermon, which done, they go about the Church, & there put off their cloakes where they were put on. Then they take their horses againe, and the aldermen bring my Lord home, & then they haue spice bread and hypocrasse, and so take their leaue of my lord.

Vpon S. Thomas day. The Lord Maior and euery al­derman is to sit in his ward in his violet gowne and cloake furred.

For Sunday after Christmas holy dayes. My Lord and the aldermen must be in their violet gownes without their clokes, to the end to hear the sermon.

For Monday after Twelfth day. My Lord and the aldermen meet [Page 21] at the Guilde-hall at eight of the clock in the morning in their scar­let gowns furred, and their clokes furred, without horse, to receiue of their wardes their Indentures of the warmot Enquest, and for the swearing of the Constables and Scauengers.

For good Friday. My Lord and the aldermen meet at Paules Crosse, at one of the clocke, to heare the sermon in their pewke gownes, and without their Chaines and Tippets.

For Monday and Tuesday in Easter weeke. All the aldermen and Sheriffes come vnto my Lords place before eight of the clocke to breakfast,Whood for my Lord. in their scarlet gownes furred, and their cloakes and horses: and af­ter breakefast, take their horses, & ride to the Spittle, and there put [Page 22] on their clokes, and so sit down in order to heare the sermon, which done, ride homeward in order till they come to the Pumpe within Bishopsgate, and there so many of the Aldermen as do dine with the Sheriffes, take their leaue of my L. and the rest go home with him.

For Wednesday in Easter weeke. Like as afore in the other 2 daies, but that my Lord and the Alder­men must be in their violet gowns and suteable cloakes.

For low Sunday. All the aldermen meet my Lord & the Sheriffs at Paules schoole in their scarlet gowns furred without their clokes, or horse, to heare the Sermon.

For Monday and Tuesday in Whitson weeke.If my Lords pleasure be to goe. The Lord Maior and Aldermen [Page 23] must meete with my L. at Paules in their scarlet Gownes, without cloakes, to heare the Sermon.

For going to Paules the first Sunday of euery Tearme. Al the aldermen meet my Lord and the Sheriffes at Paules, in their scarlet gownes furred, or li­ned, without Clokes or horse, as the time of the yeare requyreth, when the Terme beginneth.

For the election of the Knights and Burgesses of the Parliament. All the aldermen meete my Lord and the Sheriffs at Guildhal, at nine of the clocke in their Violet Gownes and their clokes, furred or lyned, as the time of the yeare, when they shalbe chosen requireth and sitteth in the Hustings Court while the Commons chuse them. The order is, that they must chuse [Page 24] Maister Recorder for one of theyr Knights, and one gray cloake for the other, and two commoners for the Burgesses, which done they depart.

For the election of master Chamber­laine and Bridge Masters, if any of them depart within the yeere. My Lord and the aldermen sit­teth in the Hustings Court, whil [...] they bee chosen, in their Viole [...] gowns, without their cloaks, and do not remooue vntill the election be done.

The vse of my Lords cloake. Beginning vpon Mi­chaelmas Eue.From Michaelmas to Whitsontide, Violet Furred, and from whitsontide to Michaelmas scar­let lined.

The Lord Maior and thos [...] [Page 25] Knights that haue born the office of Maioralty, ought to haue their cloakes furred with Gray Amis: and those aldermen that haue not beene Maiors, are to haue theyr cloakes furred with Calabre.

And likewise such as haue beene Maiors, are to haue their cloakes lyned with changeable Taffatie, and the rest are to haue them lined with greene Taffaty.

For the buriall of Aldermen. The aldermen must be in theyr Violet gowns, but they that haue of their friends blacke gownes.

And if any alderman dieth, ma­ster Sword-bearer, is to haue a blacke Gowne, or xxxiii. s. iiii d. in money: and if he giueth my Lord a blacke Gowne, Master Sword­bearer must haue another, or xl. s in money, the price thereof: and so [Page 26] carry the Sword in blacke befor [...] my Lord.

Master Chamberlaine is not t [...] weare his Tippet, but when m [...] L. Maior, or my maisters the Aldermen weare eyther Scarlet o [...] Violet.

For the Orphans Court. My L. and the aldermen com [...] vnto the Guildhall in their viole [...] gownes, without cloakes, but m [...] Lord Maior must haue his cloak [...] on.

Which Court the common Cri [...] warneth.

The foure Pleaders, the Cham [...] berlaine, Towne-clarke, commo [...] Sergeant, ii. Iudges of the Sheriffes Court, the Secondaries vnder Chamberlain and Bridge masters are to attend my Lord a [...] his house, before his going abroa [...] vpon all festiuall times and generall dayes.


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