An order of prayer and thankesgiuing, for the pre­seruation of her Maiestie and the Realme, from the traiterous and bloodie practi­ses of the Pope, and his adherents: to be vsed at times appointed in the Preface.

Ecclesiastes 10.

¶ Wish the King no euill in thy thought, and speake no hurt of the riche in thy priuie chamber: for the birdes of the ayre shall cary thy voyce, and with their feathers shall they bewray thy wordes.


¶ He that diggeth a pit, shall fall therein himselfe, and who so breaketh downe the hedge, a serpent shall bite him.

Prouerbes 21.

¶ There is no wisedome, there is no vnderstanding, there is no counsell against the Lord.

The horse is prepared for the day of battell: but the Lord giueth victorie.

Published by authoritie.

¶ Imprinted at London, by Chri­stopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie. 1586.


❧ The Preface.

COnsidering the great peace and quietnesse, wherewith God hath continually blessed this Noble Realme of England, since the time that it pleased him by the hand of her Maiestie to haue the sincere trueth of the Gospel of our Sauiour planted among vs, and his great blessings of all sortes, wherewith he hath enriched vs, and giuen vs our heartes de­sires to our comfort, and the admiration of our neighbours rounde about vs: It were too great impietie, not to shewe our selues dayly thanke­full for these great mercies, and not to craue the continuance of Gods holy hand ouer vs. But weighing further, with what perill of violent death, by meanes of wicked popish practises, our gracious soueraigne hath mainteined the trueth, which we professe, vpon whose life (next vnder God) the profession of the same in this land, and the continuance of the liues and welfare of vs her faithfull Subiects, doe depend: and knowing that the Almightie most miraculously hath pre­serued her highnesse, from al treason hitherto in­tended against her most Royall person, and kept our blood from flowing in euery streete like wa­ter, our Cities & Houses from sacking, and the [Page]whole Land from extreme ruine: with what zeale ought euery one of vs to be inflamed to prayse the Lord, for the detecting and confusion of our secrete foes, whō his right hand hath brui­sed? and howe ought we to detest that doctrine which bringeth foorth so traiterous and bloodie fruites? Moses and Miriam, and the whole hoste of Israel had neuer greater cause to sing vnto the Lorde for the ouerthrowe of Pharao and his ar­mie: nor Debora and Barac for the victorie of Si­sera: nor Iudith, and the Citizens of Bethulia for the end of Holofernes and the flight of his hoste, then we haue for the wonderfull preseruation of the life of our most gracious Queene, and there­by for our owne safetie. Wherefore, let euery one that feareth the Lord among vs, not onely with the Iewes in the booke of Esther yeerely holde a memoriall with great ioy of so notable deliuerance, but dayly in common assemblies haue this great goodnesse in remembrance, and pray that God will not suffer the light of Israel to be quenched, but that it will still please him to preserue his annoynted from the perill of the sworde, and to giue her long and happie dayes, to the glorie of his Name, to the comfort of his chosen, & to the stablishing of his trueth in this Lande, till the comming of his Sonne in the cloudes of Heauen. That this may the better be accomplished, this litle booke is by authoritie published, dayly to be vsed in Common prayer, where any is, or otherwise at such times as are by [Page]lawe appointed for Diuine Seruice: viz, the Pray­er, and one or two of the Psalmes following, ac­cording to the discretion of the Minister, and likewise to be adioyned vnto those prayers, that are alreadie of late set foorth, for turning from vs the scarsitie of victuall, and warre, at such times as they are appointed to be read in the Church.

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❧ The prayer.

O Eternall God and merci­full Father, we thy vir­worthie creatures most humbly doe confesse, that we are not able with our tongues to vtter, nor in our heartes to conceiue, the exceeding measure of thine infinite goodnesse in this latter age shewed to this Noble Realme, in that thou (O Lord) hast in most dangerous times, by thy prouidence, beyond expectation of man, preserued ye Noble person of our now Soue­raigne Lady Elizabeth, by thy grace: First, according to her right to come to this king­dome and Royall seate of her Noble Father, and next, by her (being therein established) to deliuer vs thy people, that were as captiues to Babylon, out of thraldome of ye enemies of thy true Church, and to restore vs agayne to the free fruition of ye Gospel of thy Sonne our Sauiour Christ. For ye enioying where­of now many yeeres, we doe confesse and ac­knowledge, that when wee by our daily vn­thankefulnesse, and by our sinful liues, haue most iustly prouoked thee to withdrawe these thy fauours from vs, thou (O Lorde) with thy mightie power diddest strengthen thy seruant our most gracious Queene, con­stantly [Page]against the threatnings of the grea­test of the world to persist, in maintenance of vs in all maner of prosperitie, peace and wealth: But most singularly in a peaceable freedome, to enioy the blessed benefites of thy holy worde against the mightie enemies of thy Church daily conspiring against this Realme, and especially against the Royall person of our gracious Queene, thy humble seruant and true handmayden, whose estate being in the opinion of a nomber of wicked persons many times in great and secret dan­gers, yet thou (O Lorde) of thy heauenly goodnesse hast alwayes preserued and defen­ded her by many miraculous meanes, and (as we haue good cause to thinke) by many other meanes, and at many other times, then to vs are yet knowen. But yet, besides thy preseruation of her person from the at­tempt of two wicked persons, that suffered for the same of late yeeres, euen nowe in this present time, whē we had no thought, yt any woulde haue minded such a wicked fact, we haue fully felt the power of thy miraculous goodnesse, by the discouerie of sundry wicked Conspirators, very secretly bent and comby­ned to make desperate attempts against her life, and against the peaceable estate of thy Church and this Realme. The stay whereof onely hath proceeded (good Lord) by thy most continual, tender and fatherly care ouer her, [Page]in the strange discouering, and the maner of apprehending of the malefactors, being ma­ny, and not by the wit or strength of any worldly creature. For otherwise then by thy speciall goodnesse, we do nowe perceiue, and that with trembling of our hearts, that shee could not at sundry times haue escaped the danger of violent death, wickedly and reso­lutely against her intended, so that wee may truely say with Dauid in his Psalme, That all men that see it, shal say, This hath God done: for they shall perceiue, that it is his worke. Where­fore we now thy humble creatures, acknow­ledging our vnworthinesse of these great graces, beseech thee (O Lord) that thou wilt without regard of our former vnthankful­nesse, and contempt of thy worde, shewe thy mercie to vs, and continue thy blessings ouer vs, that we may, for these so vnspeakeable be­nefites, be more thankefull then wee haue bene, not onely in wordes, or as hearers, but in deedes also, as doers of thy will, according to the direction of thy holy word. And that it would please thee stil to holde this thy bles­sed hand ouer our Queene Elizabeth, and pre­serue her Royall person from all maner of o­pen or secrete perils, whereby her yeeres may be prolonged, as farre as it may please thee to graunt, by the course of Nature, for the main­tenance of thy glory, and of thy sonne Iesus Christ, and of his Gospel, and for continuance [Page]of vs thy people her naturall subiects in the due feare and seruice of thee, and in our na­turall obedience to her, whereby we and our posteritie may still inioy such peace, as wee haue had these many yeeres, vnder her Ma­iesties gouernement, farre aboue any like ex­ample in any age by past. Grant this (O hea­uenly Father) for Iesus Christes sake, thy onely sonne our Sauiour, to whome with thee and the holy Ghost be all honour and glorie, worlde without end. Amen.

The first Psalme.

WEe reioyce in thy strength,Psal. 21. (O Lorde:) exceeding glad are we of thy saluation.

Thou hast giuen vs our hearts desire: and hast not denyed the request of our lippes.

Thou hast preuented vs with the bles­sings of goodnesse: and hast made vs glad with the ioy of thy countenance.

For the vngodly had drawen out the sworde, and had bended their bowe:Psal. 37. to cast downe the poore and needie, and to slay such [Page]as be of a right conuersation.

Their sword shall goe through their owne heart: and their bow shall be broken.

All thine enemies shall feele thine hand:Psal. 22. thy right hand shall finde out them that hate thee.

Thou shalt make them like a fierie Ouen in the time of thy wrath: the Lorde shall de­stroy them in his displeasure, and the fire shal consume them.

Their fruite shalt thou roote out of the earth: and their seede from among the chil­dren of men.

For they intended mischiefe against thee: and imagined such a deuice, as they are not able to perfourme.

Therefore hast thou put them to flight: and the strings of thy bowe hast thou made readie against the face of them.

Thy mercy (O Lorde) reacheth vnto the heauens:Psal. 36. and thy faithfulnesse vnto the cloudes.

Thy righteousnes standeth like the strong mountaines: and thy iudgements are like the great deepe.

Thou Lord doest saue both man and beast: how excellent is thy mercie, O Lord? and the children of men shal put their trust vnder the shadow of thy wings.

O continue forth thy louing kindnesse vn­to them that knowe thee: and thy righteous­nesse [Page]vnto them that are true of heart.

O let not the foote of pride come against vs: and let not the hand of the vngodly cast vs downe.

Withdrawe not thou thy iuercie from vs, O Lorde: let thy louing kindenesse and thy trueth alway preserue vs.

But let the vngodly perish, let thine ene­mies consume as the fat of lambes: yea, euen as the smoke let them consume away.

So wee that bee thy people, and sheepe of thy pasture shall giue thee thankes for euer:Psal. 79. and will alway bee shewing forth thy prayse from generation to generation.

The second Psalme.

DEliuer vs, O Lorde,Psal. 14. from the euill men: and preserue vs from the wicked men.

Which imagine mischiefe in their hearts: and stirre vp strife all the day long.

The proud haue layed a snare for vs, and spred a net abroade with cordes: yea, and set trappes in our wayes.

They courage themselues in mischiefe:Psal. 6a. & common among themselues, how they may lay snares, and they say no man shal see them.

They imagine wickednesse and practise it: [Page]that they keepe secret among themselues, e­uery man in the deepe of his heart.

But let not the vngodly haue their desire,Psal. 140. O Lord: let not their mischieuous imagina­tions prosper, least they be too proude.

Thou, O Lorde, shalt soddenly shoote at them with a swift arrowe: that they shall be wounded

And all men that see it, shall say, This hath God done: for they shall perceiue, that it is his worke.

Praysed be the Lorde dayly,Psal. 68. euen the God that helpeth vs: and powreth his benefites vpon vs.

Hee is our God, euen the God of whome cōmeth Saluation: God is the Lord by whom we escape death.

He hath giuen victorie vnto vs:Psal. 144. and hath deliuered Dauid his seruant from the perill of the sword.

O that men woulde therefore prayse the Lord for his goodnesse:Psal. 107. and declare the won­ders that he doth for the children of men.

That they would exalt him in the congre­gation of the people: and prayse him in the seate of the Elders.

That they would offer vnto him the sacri­fice of thankesgiuing: and tell out his works with gladnesse.

Then shall our sonnes growe vp as the yong plants: and our daughters be as the [Page]polished corners of the Temple.

Our garners shall bee full and plenteous with all maner of store: our sheepe shal bring forth thousandes, and tenne thousandes in our streetes.

Our Oxen shall be strong to labour, there shall be no decay: no leading into captiuitie, and no complaining in our streetes.

Happy are the people that be in such a case: yea blessed are the people, that haue the Lord for their God.

The third Psalme.

WE will magnifie thee,Psal. 145. O God our King: and will prayse thy Name for euer and euer.

Euery day will wee giue thankes vnto thee: and prayse thy name foreuer and euer.

Great is the Lorde, and marueilous wor­thy to be praysed: there is no end of his great­nesse.

One generation shall prayse thy workes vnto another: and declare thy power.

The memoriall of thine aboundant kind­nesse shall be shewed: and men shall sing of thy righteousnesse.

The Lord is righteous in all his wayes: and holy in all his workes.

[Page] The Lorde is night vnto all that call vpon him: yea, all such as call vpon him faithfully.

He will fulfill the desire of them that feare him: hee also will heare their crye, and will helpe them.

The Lorde preserueth all them that loue him: but scattereth abroad all the vngodly.

Though wee walke in the middest of trou­ble,Psal. 138. yet shall he refresh vs: hee shall stretche foorth his hand vpon the furiousnesse of our enemies, and his right hand shall saue vs.

The snares of death compassed vs round about:Psal. 116. & the paynes of hel gate hold vpon vs.

But thou Lord, hast deliuered our soules from death: our eyes from teares, and our feete from falling.

Thou hast turned our heauinesse into ioy:Psal. 30. thou hast put off our sackcloth, and girded vs with gladnesse.

Therefore shall euery good man sing of thy praise without ceassing: O God, we wil giue thankes vnto thee for euer.

The fourth Psalme.

O Giue thanks vnto the Lord, for he is gracious:Psal. 106. and his mercie endureth for euer.

Who can expresse the noble actes of the Lord: or shew forth all his prayse?

[Page] For wee haue sinned with our Fathers: we haue done amisse and dealt wickedly.

We haue not regarded thy wonders, nor kept thy great goodnesse in remembrance: but haue bene disobedient to thy holy will.

Neuerthelesse, hee hath holpen vs for his names sake: that he might make his power to be knowen.

For loe, the vngodly had bent their bowe,Psal. 11. and made ready their arrowes within the quiuer: that they might priuily shoote at vs.

Many Oxen purposed to haue come about vs:Psal. 22. fat Bulles of Basan intended to close vs in on euery side.

They gaped vpon vs with their mouthes: as it were ramping and roaring Lions.

The counsell of the wicked layd siege a­gainst vs: they set trappes in our wayes.

They had priuily layd their net to destroy vs without a cause: yea,Psal. 35. euen without a cause had they made a pit for our soule.

But thou (O Lorde) hast deliuered our soule from the sworde:Psal. 22. thy darling from the power of the dogge.

Thou hast saued vs from ye Lions mouth: thou hast heard vs from amongst the hornes of the Vnicornes.

A sodaine destruction is come vpon them vnawares,Psal. 35. and the net that they had layde priuily, hath catched themselues: they are fallen into their our owne mischiefe.

[Page] They are confounded and put to shame, that did seeke after our soule: they are turned backe & put to confusion that imagined mis­chiefe for vs.

Wherefore prayse the Lorde,Psal. 22. yee that feare him: magnifie him al ye of the seede of Iacob, and feare him all ye of the seede of Israel.

For he hath not despised, nor abhorred the lowe estate of the poore: hee hath not hid his face from him, but when we called vnto him, he heard vs.

Therefore our prayse is of thee in the great Congregation: our vowes will we performe in the sight of them that feare him.

Glory be to the Father, to the sonne &c.

Hereunto also may be added at the discreti­on of the Minister the lxxxiii. the Ciii. and the Cxxiiii. Psalmes. And for the first Lesson, when he shall see occasion, he may reade one of these Chapters: Viz. Exod. xv. Iudg. v. Esther. vi. vii. viii. and ix.

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