AN ORDER OF PRAIER AND THANKES-GIVING, FOR the preseruation of the Queenes Maie­sties life and salfetie: to be vsed of the Preachers and Ministers of the Dioces of Winchester.

With a short extract of William Parries voluntarie confession, vvritten vvith his owne hand.

Imprinted at London by Ralfe Newberie.

The Direction how to vse this Order

FIRST, where anie Preacher is, the next Son­day after the receauing of this order, he shall make a Sermon of the authoritie and Maiestie of Princes, according to the worde of God, and how streight dutie of obedience is requi­red of all good and Christian subiects, and what a greeuous and heynous thing it is both before God and man traiterouslie to seeke their destruction, and the shedding of their blood, which are the Anointed of God, set vp by him to be the Ministers of his iustice and mercie to his people. In the ende of which Sermon, he shall set forth and declare the briefe notes of the confession of the wicked purpose concea­ued of late by Doctor Parry, to haue murdered the Queenes Maiestie, animated therevnto by the Pope and his Cardinals, as you maie see it set downe here following. Last of all he shall saie the praier here prescribed for that purpose, and desire the people to lift vp their harts to God together with him. After the praier, there shall be songe or said the xxj. Psalme, or some other Psalme to the like effect.

❧ A SHORT EXTRACT OF A VOLVNTARIE CON­fession, made by William Parrie, writ­ten with his owne hand, the [...] of Februarie. 1584.

WILLIAM Parrie Doctor of Lavve, carieng an offensiue minde against the state, by reason of his conuiction, in a trial of life & death at Nevvgate, for the attempting of the murdering of one Hugh Hare, for the vvhich notvvithstanding he receaued her Maiesties most gracious pardon, and therevpon departing the Realme, in the yeare 1582. for that he conceaued no hope of aduancement here, be­cause he vvas in his ovvne opinion a pretended Catholique, and had not in 22. yeares receaued the Communion. At his being in the partes beyonde the seas, hauing first reconciled himselfe to the Church of Rome at Paris, and then at Millain, con­ceaud vvith himselfe a meane (as he pretended) to relieue the Catholiques of this Realme, vvhich vvas [Page] by killing of the Queenes Maiestie.

And nothing staied him in this concept, but on­lie to be assured in conscience, that it vvas lavvfull and meritorious, and before the execution thereof to receaue absolution from the Pope. For his assu­rance, or rather setling of his conscience herein, he receaued ful satisfaction, first from an olde Iesuit in Venice: next from the Popes Ambassadour, resi­dent there, then from other good fathers (as he ter­meth them) in Lyons and Paris, and lastlie vvas incouraged to proceede therein by the Nuntio to the Pope, residēt at Paris, vvho promised him, after he assented to that vvicked enterprise, to recom­mend him to the altar, and also to procure the like to be done generally through Paris, vvhich vvas accordingly performed in generall termes, by Re­commending of one that had taken vpon him to doe some daungerous enterprise, tending greatly to the aduancement of the Catholique religion. The saide Nuntio did also conueigh the said Parries letters directed to the Pope, and to the Cardinal by the vvhich he did signifie to them his ful resolution to proceede in his enterprise, & for his better successe in the same, praied his benediction Apostolicall, vvhervnto ansvver vvas made by letters vvritten in Rome by the Cardinal dated the last of Ianuarie, vvhich he receaued from him vvhen the Court lay [Page] at Greenevvich, in March last.

The tenor of those letters vvas a commendati­on of his enterprise, an allovvance thereof, an abso­lution in his holines name of all his sinnes, and a request to go forvvard in it, in the name of God.

VVhich letters confirmed his resolution to kill her Maiestie, and made it cleare in his conscience, that it vvas lavvfull and meritorious, as he setteth dovvne in his said confession. VVherevpon he in­sinuated himselfe into the Court, and by vvaies & meanes sought to vvinne credit, &c. to the entent to bring his vvicked purpose to passe. VVhich at sondrie times he had done, had not the gracious prouidence of God, by strange meanes, interrup­ted his purpose.

A Praier for the Queene.

O Eternall God and mercifull Father, with humble heartes we confesse that we are not hable, either by tounge to vtter, or in mind to conceaue, the excee­ding measure of thine infinite goodnes and mercie towardes vs wretched sin­ners, and towards this our noble Realme and natu­rall contrey. Not many yeares since, when for our vn­thankful receauing of the heauenly light and truth of thy Gospell, we were iustlie cast into thraldome and misery, and thrust again vnder the kingdome of dark­nes, so that our consciences lay groning vnder the heauie burdens of errour, superstition, and idolatry, euen then, euen then O Lord, thou didest vouchesafe of thy great goodnes, not only without our desert, but far beyond our hope & expectation, to preserue for vs thy faithfull seruant our gratious prince and Soue­raigne Queene Elisabeth, and to saue hir from the iawes of the cruell Tigers, that then sought to sucke hir bloud and to worke to vs perpetuall tirannie, and bondage of conscience. This thou diddest, O grati­ous Lord vndoubtedly, that she might be to this thy church of England, a sweete and tender nurse, and that this realme vnder hir happie gouernement, might be a blessed Sanctuarie, and place of refuge for thy poore afflicted Saints, in these daungerous daies persecuted and troubled in many contreyes for the profession of thy Gospell: yea, and that this our benefit, and their comfort might be the more assured, thy diuine prouidence from time to time hath many wayes mightily and miraculously preserued and kept hir from the craiftie, cruell and traiterous deuises of hir bloudie aduersaries, and the deadly enimies of thy [Page] Gospell, which with barberous crueltie haue sought to extinguish the light thereof, by sheading hir Ma­iesties most innocent bloud: but this thy gracious goodnes & mightie prouidence, neuer so apparently shewed it selfe, at any one time, as euen within these few dayes, when a traiterous subiect, neuer iniured or greened by hir, but sundry times holpen, releeued, and countenanced far aboue his state and worthines had of long time retained a wicked and diuelish pur­pose, and often sought occasion and oportunitie to lay violent hands vpon hir royall person, and to haue murdered her. But still the vigilant eye of thy blessed prouidēce did ether preuent him by some sudden inter­ruption of his indeuour, or by the Maiestie of her person and princely behauiour towards him, diddest strike him so abashed: that he could not performe his conceaued bloodie purpose. And at the last this wret­ched villanie was by thy meanes disclosed, and his owne tunge opened to confesse his detestable and wic­ked intent. For this thy inestimable goodnes towards vs (O heauenlie Father) with humble heartes and mindes we thanke thee: and blesse thy name for euer and euer. For assuredlie if thou haddest not bene now on our side (as the Prophet Dauid saith) the whole fluds and waues of wickednes had ouerwhelmed vs, and we had beene sunk into the bottomeles pit of in­finite and vnspeakable miseries. We beseech thee therfore (O Lord) that thou wilt blesse vs so with thy grace, that we may be rightlie and trulie thankefull to thee: that is, not in word only, but in deede also, dai­lie studieng to frame our liues according to the direc­tion of thy holie word, which thou hast sent among vs: And that hir Maiestie thus feeling the mightie hande of thy prouidence fighting for her salfetie, may more boldlie and constantlie with an heroicall [Page] spirite stand in the protection & defense of thy blessed Church, which by thy word thou hast planted among vs. And lastlie that ye cruel spirits of Antichrist that seeke the subuersion of the Gospel, maie by the hand of thy iustice, feele what it is to set to sale for money the innocent bloud of thine annointed Princes, which thou hast prepared and set vp, to be the nurs­ses and protectors of thy truth: Grant this O hea­uenlie Father, for Iesus Christes sake thy onlie sonne our Sauiour, to whom with thee and the holie Ghost, be giuen all honor and glorie: world with­out ende.

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