A Lamentable List, of certaine Hidious, Frightfull, and Prodigi­ous Signes, which have bin seene in the Aire, Earth, and Waters, at severall times for these 18. yeares last past, to this present: that is to say, Anno. 1618. untill this instant. Anno. 1638. In Germany, and other Kingdomes and Provinces adjacent; which ought to be so many severall warnings to our Kingdome, as to the said Empire.

To the tune of Aime not to high.
YOu who would be inform'd of forraine newes,
Attend to this which presently insues,
And you shall heare such marvels here exprest,
In eighteene yeares last past made manifest.
In Germany that famous Empire faire,
Strange sights were seene'ith water earth & aire,
Which from good testimonies hither brought,
That we may know wt wonders God hath wrought
In Anno sixteene hundred and eighteene,
A blazing Starre was o're Bohemia seene,
Which for the space of seven and twenty dayes,
Within the sky most fearefully did blaze.
And in Hungaria (as 'tis understood,)
Water was Metamorphos'd into bloud.
In Brunswick-land (within an evening faire,)
Were seene two armies fighting in the aire.
Thrée Raine-bowes and three Suns (all in one day)
Were at Vienna seene in Austria:
And over Lints in Austria (nam'd before,)
A noyse like Ordinance in the aire did roare.
At Darmsted bloud did drop from leaues of trees,
And what at Tursin hapt with this agrees,
Where chaires, stooles, wals, and other things did sweat,
An oyle resembling bloud by iust conceite.
I'th Dukedome of Wirtemberg it raigned gore,
(As it hath bin in England heretofore.)
Over Bohemia fiery beames did oppose
The Sun, and crackt like Rockets in our shoes.
A dreadfull tempest haild at Ratisbone,
Strange fruit neere Frankendal yt like ne're known.
Crowes in Silesia fought a mortall battle,
Lightning and thunder in the sky did rattle.
The Sun in monstrous forme'ith aire was showne
With a strange Raine-bow over Hunborow towne:
Great bands with horse-men in aray did stand,
With Ordnance in the aire o're Pomerland.
Neere Strausburg was brought forth a monstrous birth.
Such as was seldome seene upon ye earth.
A sword, and rod within the Heavens were,
At Saxon in (Sylesia) seene to' appeare.

The Second Part

to the same Tune.
STrang fire ran through the towne of Coburg, and
No hurt it did (that men could understand.)
In Saxony water to bloud did turne,
At Magdenburg a child in armour borne.
O're Lutzin was a beautious Virgin seene,
A Candle, and a Hand-kercheife betweene
Her hands she held, (in open view of all:)
Water turn'd bloud in Saxony at Hall.
Bloud issued from a loafe of Bread, (firme dry,)
At Frowensteine a Towne in Saxony:
A monster borne at Kempton in Swabland,
And like wise bloud did spring out of a Pond.
In Brandenburg (at Berlin) heaven sent
Both bloud, and brimstone, from the firmament:
A fiery Scepter was i'th aire beheld,
Great flocks of Birds fought, & each other kild.
Bloud perfect from a water Conduit ran,
A Worme was found t' th' full shape of a man.
At Weimer water did to bloud convert,
These wonderous Signes may move a Christian heart.
At Vienna a Woman strange appear'd,
(Whereat some of the people were affeard:)
And at St. Stephens Church, the Bels did ring A wonderous thing.
Without the helpe of man.
Now what events these progidies have wrought,
(And what effects have since to passe bin brought,)
England (and all the Christian world) hath had,
Sufficient notes and motives to be sad.
Intestine warre, contagious pestilence,
And other miseries deduc'd from thence;
As pinching Famine (which hath caus'd) of late,
A desolation of that fir [...]ile State.
Such wonderous signes, & tokens Heaven sent,
That faire Ierusalem might in time repent:
Prodigious sights, and fearefull blazing starres,
As learn'd Iosephus speakes [...]'s Iewish warres.
But all these tokens served to no end,
For the rebellious Iewes did still offend;
And slighted these Celestiall warnings still:
The Viols of Gods wrath their sins did fill.
Which caus'd the utter ruin [...]
The Romans them did qui [...] [...]
And Captive led captivity [...]
Vnto their enemies becam [...] [...]
Even so faire Germany, he [...]
That shee his holy meani [...] [...]
And left her pride, desent [...] [...]
Of Gluttony and (swini [...] [...]
Desention hath with hos [...] [...]
Ambition with losse of L [...] [...]
Gluttony and drunkenne [...]
With raging hunger, as [...]
Let England then take [...]
Although our Lord (in [...]
Seeing our sins with [...]
'Tis fit that by her wa [...] [...]
Let's leave security an [...]
And learne to feare our [...]
For we may thinke ou [...] [...]
But that our share of [...]
One fire is kindling v [...] [...]
And Schollers (often [...]
God grant us grace th [...] [...]
And (with humility [...]
Although we live in [...]
And spend our (preci [...] [...]
Yet Heaven's not [...]
By the successe of t [...] [...]
VVherein although [...]
(As in precedent ti [...] [...]
Yet still the Pestil [...] [...]
Hath almost all the [...]
This his Paterna [...] [...]
And yet ingratefu [...] [...]
Each one seekes [...]
But few regard t [...] [...]
I for my part do [...] [...]
That every one [...]
And that in tim [...] [...]
(VVith gratit [...] [...]

Printed at London for Tho. Lambert, and are to be sold at the Sig [...]

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