[...] Alteraciōs of Kingdoms, for despisīg of god: & how God defendeth his [...]

Repete these. vi. lines after euery sixt line

Euery Kyngdome,
Both all and some.
That is deuided within it selfe:
Desolate shalbe,
Without feare truly
Of God, be in that Commen welth.
THe fyrst deuision,
In Paradise begon.
when Satan, the womā tempted:
By whose entisement,
They breeke Gods Cōman̄dment
For that thei wer thence banished.
Spitefull wicked Cayn,
His brother hath slayn,
Bycause that Abels sacrifice,
Of God was accepted,
And Cayns neglected,
This mischeife he dyd deuise.
This manslaughtor,
God dyd abhor,
And cursed wicked Cayn,
He dyed a lyke death,
Thus scripture saith,
At length himselfe was slayne.
Good Seth to auaunce,
Gods Kyngdome to enhaunce,
Of him came many holy men,
But Cayns posteritie,
For their infidelitie,
wer drowned in Noes flood then.
Thei despised God,
All godlinesse withstode,
In adultery liued they,
In all wilfulnesse,
In tiranny doutlesse,
For this ensued their dekey.
Of their yll liuing
God gaue them warning,
An hundereth yere before
By Noe his seruaunt,
To that they wolde not graunt,
but oppressed the poore moch more
And sodeinly came on,
The flood them vpon,
And euery one there drowned,
Saue only that Noe,
And his familie,
In the Arke they were all saued.
Thus God preserued,
His Church, figured,
By faithful Noe & his housholde,
So surely he wyll.
Preserue them styll,
That [...]e of his true flocke & folde.
[...] [...]e,
[...] one,
[...] [...]he.
Then after this,
The Caldeys,
Builded the towre of Babilon,
But in that building,
God not deliting,
He brought it to destruction.
The first kingdome than,
By Nemrod began,
Among the Babilonians.
Through Idolatry,
And liuing vngodly,
It came to the Assirians.
Then Sardanapall,
Most lecherous of all,
Of his kingdome was depriued,
For his yll liuing,
His Office neglecting,
His people were then deuided.
Sodome and Gomor,
with .x. Cities more,
Sanke for the synne of lechery,
Therin they were brent,
They wolde not repent,
They lyued so delicatly.
Ioseph most prudent,
In his gouernment,
Brought the Egiptians in religiō
He set vp godly fere,
with Ciuile good maner.
Of him is right famous mencion.
Pharao truly,
For his tiranny,
was drowned in the red sea,
when Moses the capten,
with Gods people then,
Passed clene through that way.
Kyng Roboam,
was a wylfull man.
He set nought by his counsell olde,
For diuers thinges,
To his subiectes vndoinges,
To obey them he neuer wolde.
Release nought he wolde,
That he vniustly did hold,
His people went frō him a stray.
And a new kyngdome,
was there begon,
And set vp in Samaria.
The good Kyng Ioas
An holy man was,
As long as Ioiada liued,
But when he did dye,
He set vp Idolatrie,
& zachari his sō causde to be killed.
Good king Ezechias,
A godly man he was,
He restorde Gods worship againe,
King Balthala [...],
Gods worship did ma [...]
And for spite he caused
That the Caldies god
was a gretter God,
Then had the Iewes
This great blasph [...]
Braught their calam [...]
The āgel of god wrot [...]
That Bal [...]hasars ki [...]
To destru [...]tion shuld [...]
And he sh [...]de perish t [...]
Thus the Caldia [...]
And the Assirians,
were at much desenc [...]
Through straunge [...]
Then grew the Per [...]
which made their k [...]
Now Christ is co [...]
The true kingdome [...]
Seke ye rest and fol [...]
And repent from sy [...]
A new lyfe now beg [...]
That vertu may w [...]
Symeon Christ [...]
In his armes and [...]
Now let thi seruāt [...]
An exsaumple true [...]
which we shulde er [...]
From strife that w [...]
Now do ye rega [...]
How God doth re [...]
The wicked world
when punysh doth
Vicious men trulie
He geueth to reign
But when God
The Comens, he
Kynges and Rule
which maketh the
And to them they
Both louing, go [...]
watche ye and [...]
Ye know not the [...]
Nor the hour w [...]
To iudge the liui [...]
And they in grau [...]
At the dreedfull d [...]
God defende o [...]
From tongues fl [...]
And send hī a pro [...]
with long contin [...]
Gods glory to a [...]
And the welth [...]
Loue one [...]

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