A mad kinde of wooing, Or, a Dialogue betweene Will the simple, and Nan the subtill, With their louing agreement.

To the tune of the new dance at the Red Bull Play-house.
Swéet Nancie I doe loue thée deare,
Beléeue me if thou can,
And shall, I doe protest and sweare,
while that thy name is Nan.
I cannot court with eloquence,
As many Courtiers doe:
But I doe loue intirely wench,
and must enioy thée too.
Spight of friends that contends
Lo separate our loue:
If thou loue me as I loue thée,
my minde shall ne're remoue.
Peace goodman clowne you are to briefe,
In proffering loue to me:
And if thou vse such rusticke spéech,
wée two shall ne're agree:
Dost thinke my fortunes Ile forsake,
To marry with a clowne,
When I haue choice inough to take,
of Gallants in the towne,
The Eagles eye doth scorne the flie,
Shele find a better prey:
Therfore leaue off thy dotish sure,
away fond foole away.
Why prethe Nan ne're scorne my loue,
Although I be but plaine:
Where Will doth once but set his loue,
he must not loue in vaine.
For all you speake so Scholler-like,
And talke of Eagles eyes:
Know I am come a wooing wench
and not a catching flies.
Then ne're reply nor yet deny,
I will not be denaid:
I would not haue the world report,
I twice did woe a maide.
But twice and thrice and twenty times
You'l wooe before you win:
To match with ignorance 'mongst maids
is held a sottish sin.
Therefore Ile match if ere I match,
One equall to my spirit:
And such a one or else no one,
shall my best loue inherit.
A man of wit best doth si:
A Mayden for to take,
Then such a man if that I can:
my husband I will make.
Why Nan I hope thou dost not take,
Thy Will to be a foole:
Thou knowst my Father for thy sake,
three yeeres kept me at schoole.
And if that thou hast spirit enough,
To yeeld to be my ioy,
I warrant I haue spirit enough,
to get a chopping boy.
Then ne're deny, yeeld and try,
Or try before you trust:
Let who will seeke for to enioy,
for Will both will and must.

The second part.

To the same tune.
WHy I haue those that séek my loue
That are too stout to yeeld:
And rather then they'd lose my loue,
they'd win me in the field,
Their skill in martiall exercise,
So much doth thine surpasse,
That should they heare thee sue for loue,
they's count thee but an asse,
Then be mute thy foolish sute
Is all but spent in vaine:
Tis an impossibility
thou shouldst my lo [...] obtaine.
Dost heare me Nan what ere lebe,
Doth challenge loue of thee,
Ile make him like to Cupid blind,
he shall haue no eyes to see.
I thinke I haue a little skill,
My armes be strong and tuffe:
And I will warrant they shall serue
to baste him well enuffe:
If he but starts to touch thy skirts,
Or in the least offends:
By all the hopes I haue of loue,
Ile cut of his fingers ends.
How should I grant to fancie thee,
Whom others doe disdaine.
If thou shouldst chance to marry me,
how wouldst thou me maintaine:
Thou knowest not how to vse a wife,
Thou art so homely bred:
And soone I doubt to iealousie,
thy fancie might be led:
Many feares vrge my cares,
That I should carefull be:
I feare I match a crabbed peece,
if I should marry thee.
Nan I am plaine and cannot cog,
Nor promise wondrous faire:
When all my promises shall proue
like Castles built i'th Aire:
My true performance shall be all,
My word shall be my deed:
And honest Nan if I haue thée,
you shall haue all you need.
Clay hands be bold, say and hold,
Let vs make quick dispatch:
If thou loue me as I loue thee,
weele straight make vp the match.
Then Will here is both hand and heart,
Ile loue thee till I dye:
The world may iudge I match for loue,
and not all for the eye.
I had rather match a lusty youth,
Whose strength is now at full,
Then match a small weake timbred man,
whose strength hath had a pull.
Maidens all both great and small,
That hope to marry at length,
Doe not marry for brauery:
but vnto strength adde strength.

Printed for H. G. [...] London bridge.

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