And euill thyrfte on thy heve saide lytell Iohn
Right vnder thy hattes bonde.
For thou haste made oure mayster wroth.
He is fastinge so longe
who is your master saide the monke
Iohn̄ sayde robyn hode.
He is a stronge thefe saide the monke
Of hym herde I neuer gode.
Thou lyest than saide lytell Iohn̄
And that shall reu the
He is a yoman of the forest.
To dine he hath bode the
Much was redy with a bolte.
Rapely and anone.
He sette the monke on the brest
To the grounde that he can gone
Of two and fifty wight yomen.
There abode nat one.
Saue a litell page and agronie
To lede these some [...]s with Iohn̄
They [...]rought the [...] to the loge [...]
w [...]der he were loth or lefe
For to speke with robyn hode
[...]ugre in theyr tethe.
R [...]yn dyd adowne his hode
The monke whan that he see
The monke was nat so curteys
His hode than let he be
He is a churle maister by dere worthy god.
Than saide litell Iohn̄
No force therof saide robyn

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