Numb▪ 101. An Exact Accompt, COMMUNICATING The chief Transactions of the Three Kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland. With the daily Votes and Resolves in both Houses of PARLIAMENT. Also Particular ADVICE from the OFFICE of INTELLIGENCE. Published by AUTHORITY. From Friday June 15. to Friday June 22. 1660.

Friday, 15 June. At the House of Commons.

THe House ordered that two Bills should be brought in, the one for the continuance of the Customes, and the other for the continu­ance of the Excise.

Mr. Speaker informeth the House that Isaac Pennington, late Lord Mayor and Alderman of the City of London, one of those who sate as Judge upon his late Majesty in the pretended High Court of Justice, according to his Majesties late Proclamation had rendred himself into his custody, and that he had committed him nto the hands of the Serjeant at Armes attending the House, the which was approved of by the House.

There appearing nothing as was alledged against Collonel White, he was cleared by the Houses and the Gentleman released which was [...]mprisonment concerning him.

[Page 986]The House read the Petition of Mrs. Penruddock wife of Mr. Pen­ruddock, who was put to death in the West.

They also assumed the Debate upon the residue of the Persons to be excepted out of the Act for General Pardon: and

Resolved, That Captain Blackwell be one of the Twenty to be ex­cepted out of the General Act of Pardon and Oblivion, to suffer such pains, penalties and forfeitures as shall be specified in an Act for that purpose to be passed.

The House had a long Debate concerning Col. Butler one of the late Protectors Major Generals, and it being put to the Question, whether he should be one of the Twenty persons to be excepted out of the Act for General Pardon▪ it was carried in the Negative.

The H [...]use adjourned the further Debate thereof untill to morrow eight of the clock in the morning.

Saturday, 16. June, at the House of Commons.

Mr. Speaker acquaints the House that Alderman Tichbourne, Coll. George Fleetwood and Iohn Temple had rendered themselves into his custody according to his Majesties late Proclamation, and that he had Committed them to the Serjant at Armes attending the House, which was approved off.

The House Resolved, that his Majesty be desired by his Proclama­tion to call in all such scandalous Books as the Parliament should no­minate, as some which are written by Mr. Iohn Goodwin and Iohn Milton, and ordered that those Books be burnt by the hand of the Hangman, and that the Authors be taken into safe Custody.

Ordered, that all Woods which are cut down or have been felled since the 25. of April, on any of the Kings or Queens Lands with such other Woods or timber so cut, which are not really sould be seized upon.

The House being informed that one Cheney had secured some Goods belonging unto Collonel Downes.

Ordered, that Cheney be taken into safe custody, and those Goods belonging to Coll. Downes be tak [...]n out of his possession, and that a Committee doe examine matter of fact herein, and Report their opi­nion to the House.

They also assumed the Debate upon the twenty persons to be ex­cepted out of the Act for Generall Pardon, and

Resolved, that Collonel Iohn Lambert be excepted out of the Act of Generall Pardon, and to suffer such paines, penalties and forfeitures as shall be specified in an Act for that purpose to be passed.

The like Resolves passed touching Alderman Pack ▪ Mr. Keeble the Elder, after which the House were in Debate concerning Sir Roberts, whether he should be excepted out of the Act for Generall Pardon, which being put to the Question passed in the Negative.

[Page 987]This week the Earle of Manchester Lord Chamberline of his Maje­sties House, received his Commission to be High Steward of West-Minster.

Munday, 18 Iune. At the House of Commons

The House read the humble Petition of Sir Henry Mildmay Knight, des [...]ing by reason of his indisposition of body the favour of the House to remain in the custody of the Serjeant at Armes, the which the House ordered according to his desire.

The House read the Bill for naturalizing Peter and Iohn Lapeen, a­lias Petees, and received a gracious Letter from his Majesty for expedi­ting the Act for General Pordon and Oblivion, as the only thing to settle and compose the mindes of persons touching the late troubles.

The House Ordered a Committee to consider of all persons who are in the Hospitals of the Savoy and Ely House, and who are [...]itting to be removed from thence into other places in the Countrey, and to report their opinion to the House.

A report was made concerning the Examination of one Hulet, now in the Tower, upon suspicion of committing that execrable mur­der on his late Majesty, that he himself did give such doubtfull answers unto such questions which were asked him, that caused him to be the more suspected, besides a Gentleman was ready to testify upon Oath that he heard him say he was the person that did commit it.

An information was likewise given into the House concerning Hugh Peters, that formerly when he came over from Ireland, and lay dangerously sick at Plymouth, did confesse in that his sicknesse, that he and Oliver Cromwell, when the said Cromwell went from the Parliament unto the Army in 1648. in a field on this side Ware, none being present besides, did then contrive and design the Death of his late Majesty with the change of the Government.

The House assumed the debate upon the twenty persons to be excepted out of the Act for General Pardon, besides those who sate and gave Sentence of death upon his late Majesty, not extending to life, but to suffer such paines, penalties and forfeitures as shall be specified in an Act for that purpose to be passed: and

Resolved, That Charles Fleetwood late Lieutenant General be one of those who are so excepted: the like Resolve passed touching Colonel Pine, Capt. Dean, Major Creed, Mr. Philip Nye, Mr. Iohn Goodwin, and Col. Cobbet, so that the names of the twenty persons as abovesaid are as followeth,

  • William Lenthall Esquire, late Speaker.
  • Sir Henry Vane.
  • William Burton, Bailiff of Yar­mouth.
  • Major Creed.
  • Charles Fleetwood, late Lieute­nant General.
  • Col. Iohn Lambert.
  • [Page 988]Alderman Pack.
  • Sir Arthur Hesilrig.
  • Col▪ Syd [...]ham.
  • Col. Disbrow.
  • Alderman Ireton.
  • Col. Axiell.
  • Mr. K [...]ble.
  • Capt. Blackwell.
  • Col. Pine.
  • Col. Cobbet.
  • Capt. Dean.
  • Oliver St. Iohn, late one of the Ju­stices in the Common Pleas.
  • Mr. Philip Nye, Ministers.
  • Mr. Iohn Goodwin, Ministers.

The House appointed a Committee to consider of the impropriati­ons late in the hands of the Trustees for maintenance of Ministers, with power to send for persons, papers, &c. and to doe what is sit to be done in that affair, and report their opinions to the House.

Mr. Speaker acquaints the House, that Sir Iohn Bourchier, Collo­nel Owe [...] Roe, Collonel Robert Lilburn, three of thos [...] who sate as Iudges in the pretended High Court of Iustice, upon his late Majesty, had rendred themselves unto him, and that he had put them into the Custody of the Serjeant at Armes attending the House, which the House approved of.

Resolved, That William Hulet and Hugh Peters be excepted out the Act of General Pardon and Oblivion.

This day Sir Francis Lloyd Knight was sworn and admitted one of the Gentlemen of his Majesties privy Chamber in ordinary; and to receive and enjoy all the rights, priviledges and preheminencies be­longing to that place, &c.

Tuesday 19. Iune.

This day his Majesties gracious Proclamation in pursuance of his former Declaration and Letters to both Houses of Parliament▪ and ac­cording to the desire of the House of Commons, wherein they did in behalf of themselves, and of all the Commons of England, lay hold upon his Majesties free and generall pardon, as it was granted in his Declaration and Letters (excepting only such notorious offenders as should be excepted by Parliament) as it is more at large therein exprest was this day by Order of his Majesties Privy Council in most solemn manner by the Herald at Armes, proclaimed in the usual places at Westminster.

At the House of Commons.

Mr. Speaker acquaints the House that Augustine Garland, Adrian Scroop, Henry Smith and Col. Edmund Harvey, four of those who sate as Judges in the pretended High Court of Justice upon his late Ma­jesty, had rendred themselves unto him, and that he had put them in­to the Custody of the Serjeant at Armes attending the House, the which the House approved of.

The Lord Montague one of the Generals at Sea and Knight of the most noble Order of the Garter, this day came and took his place in [Page 989] the House; whereupon the House in consideration of his eminent ser­vice in conveying his sacred Majesty from Holland into England,

Ordered, The hearty thanks of the House to be given unto him, and that he be desired to give the Thanks of the House unto all the rest of the Officers in the Navy for their services performed herein. The which Mr. Speaker in an eloqu [...]nt Speech performed accordingly.

The House being informed that Colonel Iohn Downes one of them that sate as Judges in the pretended High Court of Justice upon his late Maj [...]sty was taken, they O [...]dered the Serjeant at Armes attending the House to take him into safe Custody.

The Hous [...] read the Bill for General Pardon and Oblivion, and Committed it to a Committee with Order that it be brought in to mor­row morning.

They also read the Bill for the Continuance of Excise the first time, which was c [...]mmitted.

They likewise read the Bill for continuance of the Customes the first time, which they likewise committed.

They had under consideration the continuance of Tunnage and Poundage, and

Ordered, That a Bill be brought in for the settling of Tunnage and Poundage according to the Book of Rates upon his Majesty du­ring his life.

The Spanish Merchants delivered a Petition to the House, which was referred to a Committee to consider of.

A more perfect account of the Address of the University of Oxford to his Majesty, on Friday June 14.

THe Vice chancellor, Doctors, Proctors and Masters above the number of 120. all in their formalities came from Darby House, accompanied by the Earl of Southampton (by reason of the in­disposition of their Chancellor the Lord Marquess of Hertford) to Whitehall, where the Vice-chancellor humbly saluted his Majesty with a Speech, and presenting a book of Verses upon his happy Re­turn, found a gracious acceptance, and they had the honour to kiss his Majesties hand.

These are to signifie, that many of that University are much in­jured in the mangling and mis-printing their Verses.

Wednesday 20. June at the House of Commons.

The Speaker acquainted the House that Sir Hardrosse Waller and Sir Henry Martin, two of those that sate as Judges upon his late Ma­jesty, had rendred themselves to him, and that he had put them into the custody of the Serjeant at Armes, which the House approved of.

Likewise he acquainted the House that Col. Dixwell had petitioned [Page 990] him, that being sick and not able to render himself by the time limited in the Proclamation, that notwithstanding he might not lose the bene­fit thereof, and it was ordered that upon surrendring of himself, he should enjoy the freedom limited in the Proclamation.

The House received the Report from the Committee of Priviledges touching Elections, and passed several, onely the election of W [...]gon was referred back to the Committee to examine some particulars newly alledged touching the election.

A Report being made to the House touching several summes of money which are now to be paid out of the Receipt of the Exchequer unto particular persons, to which it was thought convenient that a stop should b [...] made: the House thereupon

Resolved, That no further p [...]ym [...]nts [...] made unto any particular perso [...] [...] Re­ceipt of the Exchequer until the [...] what they are and upon what [...] were contracted: and that the [...] House of Lords be desired herein.

The Committee appointed to consider of the Queens Joynter, made their Report that by reason of the sales which have been made of those Lands her Majesty could no be presently supplied thereby, upon which the House

Ordered, That the summe of twenty thousand pound be given unto her Majesty for her present supplement: and that it be issued forth of those monies which come in by the Ordinance of seventy thousands pounds a moneth, and that the concurrence of the Lords be desired there­unto.

The House approved of Doctor Nicholas to be Go­vernour of St Nicholas Hospital in Bristol.

A Bill for the continuance of the excise, and likewise the Bill for Tonnage and Poundage was reported, and afterwards committed, whereupon the House

[Page 991]Ordered, That the duties of the excise &c. be paid unto the present Commissioners, and that they do re­ceive the same: which Order is to continue for one month from the expiration of the present powers, and ordered that the concurrence of the Lords be desired hereunto, after which the House adjourned until eight of the clo [...]k.

His Majestie the last night was nobly entertained by the Earl of Pembroke at Baynards Castle, where was pr [...]sent divers other Persons of Quality.

Thursday 21. June. At the House of Lords.

This day Alderman Fowke with several other Aldermen and Com­mon Council of the City of London attended their Lordships, who be­ing informed that they were at the door, Ordered, that they should be called in; who being come unto the Bar, Alderman Fowke in the names of the rest, acquainted the House that they had been with his Majesty and his Brothers, the Dukes of York and Glocester, to invite them to honour the City of London with their presence at a Dinner on Thursday, the 5. of July next ensuing; the which his Majesty with his Brothers were graciously pleased to accept: that they were now commanded to attend their Lordships in the name of the Lo [...]d Mayor, Aldermen and Commons of the City of London in Common Council assembled, and to desire that their Lordships would likewise be plea­sed to honour the City with their company upon the same day at Din­ner: who being withdrawn, and called in again, Sir Orlando Bridge­man in the name of the House acquainted them that the House did kindly accept of their invitation, and should come accordingly.

At the House of Commons.

Mr. Speaker acquaints the House that the Lord Mounson and Lieu. General Ludlow, two of those who sate as Judges in the late preten­ded High Court of Justice upon his Majesty had rendred themselves according to his Majesties Proclamation into his custody; and the House being informed that the Lord Mounson was a prisoner in the Kings Bench upon execution.

Ordered, That he be committed unto the same prison, and that the Marshal of the prison at all times do see that he be forth coming, Lieutenant General Ludlow was committed into the hands of the Ser­jeant at Armes attending the House.

The Committee of Priviledges reports the Election of Scarborough▪ in which the House agreed with the Committee, and

Resolved, That Mr. Thomson is duly elected, and ought to at­tend [Page 992] the service of the House accordingly, and Ordered the Bayliff of Scarborough to be sent for in safe custody.

They also Reported the Election of Northampton, in which the House likewise agreed with the Committee, and

Resolved, That the right of Electing is in the popularity, and that Sr John Norris is rightly Elected, and Mr Harvy unduly Re [...]urned, and thereupon ordered Sr John Norris to attend the House accor­dingly.

The House read the Bill for Pole-money, and had a long debate thereupon, and afterwards committed it to a a g [...]and Committee of the whole House.

They being informed that divers Aldermen were at the Door, they were called in, being come to the Bar, in the name of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen &c. invited the House to attend his Majestie with the House of Peers, and to take a Dinner at Guil [...]-Hall on Thursday the 5th of July next ensuing, the which the House kindly accepted of.

The House read the Bill for confirmation of all proceedings at Law, and committed it, with order that the Committee do bring it in to mor­row morning the first businesse nothing to entervene.

Yesterday in the afternoon the Lord Pel [...]ts Gentleman of the Horse unto his Electorall Highnesse of Brandenburgh, and extraordi­nary Envoy for his said Highnesse unto his Royal Majestie, was by the Master of the Ceremonies conducted unto his audience, where in a most eloquent Oration in the name of the Duke his Master, he did con­gratulate his Majesties happy restauration to his Kingdomes and Go­vernment, who was ve [...]y kindly received by his Majestie, and after­wards conducted back again.

This evening the Duke of Buckingham at his House, so well known by the name of VVallingford-House, gave a noble entertainment un­to his Royall Majestie, the Dukes of York and Glocester, besides seve­rall other Peers, which stately entertainment, besides extraordinary rare Musick, was ended with an enterlude to his Majesties great sa­tisfaction.

This day Thomas Scot, another of the Judges that sate in the preten­ded High Court of Justice, and condemned his late Majesty of blessed memory, was brought to VVestminster: He was, as is reported, taken at Gaunt in Flanders, and sent to Dunkirk.

LONDON, Printed by Iohn Redmayne in Lovell [...] Court in Pater-noster-Row. And are to be had at the Office of Intelligence. 1660.

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