A SPEECH Spoken by Sr. THOMAS WROTH KNIGHT, In the Honourable House of COMMONS: Vpon his delivery of a Petition from the Knights, Gentlemen, and Freeholders of the County of Somerset.

February, 25. 1642.

Together with the Petition of the said County then delivered.

LONDON, Printed for H. S. 1642.

A SPEECH spoken by Sir THOMAS WROTH Knight, in the Honourable House of Commons upon his delivery of a Petition from the Knights, Gentlemen, and Freeholders, of the County of Somerset, February, 25. 1641.

Mr. Speaker,

THe High and Glorious Assembly of the three Estates in Parliament, hath a neere Resemblance to the Day of Judgement; for in Parlia­ment we are called to Account for our Actions both Good and Evill; here wee heare the Voice of Ite and Venite; From this Venite, the Knights, Gentlemen and Freeholders of the County of Somerser have been encoura­ged to entrust Us humbly to present their Petition to this Honourable House. It coms not attended with a numerous or multi­tudinous Troop, but guarded with some thou­sand [Page] of Hands to attest their approbation and assent. By reason of our Remotenesse, divers other Countries have had the Honour to pre­sede Ours in the like Expressions of Loyalty and Duty, which Precedency may much dis­advantage our Cordiall Intentions, if this House be not candid.

Mr. Speaker, It is our humble Supplication to this great Senate in behalfe of them that sent us and our selves, that neither the pauci­ty of our Attendance, nor the circumstance of time in the exhibiting this Petition, may make It or Us invalid or unacceptable, since we have Hearts and Hands as zealous and ready to maintain whatsoever is contained in our Peti­tion, as any of the preceding Countries.

The Labourers who entred into the Worke at the shutting in of the Day, received as much Wages as those that came early. It is the ear­nest desire of our Hearts that this Honourable and prudent Councell would vouchsafe Us such wages (Gratious-Acceptance) and that our Petition may be honour'd with a Reading.

Sr, I have but one thing more in charge; Whilst this Petition was ambulatory in our [Page] Country for Hands, that renowned Act con­cerning Bishops and others in Holy-Orders, never to be forgotten, and ever to be memo­riz'd with thankfulnesse to God, his Maiesty, the Peeres and Commons, passed, to the un­speakeable content of all the well-affected Christians of this Kingdome; For which, I am commanded to give this Honourable House all humble and hearty thanks. And Mr. Speaker, might it be lawfull in humility to speake my own thoughts, when the Bill of Pluralities (the next great worke towards the blessed Reformation) is perfected, I will then say, Lord, now let thy seruant depart this World in peace, for mine eye hath seen the great Salva­tion thou art beginning to worke for England.

God blesse England.

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