THE Reign of the VVhore DISCOVERED. And Her RVINE seen.

THis is a certain Truth revealed in the light, and witnessed to by the Scriptures, that the Whore, (the false Church) hath long reigned in her fen­ced City which Cain the Vagabond and Murther­er built; and long hath she been guarded and de­fended with Cain's Weapons, carnal Weapons; and long hath she sate as a queen, seeing no sorrow▪ and long hath her golden Cup passed up and down the Nations, which is full of abo­minations of her Fornication, whereby the Nations have been That sign of long Reig corrupted, and the Inhabitants of the Earth made drunk: But now is the hour of her Judgement come, and coming; now is her skirts lifted up, and her secret parts discovered, and discovering, and the Beast on whom she rode and rides, is seen, and his colour is known, and her secret Chambers of I­magery is found out, and her Sorceries and Witchcrafts are made manifest, and many people on whom she s;ate, and over whom she reigned, are redeemed from under her, and reigns over her in Christ the Power of God, which redeems, and which preserves in the redemption: Oh let the re­deemed of the Lord praise his holy Name, and walk to the praise and glory of his Grace for ever; for the day is daw­ned wherein hypocrisie cannot stand, nor hypocrites hide themselves, and wherein fig-leaves cannot hide nor cover from the pure eye of the Lord God, which runs to and fro through the Earth, though they may be sowed together by such who have eaten of the choicest fruit the tree of know­ledge of good and evil yeilds; and by such who are called Or­thodox [Page] [Page 1] [...] [Page 2] men, Learned men, great Schollars, Wise Disputants, all is in valn, their labour is little worth, the Lord is come down to walk in the Garden, and his Voice, Where art thou? is gone forth, and now is the Lord come, and coming to make inquisition for blood, and to bring every man's Work to Judgement, and to reward every man according to his Work.

And now ye Priests and Professors in Southwark, especially who are called Presbyterians, whose cry is very loud against us who are called Quakers, and the noise among you is, That we are the deceivers, false prophets, and wolves in sheeps clothing, and that we deny the Scriptures, and are Jesuits, &c.

Answ. Must this be true because you say so? And must the people believe you before you prove it? Nay, but you will be counted false accusers, and fierce despisers of those that are good, till you make it appear by better proofs then you could find to prove your selves Ministers of Christ at the late Dis­pute, & then you can find to quit your selves from being guilty of those things you charge us withall; for indeed we count you guilty of the same things you accuse us for, and ever shall un­less you can clear your selves, and convince us to the contra­ry; for we see many signs, marks, and characters upon you, and many practices among you which were never found up­on, nor among the true Ministers of Christ, and that are not owned by the Scriptures; and this hath been signified to you already at the late Dispute, and in Writing also given into William Cooper's hands some Weeks since.

And also in a printed Paper, titled, The grounds and reasons why we deny the Teachers of the world; Which hath been printed six years since, and no Answer hath appeared from you the Na­tional Priests, who are concerned therein.

And now seeing William Cooper and some others of your Bre­thren affirmed publikely, that we (the people called quakers) are Jesuits, and Jesuitical, and proffered to prove their affir­mation, (in the bitterness of their spirits) therefore let us reason a little with you, and prove and examine you, that the people may see your Clothing or outside (if not your inside) to be Jesuitical at least; and let us and all people know how you can quit your selves from being of that Popish Train; and as for us, let our integrity and innocency plead for us, other­wise [Page 3] we shall say nothing for our selves, for the Lord doth plead our cause.

Are not you like the Jesuits and Popish Priests, First, In your being made fit for your Call to your Ministry. Secondly, In your Call. Thirdly in your going forth, Fourthly, In your Work called to. Fifthly, In your Maintenance in your Work. Sixthly, In your Doctrines, Practices, Places of Worship, and manners in Worship. If you say nay, Make it appear not one­ly in Words, but in Fruits; not Fruits of Violence I do not mean; but Fruits of the Spirit of God, if you know it, and answer.

First, Are you not like the Jesuits and Popish Priests in pre­paring your selves, and making your selves fit for your Call to your Ministry you profess? Are you not prepared and fitted at those Schools and Colledges first ordained by the Pope? Doth not learning some natural Languages and Arts, as Lo­gick, and Rhetorick, and such like, make you fit for your Call? And are not the Popish Priests and Jesuits made fit after this manner, in such places, and by such means, for their Call? Then are you nor like them in this thing? And was ever any of the Ministers of Christ fitted and prepared after this man­ner that he sent forth?

Secondly, Are you not called, appointed, and ordained by men to preach? And do you not count that your Call, if you have the approbation of some that are counted Orthodox men, which have learned the natural Tongues and Arts that are taught in the Popish Schools and Colledges? And are not the Popish Priests and Jesuits called and approved after this manner? And are you not like them in this also? Was ever Christ's Ministers called by man, or approved by man?

Thirdly, In your yoing forth to preach are you like the Mi­nisters of Christ? Do you go gorth freely, and minister free­ly from City to City, and Nation to Nation, as the Ministers of Christ did? Have you received freely? Have not you bought what you have with money? And do you not strive to get the best Market place you can to sit down into sell it again, even at a deer rate? And are not the Popish old Mas-houses your Market-places, where you abide many times for term of life? [Page 4] Are not you the creepers the Apostle spoke of, that should creep into houses, and lead silly Women captive, laden with sin, led aside with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth? Are not all your fol­lowers such? Doth not your fruits make you appear to be such house-creepers as were in the Apostles dayes? Is not this the Popish Priests manner? Do not they go forth in this way? Are not you careless Watchmen, and dreaming Prophets, and idle Shepherds? Do you not say we are Wolves? And have we not had meetings several years in many of your Folds, (called parishes) in & over which you count your selves good Wattch­men, and true Shepherds? But when did either of you, or any of you parish-Masters (who would have others count you true Shepherds) so much as come to save your sheep from be­ing drawn or taken from, or out of your Fold? And have you not lost many of the best and soberest of your flock? Have you cared naturally for your flock, or naturally for the fleece? Have you shewed your selves like true shepherds, or like hire­lings in this thing? Do you think you are wronged to be cal­led and counted careless, dreaming, false, idle shepherds, and such who want the spiritual Weapons, and true Shepherds Crook? Put aside Whips, and Stocks, and Prisons, and compul­sive Laws, and what can you do? Where's your Spiritual Wea­pons? Where's your Shepherds Crook then? If you lose these Weapons, what can you do to defend your selves or flock? And if you put away the Wisdom which man teacheth, and which man hath taught you, as natural tongues, and arts, what can you say? Is your armour the whole armour of light? and have you the Sword of the Spirit? and do you speak as the Spirit gives you utterance, as Christ's Ministers did? Or do you not gain utterance as the popish priests and Jesuits gains it? and have you not bought the art of uttetance? and yet are not many of you so dull and sottish, that if you should lose your Notes (which I have seen some of you craftily hide be­twixt the leaves of your Bibles that the people might not see them) would you not lose your method, matter and utter­ance, and so have little to say? Why do you endeavour to hide your notes? And do not some of you carry a Bible on [Page 5] purpose up with you into your Pulpits to hide your Notes? And are there not some of you that haveI have seen such Note Books bound and painted in form of a Bible, when there is no printed Let­ter in it? Now could you not preach better without your Bi­ble, then without your Notes and Note-Book? Why do you not leave your Bibles at home? Do you bring it onely for a cloak, custom & fashion? and is not this the reason why people cry against us for denyers of the Scriptures, because we do not hold a Bible in our hands when we preach to people, and because we follow not your fashion, and have Notes to tell the people the Chapter and Verse? Did Christs Ministers go forth after this manner with Notes in their pockets, or in a Book, to tell them what to preach, and how to preach? and did they ever sit down and continue in one place for term of life, unless they could hear of a people that would give them more money, and greater hire? Whose example do you follow in this, if not the Popish Priests? Come Priests, let the people hear your answer.

Fourthly, In your Work called to; you say 'tis to preach the Gospel, and the cry is among poor, blind, ignorant people, you are Ministers of the Gospel; But are you not Ministers of the Letter? and do you not call Matthew, Mark, Luke and John's Writings, the Gospel? and do you not take the Letter for your ground-work, which you call your Text, and then by your art which you have learn'd at School, raise that you call your Doctrines, Points, Reasons, Uses, Motives, and Tri­als, and such like? Now is not your preaching, or making an hours speech, artificial? and is not your Work herein like the Popish Priests? and are you not very unlike the Ministers of Christ in this your Work? Did any of the latter Prophets take the former Prophets Words to speak from? Or did any of the latter Apostles and Ministers of Christ, take the former Apo­stles and Ministers Words for their Ground-Work? Did not they all minister according as they had received from God? and was not their Work and Ministry for this end, To turn people to Gods gift in them, from the darkness to the light, from the power of Satan to God? But is your Work so? Do not you turn people's minds to something without them? [Page 6] and do not your selves hate the light, and so are you like to turn people from darkness? and are you not under the power of Satan you selves? and do you not teach the poor igno­rant people, that 'tis impossible to be freed from under the po­wer of Satan, and that they must never expect to be freed from committing of sin while living in the Body? and are not those under the power of the Devil that doth the Works of the Devil, and obeys his Will? are not those that commit sin the servants of sin, and free from righteousness? Is not he that commits sin, of the Devil? Then to what end and purpose is all your labour, pains, and study, and preaching, and praying, &c. if people must always be servants of sin, and slaves to the Devil, and never be redeemed from fin and iniquity? What spiritual things do you sowe to poore people? What Gospel do you preach? What glad tydings do you bring? Is this your glad tydings, that people must live in sin, and under the power of the Devil? Are you not miserable Ministers? Have you not brought another Gospel besides that which the Apostles preached? Is not the Gospel glad tydings to such as are weary and heavy laden with sin, and in bondage to the Devil? And is not the Gospel the Power of God? And is not Christ the Power of God? and is not he appointed to save his people from their sin, and not in their sins? Have you not one thing still to learn of the Pope, and that is, to know where the time and place of Cleansing is? How come you to miss preaching up a Purgatory, or place of Cleansing after this life, seeing your Doctrine and Principles admits of no such place and time in this World? But are not the Papists and you both deceived in this thing? Doth not the Tree lie as it falls? And Judgement finde as death leaves? And no unclean thing enter the Kingdome? Come Priests, let us and the people here your answer.

Fifthly, As to your Maintenance in this your Work; How can you quit your selves from being like the Papist Priest and Jesuits? Are you any thing like the Ministers of Christ in this thing also? Have not the Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops, been the Foundation of your setled standing-maintenance by Tithes, Gleab-lands, Easter-reckonings, Midsummer dues, [Page 7] Mortnaries and Smoke penys, and such like? Are you not behol­ding to the Pope & Popish Laws for this your way of mainte­nance? And why do you deny the Pope? Is it because he hath no authority in this Nation to give you any more means, nor to take from you what you have? Is it not a great sign that the root of all evil is in you, (to wit) Covetousness, that you have swallowed down so much blood, liberty and goods of many of the poor innocent Lambs of Christ within these few years, because for conscience sake they could not put into your mouths? Have you not prepared war against the innocent people of the Lord, who living in his pure fear, did not dare to maintain you in your Idolatry, in your lightness, pride and high-mindedness? How many of you have appeared like a Troop of Robbers in taking, and causing to be taken away violently poor peoples Ports, and Pans, and Kettles, and dishes from them, sometimes not leaving them things necessary to make ready their food in; and Bedding, and Clothes, and Oxen, and Cows, and Horses, and Harness, and Barns of Wheat, and Cart-loads of Hey and Corn, and their bodies also cast into prison? Hath not this been your Work in this Nation? Hath not the Lord raised a patient and harmless people to try you, which have not stri­ven against you in their Wills, that you might manifest what was in your hearts, notwithstanding your talk of Christianity; Have we not seen the murtherer offer a sacrifice? and the pro­phane person weep for the blessing? and the children of the De­vil call God Father? Hath not our eyes seen this? And is it not manifest if the Lord God, which is the higher Power, unto whom our souls are subject, did not over-power, & chain, and fetter, and break the horns of the Wicked, no less then our lives and blood would satisfie; for had not you (to wit, you especially called Presbyterian Priests) rather sit as a Po­pish Synod or Inquisition, then in the spirit of meekness, low­linss, and soundness in words, in life and conversation, and Scripture-example; prove your selves Ministers of Christ by your fruits & effects? Was ever the true Ministers of the Gospel in any age or generation since the days of Christ, the Son of the living God, manifest at Jerusalem, maintained as you are main­tained, by the ruine of others? Did they ever take any thing [Page 8] violently from any man? Nay, did ever they take or receive any thing at all from those that denied their Doctrine, and that would not receive nor own them as Ministers of Christ? What, are you quite without shame? Are you so greedy of fil­thy lucre, that you do not care how much you manifest your shame, and uncover your nakedness to all people? If you keep a Flock, eat the Milk the Flock will give you; if you plant a Vinyard, eat the fruit the Vinyard will yeild you; should you covet your Neighbours goods, and take them away because you say he is a Heretick? Should you rob your Neighbours vinyard because you cannot have fruit enough to satisfie your covetous desires out of that you have planted? Should you go reap your Neighbours field, because where you have sown there is little come up but briars and thorns? If you do thus, may not we, yea & all people, count you greedy of filthy lucre, covetous persons, and robbers? Would you have better come up then you sow? They that preach the Gospel, lives of the Gospel, and they never did, nor need petition the powers of the Earth to establish a Livelyhood upon them; but you smell much of Popery in this thing, and you have no exam­ple in the holy Scriptures to justifie you, but the Romish black Train is your example, and therefore we deny you, and can­not but count of you as you are, and in so doing we wrong you not; But have not you wrong'd us, and falsly accused us, and charged us to be like, or one with those whose example you are found in, and whose steps you follow, to wit, false Pro­phets, false Teachers, Popish Priests and Jesuits? You shall bear your own Judgement.

Sixthly, Concerning your Doctrine, Practices, Places, and manner of Worship.

Are you not found, and do we nor find you in the popish Doctrine, and Jesuitical practices, and popish Mass-Houses, and in the manner of their Worship in some things, and in some other things of later invention which the Scriptures doth not own nor justifie, neither did the Ministers of Christ allow of? If so, may vve not count you such as do not deny the popish vvayes, places, and manners, but lives in them, and [Page 9] by them? Is it not a popish Doctrine and practice to oppose the light within, wherewith Christ hath enlightened every man that is come into the World, and to teach some other way to attain the knowledge of God, besides the light which shines in the heart, notwithstanding the Scripture testifies, that the light which shines in the heart must give man the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ? And is it not the papists doctrine and practice to deny Revelation and Inspiration, and the immediate power of God present now, as of old? and is not this your Doctrine and practice also? Doth not the Scripture say, or is it not written, That there is none that knows the Father but the Son, and he to whom the Son reveals him? So do not the papists herein (and you with them) deny that the knowledge of God is attainable, seeing you deny the way wherein, the manner how, & the thing by which he is known, seen, and revealed, to wit, the light within? and if God be not known onely, and alone, by the revelation of Christ, and you and the papists deny revelation, and say it is ceased, then by what means do you expect to attain the knowledge of God, which is life eternal?

And how do you that deny Inspiration and immediate po­wer from God, believe the Scriptures, wherein is promised many glorious things to be enjoyed by the children of the Lord, as the pouring forth of his spirit upon his sons & daugh­ters? and how do you own the New Covenant, the fear in the heart, and the Spirit of the Lord in the inward parts? and you that deny the immediate voice, power, and presence of the Lord,, as of old, how do you believe Christs words, who said to his Disciples, Lo, I will be with you to the end of the world? and is not the presence of Christ the immediate power of God? and where two or three are gathered together in his Name, is he not in the midst? and is not he and his Father one, whose abode is with his people? But is not this too wonderful for Hirelings without a meaning?

And why do you talk of the Scriptures for your Rule? Is it not for ends to yourselves? Doth the Scriptures your preten­ded Rule, justifie you any more then they justifie the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Jesuits, Fryers, Monks, and popish priests? [Page 10] VVhy do you talk of three persons, or Trinity? Hath not the Pope learnt you that also? Doth the Scripture speake any where of three persons? And where had you that word Sa­crament, and the word merit? Had you not these from the pa­pists?

And concerning your places wherein you commonly per­form your publike VVorship; who founded and named them for you? Did not the papists? as St. Mary Magdalens Church, St. Thomas his Church, St. Stephen's Church, St. Peter's Church, St. Paul's Church: Did not the very same spirit that was cast out of Mary Magdalen, and that stoned Stephen, and that mur­thered Peter and Paul, build and give Names to those Steeple-houses? which you have suffered, if not taught the people, to call Churches, and the Houses of God, insomuch that it hath been a great crime among poor ignorant people to hear them called otherwise, & is stil, especially in some places of this Nati­on: Were they not the Popes Mass-Houses, and places of their Idolatrous Worship? And what Rule have you in the holy Scri­ptures for any to worship the true God in these Idolatrous Dens, and Popish Houses, and to call them such, and such a Saints Church, especially without alteration in form, in name and esteem? Did the children of Israel do so? Did the primi­tive Christians do so? VVhere is your example? And who made George a Saint? and Katherine, and Olives, & Mary Overies, and Giles, and Gregory, &c. that your Churches are called by their Names? are they not of the Popes making? are you not a­shamed that people should call those places Churches?

And then concerning your Manners and Worship in these places; Is it not your manner before your Worship begins, to ring Bells to call your Hearers (your Brethren) together? and whom do you imitate? and who learnt you this but the papists? and why do you deny them in words, and imitate them in practice?

And is it not your manner to get an hour-glass to preach, and pray by, and to sing by? and have you not the chief seats in the Assemblies? the popish Train hath so; and are you not like them? Do not they worship, and preach, and pray, and sing by the hour? then do you not agree with them? Did ever [Page 11] the true Christians and Christian Ministers do so?

And why must you have a soft Cushion with silken Jobs at the corners to lean on to read your studied, devised, framed artifici­al Sermon or speech to the people? And by what order was your Pulpit or high place hung with imbroydered Cloath, and some other of your stalls lined with cloath, when others want it to wear, even of your own heap, and sect and fold? Who are you like in this? Have you any such president in the holy Scriptures? What? and where is your Rule and Example? If you must have a Cushion, cut off the Jobs; and if you must have a Pulpit, take off your imbroydered cloaths, and cloathe your brethren which are within your own Parish, and of your own flesh; and do not let them go up and down begging for clothes and food, while your Pulpits and Stalls, or other chief Seats, are clothed, imbroy­dered, and laced; What manner of Christianity and brotherly love is there among you towards one another? And how come you by this manners among you, that he that hath a Gold Ring, and costly Apparel, and is called a rich man, must have a sumptu­ous seat in the principal place; and others in vile rayment can scarce have a place to sit on, but must stand afar off? Where I say did you learn this manners? Did you learn it of the Church of Christ, or the Pope and his Church? And is it not your man­ner and custom to respect persons, places, times, dayes & things? Doth not the Heathen so? and the Papists so? Then who may we compare you with, if not with those? Did ever any of the primitive Christians do so? Was it their manner to respect the person of him or her that had a Gold Ring or costly Apparel? Or was it their manner to respect or cry up the Jewish Syna­gogues, or Heathen Idolatrous Temple, or any particular place or house whatsoever, as the onely place of Worship, and call it a Church? Or did the Church of God in the dayes of Moses and the Prophets, when the Lord had given them victory over the Heathen their Enemies, did they (I say) preserve the Heathenish Idolatrous places of Worship, as Altars, Groves and Temples, and teach the people to call them Churches? Was it not as law­ful for those places to be called a Church, as 'tis for these popish Dens (builded with observation East and West, with a picture of a Cock and a Cross upon it, as the Papists devised and appointed) [Page 12] to be called a Church? Did not the Ministers of Christ gather people out of them, and bear their testimony against them, and all Temples made with hands? Did not the Lord by his Hammer, and battel-Ax of War, break down, burn, and utterly destroy those places, and Images, and Groves, set up and consecrated by the Idolaters? Did not the Lord begin such a work in this Nati­on some years since? And hath some Instruments proved like Jehu, begun in zeal, and ended in covetousness, which is Idolatry, and hath not regarded the Law of God withall their heart, And shall that frustrate the work and purpose of the Lord? Is he not raising others to accomplish his Work, and fulfil his Decree a­gainst the Adulterous generation, of what name or sect soever? and down in esteem, if not in form, must the Popish Mass-Hou­ses come, (and which is now the Priests Market place, and called a Church) and down must your Bells, and Pulpit-embroydered cloathes, and such like trumpery come, which hath been set up in the time of Popery, and since the cry was, Who is able to make war with the Beast?

And then is it not your manner to respect times, dayes, and things? Are you not like the Papists in this also? And have you not learnt of the Pope, Bishops, Cardinals, Jesuits Priests, Fry­ers and Monks, and Heathens, how, and what to call your times, dayes, months, and quarters, &c. Have they not all Heathenish and Popish Names? The holy Scriptures you are not ashamed to say is your Rule, but in what one thing do you walk according to your pretended Rule? unless you mean the Popish & Heathenish Scriptures, or Writings, & call them your holy Rule; if you mean those, you shall be believed, because you are found walking there­after; but if you mean the Writings which holy men wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, we know you are lyars, and cannot believe you, for they never learnt you to follow the man­ners and customs of the Heathen nor Papists, as you do, in re­specting, and naming, or calling your Times, Dayes, Months and things; the Scripture of Truth teacheth to call Days and Months after this manner, First day, second day, third day, fourth day, fifth day, sixth day, seventh day. First month, second month, third month, and so to the twelfth month. The Heathen and Papists, and their Writings, teacheth to call the first day of the Week [Page 13] Sunday, or dies Solis, the day of the Sun; the second day Monday, or dies Lun [...], the day of the Moon, or the Moons day; the third day Tuesday; & the fourth Wednesday; the fifth Thursday; sixth Fryday; the seventh Saturday; according to the Names of the 7. Planets wch the Heathen and Papists talk so much of. And the first Month they call March, the second April, and so on to the eighth Month, which is called October, which signifieth the eighth Month, Novem­ber the ninth Month, December the tenth Month, from the Lattin words, Octo, Novem, Decem, eight, nine, and ten; and the ele­venth Month you call January, and the twelfth Month February. Now do you not prefer the Heathenish and Popish Traditions, Rules, Customs, Manners, and Writings, before, and above what is delivered, prescribed, and taught in the Writings of the holy men of God? so that it is come to pass by your so doing, that if people are brought to call daies, and months, and times, and places, and persons, according as those did who had the spirit of God, which the Scriptures teacheth and witnesseth unto; I say, When people are brought to this, they become a his­sing, and a wonder among you, and are counted nice, and frivo­lous, and unmannerly, and when we speak and write of hours, dayes, and months, as they are recorded in the Scripture, people cannot tell what we mean, nor how to understand us, nor when such a time, hour day or month is, but will rather mock and jeer at first hour, first day, first month &c. and will have no such recko­ning of times in their temporal, civil, or spiritual Accompts; these are your Auditors your Disciples, or Schollars; as you have learnt, you teach; as you the Priests are, so are the people, imitators of the Papists and Heathen in this, as well as other things; and the Christians life, words, manners and behaviour, you are out of, and strangers to; and may we not justly with the Heathen and Papists compare you, whose example you follow?

And then concerning the manner of your publike Divine Worship, (as you call it) have you not this manner and custom as the first part of your Worship, to sing David's Psalms in rime and meeter, divised, or turned thereinto by Poets or Musicianers, as Thomas Sternhold, and John Hopkins, and others, with apt Notes to sing them withall, before your prayer, and after your Prayer; before your Sermon, and after your Sermon, of all the people [Page 14] together; Is not this your own invention? Was there any such manner of singing in the Church of Christ? You say; Let us sing to the praise and glory of God; and you keep an Officer to read the Psalm to people, which are some drunkards, some covetous, some proud, some defrauders of their Brethren, dissemblers, double▪ dealers, some Adulterers and unclean persons; some jesters, and idle talkers; some light, and vain, wild, and wanton; some scorn­ful high-minded, and mockers; some disobedient to Parents, un­thankful, and unholy, and of rude, unchristian behaviour; Of such consisteth your Church; and are not the Steeplehouse-sing­ers such? And can such persons sing to the praise and glory of God? Or are they in a state and condition fit to sing at all? Doth not weeping and howling, mourning, sorrow, and lamentation, and wo from the dreadful Lord God of Heaven and of Earth, belong to such singers? Singing with Grace in the heart unto the Lord, we own; but singing with wickedness, with pride and cove­tousness in the heart, we utterly deny; Singing with the Spirit and with understanding, we own; but your singing by Letter, with Musical Notes and Tunes, customarily, ignorantly, without understanding, we wholly disown, and bear our testimony against it as abomination in the sight of the Lord, and it was never or­dained nor appointed in, nor by the true Church; but it hath been ordained and appointed by the false Church, the Whore, and her Merchants, in the dark night of Apostacy, since the dayes of the Apostles, and since the true Church fled in to the Wilderness; And is not this singing of David's Prayers, Mournings, Sighings, Com­plainings, and Cryes unto the Lord, and his Praises, Rejoicings, and magnifying the Lord, and such like conditions as David was in; I say, Is not your singing of these things, like the Papists sing­ing? have you any more rule in the Scripture for your singing, then the Papists have for their singing? And hath it not been one of the Whores later invention and addition to your Worship, even about the time of Queen Elizabeths reign in this Nation? but the same pure, eternal light which appeared in the hearts of some about the beginning of our English Wars, and manifested much of the Popish Trumpery which was then in being, of which qui­risters and singing-boys in white Surplices was one; I say, the same pure, eternal light hath manifested your singing and noise [Page 15] to be as abominable in the ears of the Lord, as theirs, and to be denyed and witnessed against; for you have no more rule in the Scripture for your singing David's Prayers, then the quiresters and singers then had to sing the Prayer which Christ taught his Disciples, which they called Pater Noster; Which of all you Mass-house Singers are, or ever were what you sing, as when you sing, O Lord I am no [...] puft in mind, and that your eys are not scornful? Are you not of such a proud and hard heart, and puft up mind, and scornful eyes, many of you, that you will scarce look upon, nor walk with, nor relieve those that are poor, though they be of your own Church? Then do you not sing a lye in this? And is that to the praise and glory of God? Surely you dare not say that God is glorified with a noise of lyes; not that David's Psalms are lyes, but you be­ing not in the same state, condition, and life that David was in, they are lyes in your mouths: David said, Mine eys gush out with Rivers of water, because they keep not thy law, I am afflicted, & ready to dye from my youth up; while I suffer thy terrors, I am d [...]stracted, I am like a Bottle in the smoak; I am like an Owle in the desert; I am like a Pellican in the Wilderness; I am like a Sparrow alone upon the house top; all my friends and acquaintance hath forsaken me. This David said, and you sing these words ignorantly, customarily, never witnessing the same state & condition, so they are lyes in your mouths, and God is not glorified, but dishonored by you in this part of your Worship; and your singing, and the Pa­pists, and quiristers, and Surplice-boys singing, is abominati­on alike in the sight of the Lord, and in the sight of his ser­vants who are redeemed from amongst you, and from under the great Whore, which sits upon the Waters; but the Lord our God is taking her seat from under her, and into the pit she (with her golden Cup full of Sorceries, Witchcrafts, and Fornications) shall fall, and none shall be able to deliver her, neither can she save her self, nor those that hath been, and still are made drunk with her Sorceries and deceiveable ways of unrighteousness, of which this trick, craft, and art of sing­ing is one; James said, Is any merry, let him sing Psalms; He wrote these words to Saints; but hear what he wrote to such as you, Cleanse your hands ye sinners, and purifie your hearts ye double-min­ded; [Page 16] be afflicted, and mourn, and weep; let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy into heaviness. Such as these hath no cause to be merry, who are sinners, whose hands are unclean­sed, and whose hearts are unpurified, and whose minds are double; And are not all ye Mass-house-singers in whole Chri­stendome (so called) such? But the Lord hath redeemed, and is redeeming many thousands from among you, Babylo­nish singers, and hath brought, and is bringing them to godly sorrow, which leadeth to repentance never to be repented of, and afterwards to the joy which shall never have an end; and your rejoicing and singing which is carnal, customary, and formal, before any godly sorrow for sin you know, and before you are lead to that repentance which is never to be repented of; I say, this your rejoicing and singing which is before re­pentance, must of necessity end in sorrow and anguish of heart: The Lord grant you such sorrow which leadeth to repen­tance in time, before Eternity seizeth upon you, that weep­ing, and howling, and gnashing of teeth be not your portion for ever; for if the prayers of the unregenerate, ungodly, or wicked are abomination to the Lord, is their praises and singing any better? Is praise comely in the mouth of a fool? And are not they fools that lives in iniquity, & yet rejoiceth? Consider this ye Priests, ye Jesuits, and Popish Christians, and let the Witness for God in your conscience, and in all consci­ences answer whether ye are not all alike.

Concerning your praying after you have done singing.

The Scripture saith, I will that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath or doubting; But what hands do you lift up? Are your hands holy, &c? Have not you Wrath, En­vy, and Malice in your hearts, and doubtings, and waverings in your minds? Is not your prayings like the Popish Priests and Papists prayings? And like the Scribes and Pharisees prayings? Did Christ ever teach you to pray any more then he taught them? Are you his Disciples, or Schollars, or followers any more then they? What do you learn of him? And whither do you follow him? Can you say that he hath taught you to [Page 17] pray as he taught his Disciple to pray? Have you not learnt to pray of some other besides Christ? And do not you (instead of being led to pray by the Spirit of Christ) pray customa­rily? You know when you have sung out your Psalm, you make and frame a prayer, or else the people will wonder at you; so instead of waiting and staying for the moving and lea­dings of the holy spirit to pray by, you wait for the end of the Psalm, and then you move and stir up your selves, and makes a mock of the movings of the spirit of God; and so instead of praying by the Spirit, you turn up your Hour-glass, and prayes by that; so that you know how long to pray, and how long to preach, and how long to sing by your guide, the Hour­glass, and your eye is often towards it for direction; and when 'tis a pretty deal run, you will tell the people you see the time is far spent, therefore you must hasten; and when your Glass is out, you tell the people the time is spent, and you see the time is past, and therefore you shall conclude: Oh what do ye mean ye Priests, that ye are not yet ashamed of this divice and Popish Invention in this day of the light's breaking forth in the hearts of people! Ye search the Scriptures which you falsly call your Rule, and you say you are Ministers of Christ, and succeeders of the Apostles, but in trial you are found ly­ars, and your pretended Rule (the holy Scriptures) witnesseth against you as transgressors, out of the life of the holy men that gave them forth, wresting their words to serve your pri­vate ends to your own (and others that are led by you) de­struction, and out of the Apostles and Ministers of Christs steps, life, manners, behaviour, doctrine and practices▪ Where is it written in the holy Scriptures, and which of the Apostles and Ministers of Christ appointed and ordained that their succeeders should pray, and preach, and sing by an Hour­glass, and to meet together by the sound of the Bells to wor­ship? Where is that written? And which of the Ministers of Christ appointed Bells to call their Brethren together? In which of the Christian Churches before the Apostacy, was there Hour-glasses, and Bells, and Pulpits with embroydered Cloath about them, and lined Stalls for the rich, with a lock and key to keep the poor out, and many such like devices [Page 18] which are found amongst you? I say, Where is your Rule [...] Where is your Example for any of these and such like things in the Scriptures of the holy men of God? Come Priests, look out the Chapter and Verse, if you can, and let us know where it is; until then, we shall conclude, yea, and it is conclu­ded already, That you walk not, nor worship not as the Chri­stians before the Apostacy did, neither have you them for your example or pattern; but that your example and pattern is the false Romish Church your elder Sister, and the great Whore your Mother, we know, and the Beast she rides on, we have seen, which is of a Scarlet colour, and the blood she hath drunk of the Prophets, Saints, and Martyrs, the Lord is en­quiring after, and making inquisition for, and a bed of Tor­ment she shall be laid on; Hearken and rejoice ye Saints, ye Children of the Most High, a Bed (which betokeneth a place of Rest) shall be the Whores place of Torment, her resting place shall torment her; Alas! alas! Weeping, and wailing, and mourning over her, shall be the greatest comfort her Merchants that hath been made rich by her, and her children she hath delicately brought up, shall yeild her; yea all ye Ship-Masters, and all ye company in Ships, and Say­lors, and Kings, and Merchants, shall stand afar off for fear of her torment, and cast dust on their heads, and cry, weeping, and wailing, saying, Alas! alas! that great City, wherein were made rich all that had Ships in the sea, by reason of her cost­liness, for in one hour is she made desolate: Rejoice over her thou Heaven, and ye holy Apostles and Prophets, for God hath avenged you on her, you have seen the Angel take up the great stone, and give the sign of her perpetual downfal; and a great voice of much people in Heaven is heard, say­ing, Halelujah, Salvation, and Glory, and Honor, and Power unto the Lord our God, for true and righteous are his judge­ments, for he hath judged the great Whore which did corrupt the Earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his Servants. And again they said, Halelujah, &c.

And now you National Priests, are not you the Ship-Ma­sters, or Parish-Masters, Merchants, or Traders by Sea here spoken of? And the gathering together of the waters he called Sea; [Page 19] And the Beast with seven heads and ten horns rose out of the Sea; The wicked are like a troubled Sea: And the waters thou sawest where the Whore sitteth, are peoples, kindreds, tongues, and nations: So the sea is Waters, and the Waters is Peoples, Multitudes, Tongues and Nations, whereon the Whore your Mother hath long sate, and in, or among whom you her Merchants have built your Ships, and set up your Trade by the Authority of the Beast which rose out of the same place the Whore sate on; He that hath Wisdom, let him understand: I say, By the Authority of this Beast who hath seven heads, ten horns, ten Crowns upon his horns; & upon his heads the name of Blasphemy, unto whom the Dragon gave his power, have you, and all Parish-Masters and others of the Whores choice Merchants in whole Christen­dom sate and advanced your Trade above, and beyond all the Crafts-mens Trade beside in the whole World: And this may appear plain to the view of all people, if these few parti­culars following are considered.

First, You have got a Market-place where none must sell any Wares but your selves, though it be never so much better then yours; neither must any come into your Market-place to give freely to poor people, whose souls are ready to starve for want of the Bread of life, notwithstanding they buy of your deceitful Wares.

Secondly, You have had, and some of your Brethren still have a compulsive Law to compel and constrain all people within such a compass or quarter to come to your Market-place and buy of you, and none other.

Thirdly, Whether those people within such a compass, or quarter, or parish, come to your Market, or no, or receive any of your Merchandize, notwithstanding you will make them pay as much as if they did, or else you will take, or cause to be taken from them violently (it may be) three, four, or five times as much as the price was you first set upon your Commodities.

Fourthly, Though your Merchandize be never, so deceitful and insufficient, yet none must refuse them, neither will you bate of your price; and if any come to see the deceitfulness and insufficiency of what you sell at a very deer rate, and de­clare against it, that people might not be deceived and de­frauded [Page 20] always with deceitful words, and devillish Doctrines, you wil sue such at the Law for slanderers, and get one of the Beasts Horns that hath a Crown upon it, to grant you 100. l. damage, or some other punishment, as whip, or prison, or ba­nishment, or life, (if ye can get it) for the Whore loves blood, and so doth her Merchants and children.

Fifthly, Another thing that makes your Trade exceed all the Crafts-mens Trade beside in the whole World, is, That when poor people have bought your Merchandize, and paid you, or at least are liable to pay you, you take them home a­gain in your Pockets, or Bibles, or Note-Books, and lay them up in your Ware-house, to wit, your Liberary, and as you see occasion, and opportunity, you carry them to Market again, and they wil yeild you as much as they did at the first; and yet after you have sold your Imagery Work over and over, you can trim it, and dress it a little, and put the title Doctor of Divinity to it, or Batchellor of Divinity, or Mr. William, or Mr. John such a one, Ministers of God's Word at such a Church, in such a place, and find a Chapman, some Bookseller, or Prin­ter, or other, to give you money for it: Much like this might be mentioned, but this is sufficient to let all people which are not quite blind see wherein this whores Merchants trade exceeds all other Arts, Crafts, and Trades, in the whole world. And also the reason may here be seen wherefore these Parish-Masters, and others of Mystery Babylons Merchants strives and petition that their trade may be upheld even in this Na­tion, under this notion, Propagate or hold up the Gospel; when if they would speak as they mean, it is thus, Propagate, hold up, or maintain our Mothers Authority, by which Au­thority we have had a good trade a great while, and our pro­fits hath been great, and our incombs sure; and let the Romish Churches our elder Sisters, her Institutions, Ordinations, Cu­stoms, Manners, Practices and Places stand, else we shal have no certain Trade; for if we lose our Elder Sisters Law which gives us Tythes, and that compels people to buy our Gospel, we shal be undone, peoples hearts are so hard they wil give us little freely, though they have been, and stil are our Audi­tors, and we have taught them some ten, some twenty, thirty [Page 21] or forty years, yet we are afraid if we lose our elder Sisters Law, that those that have been our constant customers would hate us much of our price, and those that do not like our Do­ctrine and Church-discipline, and our chargeable Gospel, will give us nothing at all; is not this the very language of your hearts, whose cry is, Propagate the Gospel? let that which searcheth your hearts and discerns the secret intents thereof, the light of Christ in your Consciences answer; for the Go­spel is Christ the power of God, which propagates, or holds up all things, and 'tis ignorance and blasphemy to cry and petition to an arm of flesh to propagate this Gospel, but 'tis another Gospel, that they who have brought it are accursed that wants propagating; and this shall all your Merchants of Babylon know, in the dreadfull day of the Lord our God, when all the blood you have drunk, and Tortures, and Racks, Whips and Prisons, Stocks and Inquisitions, and other carnal weapons you have used to propagate your Gospel, shall rise up in Judgement against you; then will ye cry to the Rocks, and the Mountains to fall upon you, to hide you from the Wrath of the Lamb.

And now is the wondrfull day at hand, wherein the Wolves, Bears, and Lions shall be afraid and seek to hide them­selves from the presence of the Lamb. Consider this all ye hirelings, that rend and tear, and make a prey upon the in­nocent lambs of Christ for to serve your own bellies, and co­vetous, unchristian, greedy desires, how greatly do you di­shonour the name of Christ, in calling your selves his Mini­sters? have not you and all your Brethren, the Popish Chri­stians in whole Christendome sent an ill savour throughout the Nations and Regions round about you? yea and many of those you count heathens shal rise up in judgment against you, even against you who have the sheeps cloathing, the Prophets words, Christs vvords, the Apostles words, but inwardly raven­ed from the Spirit of God in your selves, and so have appeared devouring wolves, and destroyers of the sheeps life, & scatterers of the flock of God, hear the Word of the Lord by the mouth of his Prophet Ezekiel against such as you, Wo be to the Shepherds of Israel, that do feed themselves, should not the shepherds [Page 22] feed the flocks? ye eat the fat, and ye cloth you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed, but ye feed not the flock; the diseased haue ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost, but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them, &c. Ezech. ch. 34.

There is much in these words; and this hath been your work, as fully and as truly as ever it was the false shepherds work in the time of the Prophet Ezechiel, and now is the Lord mani­festly appearing to be against ye shepherds, and requiring his flock at your hand, and is causing you to cease from feeding his flock, and also from feeding your selves of his flock, and delivering them from your mouths, and gathering them from all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day, according to Ezechiels Prophesie; and this is the Lords own work, in this his mighty day, and all the hirelings and wolvish Shepherds in whole Christendome shall not be able to withstand and hinder the accomplishing, and fulfilling of this the Lords purpose, though Gog and Magog, beast and false prophet, ioyn together; yet the Lamb and the Saints shall have the victorie, and the Plagues upon the Seat of the great Whore shall be poured, and the tongue of the Egyptian sea shall be dryed up, and the waters which hath overflowed the highest Mountain shall abate and be dried up, and the ship-masters, the Parish-masters trade shall fail: And thou O Mount Seir, because thou hast had a perpetuall hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by force of the Sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end; therefore as I live saith the Lord God I will prepare thee unto blood, and blood shall pursue thee, sith thou hash not-hated blood, even blood shall pursue thee, &c. This is the portion of Cain, who was a murtherer from the begin­ning, whose sacrifice is the fruit of that ground which is cur­sed, and which the dew of heaven never descended up­on, nor the blessing of the most High was ever appointed for; And out of this ground, out of this earth, in which Cain is a Vagabond, springeth and ariseth that spirit that can offer a Sacrifice, and murther when he hath done, and that this spi­rit [Page 23] is manifest in and among you the Nationall Priests is very e­vident, and sufficiently proved by your own fruits, acts and deeds within these few years, yea and the cry of innocent blood hath entred the ears of the Lord against you, even against you both Priests and people, who notwithstanding your pretences of worshipping God, have envy, the root of murther in your hearts, and violence in your hands, and while you regard iniquity in your hearts, your very prayers are abomination and stinks in the nostrils of the Lord.

'Tis the Whore and her Merchants that▪ thirsteth after the blood of creatures under the notion of hereticks, and that mur­thers men about matters of Religion; the Christians and Chri­stian Ministers never did so, neither did they wrestle with flesh and blood, but you and the papists are found wrestling with flesh, and destroying mens lives, and not saving them, and you shall have your reward together according to your Work.

A few Queries for all that own Tythes due to the present Priesthood, and for the Priesthood that takes them to consider and answer.

1. TO vvhat end do you the people pay tithes? and to vvhat end do you the Priests take tithes? is your end accor­ding to the Lavv of God that gave the tithes to the first Priest­hood? then people vvhy do you not see them improved to that end? and Priests vvhy do you not let them be improved to that end? and vvas not the end vvherefore tithes vvas gi­ven, that the Widovvs, Strangers, and Fatherlesse might be relieved and maintained by them as vvell as the Priests? And had not the Widovvs, Strangers, and Fatherlesse as much Right to the Tithes, as the Leviticall priests had? and had they not their maintenance out of them, so that there need not be a beggar among them? Was not the priests gates to stand open, that the Widovvs, Strangers and Fatherlesse might be re­lieved.

2. Did not that Lavv of God that gave Tithes to this end, ordain a place to put them in, a Store-house, (into vvhich Store-house the people brought them, else they robbed God) [Page 24] and vvere they not to be taken out of this Store-house, as the Widows, Strangers, Fatherlesse and Priests had need of them? and was not this Store-house called Gods House? read Mal. 3. 10. How comes it to passe, if not by the order of the Pope, Bishops and Cardinals, and the rest of the popish train, that there is no Store-house in whole Christendome (so cal­led) to put the Tithes of the Land in, nor no Widows, Stran­gers and Fatherless relieved according to their necessities out of the Tithes, but pope, chief Magistrate and priests, have, and would have them all brought into their own house? and how many of their gates stand open, that the Widows, Stran­gers and Fatherlesse, and poore, might passe freely in and take part of the Tithes with them? do they not more fre­quently lye begging at their gates when they are shut? and lye about the Streets begging and crying for bread, and at the Steeple-houses there is a hideous, dolefull noise for bread many times? was it so in the time of the Law, which com­manded Tithes from the people? did not the Lord make the Tithes, give the poore, the Widows, the Strangers, the Fa­therlesse, and priests also enough? and now people that pay Tithes, and priests that receive Tithes, whom do you imi­tate and follow, if not the Popish train? are not you unlike both Jews and Christians? did the true Christians ever pay, or receive Tithes?

3. Is not this a monstrous Priesthood, that hath rose up since the dayes of the Apostles, who denied the first priest­hood, that devours and impropriates all the Tithes to them­selves, and will not allow the Poore, the Widows, Strangers, and Fatherlesse any share with them of the Tithes, though they may be ready to starve for vvant of food and Raiment? is not this monstrous priesthood in Christendom (vvho call themselves Ministers of the Gospel) exceedingly stained and laden with the blood of the poor, of the Widows, of the Stran­gers, and Fatherless? And you the people, how can you be clear in paying your tithes to such a priesthood, that do not let their gates stand open, nor have no Store-house, nor that do not improve them to that end, that they were improved to, in the time of the Law? are not all your Tithes given and received [Page 25] to a worse end, notwithstanding you say you are Christians, and live in the glorious day of the Gospel, then they were given and received in the time of the Law? How many thou­sands of poore, of Widows, Strangers, of Fatherlesse, and beggars are there in thy borders, O Christendome, which want relief, which the Law of God that gave Tithes to the Priest­hood which God ordained, provided for, by the Tithes that were brought into the Store-house? Why must a greedy, cove­tous, proud priesthood, that is not like the priesthood under the Law, nor the Ministers of the Gospel, swallow down, and devour, and treasure up to themselves, which belongs no more to them, then to the Widows, Strangers, and Fatherless? Put the Popes Lavv aside, the Magistrates of England, and if Tithes and priesthood must stand, let them stand according to the Lavv of God by Moses, and not according to the Pa­pists Law, and covetous priests desires.

4. Did not the Pope, and the false Church (which hath ri­sen since the dayes of the Apostles) who invented Tithes for the maintenance of his Ministers, exclude and shut out the poore, the Fatherlesse, the Widows, and Strangers from ha­ving a share with him and his priests of the Tithes? and peo­ple why do you love to uphold a popish invention, and the false Churches Synodicall Decrees, Edicts and Ordinances? and is not this one popish Decree, that Tithes are due to God and holy Church? do you not know what God the Pope and papists mean? and what, and where the Holy Church is, that Tithes are due to, by his, or their Decree? is not their God their belly, and their glory their shame, and their Holy Church a Cage of unclean birds, a den of Idolaters, which murthers, prisons, racketh and tortureth and persecuteth those that are indeed the members of the Holy Church (which is in God) and did ever the ministers of Christ, who were members of the Holy Church, preach up Tithes to be due to them, or covet after them, or receive any of them? did they not on the contrary preach against Tithes and deny them, and the priesthood that received Tithes, and the Law that gave Tithes they denied also, and witnessed the change of the Law and priesthood both? as in the 7. of Pauls Epistle to the [Page 26] Hebrews; Then are not those priests that preach for Tithes, and plead for Tithes, opposers of the true Ministers of Christ, and their Doctrine, and upholders of the Pope, Papists and their Decrees, and Orders?

5. Did not Christ Jesus who is the substance of all the Mo­saicall administrations send forth his Ministers freely, saying to them, Freely ye have received, freely give? did ever Christ bid them demand Tithes from the people they preached to? then surely they did never sue them at the Law for that they never demanded of them, as those that call themselves the Ministers of Christ do now in this age, who have been rifling mens houses and fields for Tithes; People do you not believe that it is a great abomination and blasphemy against the Lord for such to call themselves the ministers of Christ? is not Christs glorious Gospel of God dishonoured by them? is not the Pope that ordered Tithes to be paid to the Priests, Bishops and Clergy men onely, and that excluded the poore from having part of the Tithes, more honoured and obeyed then Christ, by all the Tithe-mongers and hirelings in Christendome, and people that own them? Christ said, Freely you have received freel [...] give. The Pope and Popish Clergy said, and saith, We have not received freely, and we will not, nor cannot give free­ly; and if people will not give us freely, we will compell them by force and cruelty; and whose Ministers are such? and whose Commands and Ordinances do such obey, Christs or the Popes? hath not your fruits and works answered already, that the Popes Command and Order is preferred above Christs, and obeyed rather then Christs Command and Or­der? Did not Christ say, Into whatsoever Town or City you enter, enquire who in it is worthy, and there abide till ye go thence, &c. this he spake to them which he sent forth. Did he ever send his Ministers into any Town, City or Countrey, to enquire how much money by the year they would give them to preach to them, and to enquire after Tithes, and Augmentations and such like, and to agree and make bargains with people for a 100. or 200 l. by the year? if Christ sent any such Ministers forth, and if the true Christians ever owned such Ministers, priests and people, answer and declare when, till then we shall reckon you with the popish priests, and Papists.

[Page 27] This following Letter containing the substance of the Dispute, was given into the hands of William Cooper about the middle of the third Month, enclosed with some Directions for him to convey it to the rest of his Brethren which were at the Dispute, if peradventure they might be shewed their blindness and ignorance in the things of God; and Willi­am Cooper soon after sent word by one of his Communicants, That we should have a speedy Answer; but no Answer hath appeared: And now therefore are they further examined, and their practices and man­ners of Worship more fully enquired into in the former Treatise; And in both all people may see that are not quite blind, how that much and many relicks of Popery are yet standing chiefly in the Presbyterian Churches, so called, and that the true Christian life and primitive Church-Order is not among them. And if they can say otherwise, let them lay aside that wisdom which man teacheth, and which they have learn'd at School by natural Education, and answer without logical Arguments, in plainness, according to the holy Scriptures.


YOU that profess your selves to be Ministers of Christ, and have put on the sheeps clothing, but are erred from the spirit of the Lord; the time of tryal is now come, where­in secret things are brought to light, and the great Mystery of Babylon is discovered, and all false Ministers are made mani­fest, and the judgement of the great Whore is come, and your judgement also that hath drunk her Cup: And now some­thing is upon me as to mind you of, and to lay something of your own ignorance and weakness before you, which appear­ed in you at that time of the Dispute in the Bridge-House, to the intent that you, and the people that are under your Mi­nistry may come to see the error of your ways, and may be converted to God, and live; for it truly appears that death reigns in you, and over you, and the fruits and effects there­of doth spring from you, and the cursed Tree is yet standing that brings forth the branches of darkness, of unbelief, and of great ignorance: and the Sword of the Lord, which is the words of his mouth, will utterly slay you.

[Page 28] And whereas you asked, If we owned you to be Ministers of Christ: Unto which in part we answered, and I do here more plainly testifie, No, we cannot own you to be Ministers of Christ, nor sent of him, for we know the contrary, because you are different and contrary to the Ministers of Christ that were in the dayes of the Apostles, in Call, in Practice, and Conversation; in Maintenance, and in your Fruits and Effects; in all these things we say, and can prove, that you are not ac­cording, but different and contrary to the Apostles and Mini­sters of the true Churches before the Apostacy; and therefore I hereby certifie you, That we (to wit) the People of God cal­led Quakers, do not own you as the Ministers of Christ, but do look upon you to be Deceivers and false Teachers, and of Antichrist, and your fruits and works doth manifest it, and thereby do we know you not to be the Ministers of Christ, but false Teachers, as I have said.

And whereas you affirmed your selves to be Ministers of Christ, and went about to prove it by your Arguments of in­vented Logick, and the substance and intent of your first Ar­gument was, Those that have the Characters and Signs upon them spoken of in 1 Tim. 3. are Ministers of Christ; but you have those Signs and Characters upon you, and therefore, You are Ministers of Christ.

Ans. Now this Scripture which you have mentioned for proof of your Ministry, when you are truly laid to the line and measure thereof, will prove that you are not true Ministers, for you are not thus qualified in your Spirits and Conversation, as this Scripture doth signifie, but the contrary fruits and effects doth appear from you, then is set down in this Scripture; Are you blameless in your conver­sations? And are you sober and of good behaviour, and gi­ven to Hospitality, and apt to teach? And are you not given to Wine and filthy Lucre? And are you patient, not brawlers nor covetous? And are you not lifted up with pride? And are you of good report? And do you hold the mysterie of faith in a pure conscience? These things were required to be in the Ministers of Christ; and have you these characters? and are you such as is here spoken of? And have you these fruits [Page 29] and marke upon you? now are you to be tried, and and I am searching your own proof, whether it holds sound to confirm that for which you brought it? No it is manifest by your fruits according to your own proof, that you are men of ano­ther generation, and are bringing forth fruits and works clean contrary to them, whom the Apostle allows of for Ministers; For you are not blamelesse, nor sober, nor of good behavi­our, for you are guilty of the pride and vanity of this world, and live in envy and bitternesse, and so not blamelesse, nor sober, nor of good behaviour, neither apt to teach; for you want the Spirit, that was in the Apostles, and you cannot speak as that Spirit gives you utterance, but you speak from humane study, and what you have gathered from other mens works, and many of you are given to wine and strong drink, and are greedy of filthy lucre, and sue men at Law for wages, and remove from one place to another for more means, and for greater hire, and this is covetousnesse and greedinesse of filthy lucre, which you (to wit, genrally the Priests) are known to be guilty of through the whole Land; and ye have an ill re­port, to be covetous men, and proud men, and ambitious, and self-seeking men, this report you have of many that are without, and the poore unconverted people they know you to be guilty of these things; and your Consciences are not pure, neither do ye hold the mysterie of faith in it; but your consci­ences are defiled with the evil and sinfull practises of this wicked world; and that faith that you professe is not the true faith that the Apostles had, which gave them victory over the world, and over all sinne; for you are in the pollutions of the world, unsanctified, and the guilt of sinne lies upon you; these things are true, as the Witness in your own consciences may testifie [...] so that your own proof and evidence hath condem­ned you, and the Scripture by which you thought to prove your selves Ministers of Christ, it hath turn'd upon your own heads, and manifested the contrary, and though you have said, you were qualified according to that Scripture, and therefore you were called into the mini [...]st [...], and were the true Ministers, yet the contrary is discovered, and that you are qualified by a contrary spirit and have the marks and chara­cters [Page 30] upon you, not of the true ministers of Christ, but of [...] spoken of in 2 Tim. 3. and according to that sort of false Teachers are you qualified; and therefore in Practice and con­versation you do not agree with the Apostles, but are different and contrary to them, and are according to the false Teachers, and false Apostles, and with them you do agree in spirit and in practice in many things.

And as to your call to the Ministry, you are not able to make any good proof thereof at all, nor did not at that time, but some of them did deny, that the anointing, the unction of the holy Spirit, was necessary unto the Ministry; and this was the Argument, That all things were mentioned for the qualification of a Minister, in that 1 Tim. 3. but the holy uncti­on is not mentioned; therefore, the unction of the spirit is not necessary to the Ministry.

Answer, Something was spoken to this before, as to shew the ignorance of it, and the wickednesse of this Argument; and some of you were partly ashamed of it your selves; and had not the man and you been vvholly ignorant and blind, this would never have proceeded from amongst you; and are you like to be Ministers of Christ, who hath asserted, That the spirit of God, and the anointing is not necessary to the mini­stry? Was ever the like ignorance uttered by any before you? even your Fathers, the Friars at Rome would be ashamed of you herein, to utter such dark and ignorant assertions. Is this your Learning, and your wise Logick, to prove the anointing unne­cessary to the ministry? and such ministers we believe are you that have not the holy unction of the spirit, but are ministers of the letter, and by the will of man, and not by the spirit, nor of the spirit, and so your call is not the same as was the Apostles, but contrary to them and different from them; so that we cannot own you to be ministers of Christ; for ye are different and contrary to them both in your call, and in your conversations.

And though you seemed to deny to be made ministers by your Learning and Education, yet it is manifest that through that, you received the ministry, through the attainments of such Arts and Sciences, and at last you came to attain to the [Page 31] Office of Ministers as you say; and it was not by the call of the spirit, nor by the gift of the holy Ghost, for that you have in part denied, and saith the unction is not necessary to the Mi­nistry; so it is but your hypocrisie to deny that you are made Ministers by your natural learning; for we know that thereby onely, and without the Gift of the Holy Ghost, did you at­tain to that Ministry which now you hold, cannot con­vert sinners to God, nor turn the wicked from his evil way; for it answers not the testimony of God in people, but peo­ple remains always blind and ignorant under it; and you go on dreaming for carnal ends unto your selves, seeking for your hire, and for your gain, and therefore we do deny that you are true Ministers of Christ, for you can neither prove that you are so, neither doth your fruits and works prove it, but the contrary is manifest.

And whereas you further said, The gift of the holy spirit is not sufficient to make a Minister; This is also your ignorance; for as I said, they also have receiv'd the spirit, have received the fruits thereof; and the Apostle saith, As every one hath received the gift of the spirit, so he may administer of the same to another; & who have received the spirit of Christ, they are Christs; and if any man have not that spirit, such are none of his, but how full of confusion are you? I cannot but mind you of it; Some time you say, the Spirit is not necessary to the Ministry; and again you say, The spirit alone is not sufficient to make a Mi­nister; and here is Babylons stuff (Confusion) brought forth by you her Merchants, and such as these hath deceived the souls of men, one saying one thing, and others another, and thus is your kingdom divided, and that is a sign that it cannot stand, but it must fall when the kingdoms of this World be­comes the Kingdom of Christ.

And whereas you affirmed, One may be called into the Mini­stry by Christ, and yet at the same time be under the power of the Devil, and the self-same man at the very same time may be a Disci­ple of Christ, and yet a Devil.

Ans. I cannot but mind you of your ignorance, and return your words to you again; For a man that is under the power of the Devil, he is the servant of the Devil, and not Christs servant; and that man that is a Disciple of Christ, and learns of him, is a child of God, and not of the Devil; for the Devil is out [Page 32] of truth, and so are all that are under his power, but the Disci­ple of Christ is in the truth, and learns of Christ who is truth; and though you would seem to prove these things by Judas & Peter, yet as for Judas he turned from Christ, and against him, and the Devil entered into him, and he lost the power of God, and erred from it, and then he was a Devil, and a betrayer of the just; but whilst he followed Christ, and was faithful in his Ministry, he was not a Devil: Neither was Peter Satan, he that was Christ's Disciple; but he that savoured the things that was of man, and not the things of God, and he that denied Christ, he was the Satan; for the Disciple of Christ, and Satan, are two, and not one; they are contrary, and not the same, though you in your ignorance would make them one; but ye know not of what spirit ye are of, nor whose work you are doing.

And whereas you held it forth, That you had the fruits of the spirit, because you shew forth faith and repentance, therefore, &c.

Now I did, and do deny that you shew forth faith and re­pentance; for your Works doth manifest the contrary; And to prove that you have repentante, you say you detest all sin, and therefore, &c. Now this I did, and do deny again, and do assert the contrary, and thus I prove it, Whosoever breaks the com­mands of Christ, and acts those things which he cryed wo a­gainst, & those things which the holy Prophets cryed against, they do not detest all sin; but thus you do, (to wit) you that profess your selves to be Ministers, you act those things which Christ forbad, & which the holy Prophets cryed against. there­fore you do not detest all sin, and so have not the fruits and marks of the Holy Ghost upon you, that you act these things that Christ forbad, and which the Prophets cryed against; it is plainly manifest Christ forbad his Ministers to be called of men Masters, but you are called Masters; & Christ cryed wo against them that loved the uppermost Rooms, and the chief Seats, & greetings in the Markets, and these things are you guilty of. And the holy Prophets cryed against them that preached for hire, and divined for money, and against them that fed them­selves with the fat, and clothed themselves with the Wool, and did not feed the flock; and these things you are guilty of; and thus it is manifest you do not detest all sin, but lives in it; for in the fruits and works of the flesh you do abound, in pride [Page 33] and covetousness, in wrath and bitterness, and in many other things, whereby it is clearly manifest that you have not your own noted signs of the holy spirit upon you, and so we cannot own you, but must deny you to be the Ministers of Christ: And as for your carriages and proceedings at that Dispute, they were not agreeing with the spirit of truth, for you were wild, and vain, and scornful, which practices becomes not Christs Ministers: And why did you run so soon away? Why had not you longer pati­ence for the tryal of all things? Were you afraid to be discover­ed, and that your shame should have appeared? Were you hit upon your sore, which made you fling away so suddenly, that you could not abide any longer. Many things more I had to have spoken, if you had not left us in that manner, which a shame unto your selves, and to your companie who used such wildness and violence, and laid violent hands upon me, thrusting me forth, and threatning of us with Constables, and these things ought not to have been, nor had you been Mi­nisters of Christ would they have been, but your fruits makes you manifest, and by your fruits we know you, as Christ hath told us; for your fruits are the fruits of unrighteousness and not the fruits of the holy Spirit of the Lord, which fruits are pure and peaceable, but your fruits are otherwise, to wit, the fruits of the spirit of this world that lies in wickedness, And whereas you accused us to be Jesuites or such like; these were your false accusations, and we see you to be nearer to agreement with the Jesuites then we are, and the Church of Rome is your Mother, & from her you have descended in your Call and in your Mainte­nance, and in the most part of your worship and practices, there­fore come, let's reason with you, Had not you (the Professed Mi­nisters of England) this way of making Ministers at Schools and Colledges, & by natural learning, from the Church of Rome? Was not she the first that instituted these Colledges, & gave the main­tenance to them, and gave all these names to Schollers, as Batch­ellour of Arts, and Master of Arts, Batchellour of Divinity, and such like names, which yet remains amongst you, the originall of which came from the Church of Rome? and was first set up in England by the Whores Authority. Did these things come from the Church of Christ, or was there such names amongst Christs true Ministers? or have not you received these things and wayes [Page 34] from the Whore, and drunken her cup? this way of making mi­nisters have you had from the Whore of Rome; and from whence had you this way of maintenance in your ministry, by Tithes and gleab-lands, and Easter reckonings, and so much a year out of your Parish? did not all this proceed out of the Church of Rome, and was not in the day of the Apostles, nor practised by Christs ministers, but from the Whore you have had this also? this way of being maintained, and suing people at the Law for your Tithes and for your money, Christs ministers never did thus, but the Churh of Rome hath been the originall of all these things and practises; and from whence had you this practice of sprinkling infants, and calling it the Baptisme into the faith, and into the visible church? did not this come from Rome? and have not you received it from thence? if there was any such Instituti­on or Practice amongst the Apostles prove it by Scripture, else we will not believe you, but must tell you the originall of this came from Rome, and you have drunken the Whores cup, and been made drunk thereby; & so now when we examine you through­ly in your wayes and practices, we find you agreeing with the Je­suites in many things; and while you accuse others your selves are guilty; and now people begins to see your shame, and you cannot hide it, for the witness is risen in people, and the seed of God is coming forth, which tramples over and treads down the false church, and all her false ordinances and institutions, and her cup must be broken to pieces, and she shall no more make the Nations drunk; and as for you false ministers, though you pray and preach, and cry against Heresie and Error, and would beg Laws to suppresse it, as ye say; yet your selves are found guilty of the error, and you want the spirit of truth to guide you; and your own hearts are not cleansed, and then how can you cleanse o­thers? and that which you call error and heresie is truth; for your judgements are corrupted, and your eye is blind, and what you know, you know naturally, and not by the teachings of the spi­rit of God, but by Traditions, and by the words of other men without you, and the holy anointing in your own selves, you know not; for you have not received it; And whereas you que­ried whether the Scriptures were the word of God and the rule of life I do now answer:

The Scriptures were given forth by the spirit of God, and are [Page 35] the words of God, & the word was in them that gave them forth, and Christ is that word, and the Scriptures testifie of him, & the Scriptures are not the rule of life, but the spirit that gave them forth, that is the rule to the children of God; for as many as are the sons of God are led by the spirit of God, and them that walk according to that rule of the spirit peace is upon them, and so it is the spirit of God that gave forth the Scriptures; that is, the rule of life, and not the Scriptures; yet where the spirit is the rule, it leadeth up according to the Scriptures in the fulfilling of them; and as for ye hypocrites who do profess the Scriptures to be your rule, and yet walks contrary to the Scrip­tures, your own rule condemns you, and out of your own mouths will the Lord judge you. Is the Scripture your rule to preach for hire, and to have so much a year for preaching, and if any will not pay them to sue them at the Law, and take their goods by violence, and to cast their bodies into prison? this is the pra­ctice of many ministers in this nation; but what rule in all the Scripture have you for these things, or vvhat example, saving from the false Prophets, false Apostles? and vvhat rule have you in all the Scriptures for sprinkling of infants, and calling it Bap­tisme into the faith? and what rule have you to take Tithes? and are not you hypocrites to professe the Scriptures to be your rule and yet act these things which the Scripture neither gives Com­mandment nor example for, but the rather bears witness a­gainst? but who hath the spirit, and walks by that rule, sees you, and judges you who are out of the life of the Scriptures, in the life that is contrary, and with the spirit of God are you repro­ved, in all your wayes of darknesse and error.

And whereas you queried concerning the light within, we do say, that Christ the second A [...]am lighteneth all mankind that be come into the world; and this light John bare witness of, and it shined in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not, and that was it that enlightened every man that cometh into the world; and this light brings all to receive Christ that doth be­lieve, and they that believe not, this light is their condemnati­on; and though you stumble at this stumbling stone, as your Fa­thers the Jews did; yet unto us that do believe, Christ the light of the world is precious, and all that comes to the knowledge of God, must come to the true knowledge by the light that shines [Page 36] [...] hearts; for it is the light that shines in the heart, that gives the knowledge of God; and although you wise builders do stumble at the foundation; yet it will break you to pieces; and confound you utterly; for the light is risen in the hearts of ma­ny, which light gives them the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of you, and all your false wayes of error, and brings men to depart from them all, and to follow the Lord in righ­teousness, and so every man is lightened, that they may believe; and they that believe, and walk in the light shall be saved; but they that believe not, but hate the light, shall be condemned, and this is their condemnation, that light is come into the world and into their hearts; and as for you, you are but shallow men; for you want the knowledge of God, and truth stands over you, though you oppose it, and it will grow to a Mountain, where all the Righteous shall be refreshed; and the Lord is begun to work in the earth, he hath set his hand to pull down Babylon, and there shall not one stone be left up­on another, and all her Merchandise shall fail, and her strong holds shall be broken down, and all her Merchants shall howl and lament; therefore now consider it ye Leaders of the people, the day of the visitation is now, but it will suddenly be shut up, with the night of darkness upon you, and you will be wound­ed, and you can never be healed, you will be ruined, and can never be revived; This is from a lover of your Souls,


Something after.

AND now you Priests, the black Clergy of England, who count your selves Orthodox men, sound, able Ministers of the Gospell of Christ, know and consider, and let it be known to, and considred by all people, that we slander you not, nor do you no wrong in disowning you to be the Ministers of Christ, and in comparing you to the black, bloody, Po­pish trait, your mother-Church; nor in comparing you with the false Prophets, idle shep­beards of Israel, and the deceivers and false teachers which crept in, in the days of the Apostles, which since hath overspread the Nations; for if ever there were a company of Priests that were like a troop of robbers, and that murthered with consent, and that preached for hire, and divined for money, and that sought their gain from their quarter, sed themselves with the fat, and cloathed themselves with the wool, and that cared not naturally for the flock, but for the fleece, and that taught for filthy lucre, and that said, Thus saith the Lord; when the Lords voice they never heard; and that had stolen then Neighbours words, and that run before they were sent, and that did not profit the people at all; I say, if ever there was such Priests and Teachers, as certainly there was in the Prophets days, and Apostles days, such assuredly in thee, oh England, doth excee­dingly abouned, as by the fruits in every Conntry, City, Town, and Village most evident­ly appeareth, in which wickedness is grown so exceeding high, and the envy & offering of Cain, in priests & people is so strong, and the Jewish blind zeal' so fierce, and the cry of the rude multitude, Away with him, Away with him, so loud, loud, and many Pilates through importunity of the priests, and cry of the multitude, so ready to deliver the in­nocent into the hands of such who loves Barrabas the murtherer better then he that came to save mens lives, and not to destroy them; and better then his Ministers, whole weapons were never carnal, as Tucks, Rapiers, Staves and Canes, which hath been the weapons of thirty English priests already recorded within this seven or eight years, who have not onely incensed and stirred up the Magistrates and people to persecute, but hath shed blood, beat and bruised many themselves, one of which number was (and is still for ought I know) priest Griffin of Bread street in London, who st [...]uck one Robert Ingram sore­ly over the head with a Kane, many blows; and by means of such priests the Prophet Isai­ah call'd greedy dumb dogs, and that prepared war against such as could not put into their mouths, hath about two thousand of the the people of God suffered within this seven or eight years twenty six hath been murthered & imprisoned till death, and some hundreds suffered long imprisonments in filthy, unwholsome places, and cruel, inhumane usage therein by wicked, bloody Goalers, Thieves, Murtherers, and Felons, among which they have been cast; some others hath been robbed and spoiled of their goods for tythes, to the value of some thousands of pounds, sometimes five, six, seven, or eight times the value of what was demanded by the hi [...]eling Priest and Impropriator, to the ruine and destroy­ing of many families, widows and fatherless, (as to the outward) in taking away their wearing cloath's, bedding, pots, dishes, and kettles, (sometimes all was too little) sei­zing sometimes 100 l. worth of goods for one years tythes, valued at six pounds, and body also imprison [...]: Oh horrible Minist [...]y! a worse was never in any generation, I do believe, especially in times wherein the cry of Reformation hath been so loud, and liberty of con­science [Page 38] pretended; Oh! how is it that people are so blind and sottish as to cou [...] greedy Hirelings (who are like to leave their Names upon record as a stink and a wand [...] to the next generation) Christian Ministers; Christian Ministers were no sigh [...]ers, nor strikers, nor covetous, nor greedy of silthy lucre, nor demanders of Tythes from the peo­ple, nor suers at law for the Tythes; if they were, you priests and people produce the chap­ter and verse that must prove it; you have proved your selves such, and we can [...]sily prove, and have proved, that you are not like the Ministers of Christ, for the Ministers of Christ in the primitive church, bore their testimony against Tythes, which God comman­ded to be paid to the first priesthood; and many Saints, Martyrs, and Ministers of Christ of later times mentioned in Fox's Histories, called, The Book of Martyrs, have, or did faithfully in their measure bear their testimony unto death against the Tythes which the Pope and his Train had invented and set up since the Apostles days, which at this day yet stands as a main prop and upholder of a proud, high minded, self-seeking, covetous ig­norant, Popish Clergy here in England, against which, and whom, we also bear our testi­mony, which hath already been sealed with much blood within these few years.

And if there be any honest, tender hearted men amongst the Priests, which really desires and endeavours to have a conscience void of offence towards God, and towards [...] let such come out from amongst them, and bear their testimony against them that hath com­mitted such horrible things in the Land, and utterly deny them, and disown them, else the best of them will be but as a B [...]yar, and the most upright as a Thorn-Hedge, and a cons [...]ne to wickedness will be found in their hearts in the day of the Lord; therefore accept th [...] let no people count some Priests better then other Priests, for there is little difference be­tween those that murther, and those that consent to murther; those that rob, and those [...]hat consent to robbery; those that persecute, and those that consent to persecution, and their reward will be alike at that day which God hath appointed to judge the Secrets of all [...] by the Man Christ Jesus.

W. S.
The End.

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