At the Court at Whitehall, the Thirtieth of December, 1668.


  • The Kings most Excellent Majesty.

  • His Royal Highness the Duke of York.
  • Lord Keeper.
  • Duke of Albemarle.
  • Duke of Ormond.
  • Lord Chamberlain.
  • Earl of Bridgewater.
  • Earl of Berkshire.
  • Earl of Sandwich.
  • Earl of Craven.
  • Earl of Middleton.
  • Earl of Carbery.
  • Earl of Ossery.
  • Lord Bishop of London.
  • Lord Arlington.
  • Lord Newport.
  • Lord Berkeley.
  • Mr Vice-Chamberlain.
  • Mr Secretary Trevor.
  • Sir John Duncombe.

WHereas by His Majesties Proclamation, dated the 23d of this instant December, for the Apprehension of certain notorious Robbers, and for the prevention of such offences hereafter, and for a Reward to the Apprehenders, It is (amongst other Clauses) exprest, That if any person before the 24th of June next, shall Apprehend any the per­sons in the said Proclamation particularly mentioned, and shall Prosecute the said persons, or any of them, to a Conviction, he shall have a Reward of Ten pounds, within Fifteen days after such Conviction, as by the said Proclamation more fully appears. His Majesty this day (by the advice of His Council) hath been farther Graciously pleased to Order, That any person or persons that shall Apprehend and Prosecute any the per­sons named in the said Proclamation, before the said 24th of June next, he or they shall have the farther Reward of Ten pounds for doing thereof, in all Twenty pounds, to be received from the respective Sheriffs; which shall be allowed them upon their Ac­compts. And His Majesty was farther pleased to Order, That any person that shall Apprehend any other notorious Robber, though not named in the said Proclamation, before the said 24th of June next, yet he or they, upon the Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, shall have the Reward of Ten pounds, to be paid in such manner as by the said Proclamation is directed, for the Apprehending the persons therein named. And to the end all persons may take notice hereof, it was farther directed, That this Order of His Majesty in Council should be forthwith Printed and Published.

Edw. Walker.

In the Savoy, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1668.

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