A FEW WORDS TO ALL Who Professe Themselves to be OF THE Protestant Religion, WHEREBY They may understand by what Spirit they were led, that Persecuted the People of God in former Ages, for the Exercise of their Religion, and their Tenderness of Conscience in matters Relate­ing to the Worship of God.

With a few Words of Comfort to the Suffering Lambes.

Written by him that would have the greatest of Persecu­tors to Repent, and cease to do Evil, and learn to do Well, that so they might escape the Judgments of the Lord.

F. E.

We unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write griev­ousness, which they have-prescribed: To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that Widows may be their prey, &c.

Isai. 10.1, 2.

Surely there is no inchantment against Jacob, neither is there any [...] against Israel, nor weapon formed that can prosper,

[...]. 23.23.

Printed in the Year, 1665.

A few Words to all, &c.

THe people of the Lord, who you in scorn call Quakers, may in this day truly say as David said, that you and o­ther Plowers have plowed a long time upon our backs, and made deep Furrowes, but now is the time coming, that the righteous God, will hew your snares asunder, therefore fear and dread our God, for he is come, in ten thousands of his Saints, to judge the World of ungodly Men, and to rebuke all the ungodly amongst them, for all their ungodly deeds, and hard speeches against him, and for this cause (and no o­ther) have you in this day, as well as those Rulers that our God cast out before you, risen up against us, in persecuting, imprisoning, beating with Armed Souldiers, stocking, stoning, fining, and shamefully abusing an innocent harmless people, who have in patience suffered under you and them, ever since the Lord came to raign in us, but now you have got to the heighth of your persecution, and not much higher our God will suffer you to goe, nor he never did any, when they grew to that heighth of wickedness and cruelty, that now you are come unto, for the Lord hath suffered Persecuters to plow long upon his peoples backs, that so he might try and exercise his peoples faith and patience, as he hath suffer­ed those before you, and now hath suffered you, but when plowing upon their backs would not satisfie them, as beat­ing, fining, and imprisoning of them, but they would get a law, or Decree, made to root out, banish, or to kill, and destroy the whole Seed of righteous Israel, and to boast as Pharaoh and his Hoast did,Exod. 15.9. I will pursue, I will overtake them, I will divide the spoyle, my lust shall be satisfied up­on them, I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them, (or I will banish them out of my Land, except they will [Page 2]worship according as I shall command them, I say when ever Persecutors came to this stature in wickedness, then their time was near an end, and deliverance near to the per­secuted.

The first that came to this stature in wickednesse was Cain, who was the elder Brother of all Persecuters, his punishment for killing his righteous brother about Religion, was greater then he was able to bear (as himself confessed) Genesis the 4.

Read the sin of the old World, Genesis 6. & 11. The Earth also (or the old World) was corrupt before God: for the Earth was filled with violence. (or cruelty) Persecution is cruelty, and for this the Lord swept away the World of ungodly, and they perished in the Waters, but saved righteous Noah the persecuted, alive in the Ark with his Family.

And read Exodus how wicked Pharaoh oppressed Israel a long time,Exod. 5.6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. but when the Lord sent his servant Moses to be their Conducter and Leader, out of his house of bondage, then Pharaoh oppressed them more, when they desired to goe sacrifice to the Lord their God, then he said the peopleare idle, let them have no more Straw given them, but let then goe and gather it where they can find it, yet said he to the Officers, let them diminish nothing of their dayes works, but let them make their whole Taile of Brick as formetly, so the Officers came and beat them, and threatned them, and they cryed unto the Lord, and the Lord heard the cry of the afflicted, and he delivered them, and sent his plagues upon Pharaoh, and upon his Land and People, so that at length he let Israel goe, but as soon as they were gone out from him, Pharaoh came to that stature of wickedness, both he and his people, as the Persecuters in England are at this day, and they consented to pursue, and to destroy them at once, (they would rid the Land of them) but the Lord delivered Israel, and that which delivered them, was the destruction of Pha­raoh, and all his Host, Exodus 14.

Now Moses wrote afterwards that the Lord would raise his people up a Prophet like unto him,Deut. 18.15. from amongst their brethren, and him they should hear in all things, and accord­ing [Page 3]to his prophesie, the Lord hath raised up this Prophet, is the midst of us, the Light Christ Jesus, and he hath en­lightned us, and the Lord hath sent him to be our guide, and Conducter out of spiritual Egipt, where formerly he was crucifyed.

And now we may call to remembrance the dayes that are passed, as the Apostle wrote,Heb. 10.32, 33. that after Christ Jesus the light came unto us, and we received the Light, how we have indured a great fight in affliction, and as it were in E­gipe, after Moses was sent of the Lord to lead his people forth, so it hath been with us ever since we received the Light, the Prophet Moses wrote of, how have our Persecutors oppres­sed us, and in no wife they will yield that we shall sacrifice to the Lord our God, as Christ Jesus the Light in us, shall di­rect us, and they have far exceeded Pharaoh and his Task-masters in cruelty towards us (though we are free-born, and Israel were strangers) as instance Pharaohs bondage to Israel, was chiefly to the outward man, in oppressing of them with hard labour, now if our Task-masters would but doe so to us, and not oppresse our consciences, we should look upon them to be merciful men, if they would let us labour for our livelyhood, for our Wives and little Infants in the Land of our Nativity, but they will not, but cast us, and some of our Wives and Children, into nasty stinking holes and dun­geons, and there for their pleasure keep us from labouring either for our selves, or for to get Bred for our Families, and lay great penalties upon the cruel Goalers, that we may have no liberty to goe abroad, not so much as to breath in the Ayre, neither allow any of us one farthing of Allowance, to keep us alive, within their stone walls, and yet as Pharaoh lay heavier Taxes upon us to pay then ever, and yet will not let us labour with our hands, to get therein, but sends their Officers to our habitations, where our small Children are, and there tare away that little we have left them, to pay the Kings Taxes, and to pay those false Prophets that teach for Hire, oh cruelty of all cruelties, far exceeding Egipts bon­dage, for we never read that they ever imprisoned the Israe­lites, and not let them labour, but only oppressed them with [Page 4]labour; neither were they ever denyed the benefit of the Ayre to breath in, as our Protestant persecuters doth [...] this day; and we have cryed to the Lord our God, and our innocent sufferings hath been spread before him, and he de­livered us from the generation of Protestant persecuters that were in Oliver's days; and his Righteous judgments hath swept them away, as he did others in days past. But yet I say, they were not grown to that stature in wickedness, as now the Protestant persecuters are: For now we are not onely imprisoned,Math. 5.34, 35. hundreds together, in noisom Goales (where many have sealed their Testimonies with their bloods for the Truths sake,) but now we are cast into Prison, because we will not break an express Command of Christ, (whom our Persecuters falsly calls their Saviour) who saith expresly, Sware not at all, James 5.12. neither by Heaven, nor by Earth, nor by any o­ther Oath. And further, if we will not break this Law, and sware by that Book, which saith, we must not swear, we must by their Law be banished from the land of our Nativity, from our Wives and little Children, and dearest Relations, into forreign Lands, there to seek our Bread among stran­gers; and if ever we return within seven years, we are by the cruel Law to die without mercy; and whoever shall wor­ship the true God, if they be above the number of four be­sides the Houshold, except in that way, time and place, which man hath invented, he or she shall undergo the same penalties as aforesaid.

To Persecutors in this Age, let it be tould to those,
In Cruelty they have out-stript, Pharaoh and all that rose.

The next that we read of that was grown to this stature in wickednesse,Numb. 22. 5. 6. as to root out and destroy the Israel of God, it was Balak King of Moab, for as the persecuters in this day would have the Lords own People that fear him, to be all banished, so Balak in his day, he would have had them all cursed, (it being all by one and the same spirit) what ever it cost him, and for mony and for reward Balaam would will­ingly have cursed them, but the Lord would not in that day [Page 5]let Man (as he will not let his People be banished in this day) but made Balaam blesse them altogether, and we read that when Balaam went to curse Israel, he rode upon an Asse, and the went, the Angell of the Lord stood in his way with his sword drawn in his hand, and the Asse saw the Angell and tained out of the way, and the foolish Prophet saw not the Lord stand in the way, then the Angell went farther and stood in a narrow place, and the Asse seeing the Lord again stand in the way, she rushed on the one side, and dashed Ba­laam's foot against the wall, yet the mad Prophet all this while saw not the Lord, but attempted the third time to go on again to have cursed Israel.

Now let all Protestant Persecuters read their figure. Balak King of Moab, he by all means, what ever it cost him, would have had the People of the Lord to have been cursed, that so he might have rid his land of them, & to have destroy­ed them, and this was from the same spirit, that men in this day would have the People of the Lord banished out of the Land, it is the spirit of Balaam, the false Prophet, that hath brought the people to this stature in wickednesse as to banish those that fear the Lord, and that cannot put into the mouths of the false Prophets, for they are they that have in all ages and in this age stirred up the Rulers and People to persecute Gods servants, and they seeing that Imprisoning, [...], Beating, Cutting with armed Souldiers, Stocking, Stoning, Whipping, will not make an end of them that [...] the Lord, now they have got a Law (contrary to Law) to banish them, the Husband from the Wife, and both from the little Infants, not at all regarding Age nor Sex, rending [...]ilies in pieces, O hard hearted Protestants! what, no pitty to the little Infants? must they be left crying day and night in thy streets O England? & no care taken for them? me not your hearts harder then the flint? what, banish Pa­rents from their tender Infants, and the pittifull Mother from our sucking Babe! and banish them into a forreign Land, and all because they will not break the commandment of him whom you call your Saviour and Redeemer, and because they worship the living God in spirit and in truth according [Page 6]to the Scriptures, you say you own and professe, O Prote­stant persecuters, you have quite lost your natural affection, you have outstripped all that ever went before you, go to the hearbs of the field and they will teach you, doth that hearb that is naturally hot, cause the other hearb that is na­turally cold, that it shall not grow by it? no, they buth grow together close by one another in unity, and go to the birds of the air, and they will instruct you, for they live to­gether, and do not strive to beat one another forth of the Country where they have been brought forth, & go to little children and they will condemn you persecuters, for they can play together in unity, but you have no pitty to the suck­ing babes, nor to the gray hairs, nor to him that leans upon his staff for very age, and thus you have hardened your own hearts, untill the Lord hath given you up to hardnesse of heart, which is the greatest of all judgments, and the nearest to destruction, and so you go on and strive against your Ma­ker, and as yet you have not given ear to those whom the Lord hath sent unto you, to warn you of the evill of your wayes, but you have hardened your hearts as Pharaoh, and you will not let Israel go, but this I tell you all, who are hastening to banish Gods People from amongst you, our God hath set himself in your way with his sword dravv [...] in his hand, and the poor Sea-Men whom you make your Asses, (or would do) they see the Lord stand in their way, and they have these two times turned out of the way when they were a going to carry the innocent into banish­ment, but the spirit of Balaam who would force them to carry them, he sees not the Lord, the Lord hath opened the mouth of the Sea-Men both at Deal and also at Bristoll, and they have confessed to the whole Nation, and given it under their hands, that they see the Lord stand in their way, the first saw him, crossing them in all their outward things, ever after they undertook to carry innocent Israel from their own Land; but at Bristol there the Lord met them in a narrower place, viz. in the Conscience, and they gave it under their hands, that their Consciences would in no wise let them be at qui­et, or peace; and that the plagues would follow them, (or others, [Page 7]who should ever under take to carry them) whether soever they [...]; and that they had partaked of the plagues in their heart [...]; and that they durst in no wise carry them; because, [...] knew them to be innocent persons, and destred to walk in befear of the Lord; and thus hath our God opened the eyes Whose whom you would make your Asses, (the poor Sea­ [...]en) that they see the Lord, and also their mouths to speak well of his people;2 Pet. 2.16. and for this cause hath he opened their mouths, to reprove the madness of the wicked Prophets that see not the Lord, therefore let it be a warning to all you that still would have them banished, that the Lord [...]th promised shall dwell in their own Land;Jer. 23.8. that you make not a third attempt to ride the Ass out again, to drive on your design, for our God stands still in the way,Numb. 22. 31. 32, 33. and if you will not be warned, he will slay you, and preserve and keep the Ass alive.

Therefore out of true love & pitty once more to you, thus have I been moved of the Lord to write to you, that so you tray fear and Repent, and cease from the cruel and unheard of persecution; for the seed whom the Lord hath according to his promise, raised in this Northern Island, as Jeremiah fore­told must dwell in their own Land, Jer. 23.8. the mouth of the Lord of Hosts hath spoken it.

Then another we read of that undertook this wicked work of Rooting out the Lords own people, it was wicked Ha­man, Est. 3. & 4. Chap. in the days of Esther, and it runs parrallel directly with prosecutors in these days, what do we read that proud Ha­man had or could justly charge the seed of Israel with, as was evil in his days, but that Mordecai the Jew fat in the Kings gate, and would not bow the knee to one who was of the flace of Amaleck, Est. 3.1. who were the first of the Nation that arose against Israel, when they were coming out of Aegypt's bon­dage,Exod. 17 14. whom God had formerly Cursed, whom the Lord said be would have warr with (for that Cause) from generation to generation, and he would blot out his name from under hea­ven: Haman I say, being great with the King, and being fil­led with envy, laid false accusations against an innocent peo­ple, and said to the King, that it was not for the Kings pro­fit [Page 8]to suffer them to live, & the King being willing to gratifie his flatterers, granted his r [...]quest, and sealed the decree, not only against righteous Mordecai, but against the whole Seed of Israel, 2 Thes. 1.6. that dwell amongst them, but then it was A right [...] thing with the Lord to render tribulation to them that troubled his People, Esther 7.10. as it hath been and will be ever, for the same tree that Haman commanded to be built to hang Mordecai on, the the Lord caused it that he himself was hanged thereon, and those who by that unrighteous law had power given them to have destroyed Israel, Chap. 9. the Lord brought it so to passe that they were slain themselves, as thou may read Esther: so what hath the People of the Lord (who in scorn are called Quakers) done, that is evil against the proud Hamans in this day? hath any of them made Insurrection, Plot, or Conspi­cies, or any ways gone about to subvert the Government, or have they any wayes wronged any man in their outward goods or good name, or have they been a people that have lived contentiously with their neighbours, or in pride, idlenesse, vanity, or excesse, let Gods witnesse in the hearts of all people that have known us answer? or have we been a people that have made a profession of scriptures, and lived contrary unto them in our lives and conversations, let those who are our persecuters (and that are found doing so) make it appear to the Nation if they can; but is not that the great­est and cheifest cause of our persecutors wrath against us, that we cannot respect their persons, nor give them flattering titles, Job 23.21, 22. because the scriptures which they professe forbids us and saith it is sin; nay, though our persecuters have never so much favour or honour from the King, and have what their hearts can desire, yet what doth all avail them, while they see poor righteous Mordecais brought before the judgment seats,John 5.44. and cannot bow the knee to that which is out of the faith of Christ, and that seeks honour, or receives honour one of another, and so those that walks according to the ho­ly Scriptures, are with such men counted of evill behaviour, and so at all times suffers under them for well doing, and not for evill, and such men who are filled with envy against us, have (to satisfie their bloody intents) falsly accused us before [Page 9]those that are in authority, and by that means have procured that law to be made, signed and sealed against us, for peace­able meeting together, to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, and so by the execution of that unnatural Law, to root us out of the land of our nativity, and so to race out the seed whom the Lord hath raised in this northern Island,Jer. 23.8. but unto our God we make our appeal, he having raised in us the same spirit that was in righteous Mordecai, and that was in the three Children, that we know Our God is able to de­liver us, and he will deliver us, Dan 3.17.18. and in him alone we wait for deliverance, and he never yet failed any that were by wick­ed men designed to be universally rooted out for their obe­dience to the Lord in any age, as before mentioned (as we are by you at this day) but if he should not deliver us, be it known to you our persecutors, that we will not be of that Religion that you are of, to professe God, Christ, and Scriptures, and walk and practice the clean contrary way to what you professe, and what the scriptures declare of; Nay contrary to what your book of Common Prayer speaks of, for that saith that you should forsake the Devill and all his works, and keep Gods holy will and commandments, Read your Common-Prayer, & see whether your practice be according. and walk in the same all the dayes of your lives, and that you should hurt no body by word or deed, but should be true and just in all your deal­ings, that you should bear no malice nor hatred in your hearts, that you should do to all men as you would they should do unto you, and not falsly accuse nor bear false witnesse against your neigh­bours, and that you should not live in the pomps and vanities of this wicked world, nor in the sinfull lusts of the flesh, and should [...]ither follow nor be led by them, and it saith (that the Lord saith) that we shal labour six dayes, and do all that we have to do, and when our persecuters were sprinkled, had not they their sureties (or bondmen) who undertook for them that they would see them brought up in living out of the aforesaid e­vils, and when they came to age themselves, were they not bound to perform the same? but do either their sureties or themselves keep their bond or promises, but by their acti­ons they are found walking contrary to godlynesse, but be ye not deceived, for God will not be mocked by you, for [Page 10]that which you sow that you must reap, and our God is [...] changeable, he is the same yesterday and to day and for ever and therefore it is, that the true Israel that fears and ob [...]y [...] him never hath been consumed, nor never shall be.

For when Hamans envy is grown so great,
that Israel shall not live,
Then that's the time for God's own power,
deliverance for to give.

And again,Cal 4 29. he that was born after the flesh, would be persecuting him that was born after the spirit, and in Nebu [...]had-nezzar's time, the persecuting spirit was gro [...] to his full height in wickednesse, and they after that the King had set up the Golden Image,read Dan. 3. and had made a decree that all his people should at the sound of the Instruments, fall down and worship the Golden Image that the King had set up, and in that day there were three of the seed of Israel that knew the true God, and worshiped him, and they could not fall down and worship the Image the King had set up, then those who were filled with envy, accused them before the King, and incensed the King against them, and they re­garding not the Kings decree, said that they were not care­full to answer the King in that matter, for our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the fiery Furnace, and he will deliver us out of thy hands O King; but if not, be it known unto thee O King, that we will not serve thy Gods, nor worship thy golden Image that thou hast set up; then the Kings wrath arose, and he caused the Furnace to be he [...] [...] ­ven times hotter than before,Dan. 3.20, 21, 22, &c. and commanded to bind the three servants of the Lord; and those that undertook to carry and cast them into the flames, the fire [...]lew those [...] and burnt them, and the Lord preserved the other in the flames, and had no hurt at all.

O Persecutors, Read these Lines, and dread our Mighty God,
Else he will strike and also smite you with his Iron Rod;

And again, how evident it is that persecutors in all ages [...] [...]ither in this age, even regarded the works of the Lord, [...] never takes notice how the Lord hath ever in all Ages [...]stly pursued this great sin of persecution (let it be found in whom it will) with his dreadfull Judgements; Nay, they will take no notice, though in the same age, and though they hear how the Lord hath swept away others before their fa­ces;read Dan. the 6. Chap yet they being blinded so with envy, that they will at­tempt the same evil themselves again, as we may read that Daniel, because he feared the living God, and worship'd him inspirit and in truth, therefore those envious men that knew well enough what the Lord had done to those that had a hand [...] the three Children into the Furnace, yet those [...] would attempt the same evil against Daniel, and they see they could in no wise catch him in any thing concerning his life and conversation, but only concerning his God, therefore they endeavoured to perswade the King to make a Law (as the [...] envious spirit hath done often since) and the Law was this; that if any man asked any Petition or Request of any [...] Man, save of the King himself, for thirty days, that then he [...] be east into the Lyons Den, and this wicked law was sign­ [...] and sealed by the King; but for all this wicked Decree, [...] regarded not it, but he not only prayed three times a day to the true God, but he set his window open (let who would hear him) and prayed to his God as at other times, [...] quickly this wicked decree did not long want executi­o [...], but those that watched him, could the King, how Da­ [...] regarded not the Kings law, then was Daniel according to the decree cast into the Lyons Den, but in the Den there the Lord appeared, and [...]hut the mouth of the hungry Lyons and preserved Daniel, but then it was a righteous thing with the Lord, To render tribulation to those that troubled his [...], and the King did righteously in causing Daniel to be taken out of the Den, and also commanded that those [...] that caused Daniel to be cast in,Dan. 6.24. that they should be cast i [...] themselves; and the text saith, that the Lyons had the [...] over them and broke all their bones in pieces before [...]er they came at the ground of the Den; now both these [Page 12]deliverances from the fire, and from the Lyons were [...] one age, and the Persecutors destruction also; and [...] men in this Age who are of the same envious spirit, and [...] acting the same evil against the Servants of the Lord. [...] would not take warning by others, but went on, untill [...] Lords judgments swept them away.

Know Persecutors we have a God
That is over you with his Might,
That can cause the Fire it shall not burn,
Nor let hungry Lyons bite.

Now all you that in this day are so hard at work, and th [...] are doing the very same evil in the ground of it, as the [...] that the Holy Scriptures hath left you upon record, for [...] your learning; and for that end the Lord gave the Scripture forth by his Servants, that so you might see how wicked [...] dealt with the Servants of the Lord in ages past, when [...] were grown to such a stature in wickedness, as to get a [...] made by their Kings, or Rulers, to root out and to de [...] the people of the Lord. And also, you may read in Scripture how, when ever any of his Servants were in any Age [...] at by wicked men to be wholly rooted out, from off [...] Earth; that then at all times, the Lords power appea [...] [...] wrought deliverance for his people, and ever brought [...] struction upon the Enemies: But now if any are grow [...] desperately wicked, as not to believe nor to give any [...] to the Holy Scriptures, neither will be learned by the [...] notwithstanding, he hears the Curses that are there writ [...] against such wicked practices,Deut. 29.19, 20. the wrath of the Lord [...] will smoke against that man or men whoever they be, & [...] curse that is written in the Scriptures shall light upon [...] man; and the Lord shall put out his Name from under He [...]

And now all you that call your selves (or would be called Christian Magestrates, or Rulers, can you read that ever [...] Christians or any that feared the Lord, ever were found [...] such a work, as you are doing at this day, to Ban [...] innocent, harmless, peaceable, laborious people, that [...] [Page 13]living God, from their dear Wives and tender Infants; [...] from their dear and near Relations, into Forreign Lands, [...] to expose them to greater misery and hardship, then Death it self: Will ever those you call Heathens and Infidels [...] well of the Christian Religion? or ever have any love [...] be converted unto it, when they shall hear of such cruel­ [...] acted by you? and that against your own Brethren; as to [...]ish them for their Consciences towards their God; and [...]hen they shall hear what large promises of liberty concer­ing Conscience you have made unto us, and yet regard it [...]; but banish us as aforesaid;Math. 5.16. can they ever give credit [...]to your words; should not your Light so shine before [...]en that they might see your good works, and so come to [...]orifie God: Now good workes are Fruits of the spirit, as Love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, Gal. 5.22. [...], [...]eekness, temperance, against such there is no Law, to im­ [...], fine, and to banish those that fears the Lord, is not a [...] of the spirit, but a work of the flesh; for the workes of the flesh are manifest, Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, [...]onness, Idolatry, Witchcraft, hatred, debate, amulations, [...]th, contentions, seditions, heresies, envy, murders, drunken­ [...]ss, gluttony, and such like: and the Apostle said, That they [...] such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Now let [...] deceive themselves so much, as to call themselves Chri­ [...] Magestrates, and Rulers, while they are found doing such things as are clear contrary to Christs Doctrines, and the Holy Scriptures; Now those that are found imprisoning, [...]ing, beating, and banishing of those that feares the Lord, [...] would not have others do so unto them, such are out of Christs Doctrine, and such as fine, imprison, and banish those [...] for Conscience towards God cannot sware,Math 5.34, 35 36. because Christ and his Apostle forbids it, such are out of Christs Doctrine; and such as are parting Man and Wife, whom God [...]th joyned together, and for meeting together to worship the true God in spirit and in truth, these men are out of Christs Doctrine, and are contrary to Scripture, and such as will not let peaceable people labour with their hands, and so to provide for their Families, but shut them up in Prisons, [Page 14]and there keep them during their pleasures, [...] by the Scriptures counted worse then Inside [...]s, [...] the Faith.

And wicked men in all ages have counted the people [...] the Lord that have lived amongst them to be T [...], read M [...]th. 3. [...] themselves to be the Wheat, and such have in all [...] deavoured to act contrary to Christ's doctrine and [...] mands, and they by no means will let them grow (or [...] by them, but they will be plucking out the Tares (as the [...] ­selves call them) but Christ bids such men let them able, and let them grow together untill the harvest, and [...] harvest (he saith) is the end of the World; but [...] who will not believe Christ's doctrine are none of his, [...] are the Tares which the Devill hath sown amongst the W [...], and such men for want of true judgment have ever in all [...] mistook the Tares, and endeavour to pluck up the [...] for never in any age, neither in this age, durst such [...] ever go about to prove such to be Tares that they [...] gon about to pluck up, which if they could prove the [...] [...] be Tares, yet according to Christ's doctrine, they are [...] let them alone, and to let them grow together untill [...] harvest.

Now this I say unto you, who ever at this day are [...] persecuting, plucking up, and rooting up Gods people [...] no evill don by them,James. 4.12. but only for their conscience to [...] God, knowing him to be The alone Law-giver that is [...] save and to destroy, and no mortall Man whatsoever [...] power to give laws to bind the conscience to the wor [...] [...] God, because it is Gods throne which is the Kingdo [...] [...] Heaven within us, where God fits chief Judge and [...] ­giver, I say unto all you, that the Lord hath by hi [...] [...] spirit given you the holy scriptures for to instruct, [...] and reprove you, that so Kings, aswell as their Sub [...] might live answerable unto them, and all their souls be [...] subject to the higher powers, which power is God; [...] you will not be subject unto this higher power, but [...] your selves over Gods throne (the conscience) and [...] will make laws over it, contrary to Gods laws, and [...] [Page 15] [...] Scripture, the Lords hand will be stretched out a­ [...] you, (for be never spared any that would by force [...] his [...]hrone) but as you may read how he hath done to [...], so he will do unto you, therefore fear our God and [...], and cease doing wickedly against his people before the evill day which is near, come upon you.

A few words to the suffering Lambs of Christs that lye in his Fould of Rest.

DEar suffering Lambs, who are gather'd into the fould of Rest, be not afraid though the hungry Foxes you hear run barking about the Fould, [...] Shepherd is watchful, he hath, and will seed you agreen Pasture; and at his pleasure he can take the [...]le Foxes, stray not forth of your Fould of Rest; [...] be still and quiet, be not troubled at the howling [...] the Foxes, for your Shepherd will not give you to be a prey for them; it is the Lamb that the wild hungry [...] of prey would devour; but our God will sud­ [...]ly rebuke the devourer, for he hath gathered you by his own power into his own Fould; and he hath [...]lerved you, ever since he gathered you. You [...]y remember how your Shepherd preserved you [...] those that sought to devour you in days past, and [...] be reb [...]ked those devourers in O, C's days; and [...] he brought his judgments upon them, for touch­ [...] of his Anointed, and for doing of his Prophets [...]; and fear not though now you are incompassed [...] [...]very side with those that would devour you; It [...] for a little time, for the tryal of your Faith, and [Page 16]patience; you have the Holy Writings of Christ, the Prophets, and Apostles, and you have received them, to learn you, and to instruct you, and you are those who are come to fulfill Scriptures, and they are fulfilled in you; having received the same Spirit that gave them forth; and you are those that the Scrip­ture speaks of, that have broke your Swords into Sithes, and your Sphears into pruning books; and that have learned to war no more with Carnal weapons; and you are the seed that the Lord hath raised, in this Northern Island, as Jeremiah foretold, and the [...] cut out without hands that must brake the Image to po [...]der, and grow and fill the whole Earth. And you are the [...]o­ble company of Warriors that follows the Lamb, who is your Captain, to sight with the Dragon, the Beast and false Prophets, and that shall be sure to have the Victory, Revel. 19. and you are those that are coming out of great tribulation, having washed your long white Robes in the blood of the Lamb. Therefore I say to you all trust in the Lord, and wait upon him, keep to the Fould; for though you are now designed to be rooted out, yet remember and believe that there is no pow [...] but what is in our Gods hand, and he never for [...]ook any that were designed by a Law to be rooted out for their obedience to the Lord, as you are at this day: And though he tryed his people, and did not deliver untill in the Furnace, nor untill Daniel was in the De [...], yet then his power appeared for their deliverance, and also for the destruction of their Enemies; so all [...]e [...] Lambs be faithful unto the Lord, and trust in hi [...] for your deliverance will assuredly come, as those three deliverances came to the Lords people, who were by a Law (made by envious men) to be destroyed, and [Page 17]to be rooted out; and no more we read of in Scrip­ture, that were by a Law thus sentenced, as we are at this day: and for our deliverance our God hath ap­peared, and doth appear, though our Enemies shut their eyes and will not take notice of it, but still go on to provoke the Lord, who hath done so great things for them; and now that which the Lord spoke through his Servant the Prophet Esdras, is now a ful­filling as all may read, For there shall be in every place, and in the next Cities a great Insurrection, upon those that fear the Lord.

71. Ver. They shall be like made men, sparing none, 1 Esdras 16.70, 71. but still spoyling and destroying those that fears the Lord.

72. For they shall wast and take away their Goods, and cast them out of their Houses.

73. Then shall they be known who are my Chosen, and they shall be tryed as the Gold in the fire.

74. Hear O ye my beloved, saith the Lord, behold the dayes of trouble are at hand, but I will deliver you from the same.

75. Be ye not afraid, neither doubt, for God is your guide.

76. And the guide of them that keep my Commande­ments and Precepts.

F. E.
The End.

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