THE RETURN OF THE ESTATES of PARLIAMENT UPON THE TESTIMONY, Communicated unto them by the Commis­sioners of the Generall Assembly, and their concurrence with the same.

THE Estates of Parliament presently conveened. Taking to their most serious consideration the sea­sonable Testimony against Toleration, and the present proceeding of Sectaries and their Abettors in England, in reference to Religion and Government, With an Ad­monition and Exhortation to their Brethren there from the Commissioners of the Generall Assembly of the Church of Scotland communicated unto them by you; And ponder­ing [Page 16] the present sad and strange condition of affairs in their neigh [...]bour Kingdom of England represented therein, & in several other Pa­pers come to their knowledge; They do return unto you thei [...] hearty thanks both for your good correspondence (which the Par­liament will with all cheerfulness entertain) and for your great car [...] and faithfulness in giving such necessary and seasonably Warning and Testimonies against the dangers of the times on all hands at al [...] occasions, And do heartily Concur in the grounds thereof agains [...] Toleration and the present proceedings of Sectaries in England in reference to Religion and Government, and in the Admonitions and Encouragements so fully exprest in the said Paper: And do mos [...] willingly adde this our Testimony thereunto; That our Brethren o [...] England may be the more moved by the mouth of two Witnesses and especially such as together with them stand and fall, and are covenanted with them for mutuall good, to lay those things to heart, and to abstain from all such sinfull and dangerous courses, And the faithfull not to faint under these afflictions, or to omit any necessary Testimonies or Duty against the corruption of the time; And because there have been severall aspersions published in Printed Pamphlets, for the strengthening of the hands of those who go on in these sinfull wayes, and for discouraging the hearts of these who are suffering under them; Therefore the Estates of Parliament after diligent enquiry at all the Members of this Court upon their publick and solemn Oath, both concerning themselves and others: Do De­clare, and can assure their Brethren of England, that they cannot finde that either this Kingdom or any person thereof, had any know­ledge of, or accession unto the late proceedings of the English Army in relation to the Kings Person, or the Houses and restrained Mem­bers thereof, But are very confident there is no ground for such as­persions. On the other hand so soon as this Parliament was conveen­ed and constituted, and heard of the present posture of affairs, They being no wayes satisfied with their proceedings, and the reasons thereof, published to the world, And being convinced of the dan­gerous consequences thereof, and calamities likely to follow there­upon [Page 17] They did give present instructions to their Commissioners up­on many reasons founded on the Obligations and Declarations made between, and by both Kingdoms (of which the matter of Fact is fully expressed by the Paper given in by our Commissioners on the 5. of January instant, to the Speaker of the House of Commons in our name, and according to our minde, herewith communicated to you) to presse a delay of all procedours against the Kings Person, the Prince his right of succession, or the funda­mentall Government of the Kingdom, untill this Kingdom were heard to represent their interest and desires; And in case of their re­fusall that they should enter in the name of this Kingdom their dis­sent, and Protest, That as this Nation is free from all knowledge of, and accession to these designes and practises, So they may be free of all the Calamities, Miseries and Confusions which may follow thereupon to these distracted Kingdoms. And as our constant re­solution and earnest desire to preserve inviolably the Peace and U­nion between the Kingdoms, will evidently appear to any who will read (beside all our former Actions and sufferings for it) our Act of Indiction of this present Parliament, and our Act repealing all past in the last Parliament or Committee of Estates for the late unlawfull Engagement against England. And as ye are witnesses of our keeping a Solemn day of Humiliation, not only for our own sins and miseries, but also for the sins and distresses lying on our dear Brethren, and for seeking the Lords Direction to us, that we may know and perform all the duties which the LORD re­quires of us at such a time, after such Iudgements and De­liverances on his part, such an Acknowledgement and renewed Covenant on our part, not onely in relation to our own affairs at home, but also to what may concern Religion, King and King­doms, according to the solemn League and Covenant in these united Nations; So We Declare that it is our constant resolutions, with Gods assistance to give all seasonable Testimonies, and do all neces­sary duties within our power and calling, for the preservation of the begun Reformation against Toleration of all Religion, and of the [Page 18] fundamentall Government against Anarchy and confusion. And for continuing and preserving the Peace and Union between these Kingdoms, and all the Bands thereof, so often acknowledged and expressed in their Treaties, especially one King, one Covenant, one Religion, And for the observance of the manifold Declarations emitted between and by both Kingdoms to the World, in the posi­tive and necessary duties for pursuance of all the Ends of the solemn League and Covenant. And to this effect we are and shall be most ready to deal and interpose in all earnestness and sincerity of heart, and by all lawfull and necessary means with all whom it may con­cern, for setling Peace and Truth in these Kingdoms, upon the grounds and Propositions so often agreed unto, and so long insisted upon by these two Nations, and upon what further shall be found safe and necessary for the removing of these distempers, and prevent­ing new issues of blood, Calamities and Confusions in these King­doms, which the Searcher of hearts knoweth to be the earnest de­fire, and firm resolution of this Court and Kingdom.

Lowdoun Cancell. I.P.D.P.

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