❧ By the Queene.
A proclamation concernnig the Souldiors appointed to serue in her Maiesties seruice beyond the Seas, vnder the charge Sir Iohn Norris and Sir Francis Drake.

THe Queenes most excellent Maiestie, hauing ordred that a certaine nomber of Souldiors and Sailers shall be foorthwith leuied and prested to repaire into the parts of beyond the Seas, there to be emploied in her Highnesse seruice and paie: the charge of leuying, presting, mustring, arming, transporting and commanding of which Souldiours and Sailers, her Maiestie hath by her speciall commission, committed to Sir Iohn Norris, and Sir Francis Drake knights, and to such officers and other persons, whom they or either of them shall by writing vnder their hand depute in this behalfe: doeth straightly charge and command, that all such per­sons, who haue already, or shal receiue any prest money of the said Sir Iohn Norris, Sir Francis Drake, or of either of them, or of their abouesaid officers for this seruice now committed vnto them, [...] wherein the said Souldiours and Sailers, or other persons are to be vsed, shall duely obserue and keepe such order shall be giuen and limited vnto them, for the day and time of their repaire to any place, whereunto they shall be by [...] said Sir Iohn Norris, and Sir Francis Drake, or either of them, or by their said officers, appointed for their meeting, [...]ping, & transportation. And if any such person or persons shall to the contrary offend, or directly or indirectly with­ [...] themselues after the prest money by them receaued: Her Maiestie doeth heereby notifie, that euery such person offending, and the offence dulie prooued, shall be punished with death by Marshall lawe. For which purpose, and for better execution heereof, to the furtherance of this her Maiesties seruice, Her Highnesse hath beene pleased to ap­ [...]ct Peter Crisp Gentleman, to be the Prouost Marshall: vnto whom, in this seruice, her Maiestie dooth will and [...]aund all Colonnels and Captaines, all Iustices, Maiors, Shiriffes, Bailiffes, Constables, Hedboroughs, and other her Officers, Ministers and Subiects, to be aiding, assisting, and furthering, as they and euery of them will [...]ere for the contrarie, at their vttermost perill.

Her Maiestie doth also hereby notifie and straightly charge, that none of these souldiours, prested as afore, this her Maiesties seruice, shall sell, or lay to pawne, any his or their Armour, Furniture, or Apparell: nor that person or persons shall buy the same of any the said souldiours, vpon paine to the buyer, of losse of that he shall so [...], and imprisonment: and to the souldiour, for selling or laying to pawne his Armour, Furniture, or Apparell, [...]ishment with death by order of Marshal law. And for the better auoyding of abuse herein, the said souldours [...]our and Furniture shalbe marked with aspeciall marke, for this purpose. Her Maiestie doth also further charge [...] commaund all her abouesaid officers whatsoeuer, to make stay of any souldiour (not bringing his Pasport with [...], vnder the hand of the said sir Iohn Norris, or sir Francis Drake, or of any their Officers,) and of any other vaga­rant persons, and the same to deliuer, or cause to be deliuered, to the Prouost Marshall, or his deputie or deputies. [...]ing also hereby authoritie to the sayde sir Iohn Norris, and sir Francis Drake, and to either of them, and to the quar­ [...] Maisters appointed by them, to quarter, and cause to be lodged, the saide souldiours and sailers in any Citie, [...]ne, Borough, or Village, in their iourneying and marching toward the Seaside, and during the time that [...] [...]hall tarie for winde. The contents of this her Maiesties Proclamation, her Highnesse doth straightly charge commaund all her Officers, Ministers, and Subiects whatsoeuer, in their seuerall charges and rule, to see due­ [...]ted, as they, and euery of them, will answere for the contrary at their vttermost perill.

God saue the Queene.

❧ Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie.

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