❧ By the Queene.

THE Queenes Maiestie being geuen to vnderstand, that chief­ly through the disorderly traffiquing of such her marchauntes as trade into Fraunce for wines, the sayde wines are of late yeeres growen to that excessiue pryce, as for the furnishing of the Realme of the same, there is yeerely consumed a greater portion of treasure, then in any tymes before hath ben, to the great impouerishing of this her Realme: Hath therfore (seeing the great inconuenience that is lyke to encrease and ensue thereof, if in tyme there be not some speedye redresse of the same,) by the aduise of her Maiesties Counsell, thought meete to declare to al manner of persons that shall vse the trade of the bringing in of the sayde wines into this Realme, that they forbeare to bryng into any part of this Realme the sayde wines, vnlesse they may vtter and afoorde the same after the rate of ten pounds the Tunne, with all manner ordinary charges, vpon payne of imprisonment. And that any person that shall buye any the sayde wine aboue the sayde rate, shall in respect of his contempt, suffer imprysonment duryng her Maiesties pleasure, and forfeyte the sayde wine.

God saue the Queene.

❧ Imprinted at London by New­gate Market next vnto Christes Churche, by Richarde Iugge, Printer to the Queenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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