¶ A Proclamacion against those that doeth innouate, alter or leaue doune any Rite or Ceremonie in the Church, of their priuate aucthoritie: and aga­inst them whiche preacheth without licence, set furth the .vj. daie of Februarij, in the seconde yere of the Kynges Maiesties moste gracious reigne.

THe kyngnes highnes by the aduise of his moste entier­ly beloued Vncle, the Duke of Somersette, Gouernor of his moste royall persone, and Protector of all his Realmes, Dominions and Subiectes, and others of his Counsaill: Consideryng nothyng so muche, to tende to the disquietyng of his realme, as diuersitie of opi­nions, and varietie of Rites and Ceremonies, concernyng Religion and worshippyng of almightie God, and therefore studiyng all the waies & meanes, whiche can be to directe this Churche and the Cure, committed to his highnes, in one and moste true doctrine, Rite and Vsage: Yet is aduertised that cer­tain priuate Curates, Preachers, and other laye men, contrary to their bounden dueties of obedience, doth rashely attempte of their awne and singuler witte and mynde, in some Parishe Churches and otherwise, not onely to perswade the people, from the olde and accustomed Rites and Ceremonies, but also theimself bryngeth in newe and straunge orders, euery one in their Churche, accordyng to their phantasies: The whiche as it is an euident token of pride and arrogancie, so it tendeth bothe to confu­sion and disordre, and also to the high displeasure of almightie God, who loueth nothyng so muche as ordre and obedience: Wherefore his Maiestie straightly chargeth and commaundeth, that no maner persone, of what estate, ordre, or degree so euer he be, of his priuate mynde, will or phantasie, do omitte, leaue doune, chaunge, alter or innouate any ordre, Rite or Ceremonie, commonly vsed and frequen­ted in the Churche of Englande, and not commaunded to bee left doune at any tyme, in the reigne of our late souereigne lorde his highnes father other then suche as his highnes, by the aduise aforesaied, by his maiesties visitours, Iniunccions, Statutes or Proclamacions, hath already or hereafter shall commaunde, to be omitted, left, innouated, or chaūged: But that thei be obserued after that sort, as be­fore thei wer accustomed, or els now sithe prescribed, by the aucthoritie of his maiestie, and by the mea­nes aforesaied, vpon pain that whosoeuer shall offende, contrary to this Proclamacion, shall incurre his highnes indignacion, and suffre imprisonment, and other greuous punishementes, at his maie­sties wil and pleasure.

AND to the intente that rashe and sedicious Preachers, should not abuse his highnes people, it is his Maiesties pleasure, that whosoeuer shall take vpon hym to preache openly, in any parrishe Churche, Chapell, or any other open place, other then those, whiche be licensed by the kynges maiestie, or his highnes Visitours, the Archebishoppe of Canterbury, or the Bishoppe of the Diocese where he doth preache: Excepte it bee the Bishop, Persone, Vicar, Deane, Warden, or Prouost, in his or their awne Cure, shalbe furthwith vpon suche attempt and preachyng, contrary to this Proclama­cion, committed to prisone, and there remain vntill suche tyme, as his maiestie by the aduise aforesaid, hath taken ordre for the further punishment of the same. And that the premisses should bee more spe­dely and diligently doen and performed, his highnes geueth straightly in commaundement, to al Iu­stices of Peace, Maiours, Shiriefes, Constables, hed Borrowes, Churche, Wardens, and all other his Maiesties Officers and Ministers, and rulers of Tounes, Parrishes, and Hamlettes: That thei be diligent and attendaunt, to the true and faithfull excucion of this Proclamacion, and euery parte thereof, according to thintent, purport and effecte of the same. And that thei of their procedynges here­in (or if any offender be) after thei haue commited the same to prison, do certifie his highnes, the lorde Protector, or his maiesties Counsaill, with all spede thereof accordyngly: as thei tender his maiesties pleasure, the wealth of the realme, and will aunswere to the contrary, at their vttermost perilles.

God saue the Kyng.

Excusum Londini, in aedibus Richard Graftoni Regij Impressoris.

Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

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