A Countercuffe giuen to Martin Iu­nior: by the venturous, hardie, and renowned Pasquill of England, Caualiero.

Not of olde Martins making, which newlie knighted the Saints in Heauen, with rise vp Sir Peter and Sir Paule; But lately dubd for his seruice at home in the defence of his Countrey, and for the cleane breaking of his staffe vppon Martins face.


PRINTED, Betweene the skye and the grounde, VVithin a myle of an Oake, and not many fieldes of, from the vnpriuiledged Presse of the Ass-ignes of Martin Junior.


VAliant Martin, if euer the earth carried anie Gyants, as fabulous antiquitie hath auouched, which entred into wars and conspiracies against GOD, thy father Mar-prelat was a whelpe of that race; who to reuiue the memory of his aun­cesters almost forgotten, hath broken into heauen with his blasphemies. If the Monster be deade, I meruaile not, for hee was but an error of Nature, not long liued: hatched in the heat of the sinnes of England, and sent into these peaceable Seas of ours, to play like a Dolphin before a tempest. The heads this Hydra lost in a famous place of late, where euery newe Bugge no sooner puts out his hornes, but is beaten downe; The Ano­tamie latelie taken of him, the blood and the humors that were taken from him, by launcing and worming him at London vpon the common Stage; The maine buffets that are giuen him in euery corner of this Realme, are euident tokens, that beeing thorow soust in so many showres, hee had no other refuge but to runne into a hole, and die as he liued, belching.

Turkie hath very good cause to bewaile his death, for theyr Religion like an ancient building, worne with extremity of age, riues, & threatens ruine on euery side, if it be not supported by newe proppes. One of the best meanes the deuill inuented to holde that vppe, was the helpe of thy Father, to pull downe all other Religions vnder heauen. His Conclusions and thy Epi­logue, are two as fitte swordes, as Mahomet himselfe could de­sire to kill a Christian. But because thy Father wained with the [Page] Moone for want of strength, when he left thee his Theses with­out life or limme, I woulde wishe thee to put them in Moode and Figure for his sake. Pasquill hath vndertaken to write a very famous worke, Entituled, THE OWLES AL­MANACKE: wherein, the night labours and byrth of your Religion is sette downe: the ascent and descent of the Starres that fauour it, is truelie calculated: the aspects of the Planets raigning ouer it, are expressed, with a iollie coniecture drawne from the iudgement of the Theame, what end your Re­ligion is like to haue. Now because hee hath reserued a blanke Paper at the end of the worke, for the foure seasons of the yere, (as commonly Calculators doe) he is determined to keepe that in his hand, till your Syllogismes be made, that he may fill vppe his Booke, with the diseases and remedies of your Arguments, in what quarter of the yeere so euer they fall.

Pasquill hath taken vp your Gloue, and desires you to charge your weapon at him like a Man. If you play with him, as your father and your selfe haue doone with the Bishops heretofore, if you barke like a Curre and bite behind, he will haue a trick▪ with his heele to strike out your teeth. Whilst you consult with your Topicks to ground your reasons sure, Pasquill wyll come vppon you with another venewe. For he came latelie o­uer-sea into Kent, frō thence he cut ouer into Essex at Graues­ende, and hearing some tidings of Hartford-shire, because hee cannot ride far without a bayte, he made as much haste as hee could to S. Albanes, where he staid one whole Sabaoth at the Christopher, and hauing there pestered a newe paire of Wri­ting-tables with profitable Notes for that quarter, he sette for­warde the Munday following to North-hampton-shire, smyling and glauncing as he turnd his Horse about to bidde the Con­gregation of Saint Michaels adiewe.

To be brefe with your worshipfultie, Pasquill hath posted very dilligently ouer all the Realme, to gather some fruitfull Volume of THE LIVES OF THE SAINTS, which Mauger your fiue hundred fauorites shall be printed. There shall you read of that reuerend Elder of your Church, [Page] who beeing credited with the stocke of the poore, pertaining to the Bride-well house of Canterburie to sette men a work, was compelled to keepe it to himselfe, because no poore folkes of the houshold of Faith could be found in all that Cittie. There shall you see the life and learning of a Pastor of your Church, which expounding the Articles of our Beliefe in Deuon-shire, when he came to handle the descending into Hell, wrote a La­tine Letter to a neighbour Minister of his to craue his aduise, and rapt it out lustilie, Si tu non vis venire mihi, ego volo venire tibi. and so by the leakes that remaine in his Latine, made more worke for the Tinker, than euer your Father made for the Cooper. I will leape ouer one of your Brother Preachers in North-hampton-shire, which is as good a Hound for his sent to smell a feast as euer man sawe. Pasquill met him betweene Bi­field and Fawseley, with a little Hatte like a Sawcer vppon hys crowne, a Filch-man in his hande, a swapping Ale-dagger at his back, containing by estimation, some two or three poundes of yron in the hyltes and chape, and a Bandogge by his side, to commaund fortie foote of grounde wheresoeuer he goes, that neuer a Begger come neere him to craue an Almes. O how my Palfrey fetcht me vppe the Curuetto, and daunced the Goates [...]umpe, when I ranne the ring round about him to retriue him: it should seeme by the manages my beast made, that hee knewe his Maister had a speciall peece of seruice in hande. You shall haue a goodly bande of these men in the volume of the Saints. Pasquill is nowe gone ouer-sea to commit it to the Presse, and it is his pleasure (because it is the first opening of his shop) to giue you a taste of his Wares before you buy them, like a franck Merchant.

In the mean season, sweet Martin Iunior, play thou the knaue kindly as thou hast begun, and waxe as olde in iniquitie as thy father. Downe with learning and Vniuersities, I can bring you a Free-mason out of Kent, that gaue ouer his occupation twen­tie yeeres agoe. He wil m [...]ke a good Deacon for your purpose, I haue taken some tryall of his gifts, hee preacheth very preti­lie ouer a Ioynd-stoole. These Bishops are somewhat too well [Page] grounded for greene-heades, so long as they keepe their place and power, it is impossible for thee to cast the Religion of this Land into a newe Molde euery newe Moone. The whole state of the Lande perceiues it well enough, that to deliuer vppe the Prelacie to Martin, is a Canker more daungerous to the Church and Realme, than it was for the Athenians to deliuer theyr Orators to Phillip of Macedon their vtter enemie: or thā it is for the Sheepe to betray their Sheepheards to the Woolfe. These staid Fathers, through their long studie, practise, and ex­perience in the Church of God, are skilful Phisitions, acquain­ted with the beating of euery pulse that beates out of order: they are able to discerne at the first touch, from what kinde of Haeresie, euery one of these new Feuers that trouble vs, had his beginning. Therefore, as the high way to hasten the ende of the sicke, when you thinke to profit by their death, is eyther to counsell them to despise the Phisition, and cast both the Gob­let and Potion against the walles: or els to deliuer them into the handes of an ignorant Leache, which by ministring euerie Sowters receipt to reforme the state of the bodie, plyeth them with purgatiue vppon purgatiue, till hee weakeneth the sto­macke, and rots both the Liuer and the Longes; So the readie course to poison her Maiesties louing people, is to discredite the Phisitions of their soules vnto them, and to suffer euerie Martin and Mounte-bancke to practise on them.

By these meanes shall you see Religion haled with violence into her graue, the goodly frame of this Common-weale shall fall, and Banck-rouptes and Atheists pocket vppe the peeces. But our comfort is, that the wisedom of her most excellent Ma­iestie is knowne to be greater, then to be traind from so high a seate to so base a lure, as euery Martinist casteth out vnto her. Her sacred Maiestie knowes, that it behooueth all Princes to haue a watchfull regarde vnto their estate, which is to be pre­serued as well by dooing of nothing that may endomage them, as by seeking of any thing conuenient for them.

Neuer bragge in this quarrell of your fiue hundred Brethren of credit and abilitie, Pasquill hath excellent Ferrets to followe [Page] them in their owne Boroughs: and he can tell you that there is a common kinde of affection, which men of this age carrie to such as you, whilst they haue any seruice to put you to, like vn­to them that hauing somwhat to doe with a confection of poy­son, reioyce when they finde it, yet they hate the malice of it, and throw it out of the doores when their turne is serued. Nei­ther doubt I, but that the same reckoning in the ende wyll be made of you, which your fauourers commonly make of theyr olde shooes, when they are past wearing, they barter thē awaie for newe Broomes, or carrie them foorth to the dunghill and leaue them there.

I coulde tell you manie strange stratagems of your best Friendes, but Pasquill is a Trauailer, and he knowes that Wri­ters and Printers in these daies, are like to Men placed at the Persian Banquets, if they rowle they eye neuer so little at one side, there stands an Eunuch before them with his hart full of iealousie, and his Bowe readie bent to shoote them through, because they looke farther then the Lawes of the Countrey suffer them Neuerthelesse, because your faction is suddainlie growne stale like an Oyster, and gapes so wide, that euery Fish­wife at Billings-gate sees into you, either wee must wilfullie winke, and put out our eyes, or els wee cannot choose but disco­uer a number of your deformities. Pasquils experience in thys generation teacheth him, that many of your Bowlsterers, may be compared to Bookes that are gilded & trimlie couered, they sette a faire face of Religion vppon your cause, but when they are opened, they are full of Tragedies, eyther Thyestes eating vppe the flesh of his owne Children, or cursed Oedipus, in bed with his owne Mother.

Can you nowe Mast Martin, perswade your selfe you shal haue a pride in your Pistle making, when you vaunte of thys brotherhood, and deceiue the world with such drugs as please your owne taste. If your fore-heade be so harde that you can indeede, forwards and spare not, Pasquill is readie to pull your Feathers. You shall shortlie haue a Glosse and a Commenta­rie vppon your Epilogue, with certaine Hayes, Iigges, Rimes, [Page] Roundelayes, and Madrigals, seruing for Epitaphes to your Fathers Hearse, to make the world laughe out the long Win­ters nights, which verie shortlie will steale vpon vs.

In the meane season, because the Winde and the Tide will staie for no Man, and I was iust at the making heereof as mer­rie as your selfe, and taking Shippe to bring that braue Cata­logue of the Saints to light; I bid your Masterdome fare-well till Michaelmas Tearme, commending your worshippe to the line and the leading of your owne spirite. From Graues­ende Barge the eight of August, the first and last yeere of Mar­tinisme, which like the vntimelie fruite of his Masterships Mother, dieth before it sees the Sunne, and withereth as the Grasse vppon the house toppe before the Mower be able to fill his hande with it.

To come to the close,
In Rime or in Prose,
In spight of thy nose,
Thine for these seauen yeeres: Pasquill of Englande.

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