wynkyn de worde
¶The vertue of ye masse.
YE folke all whiche haue deuocyon
To here masse fyrst do your besy cure
With all your inwarde comtemplacyon
As a myrour presentynge in fygure
The morall menynge of our goostly armure
Whan a preest with mynysters more and lasse
Arayeth hym by recorde of scrypture
The same tyme whan he shall go to masse
Fyrste se that your eyen be very contemplatyfe
And calleth vnto mynde with hole affeccyon
How the masse here in this present lyfe
Of goostly gladnesse is thefe dyreccyon
To houe a memory all of crystes passyon
Our bame / our tryacle helth / our medycyne
Agayne goostly gladnesse our restoracyon
As doctours remembre in theyr doctryne
Of dyscrecyon yf ye lyst to consyder
As ye be bounte of very trouth and ryght
You to preserue that ye do not slyder
Of all that daye for lacke of goostly lyght
Fyrst euery morowe or phebus shyne bryght
Let pale aurora conducte you and dresse
Vnto the chyrche of cryst to haue a syght
For chefe preseruatyfe ayenst all goostly sykenesse
Entrynge the chyrche with grete humylyte
To here masse fyrst at your vprysynge
Dyspose your selfe knelynge on your knee
For to be there fyrst at his begynnynge
And fro the tyme fyrst of his reuysshynge
[Page]Departe not tyll that he hath do
To all your werkes it shall be grete furtherynge
To abyde the ende of (In principio.
Kepe you from noyse and Iangelynge importune
The house of god is ordeyned for prayere
With syght and scelence sadly dooth contynue
In your defaute that men no noyse here
Gase not aboute demure of loke and chere
As I sayd erst tyll the preest haue do
Your good you shall encrease in fere
So ye abyde the ende of (In principio.
In sacryfyce of ye olde lawe
With the heed men offred vp the tayle
For a good begynnynge men sholde not withdrawe
Tyll it were ended Moyses gaue counsayle
A werke begon is of more auayle
If a good ende acorde well therto
And for encrease of your goostly trauayle
Abyde the ende of (In principio.
¶Iudica me deus.
The holy man the [...] Celestyne
Lyke as I fynde wryten in his lyfe
Of dyrecte deuocyon & grace whiche is dyuyne
By god inspyrate ymagynatyfe
To enpresse the power of the fendes mortall stryfe
Ayenst theyr malyce for to make resystence
Badde preestes sholde with herte contemplatyfe
Before the awter in crystes hygh presence
Saye fyrst this psalme with loke dyrecte to heuen
[Page]Iudica me deus) with hole herte entere
Theyr couscyence purge fro the synnes seuen
Or they presume to go to the awtere
The same psalme sette in the sawtere
For a memoryall of the captyuyte
How Iherusalem stode in grete daunger
At Babylon that frowarde fell cyte
This psalme complayneth as Lyre dooth recorde
Theyr longe abydynge within Babylon
Songes of theyr exyle myght not accorde
With the cantycles of Iuda and Syon
Of hope dyspayred theyr comforte was nere gone
Lyke as this psalme sheweth in fygure
But god by grace restored them euerychone
Home to Iherusalem by recorde of scrypture
Take of this psalme the moralyte
Before rehersed and on the other syde
Be dylygent with all humylyte
On the masse folowynge for to abyde
Haue this in custome and god shall the guyde
All that daye to gouerne thy passage
In what peryll so euer thou go or ryde
The to defende fro trouble and domage
And to gyue folke the more occasyon
To haue this psalme in the more reuerence
And here the masse with more deuocyon
As they be bounde of trouth and conscyence
I am full set to do my dylygence
After my symplenesse this lytell psalme to translate
[Page]With humble supporte of your pacyence
Where as defaute is put the faute in lydgate.
¶Iudica me deus.
O thou my lorde moost myghty and eterne
O gracyous Ihesu of mercy and pyte
Deme thou my quarell me also dyscrene
Amonge myn enemyes or I encombred be
My dredefull enemyes that ben in nombre thre
The fende / the flesshe / brygantes moost mortall
The false worlde full of duplycyte
O Ihesu helpe or they gyue me a fall.
Quia tu es deus fortitudo mea.
For thou arte lorde onely of brede and lengthe
Of ryght consydered I dare ryght well expresse
Thou art my supporte and my ghostly strengthe
Why wylte thou lopde suffre my symplenesse
For to procede in sorowe and dystresse
Whyle myne enemyes proudely me assayle
O blesfull Ihesu of mercyfull goodnesse
Graunte of thy grace that they may not preuayle.
¶Emitte lucem tuam.
Sende downe ye lyght lord sēde downe ye ryghtwysnesse
The lyght of thy grace for consolacyon
Thy ryghtwysnesse my passage for to dresse
By parfyte prayer by contemplacyon
To test in quyete lorde sende thy grace downe
Me to conuey that there be none obstacle
Towarde the hygh hyll of syon
Within thy holy celestyall habytacle
¶Et introibo ad altare.
And I shall entre lorde to thyn awter
Made stronge in spyryte grounded in sadnes
[Page]For as me semeth courage face and chere
Reioysed ben with spyrytuall gladnes
My youthe agayne renewed to his fresshenes
Whiche of olde custome in vyces was appalled
Tyll thyn experye gracyous goodnes
Hath my laste ende agayne to mercy called
¶Confitebitur tibi in eythara.
I shall be shryuen and confessed vnto the
In thylke harpe whiche for our awter good
Was sette and wrested at caluarye on a tree
Whan all thy senewes were strayned on a rode
Mary and Iohan vnder the crosse stode
With wepynge eyen sowned oftyme
Tyll the repast of our eternall fode
On eester morowe rose vp before pryme
¶Quare tristis es anima mea.
O thou my soule how mayst thou heuy be
Syth cryst hath bought the with his passyon
What cause hast thou for to trouble me
Thy lorde was slayne for thy redempcyon
Gaue he not alwaye to thy refeccyon
On shyrethursdaye in fourme of wyne and brede
His owne blessyd body in consolacyon
And on good frydaye was not he for the deed
Trust in god and he ryght well certeyne
Voyde of dyspayre and ambyguyte
For vnto hym I shall be shryuen agayne
My goostly Ioye agayne all aduersyte
Whiche of my chere is the felycyte
Whyle he my socour is alas whome sholde I drede
Agayne all worldly perylles and infernall pouste
[Page]He spared not his blode for me to blede.
¶Interpretatio misse.
Vpon his heed an amyte fyrst he layeth
Whiche is a sygne a token and a fygure
Outwarde shewynge grounded on the fayth
The largeable by recorde of scrypture
Is ryght wysnes perpetuall to endure
The longe gyrdle clennesse and chastyte
Rounde on the arme the fauon dooth assure
All sobrenes knytte with humylyte
Thestole also stretchynge ferre on length
Is of doctours the aungelyke doctryne
Mowgre heretykes to stande in theyr strength
From crystes lawe neuer to declyne
Chesuble aboue with charyte to shyne
As bryght as phebus in his mydde spere
Holdeth euer his cour [...]e in the ryght lyne
To frende and foo stratche out his bemes clere
Parfyte preest made stronge with armure
Before the awter as chrystes champyon
Shall stande vp ryght make no dyscomfyture
All our thre enemyes to vaynquysshe & bere down
The flesshe / the worlde / sathan the fell dragon
Fyrste to begyn or we ferder passe
With contryte herte and lowe confessyon
And so to prosede deuoutly to the masse.
To god aboue sette holy his desyre
So that his charyte shyne clere and bryght
Before the gospell nedes he must haue fyre
[Page]Torche / tapre / or elles wexe candell lyght
Token that cryst who consyder a ryght
Is veray bryghtnes of lyght whiche is eterne
To chase awaye the derkenesse of nyght
In parfyte lyfe to guyde vs and gouerne
¶Officium misse.
Begynnynge the offyce by treble reherse called
Of custome vsed with the repetycyon
Tokeneth the fyre brennynge in the entrayled
Of olde prophetes by inspyracyon
Whiche had a faythfull feruent inspeccyon
Of crystes comynge by all theyr prophecyes
Of his byrthe and of his incarnacyon
For whiche the offyce is reherced thryes
Kyrie and christe in nombres thryes thre
Wordes of greke playnly determyne
Kyrie for mercy callynge to the trynyte
With goostly grace his people to enlumyne
The nombre is token orders nyne
Our oraysons and prayers to present
To cryst Ihesu moost gracyous and benynge
Goodly accepte the fyne of our entent.
¶Gloria in excelsis.
Gloria in excelsis nexte in ordre songe
Token of vnyte and of perfyte pease
At crystes byrthe herde in latyn tonge
Hygh in the ayre by aungelles doubtles
Present sheperdes whiche of the encrees
Towarde bedleem holdynge a bryght sterre
By grace enspyred they pur themselfe in prees
To se thylke chylde whiche stynte sholde our werre
This treble peas in bedleem fyrst began
Whan cryst was borne of grace it dyde fall
Fyrste peas bytwene god and man
Bytwene god and aungelles and also nacyons all
Grounde of this peas laye in an oxes stall
Poorely lapped lorde of the hyghe empyre
Let vs echone vnto his mercy call
Sende hym peas that hertely peas desyre
For all crysten deuoutly for to praye
The preest at masse shall saye an oryson
For lyuynge people that they may or they deye
Haue repentaunce shryfte and comunyon
Soules in payne releas and pardon
Grace thrugh all nacyons loue and charyte
Pacyence to the folkes in pryson
Helpe to all nedy that lyue in pouerte
The pystle nexte is fygure of sonde
Whan cryst fyrst sente as the boke maketh mencyon
His dyscyples and made them take on honde
To preche his name in euery regyon
Peter / Andrewe / Iames / Iohan he sente downe
Theyr pystles / by whome vertue gan cease
All the synagoges dominacyon
And crystes fayth by vertue gan encrease.
The pystle is a very token and fygure
As sayen doctours of lawe and prophecye
Of crystes comynge by euydent scrypture
As patryarkes before dyde specyfye
And Iohan baptyst the sone of zacharye
[Page]As a bedell tolde how Emanuell
Before remembred of olde Isaye
How on that name sholde growe the gospell
And semblably so as the morowe graye
Is a messenger of phebus vprysynge
And bryngeth tydynges of the gladde daye
So the pystle by prophesy of redynge
To vs declareth moost gracyous tydynge
Of the gospell recorde for that partye
Mathewe the euangelyst affermeth by wrytynge
Of Ihesu cryst all the genelogye
After the the pystell foloweth the grayle
Token of ascendynge vp fro gre to gre
In vertue vpwarde procadynge stondemele
The grounde fyrst at humylyte
Reyseth by grace faythe hope and charyte
With parfyte comynge and humble pacyence
With compassyon and fraternyte
In chrystes passyon set hole theyr confydence
Alleluya in ordre nexte folowynge
Tokeneth prayer for our saluacyon
Thryes rehersed for our laude and praysynge
With deuoute herte and hole affeccyon
Vnto cryst dyrecte that suffred passyon
Our souerayne lorde moost parfyte and good
The trayte the sequence for shorte conclusyon
Songe in his laude that for vs shedde his blode
The gospell begynneth with token of Tau
[Page]The boke fyrst crossed and after the forheed
Ihesus our shelde our strength in all vertu
On good fryday cladde in purple reed
A crowne of thornes sette sharpely on his heed
Foure euangelystes remembre it in substaunce
Vs to defende from all wordly drede
In crystes gospell stande hole our cheuysaunce
The gospell redde a crede after he sayth
Solempne dayes for a remembraunce
Of twelue artycles longynge to our fayth
Whiche we be bounde to beleue in creaunce
Rather to dye than ony maner varyaunce
In ony poynt were in our herte founde
For fayth with werke to god dooth grete pleasaunce
Let vs therfore beleue as we be bounde
By interpretacyon who wysely can aduerte
The offertory eis made of offrynge
As whan a man offreth to god his herto
Rychest oblacycyon rekened by wrytynge
And for Melchysedeche bothe preest and kynge
Gaue breed and wyne to Abraham for vyctory
For whiche oblacyon in fygure remembrynge
In eche daye at masse is sayd an offertory
Token that Ihesu our sauyour and our lorde
Agayne our feblenesse and our impotence
Rest on the awter called goddes borde
His holy blode relykes of moost reuerence
We to receyue them with deuoute dylygence
In fourme of brede and wyme for a memory
[Page]Fygure that the lambe chefe of Innocence
Offred his body grounded of the offertory
Nexte the secrete after the offertory
The preface foloweth before the sacrament
Aungelles reioyce with laude honour and glory
Fro heuenly courte by grace they are sent
And at the masse they abyde and be present
All our prayers deuoutly to reporte
To hym that sytteth aboue the fyrmament
Soules in payne they refresshe and comforte
The olde prophete holy Isaye
Sawe in heuen a crowne of dygnyte
Where Seraphyn songe with eueri Ierarchye
Sanctus / sacntus / before the trynyte
After the preface rehersed tymes thre
With voyce melodyous and after that osanna
With in excelsis before thy maieste
Before the sacrynge of our goostly manna.
Of mementoos at masse there betwayne
The fyrst remembreth of folke that ben alyue
The seconde is for them that suffre payne
Whiche by the masse be releued by theyr lyue
Out of torment as clerkes can dyscryne
Syngynge of masses and crystes passyon
And remembraunce of his woundes fyue
May moost auayle to theyr remyssyon
¶Eleuatio sacramenti.
With all your myght and your best entent
[Page]Awayteth after the consecracyon
At the lyftynge vp of the holy sacrament
Sayth Ihesu mercy with hole affeccyon
Or elles saye some other parfyte orayson
As ye haue in custome deuoutly
Or elles saye this lytell contemplacyon
Whiche is wryten here in ordre by and by
Hayle Ihesu our helth our goostly fode
Hayle blessyd lorde here in fourme of brede
Hayle for mankynde offred on the rode
For our redempcyon with thy blode made reed
Stonge to the herte with a spere heed
Now gracyous Ihesu for thy woundes fyue
Graunte of thy mercy before I be deed
Clene housell & shryfte whyle I am a lyue
O lambe vp offred for man in sacryfyce
Nayled to the crosse of mercyfull mekenesse
Whose blode downe trayled in moost pyteous wyse
To scoure the rust of all my wyckednesse
Of all my synnnes to the I me confesse
Now lorde mercy put not in delaye
But graunte me Ihesu of thyn hygh goodnesse
Meke shryfte and housell before myn endynge daye
O blessyd frute borne of a pure vyrgyn
Whiche with thy passyon boughtest me so dere
For Maryes sake thyne eeres downe enclyne
Here myne orayson by meane of her prayere
The for to please teche me the manere
Voyde of all vertue saue onely of thy grace
[Page]Graunte in the fourme lorde as I se the here
The to receyue I maye haue lyfe and space
My lorde my maker my sauyour and my kynge
Whan I was lost thou were my redemptour
Supporte and socour here in this lyuynge
Ayenst all enemyes my souerayne protectour
My chefe comforte of all worldly labour
Graunte me lorde confessyon and repentaunce
Or I of deth passe the sharpe shoure
The to receyue vnto my pleasaunce
Let thy moder lorde be present in this nede
That A may clayme of mercy more than of ryght
Myn herytage for whiche thou dydest blede
And graunte me Ihesu of thy myght
Eche daye of the to haue a syght
For goostly gladnesse in to my lyues ende
And in spyryte to make myn herte lyght
The to receyue or Ihens wende
O pascall lambe in Ysaye fygured
Our spyrytuall manna breed contemplatyfe
Sente downe from heuen whiche we be assured
Ayenst all fone strengest confortatyfe
Tokened in paradyse vpon the tree of lyfe
Whiche sholde haue restored Adam vnto his place
Graunte me Ihesu for a restoratyfe
The to receyue or Ihens passe
Thou arte in fygure o blessyd Ihesu
Ayenst Sathan myn heuenly champyon
[Page]My Iosue my prynce of moost vertue
That henge seuen kynges vpon Gaboan
Goostly Sampson that strangled the lyon
And slewe the dradon with all his heedes seuen
Graunte or I deye cryste for thy passyon
I maye receyue this breed descended downe fro heuen
As I sayd erst of aungelles thou arte food
Repast vnto pylgrymes in theyr pylgrymage
Celestyall breed to chyldren that ben good
Fygured in Ysaac thyrty wynter of aege
To caluarye whan thou toke thy passe
O Ihesu mercy graunte or I be deed
And or decrepitus put me in dotage
To haue a repast of thy celestyall breed
My goostly trust / charyte / hope / and fayth
Myn aduertence my mynde and my memory
All of accorde my soule vnto the sayth
Haue on me mercy o souerayne kynge of glory
Whiche sytteth hyghest in euenly cosystory
Ihesu let mercy surmount thy rygour
That thy passyon alaye my purgatory
Fyrst by receyuynge of the my sauyour
¶Pater noster.
For to excyte and meue your courage
To deuoute prayers of hole offeccyon
The pater noster vnto all maner aeges
Is moost accordynge & moost souerayne of renowne
Ihesus hym selfe made this orayson
And taught his dyscyples how they sholde praye
Muse not theron make no comparyson
[Page]To his doctryne all crysten must obeye
Shorte and compendyous vp stretchynge to heuen
Vnto the heyght celestyall mancyons
Eche clause tolde deuyded in to seuen
Moost notable gracyous petycyons
Clerkes all concluded in theyr reasons
Aboue all prayers it hath the souerente
So it be sayd in your affeccyons
Of ghoostly loue and parfyte charyte
Without charyte auayleth no almesse
To cloche naked ne hongry folke to fede
Vysyte the seke nor prysoners in dystresse
Harborowed the poore nor none almesse dede
If charyte fayleth your Iourney may not spede
Nor all these vertues yf trouth be well sought
Your pater noster nor your crede
Where charyte auayleth lytell or nought
Beware ye preestes whan ye masse synge
That loue and charyte be not ferre absent
O goostly people before make rekenynge
That your conscyence and you be at one assent
Or ye receyue that holy sacrament
Enuey and rancour that they be set asyde
And parfyte charyte be aye with you present
That grace to godwarde may be our souerayne gyde
Pater noster yf it be sayd a ryght
It dooth exclude all imparfeccyon
So that grace holde the torche lyght
That charyte by true affeccyon
[Page]And feruent loue haue the domynacyon
From his place all hatred to remewe
That false enuy haue no possessyon
Whan this prayer is sayd in his ordre dewe
Of agnus dei at masse be sayd thre
The fyrst twayne besechynge for mercy
The thyrde prayeth for peas and vnyte
Agayne all perylles mortall and worldly
Cryst as a lambe was offred on the crosse
Grutched not but suffred pacyently
To make redempcyon refourme our losse
This lambe remembred in Salamons songes
Called Cantycorum moost amerous of delyte
In reformacyon of our contagyous wronge
Somtyme was songe this lambe bothe reed & whyte
Reed and rubefyed by full grete despyte
His blessyd body with blode so was dystrayned
The aungelyke wytnesse coude fynde no respyte
With blody droppes his face was so be rayed
This pascall lambe on Eester daye he rose
Called bothe a lambe and a lyon
A lambe for offrynge whiche laye thre dayes close
Lowe in the erthe for our saluacyon
But at his myghty resurreccyon
He named was the lyon of Iuda
For whiche the chyrche reioysynge that season
Syngeth for gladnesse oftymes alleluya
This Agnus det brought with hym peas
[Page]To all the worlde at his natyuyte
Grace gladnes of vertue grete encreas
For whiche the people of loue and hyghe degre
Kysse the par a token of vnyte
Whiche kyssynge playnly dooth sygnefye
How peas is cause of all felycyte
Of lolkes gouerned by prudent polecye
¶Post comyn.
At the post comyn the preest dooth hym remewe
On the ryght syde sayth Dn̄s vobiscom
Fyue tymes he doth the people salewe
Durynge the masse as made is mencyon
Fygure the daye of his resurreccyon
Fyue tymes sothly he dyd appere
To his discyples for consolacyon
And fyrst of all to his moder dere
Salue sancta parens he to his moder sayd
Whiche was to her reioysynge souerayne
Whiche these wordes whan cryst Ihesu abrayd
Vpon whose vpryst Mary magdalyne
With wepynge eyen for constraynt of her payne
Abode the rysynge of her lorde Ihesu
With other maryes the gospell telleth twayne
Brought oyntementes moost souerayne of vertu
Poetes saye that loue hath no lawe
Thynges well experte in these ladyes thre
Whiche woke all nyght and rose or the daye dawe
Of woman hede and of femynyte
Desyre loue and womanly pyte
Cansed them theyr Iourney for to take
[Page]Erly in the morowe the sepulcre for to se
Of cryst Ihesu all nyght they dyde wake
Let vs as truly in our inwarde entente
As erly ryse masse for to here
With suche deuocyon as these ladyes went
With parfyte charyte and loue as entere
To syke theyr lorde and theyr spouse dere
Take ensample let vs do no lasse
By mortall menynge folowe we the manere
Erly eche morowe for to here masse
After the preest sayth Ite missa est
He graunteth the people a maner of lycence
To departe and he towarde the eest
Lyfte vp his handes with deuoute reuerence
Prayeth for all yt were in presence
To haue theyr parte of all that he hath do
Takynge theyr leue deuoutly with scylence
The ende abydynge of In principio
Departynge fro masse with peas and vnyte
Fygured was somtyme in Exodo
Whan the chyldren of Israhell fro the countre
Retourned agayne maugre kynge Pharao
The reed se departed was in two
A pronostyke in theyr pylgrymage
That crystes masse sholde vs delyuer so
From sathanas myght out of all seruage
And eke as clerkes in bokes reherce
Concludynge accordynge all in one
[Page]How that Cyrus somtyme kynge of Perce
To prysoners that were in Babylone
Gaue lycence and fredome for to gone
Iherusalem agayne for to edyfye
Ryght as the fredome of vs euerychone
Renewed was by comynge of Messye
As in deserte chyldren of Israhell
Fedde with manna abode there forty yere
We crystes people folowymge the gospell
Let by grace be of ryght good chere
Our ghoostly fode at meet and at soupere
Thrugh this deserte all peryll for to passe
Best refeccyon to glad all our chere
Euery morowe erly to here masse
Lorde of thy grace whyle that we be here
In this deserte of worldly wyldernesse
With lyfe accordynge our masse for to here
That peas / charyte / compassyon / & clennesse
Maye so contynue & shyne in theyr bryghtnesse
With holsome hande and also almes dede
To enspyre the ryche to parte of theyr rychesse
With poore folke in heuen shall be theyr mede
Herynge of masse gyueth a grete rewarde
Goostly helth agayne all sekenesse
And medycyne recorde of saynt Bernarde
To people Innocent that playne for weykenesse
To faythe refresshynge in werynesse
And to folke that gone in pylgrymage
It maketh them stronge set them in sykenesse
[Page]Gracyously to explete theyr vyage
The myghty man it maketh more stronge
Recomforteth the seke in his langour
Gyueth pacyence to them that suffre wronge
The labourer it bereth vp in his labour
To thoughtfull people refresshynge and socour
Gracyous counseyle to folke dysconsolate
Susteyneth the feble conuayeth the conquerour
Maketh marchauntes theyr fayres fortunate
It maketh men more meke to theyr correccyon
In ghoosty loue feruent and amerous
It gyueth swetnesse and delectacyon
To all people that ben gracyous
True obedyence and folke relygyous
Grace at departynge & fayth saynt Iohan to borowe
Defence of all enemyes malycyous
To all that here masse deuoutly in the morowe
Herynge of masse dooth passynge grete auayle
At nede at myschefe folke it doth releue
Causeth saynt Nycholas to gyue good counsayle
And saynt Iulyan good hostell at eue
To beholde saynt Crystofer none enemy shall hȳ greue
And saynt Loy your Iourney shall preserue
Horse ne caryage that daye shall not myscheue
Masse herde before who dooth these sayntes serue
Partynge fro masse begynnynge your Iourney
Call saynt Myghell you to fortefye
For sodayne haste and good prosperyte
[Page]And for good tydynge saynt Gabryell shall you gye
And Raphaell by recorde of Thobye
Shall be your leche and your medecyne
Masse herde you hertes dooth applye
These obseruaunce to kepe eche daye or ye dyne
Albon for Englande / saynt Denyse for Fraunce
Blessyd kynge Edmonde for royall gouernayle
Thomas of Caunterbury for his meke suffraunce
At westmynster saynt Edwarde shall not fayle
That none enemy shall hurte nor preuayle
But saynt George shall make you frely to passe
Holde vp your baner in peas and in batayle
Eche daye whan ye deuoutly here masse
Scdm Augustinum in Fasciculus mo (rum).
Thus is the masse our spere and eke our shelde
Our myghty pauyse our swerde and our defence
Our myghty castell our shyltron in the felde
Our strengest bolkwerke agayne all vyolence
For who so euer abyde with reuerence
To In principio the conclusyon of the masse
Grace shall gyde hym and conduyte his presence
Agayne all his fone of hygh estate or lasse
That daye a man deuoutly here masse
Whyle he is present he shall not wexe olde
In goynge thyder his steppes more and lasse
Be or aungelles nombred and I tolde
His uenyall synnes rekened many folde
Of neclygence and othes that be lyght
They be forgyuen for grace passeth golde
And all that tyme appereth not his syght
Herynge of masse letteth no vyage
As it hath well be proued in certayne
Prayers at masse dooth gretest auauntage
With crystes passyon to soules in theyr payne
The masse also dooth other thynges twayne
To soule and body it dooth consolacyon
If he passe that daye by dethe sodayne
It standeth for his housell and communyon
Of meet and drynke receyued at the table
Masse herde before be more comfortatyfe
In double wyse playnly this is no fable
To encrease of vertue called vegetatyfe
By remembraunce so as the tree of lyfe
Sholde haue preserued Adam fro sekenesse
So the sacrament agaynst all goostly stryfe
Reneweth a man that daye he hereth messe
So as manna was restoratyfe
To chyldren of Israell agayne bodely trauayle
Let vs well trust in our ymagynatyfe
How moche the syght may helpe and preuayle
Of the sacrament unpossyble for to fayle
Vs to sustayne in bodely gladnesse
Agayne goostly fone more than plate or mayle
Namely that daye that we deuoutly here messe
Masse herde before the wynde is not contrary
To maryners that daye in theyr saylynge
And all thynge that daye that is necessary
God sendeth to preuayle that daye in theyr fedynge
Women also that gone on traueylynge
[Page]Folke experte haue founde therof a prefe
That haue herde masse in the mornynge
Were delyuered and felte no myschefe
So as thyn heed hath a precellence
Aboue all membres in comparyson
So cryst Ihesu of magnyfycence
Thrugh his dyuyne dysposycyon
Sette the masse for shorte conclusyon
As on shyrethursdaye the gospell ye maye rede
For a prerogatyfe aboute euery orayson
To helpe all them that to hym call at nede
Some folke affyrme in theyr opynyon
And saye that they haue redde it in story
A masse is egall to crystes passyon
To helpe soules out of purgatory
Of all vertues gretest dyrectory
Whiche conuayeth and ledeth man by grace
Herynge of masse enprynte in thy memore
To knele or stande and chaunge not thy place
All these thynges peysed in a balaunce
Let folke on the morowe erly vp ryse
Fyrst of entente to do god pleasaunce
In theyr hertes wysely aduertyse
No tyme is lost durynge that seruyse
For whiche let no man playnly be in doute
But god shall dyspose in many wyse
To encrease all thynge that they go aboute
¶Here endeth the vertues of the masse.

Imprynted at London by Wynkyn de worde.

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