❧ Orders Appointed to be executed in the Cittie of London, for setting roges and idle persons to worke, and for releefe of the poore.

Prouerbes, 16.

He that hath pittie vpon the poore, lendeth vnto the Lord: and looke what hee layeth out, it shall bee payd him againe.

Psalme. 61.

Blessed is the man that prouideth for the sicke and needy: the Lorde shall deliuer him in the time of trouble.

At London

Printed by Hugh Singleton, dvvelling in Smithfielde, at the signe of the golden Tunne.

FOr releefe of the poore, and for setting to worke of vagaraunt people, there are to be set vp in Bridwell certaine artes, occupations, workes and labours.

2 There are to be prouided stocke & tooles for those workes. There is to be prouided bedding, apparrell, and dyet for those poore to be set to worke.

3 When order shalbe taken and sufficient prouision had for the furniture of the workes, Proclamation shall bee made throughout the Citty, that all vagarants which are come out of other places, where by the law they ought to be prouided for, shall depart the Cittie and the lyberties thereof, to the places of their byrth or last abode according to the Law, vpon the paines thereof due.

4 Within cōuenient time after the day limitted by such Proclamation a generall search shalbe made, and lyke­wise new generall searches from time to time as shalbe requisite, thoughout the Cittie and the liberties therof at one instant, & all the vagarants that shall be there founde shalbe brought to Bridewell to be examined.

5 Such of them as be not diseased, and the Cittie not to be charged with thē by lawe, shalbe dealt with according to the lawe.

6 Such of the saide vagarants as shalbe found diseased and to be curable, to yt number that the Hospitals shalbe able to receiue, shalbe sent to the Hospitalles to be cured: and being cured shalbe sent to Bridewell againe there to be examined and vsed as is aforesayd.

7 In this respect order is to be taken with the Hospi­talles of S. Bartholmew and S. Thomas, that such as shalbe sent to them from Bridewell by warrant of foure gouernours at the least vnder their handes to bee subscri­bed at a Courte or assembly of them together, may be re­ceiued [Page]at all tymes of the wéeke and not deferred vntyll theyr Court dayes. And that they spare the taking in of other, for the time, if néede so require.

8 Those whom the Cittie by law is charged to prouide for and are able to work, shalbe receiued into Bridewell, and there kept with thin diet, onely sufficing to sustaine them in health, and shalbe set to work in such of ye workes labours and occupations as they shall be found fittest for.

9 If any such shall loyter and wyll not doo such labor as in reason they ought and as is doone by other of like capa­citie and strength, they shall be punished in Bridewell as is vsed by the discretion of the Gouernours.

10 If any of them shall run away or escape from Bride­well, and be taken againe vagarant within the liberties of this Cittie, he shalbe cōmitted to the gaole as a Roge in the first degrée, and neuerthelesse after execution doone vpon him by boaring his eare, he shall againe bee sent to Bridewell to worke as before, if none other will at the Sessions receiue him according to Lawe.

11 Likewyse escaping and being eftsoones taken againe vagarant, he shalbe vsed as a felon according to Lawe.

12 If any such vagarants shalbe found skilfull in any oc­cupation wherby any Cittizen or other vsing such occupation wilbe contented to receiue them into seruice, or yt a­ny Cittizen or any other wilbe content to take any of thē Apprentise or to seruice either in London or in the coun­trey, the gouernours of Bridewell shall doo their indeuor so to bestowe them. Prouided alway that if after such be­stowing, any of them shalbe found vagarant, hee shalbe v­sed as one escaping out of Bridewell as is aforesayd.

13 Such of them as belonging by law to the charge of the Citie haue yong children vpon their hands, and vpon examination none shalbe found which by law ought to finde [Page]them, the same children shalbe sent to Christes Hospitall by such order and maner as hath béene accustomed so far as the house shalbe able to maintaine thē. And the reste to be maintained at the charge of ye parish according to law.

14 Such of them as are aged lame and impotent and not to be cured nor able to labor, shalbe prouided for in the Parishes where they dwell by some good order there to be taken.

15 If any being so prouided for shalbe founde begging in the stréetes they shalbe punished in Bridwell by order of the gouernours for the first time. And for ye second tyme, and the third time they shalbe vsed as Roges in the first and second degrées according to the Lawe.

16 Such Parishes as haue moe poore then they are able to reléeue shall haue ayde of the money to be leuied for this cause.

17 If any Carier or other shall by lande or water bring to this Cittie or néere to ye same any children or other and leaue them vnplaced or not sufficiently prouided for: such Carrier or bringer shalbe punished by imprisonment, or otherwise as sharply as law wil permit, and also shall be bound to conuey such back againe to the places whence they came or where they ought to be prouided for accor­ding to law. Warning to be giuen by Proclamation of the contents of this and the next Article.

18 Euery Inkéeper or such other person in this Citty or néere to the same, which shall wittingly receiue or kéepe any such child or other so brought & not sufficiently pro­uided for, shalbe charged to kéepe and prouide for such child or other so brought, or els be bound to discharge the Cittie of them, or to conuey them backe agayne from whence they came. And if he refuse so to doo, then hee shall be punished as is abouesayd of the Carier or bringer.

19 That Proclamation be made that euery Cittizen shal [Page]haue charge on paine of iii. s. iiii. d. and euery other person shalbe required, to bryng or cause to bee brought to the Constable or his Deputie or to the Bedle of the Warde or other Bedle euery such vagarant as shall beg of them in the Parish where such citizens or other doo dwell: that such vagarant may by such Constable or his deputie or by the Bedle be sent to Bridewell to be examined and v­sed as is aboue sayd.

20 The Constables, Surueyors of Parishes, Bedles of Wardes & other Bedles shall haue charge to apprehende all such vagarantes as they shall finde, and to bring or send them to Bridewell as is aforesayd, on payne of vi. s. viii. d. to be paid by euery such Constable or his deputy, & iii. s. iii. d. by euery such Surueyor or Bedle in whom the fault shalbe found, and the same to be leuied by distresse, and to be imployed to the vse of the poore in Bridewell.

21 And also that the Constables, Deputies, and bedles, on like payne, shall conuey to Bridewell, such as shall be brought to them as is afore sayd.

22 The Constable in euery watch shalbe charged vppon like payne of vi. s. viii. d. to apprehend all such vagarants and Rogish persons as they shall find by night, and shall send or conuey them to the Counter or Cage, and so to Bridewell the next day. And the Porter or Officers of Bridewell shall presently receyue them wythout any further attendaunce of such as shall bring them.

23 The gouernours of Bridewell shall appoint some meete persons to follow the causes at euery Sessions a­gainst such as shalbe committed to pryson as is aforesaid.

24 For auoyding the returne of idle vagarants, and for better reformation of the idle youth and vnthriftie poore in this Citie and for further execution of the premisses, e­uery Alderman or his Deputie in his ward assisted wyth a sufficient steward shall kéepe his Court of Wardmote once in euery month for the first yeare now ensuing, and [Page]in other yéeres once in euery thrée monethes, on payne to euery Alderman for his default or of his sufficient De­putie for him in not kéeping the sayd Court xl. s. to ye like vse of the poore. And all ye inhabitants shall there appeare or be amerced for their defaultes, and out of the saide a­mercements and profites of Court the steward shalbe re­warded with reasonable fée by the discretion of ye Alder­man, and the rest shalbe to the sayd vse of the poore.

25 By the Inquest shalbe there enquired, if idle persons, roges, vagabunds, and other suspect persons which lyue disorderly or suspiciously or spende their times at Bow­ling allies, playes, and other places vnthriftily: & whether the meane officers doo their dueties, and all other mat­ters, as in the charge of léetes: and that spéedy processe be vsed according to the law for the reformation without de­lay.

26 Order to bee there taken for the Wardes to haue ca­ges and stocks, according to the Lawes of this Cittie, and for the renuing of searches for vagarants and such other persons from time to time as shalbe requisite.

27 In euery Parrish by the Person or the Curate and Churchwardens with the Constable & the Collectors for the poore, and sixe other of the chiefe of the inhabitaunts at the least, a vestry to be holden in the wéeke before the assemble of euery such wardmote, to enquire and vnder­stand of all idle persons, vagaboundes, roges, disordered maisters of houses, disordered Children of the poore, dys­ordered Alehouses, and such like, absences from Church, and other misdemeaners in their Parrish: and that such as they finde, be presented at the next wardmote.

28 In euery parrish a generall suruey to be made, by the Constable, Churchwardens, Collectors for the poore, and vi. other of the Parishners of all their poore and needye neighbors of the Parish vz. of euery house particularly, the names of the dwellers, the children and seruauntes, [Page]the sexe and age of euery one, and which be able to labour and whereupon, and who be vtterly impotent to any la­bour.

29 No pension nor other reléefe to be giuen to any which are idle, being able to labor. And such as will labour and haue not nor can prouide to set themselues to worke, ma­king their mone to the Churchwardens or Collectors for the poore, may by a bill to be signed with the hands of the sayd Churchwardens or Collectors, or any two of them and thrée other parishoners, haue work appoynted or de­liuered them at Bridewell, or els where.

30 None of the poore, or their children be suffered to begg or wander in the stréetes, but be exercised vpon méete la­bor toward the getting of their liuing in honest sort.

31 In euery parrish all the poore houses shall be at cōue­nient times visited, daily if it may be, by some one or moe to be appoynted at the vestry to sée how they apply theyr work, and the defaults to be certified euery sunday to the Churchwardens, and by thē to be noted in a book against the next vestry.

32 Such youth, and other as are able to labour and may haue worke & shal be found idle shall haue some maner of correction by the parents, or otherwise as shalbe thought good in the parish. And if they wyll not amend they shal­be sent to Bridewell to be reasonably corrected there.

33 Such as be impotent and reléeued by pensions & can do somewhat, shalbe occupied in so much as they can doo: and the sicke shalbe visited and reléeued of the cōmon boxe for the poore in their Parrish during onely their sicknes, and afterward shall apply theyr labor againe.

34 Humble sute to be made to the Lord Mayor and hys brethren that vpon presentments in the court of Ward­mote due execution and reformation be had.

35 For better execution & redresse to be had of thinges to be presented by the Inquest of Wardmote, the present­ments [Page]shalbe deliuerd to the Aldermā of the ward, and by him or his deputy shalbe spéedely redressed and executed such thinges so represented as be within his power by law and the orders of this Citty to execute.

36 Such thinges as be not in the power of the Alder­man or his deputy, but in the power of the house of Bridewel by vertue of their charter shalbe deliuered to to the gouernours of Bridewel to be by them executed and reformed so far as they may according to the law.

37 Such things as be not in the power of the Aldermā or his deputie, nor in the power of the house of Bride­well, but do require the authority of the Lord Maior or of the court of Aldermē or of any Iustices of peace, shal be deliuered ouer to the Lord Maior or to such iustices as shalbe requisite, that the same may be lawfully and duly redressed.

38 To euery art, science, or labor in Bridewell be ap­pointed two of the gouernours of Bridewell to ouersée the same, who shal haue care to the doing therof as they may answer that charge in credite and conscience.

39 Foure gouerners of that house shal attēd two hours at the least in euery day for examination & direction of such as shalbe brought thether after the first search & for expedition of other things requisite.

40 The tresorer with some of the gouernours of Bridwell shalbe appointed for the prouiding of corne, bread, victuall apparel and necessaries for the poore, and to o­uersée their lodgings and such other things as be néede­full.

41 Of such companies of this City as wel the worshipfull as the inferior as the gouernors of Bridewel shall find to be requisite according to the qualitie of the artes or labors that are to be ouerséene, there shalbe appoin­ted persons to attend, so as there may be euery day two [Page]attending at Bridewell to ouersée the workes, and to giue knowledge of the defaults which they shal find, to the gouernours, on paine of xx. shillings to be payed by the wardens if they appoynt not, being therunto re­quired by the space of a weeke before, & on paines of vi. shillings viii. pence to be paid by euery of the parties appointed, if he attēd not being warned thrée daies before at the least, the sayd paines to be to the vse of the poore in Bridewell and to be leuied by distresse.

42 Where in the Sauoy are lodged nightly great numbers of idle wicked persons, cutpurses, cousiners, and such other théeues, & there in the night are hidden from officers and in the day do vse their rogish life, so that ye same place honorably ordeined is by such abuse made a noursery of roges théeues idle and dronken persons: for remedy therof, request to be made to the maister of that house, ye speciall persons be appoynted to examine such as shall come to lodge in the Sauoy that such be lodged there as be of honest fame, poore men comming vp for their sutes or causes, or such as are knowen & can gyue accompt of their labour in the day time, and no other: & if any such lewde roges be founde there, the officers of the Sauoy or the Iustices to whom it may appertaine may send them to such place as they ought to be sent by lawe.

43 Like order shalbe had for reformation of the lyke a­buse in S. Thomas hospital. And for better execution therof two or moe of the gouernors of Bridewell may from time to time as often as shalbe thought néedefull goe into S. Thomas hospital with assistaunce or cōsent of some of ye gouernors there, to serch what people shal­be there lodged, and such as they shall there finde vaga­rants and able to labor shalbe committed to Bridewell to be examined as is aforesayd.

44 For reformation of excessiue number & disorder of alehouses, tipling houses, cellers, & such like which bée [Page]the maintainers & receiuers of wicked persons and bée the occasion of much theft pilfering and incontinent life and ye increase of harlots and consequently of Bastards and diseases to the great charge of the Citty: a view be had of all alehouses, cookes houses, tipling houses, cel­lers, & such like in euery parish by such as haue thereof authority, & that the numbers of them be abridged to a resonable proportion for the Ward or Parish, and in places conuenient, as shalbe thought méete, & certified by the Alderman of the Warde, and no other to bee allowed.

45 That al be put downe and disalowed, but only such as be of good fame, and knowne enemies to wicked life and so certified by the Alderman of the Ward, and that such as be once detected and found faultie of euill rule, shall neuer be allowed againe.

46 No lodging, gaming, or vitling be suffered in any celler.

47 Bondes shalbe taken with suerties for obseruing ye said orders by vitalers, and the bondes and forfaytures therof shalbe made and emploied to the vse of the poore in bridewell.

48 Where many Landlords and farmers of Allies, or of great houses conuerted into smal habitatiōs, do kepe victaling houses, and houses, shoppes, or cellers for vttering of drinke vittaile and other chaffer to the inha­bitantes of those allies or small habitations, all such shalbe vtterly dissalowed & forbidden to be vsed of such Landlords or farmes or by any other by their meanes or within such Allies or houses.

49 Such as are aboue limited to be punished by whip­ping, shalbe so punished by the discretiō of ye gouernors of bridewel, wherof at least there shalbe such numbers of Iustices as in such case is required by the statutes [Page]without tarying for any delay of sessions at the Guild­hal, which to the Gouernours should be troublesome & to the house very chargeable, and consequently hurtfull to the release of the poore.

¶ Artes, Occupations, Labors, and Works, to be set vp in Bridewell.
  • The worke in the Milles,
  • The worke in the Ligh­ter & vnlading of Sand
  • The carying of sand.
  • Making of shooes.
  • Thicking of Cappes by hand and foote.
  • Making of woll Cardes.
  • Making of Nayles.
  • Making of gloues.
  • Making of Combes.
  • Making of Inkle and tape.
  • Making of silke Lace,
  • Making of Aparrell for the house.
  • Spining of wollen yrane.
  • Knitting of hose.
  • Spinning of Linnen yarne.
  • Spinning of Candell wéeke.
  • Making of Pack threed
  • Drawing of wier.
  • Making of Pinnes.
  • Making of Pointes.
  • Making of Kniues.
  • Making of Tennise balles.
  • Making of Bayes.
  • Making of Feltes.
  • Picking of woll for Felts
  • Or any other that may fall in practise

50 IT is to be ordered, to ye in­tent that the house of Bridewel be not o­uerpestred, but may be able to receaue such as shall néede, and that such as shal­be brought thethér be brought for theyr reformation and not for perpetuall seruitude, that the gouernours shall doo their indeuours to bestow as ma­ny of the youth as shalbe put to labor there, in seruice either as apprentises or otherwise with citizens or any other that wilbe content to receiue thē. And speciallie that owners and Maisters of shippes be intreated to re­ceiue [Page]such into their seruice.

51 To auoid the perill that the setting a worke of va­grants in the said Artes at Bridewell might be to the ouerthrow of the worke and to the vndoing of poore cittizens housholders, and their families that liue by working in the same arts for other, or by retaling of things wrought: Therfore the gouernours of Bridwell shall consult with the Wardens and discrete men of those companies that vse ye working or selling of such things as shalbe wrought in Bridewel, as shoomakers and o­ther, that the said companies and their housholders shal deliuer their worke to such number in Bridwel as they may with the benefit of their company, and shal pay for the same at reasonable rates to their profit.

52 Also a note shall be kept in Bridewell of places and persons where and of whome worke may be had, that poore in parishes sent thether to require worke may be the better releued.

53 A view to be had of the cordwainers & other artifi­cers what forrens are set on work contrary to ye lawes of this Citty, & how many of them by their birth or by their continuance the space of thrée yéeres do belong to the burden & charg of this citty, that order may be takē for them & for auoiding the increase of them hereafter but in case of necessity, & also with bonds of such as shal retaine them that they shal neuer be burdenous to the Citty as vgarants or persons vnprouided for.

54 For the better reléefe of the poore, the leather that shalbe found faulty in this Citty and seised as forfay­ted, shall neuer for any price come to the vse of the searchers, or sealers of leather, but shall wholy be to Chri­stes hospital, & Bridewel, to be there made into shooes for the poore, by the poore that shall worke there: and the searchers shall haue their portion in money accor­ding to the praisement.

55 Prousion is to be made for apparell, bedding, and meate for the sayd poore, for tooles, and for stocke and stuffe for the occupations, for making of Milles, and buying of Lighters, for fées and wages of Bedelles and other necessary poore attendauntes: and therfore a com­petent & sufficient portion of money is to be had, which by an estimate for one yéere accompting for ii, C. per­sons amounteth about ii, M, l.

56 That the act of common Counsell for Lime and for spending of sand and grauell to be taken out of Tha­mise be seuerely put in execution, which the body of the Citty do humbly pray the Lord Maior and his brethren earnestly to do, and to bind, & punish with all straight­nes the offendors to the contrary, and especially such workemen as in deceiuing of builders do slaunder the said sand, which by good triall in the buildings of noble men, and of sundry good Citizens, and other, and specy­ally by a trial late made in the presence of the wardens of the sayd workemen, is found and confessed as good for the worke and as profitable to the builder as any o­ther sand.

57 For the prouision of the sayd stock to the accompli­shing of the said good works, there may be graunted by the body of this Citty too fiftenes to be assessed & leuied in vsuall manner, wherof the one to be paid as spéedy­ly as may be, the other at the end of vi. monethes.

58 Hereunto be added the taxations of al forens inhabiting within ye liberties of this City to be assisted accor­ding to the statute lately made for erecting of houses, for setting the poore on worke, or els to be contributary in the sayd fiftenes by the rate of their houses.

59 Where the other Hospitalles both for the poore children, & for the diseased are likely at the first to haue here by some increase of charge, & where also some parishes are to be charged with their impotent poore, which are [Page]not able nor fitte to worke in Bridewell: Therfore the Lord Mayor & such as be thereunto authorised by the statutes wil sit againe and peruse the bookes of taxati­ons for the poore, that by the assessing of such as become in place since the last assessement & were not assessed before and by auauncing such as God hath further blessed with hability, and with reasonable consideration of such as be lesse able, the booke may be renewed and made as beneficiall, as reasonably may be for the poore.

60 That a consideration be had of the pensionaries out of the hospitall in euery Parish, that none be allowed without néede, nor to such as haue pensions otherwise, wherby such as truely haue néede may be the better re­léeued.

61 For helpe of the hospitals & Parishes in this charge all churchwardēs & collectors for the poore be strayght­ly charged to execute the lawe against such as come not to church, against al persons without exception, & spe­cially against such as while they ought to be at diuine seruice, doo spend their time and their money lewdly in haunting of plaies, and other idle and wycked pastimes and exercises.

62 For as much as the playing of Enterludes, & the re­sort to the same are very daungerous for ye infection of the plague, whereby infinite burdens and losses to the Citty may increase, and are very hurtfull in corruptiō of youth with incontinence & lewdnes, and also great wasting both of the time & thrift of many poore people and great prouoking of ye wrath of God the ground of all plagues, great withdrawing of the people from publique prayer & from the seruice of God, and daily cryed out against by ye graue and earnest admonitions of the preachers of the word of God: Therefore be it ordered that all such Enterludes in publique places, and the re­sort to the same shall wholy be prohibited as vngodly, and humble sute be made to the Lords that lyke prohi­bition be in places néere vnto the Cittie.

63 The forfaitures of al such as be boūd not to place in their allies & small habitations any such as shalbe bur­denous to the Citty, be seuerally leuied & emploied to the reléefe of the poore in the said Hospitals & parishes, and that the Lord Maior and Aldermen will not remit any part thereof nor stay any sute or execution vpon a­ny of the said bondes without consent of the common counsell.

64 New bonds be taken to like effect and for auoyding of Inmates of all such as be not yet bounde or whose bondes shall cease by the execution of them.

65 The Lord maior and aldermen by the request of ye gouernours of Bridewell appoynt some speciall offy­cers or persons to enquire of goods foren bought & solde wherby Citizens shold otherwise lose ye benefit of their trades and become vnable to reléeue the poore, & part of the forfeitures so to be found may be to the reléefe of ye poore.

66 That the preachers be moued at the sermons at the Crosse & other conuenient times specially in the terme time, & that other good notorious meanes be vsed, to re­quire both Citizens, Artificers, and other, and also all farmers and other for husbandry, and gentlemen and other for their kitchins & other seruices, to take seruants and children both out of Bridewell & Christs Hospitall at their pleasures, with declaration what a charitable déed it shalbe not onely for ye reléefe of those whom they shall so take into seruice but also of multitudes of other that shall from time to time be taken into the hospitals in their places, and so be preserued from perishing, with offer also that they shall haue them conueniently appa­relled & bound with them for any competent number of yéeres, with further declaration that ma­ny of them be of toward quallities in readyng, wryting, Grammer, and Musike.

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