A Whip for the back of a backsliding BROVVNIST.

HElpe Neighbours helpe, good women come with speed,
For of your helpe there never was more neede,
Mid-wives ma [...]e haste and dresse you as you run,
Either come quickly or we [...]re all undone,
The worlds in lab [...]ur, her throwes comes so quick,
That with her paine shee's growne starke[?] lunatick,
For I d [...]d aske one of her Bratts of late:
Why the Lords Prayer was almost out of date,
He told me Christ had new Disciples now,
That of set forme of Prayer would not allow;
Alasse said I are they so dainty growne,
Such a fantastick Crew was never knowne,
These are the Bretheren of the Seperation,
The Cancor wormes of this our English Nation,
And it is feard if [...]hey be let alone,
These wormes will knaw the Kingdome to the Bone
These with the Papists breed the mischeife here,
Whilst Cockle Bra [...]nes builds Castles in the aire,
Who Parrot like they having[?] learnd to prate,
Disturbe[?] the Church the Common-wealth and State,
Yea Church disturbers learnings Enemyes,
Yea seeming Saints, yea painted Butter-flyes[?],
Yea Bug-beares of a Kingdom silly Elues,
Whose Zeale transports[?] you quite beyond yourselves[?],
Oh know you what you doe, that yea presist,
Still day by day in doing what you list,
Shame to our Kingdome if this suffered bee,
From hombred strife we never shall be free,
If that you rule the rost you Moone-Calues all,
Why doe you force my Muse to railing[?] fall,
That never was accustomed to scould,
Had not so good a Cause made me so bold.
Gods sperit evermore good sperits makes,
Then if your sperits of Gods sperits[?] pertakes,
You will be ruld by order, not by will,
God is the same, the God of order still:
And you cannot be his Disciples right,
That end what you begin in hate and [...]
I judge no man but what their actions show[?]
Brings me of force[?] to judge of what I know,
Good Sister Mag-pye and good Brother Daw,
Th [...]t [...]eapes o're hills and [...]bells at a straw
I pray be patient trouble[?] not the State,
Your friends at Amsterdam do for you waite,
Mistake me not I speake but this to prove you,
I de rather have you stay [...] I love you,
Yet if you stay I'de[?] have you know what's ment,
Betwixt an [...] and an Ornament,
Which if[?] you doe I should be g [...]ad to heare.
That to ou [...] Church once more you would repare,
Which though it be of Stone should not be hated.
Cause to GODS service it is consecrated,
I know not what your Barnes and Stables[?] were,
Where Asses[?], bray, pray understand and heare,
I speake unfainedly I blush to see,
Such men so wise in show such Fooles to bee,
What though the good and bad together meet[?];
Within the Church as well as in the Street,
Shall we refraine the Church ever the more,
Alasse alasse your Argument is poore:
How angry were the Pharisees and why,
Because our Saviour Christ kept Company
With Publicans and Sinners thinke on this,
And rectifie your judgements that [...]s amisse.
You being good shall in the Chansell sit,
The wicked in the Bellfree as 'tis fit,
If they be so contented on Condition,
You'le come to Church and not run to perdition,
No Drunkard nor no Swearer shall sit neere you,
For to anoy or other wise to feare you,
Because I know you timerous are by nature,
And wounderous fearfull of a wicked Creature,
The Booke of Common Prayes refind shall bee,
Or you shall pray extempory[?] and be free
From all occasion of a thing so common,
No not so much as looke upon a woman,
They shall sit by themselves, let this suffise[?]
For feare your sperits on a suddaine rise,
And leade away your mindes from what is good,
Brethren we know you are but flesh and b [...]ood.
Vpon Condition you to Church will go,
He doe the best I can to have it so,
Which if I do I hope I am your Friend,
As I desire to be, and so I end.

LONDON, Printed for Humphery Chrouch,

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