WHIG upon WHIG: OR, …

WHIG upon WHIG: OR, A Pleasant Dismal BALLAD On the Old Plotters newly found out.

To the Tune of, O Hone, O Hone.
BEloved heark [...]n all,
O Hone, O Hone,
[...]o my sad Rhimes, that shall,
O Hone, Hone,
Be found in Ditty sad,
Which makes Me almost mad,
But Tories Hearts full glad,
O Hone, O Hone.
Essex has cut his Throat,
O Hone, O Hone,
Russel is Guilty found,
O Hone, O Hone,
Walcot being of the Crew,
And Hone the Joyner too,
Must give the Dev'l his due,
O Hone, O Hone.
Rumsey swears heartily,
O Hone, O Hone,
West swears He does not lie,
O Hone, O Hone,
L. H—d vows by's Troth,
That they are good Men both,
And take the self same Oath,
O Hone, O Hone.
I heard some People say,
O Hone, O Hone,
M—h is fled away,
O Hone, O Hone,
And some do not stick to say,
If he falls in their way,
He will have damn'd fair Play,
O Hone, O Hone.
Armstrong and Gray Got wot,
O Hone, O Hone,
And Ferguson the Scot,
O Hone, O Hone,
Are all run God knows where,
'Cause stay they dare not here,
To fix our Grand Affair,
O Hone, O Hone.
Juries (alas) are thus,
O Hone, O Hone,
There's no Ignoramus,
O Hone, O Hone,
But you'l have Justice done,
To ev'ry Mothers Son,
And be Hang'd One by One.
O Hone, O Hone.
Now how like Fools we look,
O Hone, O Hone,
Had we not better took
O Hone, O Hone,
Unto our Trades and Wives,
And have kept in our Hives,
Which might have sav'd our Lives,
O Hone, O Hone.
The King he says, that all
O Hone, O Hone,
That are found Guilty, shall
O Hone, O Hone,
Die by the Ax or Rope,
As they dy'd for the POPE;
Brethren there is no Hope.
O Hone, O Hone.
The Sisters left behind,
O Hone, O Hone,
Must with Vile Tories Grind,
O hone, O hone,
And still be at their Call,
To play at Up-tails-all;
Nay, to be Poxt and all.
O hone, O hone.
The Tories now will Drink,
O hone, O hone,
The Kings Health with our Chink,
O hone, O hone,
Queen, Duke and Dutchess too,
And all the Loyal Crew.
Jerney Morblew, Morblew,
O hone, O hone.

Printed by N. T. at the Entrance into the Old-Spring-Garden. 1683.

The WHIGS laid open, …

The WHIGS laid open, OR, An Honest Ballad of these sad Times.

To a Mery Tune, called Old Symon the King. [...] [...]
NOw the Plotters & Plots are confounded,
And all their Designs are made known
Which smellt so strong of the Round-head,
And Treason of Forty One.
And all the Pious Intentions
For Property, Liberty, Laws,
Are found to be only Inventions,
To bring in their Good Old Cause.
And all the Pious, &c.
By their delicate Bill of Exclusion,
So hotly pursu'd by the Rabble;
T [...]y hop'd to have made such Confusion,
[...] never was seen at Old Babel.
Th [...] Shaftsbury's brave City Boys,
And M—ths Countrey Relations,
Were ready to second the Noise,
[...]d send it throughout the 3 Nations.
Then Shaftsbury's, &c.
No more of the 5th▪ of November,
T [...]at Dangerous Desperate Plot;
But ever with horruor remember
Old Tony, Armstrong, and Scot.
For Tony shou'd ne're be forgotten,
Nor Ferguson's Popular Rules;
Nor M—th, or G—y, when they're rotten,
For Popular, Politick Fools.
For Tony shou'd, &c.
The Murder of Father and King,
And Extinguishing all the right Line,
Was a Good and a Godly thing;
And worthy the Whigs Design:
The Hanging of Prelate, and Peer,
And putting the Guards to the Sword,
And Fleying, and Slashing Lord Mayors,
Was to do the Work o'the Lord.
The Hanging of, &c.
But I hope they will have their Desert,
And the Gallows will have its due,
And Jack Ketch will be more Expert,
And in time be as Rich as a Jew,
Whilst now in the Tavern we Sing,
All Joy to great York and his Right,
A Glorious long Reign to our King;
But when They'v'e occasion we'll Fight.
Whilst now in the Tavern, &c.
The name of a Whig and a Tory,
No more shall Disquiet the Nation;
We'll Fight for the Church and her Glory,
And Pray for this Reformation▪
That ev'ry Factious Professor,
And ev'ry Zealous Pretender
May humble 'em, to the Successor
Of Charles, our Nations Defender.
That every Factiou [...] &c.

Printed by N. T. at the Entrance into the Old-Spring-Garden, 1683▪

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