A Whigg Ballad, OR, A SUMMONS To a fresh ASSOCIATION

To the Tune of Tumble down Dick.
ON Month of September we summon you All,
Our Summons is by our Good Lord Mayor's Call,
As you Love Common-Wealth, and Abhor White-Hall:
Which no body can deny.
Tho Vote for P—⟨apillion⟩ and Weaver D—⟨ubois⟩
(The Whiggs thrice-beloved, not Citizens, Choice;)
No matter what Reason, so you make a Noise;
Which no body can deny.
(Ralph B—⟨oy⟩ having, after a long Tory-Tugg,
Instead of a Druggist, himself prov'd a Drugg,
Paid Fine to a Lover of Dear Mother Mugg:)
⟨Sr Thomas Player.⟩
Which, &c.
You All here are cited to Common-Hall Vote.
Each one to lift up his True Protestant Threat,
And bawl in Defyance of Men of good Note:
Which, &c.
These are therefore to summon each Eves-dropping Citt,
Who for a State-Holder has dubb'd himself fit,
And damns All that's Loyal without Fear or Wit:
Which, &c.
To Roar at Guild-Hall like Homerical Mars,
In defyance oth' Head, with regard to the A—⟨rse⟩
R [...]p.
(Guild-Hall is your Stage, and Sedition your Farce.)
Which, &c.
Now after a Summons so Debonaire,
Held forth by Proprietour of the Chair,
We challenge All VVhiggs to Guild-Hall to repair:
VVhich, &c.
For if half be True, that of late has been bruited,
The Rioting Whiglanders soon will be Routed,
As sure as Don Hornish by Bull was Cornuted:
VVhich, &c.
Then either born up by bold Holder forth,
You'l bravely confront your
Deadly Foe North,
Contending like Men of True Protestant Worth:
VVhich, &c.
Or else, like Men-worthy, at Home you will Stay.
Solacing your VVives the Jack Pres-byter way;
If so, Good Old Cause must sing Well-a-day.
VVhich, &c.

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